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Stream of Consciousness

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Summary: A collection of ficlets and miscellaneous works centring around Xander.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Ficlet CollectionsMidknightJFR153027,215112763,79526 Nov 0823 Oct 10No

(BtVS/Transformers[2007]) Why the Tall Windows?

Disclaimer: I'm poor. I own nothing

Notes: This has been sitting forgotten on my hard drive since before 'Revenge of
the Fallen' came out in theatres. Better late then never right?

Why the Tall Windows?

After over a decade of fighting the supernatural Xander didn’t think there was anything left that could shock him. Sure he expected the occasional surprise, but he figured there wasn’t anything left that could elicit the world shaking, mind numbing shock of the truly unexpected.

He was wrong. Very, very, wrong.

At least he wasn’t the only one. Giles was too shocked to even mutter an ‘oh dear’ or even polish his glasses.

It was supposed to be a cakewalk. The two of them were just attending a meeting with the Council’s various government contacts. Nothing too serious, no impending doom on the horizon; it was just to touch base and keep the lines of communication open between everyone.

The job didn’t even really call for two Senior Council members. In truth, both men had been drowning in estrogen at their respective branches and jumped at the chance to get away and catch up with each other.

Xander had been getting so desperate to talk to another guy that he had actually been considering hanging out with Andrew, and he wasn’t sure that qualified.

The two had figured that they could get the conference out of the way quick and just enjoy the rest of their weekend in Mission City. Naturally the city turned into a war zone as the military faced off with honest to God giant robots; the two of them caught on the streets in the middle of it all with panic and explosions all around them.

Even with everything they had seen and done giant robots were a bit outside their realm of expertise, but the best course of action seemed clear: get out of the line of fire and figure out what to do about this mess. That was easier said than done though. Outside the main battle area was just as dangerous as being in it, the panicked people being just as likely to trample them as they were to be caught in a stray explosion.

Case in point, Xander had just pushed Giles out of the way of an out of control car. The teenager running down the street with the strange metal box hadn’t been so lucky. Xander rushed back into the road and drug the kid off. A scream caused him to look up at the car just in time to see the steering wheel come to life and attack the girls inside as they scrambled out the doors and locked the killer wheel inside.

Okay, that was a new one.

Xander pushed that thought aside and concentrated on the dark haired teenager he had just pulled into the relative safety of a building’s entrance alcove. His eyes were scrunched closed in pain and he still clutched the box tightly. The tip of a bone poked through the jeans covering his right shin

“I need to—AH!” the kid screamed as he tried to stand and promptly fell back.

“Easy,” Giles told him soothingly, but the boy brushed him aside.

“No! I need to get the Cube to the building!”

Xander could just hear the capital letter there. The Cube was obviously an artifact of some kind or another. Namely the dangerous kind he was betting. His luck couldn’t have it be the peace and love kind. “Which building?”

“That one,” the teen told him through pain, ground his teeth and pointed at a large building topped with statues. Then he shook one of the hands wrapped around the Cube and Xander noticed something else clutched in it. “Smoke for the helicopter.”

“Crap,” Xander muttered under his breath as he thought about what he had already impulsively planned to do. He gave Giles a meaningful look and said, “Stay safe.” Then he yanked the Cube and signal from the boy’s hands and took of running, ignoring the teenager’s pain and surprise filled voice as he tried to follow him.

Xander was good at running. He may not have been a star athlete back in school, but after learning about demons he could probably have held his own in track. He had figured that if he couldn’t keep up with most of them in strength he was damn well going to be able to outrun the things trying to eat him.

So it was with long trained skill that Xander raced through the streets of Mission City dodging cars, people, debris and explosions getting ever closer to his goal.

He hit the door at full sprint, barely slowing to push it open. The lobby was wide open and several stories tall and obviously under construction. The only real notice Xander took of that was to jump over the scattered building materials as he made a beeline for the stairwell in the back. He was halfway up it when he heard glass shatter and the crunch of metal digging into concrete.

