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Stream of Consciousness

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Summary: A collection of ficlets and miscellaneous works centring around Xander.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Ficlet CollectionsMidknightJFR153027,215112763,78526 Nov 0823 Oct 10No

(BtVS/GIJoe) The Ninjando

Disclaimer: I'm poor. I own nothing

Notes: I hammered this out quickly about a month ago after seeing a trailer for
the upcoming GIJoe movie online. Although not based on any specific version, I
had the original Marvel comics in mind when I wrote it.

The Ninjando

Knowing what he did about Sunnydale’s nightlife Xander was beginning to think that cutting through one of the town’s many graveyards on his way to the Bronze, unarmed and at night, was perhaps not his brightest moment. If Buffy or Willow asked later he would tell them – well, if there was a later he had no intention of letting them find out, so it was moot. The trio of vampires that surrounded him, however, were not.

“Perfect,” a dark haired vampire in racing leathers exclaimed menacingly. “I love delivery.”

Xander rolled his eyes, just barely containing his snort at the overused line. The blonde vampire with the dog tags and khakis couldn’t.

“Do you have to use that line every time Mark?”

“What?” came the confused reply.

He sighed and shook his head. “Never mind. Let’s just eat.”

“I think,” an auburn haired beauty started as she sashayed her way past the other two. Xander felt his face go hot at the way she was licking her lips and eyeing him up and down like a piece of meat. “That you boys should take a walk while I – play – with this one.”

“Delilah!” they yelled in unison.

“Ben! Mark!” she mocked back.

“I thought you were a one man vampire, Delilah!” Mark, the big leather clad vampire, actually whined. Delilah just snorted at him.

“Whatever!” Ben growled and pushed his way past them. “I’m just hungry.”

He struck out with a hard right hook, intent to knock his dinner out with one punch. Unfortunately for Ben, his dinner turned into the blow and used his own momentum against him to put the vampire on the ground hard with a simple hip toss.

Xander had put the vampire down before he had even realise his body had moved. Things like that had been happening a lot lately. Ever since Halloween.

He knew the second-hand fatigues he wore had belonged to an Army Ranger, but other than that he had no idea about the man he had become during Ethan Rayne’s spell. The fact that he hadn’t said a word to anyone the whole night didn’t help in that department either. All anyone could remember was that he kicked ass like it was going out of style. He had even dusted Spike.

Xander didn’t remember anything about the guy either. Things like this would happen in the heat of the moment and he would toss a move out there, but he had no idea why. Maybe it was spell given muscle memory; maybe it was just his subconscious retaining some information.

Whatever it was, it comes and goes, and Xander soon found himself with his back against a crypt and three pissed off vampire advancing on him.

God, I know we don’t talk much but I could really use some help here! I’d do pretty much anything. I’d even give up Twinkies!

As if answering him, a shadow detached itself and dropped from the crypt. There was only the barest glint of reflected moonlight and the whoosh of displaced air before three heads fell from three sets of shoulders and were dust before they reached the ground.

Twinkies how I’ll miss thee, Xander thought absently in his shock and took in his saviour.

The figure was covered head to toe in black, including a full-face mask, and looked like a cross between a ninja and a commando. The Ninjando, as Xander labelled him in his mind, sheathed his sword as he turned towards Xander. Somehow Xander felt like he was giving him an assessing gaze.

Then the Ninjando dropped into a fighting stance that seemed vaguely familiar to Xander and made ‘come on’ gesture with one had.

“You know,” Xander said as he slid his way around to the edge of the crypt. “I’m good. Mom always said never to stop and get my ass handed to me by strangers. She never said anything about talking to them though. How about we talk this out over a cup of java? My treat!”

The Ninjando just made the gesture again.

“No, sorry, my doctor said fighting scary, sword wielding, ninja, commando guys was bad for my health!”

That was the last comment Xander got to make before he was too busy to talk. The Ninjando apparently decided that Xander had plenty of warning and attacked. After that it was all Xander could do to avoid being pummelled.

Parry, block, dodge, became his world. Roll with the blows, exhale when hit; his body moved on autopilot as the strikes rained down on him. Xander knew he couldn’t keep it up. He never found the chance to go on the offensive and was tiring fast.

Somewhere in the back of his mind Xander realised that the black clad man was holding back, testing him more than actually trying to hurt him. It was at about the same moment a stinging blow sent him face down in the dirt.

It was a full minute before Xander was able to shake the cobwebs out. It was a second longer before he realized he wasn’t being beaten on. Looking up Xander saw that the Ninjando was no longer in a fighting stance and was actually offering him a hand.

Hesitantly, Xander took the hand and was hoisted to his feet. Once he steadied himself Xander slapped away the hand and backed up. “What the hell man?!”

“Don’t mind Snake Eyes,” a voice said and Xander saw a beautiful redheaded woman walk to the man’s side. “He’s a man of few words.”

“He’s freaking nuts is what he is.”

“He was only testing you.”

“I don’t do well on tests,” Xander told her coolly after several calming breaths. “And you are?”

“Call me Scarlet,” the woman introduced herself, and then a grin formed on her lips. “And you did well on this one.”

For a moment Xander thought about running but dismissed it quickly. He wouldn’t get far. The Ninjando was scary fast and the redhead held a wicked looking crossbow in her hands. “Alright, I’ll bite. Why was he testing me?”

“To see if he should train you,” Scarlet told him seriously. “Not long ago he spent a night in your shoes and decided to check in on you afterwards. He like what he saw.”

Xander blinked. He hadn’t expected that. “Ninjando over there wants to train me?”

“A little more than that actually.” Scarlet looked him straight in the eyes and from the look she gave him Xander had the feeling she was about to say something that could, for better or worse, change his life. “Tell me something Xander, have you thought about what you’re going to do when you turn eighteen?”
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