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Stream of Consciousness

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Summary: A collection of ficlets and miscellaneous works centring around Xander.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Ficlet CollectionsMidknightJFR153027,215112763,79626 Nov 0823 Oct 10No

(BtVS/Breath of Fire II) Dream in Fire

Disclaimer: I'm poor. I own nothing

Notes: One of my all time favourite games is Breath of Fire II for
the SNES. A little nostalgia prompted this ficlet.

(BtVS/Breath of Fire II)
Dream in Fire

The light given off by the candle his companion was carrying did little to light their way. The young boy felt, more than saw, his way through the cave.

“Did you see that?” the other boy asked nervously. As he turned the candle he held revealed that he was literally a dog-faced boy.

He was about to reply in the negative when he saw something shift at the edge of their light. Curious he moved forward.

“What are you doing Xan?” the dog boy asked. The other boy, Xan apparently, moved forward.

“Check it out Bow,” Xan said as he placed his hands on the object in front of him. “It’s not a rock. It feels like a shell.”

Despite himself Bow found his own curiosity getting the best of him. “You’re ri—Hey!” Bow exclaimed as the shell shifted beneath the boys’ hands.

Before either boy could react the shell struck out and Bow flew into the darkness. The candle fell illuminating several shells connected like armoured carapace with spiked fins extending from the end shell. Above Xan, well out of reach of the candle’s light, three eyes glowed red with hate.

Xan stood his ground.

“Are you saying that you are the one?” the monsters taunted. “Are you saying that you are the child for the mission? Alright then, prove it to me!”

With a quickness that belied its size the monster struck. Xan screamed in agony as he was impaled on the spiked fin and lifted clear off the ground.

“Go ahead Xan,” it spoke like it didn’t have the boy hanging on his tail. “Let me see you open the gate Destined Child, and that is when you will know the strength of God!”

Xander woke with a start; his hand instinctively grasped the pendent around his neck. The cool dragon shaped metal comforted him as his thumb ran across the deep blue tear shaped stone in its centre.

It wasn’t the first time he had this dream. Or variations of it. Sometimes it went beyond that point.

There would be fear and flames.

And then, in his head he would hear a woman’s voice, kinder and gentler than he ever heard from Jessica Harris.

“You must live,” she would tell him and he could feel the worry and love coming from her. “You must be safe. Safe and far away from here. Grow. Live. Be strong. And more than anything else remember I will always love you.”

As the warm light consumed him Xander believed her.

After a minute or so Xander got his heart back under control, gave a frustrated sigh and threw the covers off. He stood and headed down the hall. If he was up he figured he may as well have a shower and start the day. As he stripped the shirt and boxers he slept in Xander absently traced the light scar on his abdomen.
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