Xander cursed his luck. The military guys just had to pick the one building with windows large enough for the scary giant robot to walk through!

He redoubled his pace and emerged onto the roof out of breath but still in one piece.

The helicopter must have already been nearby because it was hovering at the edge of the roof almost as soon as he sent up the white signal smoke. Xander was just about to hand the Cube to the soldier at the side door when he saw it. Another of the giant robots stood several rooftops away

“Look out!” Xander yelled as he dove to the side, but his warning came too late. He could feel the heat on his skin and the bite of shrapnel digging into his shoulder as the helicopter exploded, impacted the side of the building, and tumbled to the ground below.

Before Xander could even pull the jagged metal from his flesh a large metallic hand burst through the rooftop showering him in bits of stone and dust. Apparently scary robot guy could walk through more than just windows!

Again Xander cursed his luck, in English as well as several more ancient languages (Giles would be so proud). There was nowhere to go from here. The other buildings were too far to jump and the robot was emerging between him and the stairwell door. Lacking a better option, Xander ran to the far end and climbed onto the ledge, hiding himself behind one of the angel statues.

“I know you’re there boy,” the robot taunted once it pulled itself all the way up. It proved the point when the statue next to his was blown into fine dust.

“Tell me, is it fear or courage that drives you Fleshling?”

“A little of both really!” Xander called back, positioning himself further behind the statue as the robot rounded on him. Not that it would provide all that much protection, but something was better than nothing.

“Give me the Cube,” the robot demanded, blowing away a chunk of the ledge beside him. “And maybe I’ll keep you alive as a pet.”

“Sorry, I’m flattered but I prefer to keep it in my own species!”

The robot fired again and the ledge next to Xander’s other side exploded. A stray piece of concrete knocked his head back and cut a bloody gash in his scalp. Worse still, he lost his grip on the statue and tumbled over the edge.

Xander thought that this was it. Unless he spontaneously learned to fly there was no getting through this one. He didn’t gasp in pain or scream in terror though. He stayed silent and closed his eyes as he fell through the open air and figured he was taking his imminent death rather well.

Then, almost as soon as it began, his fall came to an abrupt stop. Not a splat, street pizza sudden stop, but more of a ‘hey why didn’t I go splat’ type of stop.

Opening his eye Xander saw that another giant robot (and just how many were hiding around here, really?), this one predominantly red and blue, had spread its body in the gap between the buildings and caught him. As it just saved his life Xander figured he could classify it as a good giant robot.

“I’ve got you,” it told him.

“Uh… thanks.” Honestly, what do you say to a robot?


Both Xander and the robot looked up to see the evil robot aiming at them. Prime dropped, tucking into a roll as it hit the street with Xander along for the ride. It was a miracle he had managed to hold onto the Cube.

The other robot wasn’t deterred in the least. It fired a constant barrage as it dropped from the rooftop. Somehow Prime managed to dodge the worst of it and shielded Xander from what he couldn’t.

It could only last for so long.

A shot hit Prime square in the shoulder, jarring his arm and sending Xander tumbling to the street below. It wasn’t nearly as far to fall as the roof, but it had happened so fast Xander didn’t have any semblance of a chance to try twist into a position that would cause the least damage.

Xander impacted the ground chest first still cradling the Cube to his front. A surge of bluish energy swept through the street.

Now Xander screamed.

All the combatants, both from this battle and those nearby, could only stop and stare as Xander flipped over onto his back. His face was contorted in agony and his body dancing in convulsions of electric shock. Bolts of energy arced off the Cube for a quarter mile in every direction. The spot where the Cube met Xander’s chest shone so bright it was almost too much to look at with the naked eye.

Slowly the Cube began to sink, merging into the one-eyed man screaming in agony on the ground.

After what seemed like an eternity the glowing and energy ceased and the Cube was gone. Then Xander Harris, Scooby, Zeppo, The-One-Who-Sees, and now Human All Spark, fell into merciful unconsciousness.
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