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Stream of Consciousness

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Summary: A collection of ficlets and miscellaneous works centring around Xander.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Ficlet CollectionsMidknightJFR153027,215112763,79626 Nov 0823 Oct 10No

(BtVS/Dark Sector) Infected

Disclaimer: I'm poor. I own nothing

Notes: I picked up the ps3 game Dark Sector in a bargain bin for $5 and, while it
has its flaws, I enjoyed it enough to do a quick ficlet.

(BtVS/Dark Sector)

Xander didn’t want to be here. He hadn’t wanted to be here even before the monster pinned him to the floor with its bladed arm. The stupid thing was that he only had himself to blame. He volunteered for this mission.

Who else was he going to send to do it?

Back when they had first started to rebuild the Watchers Council he broached the subject nobody else wanted to. Human lives. He wasn’t naive enough to think that they would never be in a situation where they would have to take a human life.

With demons it was usually black and white. Kill the demon – end of story. With humans it wasn’t that simple. At least, it wasn’t supposed to be.

Despite how little he agreed with how the Old Council did things, Xander felt the idea of an all human wet works team had merit. Provided it was handle the right way of course.

As dangerous as a human being can be rogue, the idea of a rogue Slayer disturbed him more; especially after Faith’s brief tenure with the dark side. Most of these girls were barely teenagers. Killing the monster under your bed was one thing, but simply an evil man was another thing altogether.

That’s why Xander sought out people with military training, people with experience dealing with other dangerous people. Not likely people who could hurl fireballs at them, but people nonetheless.

Riley had been his first call. It had taken more than a little convincing to get him to even consider heading the Council’s wet works division, but eventually he conceded. Or compromised would probably be a better word. He wanted Xander to co-head it with him.

Between the two of them it went pretty smoothly getting an operation up and running. But that was nearly a decade ago now and years of living nightmares could take its toll on even the strongest spirit. Xander knew he had become a liability in the field; he couldn’t take the constant death and violence anymore and took himself out of the fieldwork.

Then this mission came up.

Back in the late eighties there had been rumours of a deadly new virus in the Russian controlled Lasria. Nobody outside a select group of intelligence officers knew the whole truth and the incident had been covered up to the point it was like nothing had happened at all.

Now, decades later, the virus wasn’t a rumour anymore. It also wasn’t like anything that anyone had expected. There was nothing natural or even man made about this virus. Those it didn’t kill outright it changed; it turned them into dangerous, violent monsters.

Suspecting supernatural involvement the Council knew they had to send someone and it couldn’t be a Slayer. Nobody wanted to find out what would happen if this virus infected a Slayer.

So Riley sent Robert Mezner, a deadly soldier and brilliant scientist.

Also Xander’s mentor.

Mezner had been one of their first recruits and the more experienced man had taken Xander under his wing. He trained him how to fight and think in battle and refused to accept any pretence of a lack of intelligence when speaking on science.

Back then Xander had no idea just how dangerous Mezner really was. He knew better now.

Mezner went rogue. He manipulated the Lasrian military into following him even as he allowed the number of infected to grow. The true secret of the virus was in a hidden vault beneath the city. Mezner had always been an ambitious man and he wanted the power the virus represented and would let an entire city die to get it.

Nobody knew Mezner like Xander did. People tended to think of Mezner as either a scientist or a soldier, not both, and both could be equally dangerous.

Things had been going well too. Right up until he ran into the monster with the metallic like carapace and bladed arm. Not to mention the energy shield that could send rocket propelled grenades back to sender. That part sucked.

“What did they tell you?” he heard Mezner ask as the man knelt beside his prone and pinned form. “What did they tell you, Xander?”

Xander figured he’d go with the truth. It wasn’t an important question and it didn’t seem like the time for sarcasm either. “That you had gone insane.”

“Ahh, but people say the same about you don’t they?” Mezner asked as he stood and looked down at Xander with an almost amused expression. “Unstable, psychotic, unfit for duty and yet they still sent you. In spite of the fact that you are so… broken.”

He let Mezner talk and even hoped he would keep going. It would give him more time. The blade pinning him to the floor was through his right shoulder, so it was with his left hand that he slowly pulled the concealed pistol from behind his back. The weapon didn’t even make it up and inch before the monster stomped on his wrist.

“But I can fix you,” Mezner continued as if nothing had happened and turned to the monster. “Do it.”

The blade pulsed and Xander screamed as pain burned through his entire body. Distantly he knew Mezner was still speaking, but it seemed like a world away and the pain was right here.

“You know of the lotus? Prized as a rare beauty. It blooms amidst filth and decay. Of course you die in the process. But I think you, of all people, deserve it.”

“Maybe I do,” Xander gritted out as the pain subsided slightly. It took a great deal of effort, but he managed to move his right arm just enough to grab something out of his pocket. When he held up the detonator Mezner’s eyes widened. Xander just grinned as he hit the button and set off the C4 he had planted around the compound.

Xander groaned as consciousness came back to him. He had no idea how he had survived the blast, but when he opened his eyes he found himself outside a little ways from the flaming wreckage. Maybe the blast had thrown him? Or did someone else save him?

He shook his head. Those thoughts could wait. He had to get moving. Reinforcements would be here soon.

As he tried to push himself up Xander saw something that stopped him in his tracks. His right arm was covered in a metallic crust. A metallic crust that looked a lot like the monster’s carapace.

“Dear God,” Xander cursed softly as realization hit him. “I’m infected!”
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