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Slayers and Olympians

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Summary: Willow's spell doesn't just activate mortals. Across the country from Sunnydale, in a place called Camp Half-blood, a girl wakes up with more power than she ever thought possible. How will the Power of the Slayer affect a demigod?

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Literature > Childrens/Teen > Percy Jackson & the OlympiansCadyNicoleFR1824,6940123,60627 Nov 0822 Jan 09No


AN-Thanks for the input on the last chapter. I know my updates are very very slow, but RL can't be ignored. I'll update when I can

Disclaimer-I own nothing, per usual.


Chapter Two-Choices

Willow sighed and centered herself again, groaning quietly.

This was so much harder the second time around.

“Willow, just breathe. You're floating, serene, peaceful.” She rolled her eyes under her closed eyelids but tried to pay attention to what Bristol was saying.

Why was intervention so hard this time? She had been flushed with Pure, White magic, and yet she still had the urge to destroy the world just because Starbucks was out of Espresso.

Was she cursed?

Or was Karma still paying her back for her first little trip down Wicked Witch Lane?

“Willow.” Bristols disapproving voice cut through her musings, and the redhead looked up at her mentor with a apologizing smile. “Willow, you have to focus. Now, again.” Willow nodded and sighed again, getting into a tighter lotus position.

Breathe Willow,

Just breathe.


Cassandra groaned as she fell backwards onto her bunk, stretching and doing her best to ignore the suspicious glances that her siblings were sending her way.

She'd be hostile too, if she was in their shoes.

After all, it was one thing to be a half-blood, the child of a deity, but it was a whole different story to be a warrior for the “Powers-that-Be.”

Powers that she wasn't supposed to believe in, as a matter of fact.

“We want you out, Cassandra.” She signed and sat up at her brother's words, meeting the boys eyes from across the room.

She had known this was coming. Even after only a week of being the Slayer, and trying hard to get the extra strength and senses under control, she knew that she no longer fit in here.

But it still hurt.

“Why, Phobos?” Phobos was the eldest of the Sons of Apollo, and the only actual Greek among them. He took being the Son of the Apollo very seriously, a fact that at one time had made them the closest of siblings.

Now it was what was tearing them apart.

“You are no longer worthy of being Here, Traitor. You serve another god now.” His voice was filled with derision and Cassandra could see the heads nodding all over the cabin.

It just wasn't fair, and at his words, she felt familiar anger bubbling in her. She narrowed her eyes at her younger brother, not even out of High school yet, and stood up.

“That's not your decision to make, is it? Apollo is still OUR father, and until he says otherwise, I'm going to stay RIGHT here.” She was coming to realize that mercurial mood swings were a part of the Slayer package, but at that particular moment she didn't really care.

She was tired, she was sore, and most importantly, she wanted her father to actually be there for once, and tell her that it was all going to be alright, that he didn't hate her for what she was, like her siblings did.

The two siblings might have stood there for the rest of the night, looked in a battle of wills that neither would win, if it wasn't for the youngest of the siblings.

“Why don't we ask him?” Six other heads snapped to look at the nine year old that was curled up on his bunk, watching the rest. He merely shrugged off the looks and focused on his older siblings. “Daddy'll know what to do.”

So naive, and yet Cassandra couldn't help but smile at him. He was still under the impression that the Gods who sired them actually, really and truly, cared about what happened to them, beyond what advantages they could pose as hero's.

Apollo would change that soon enough, she was sure. After all, he had for her, when she was but a little older than Andrew.

She just shook her head at the boy. “He won't answer, Andy. He's got much better things to do, they all do, then settle a disagreement between children.” Andy pouted at her.

“But he's our dad! He's supposed to stop us when we fight. That's what Thomas does.” She knew Thomas was her little brother's stepbrother, and she wished with all her heart that the little boy had just stayed with the family he knew.

“That doesn't matter to them. They're Gods, Andrew, and our father is the Sun God. That's more important than anything. And besides,” She sighed and bent down, picking up the duffel that she had never bothered unpacking. “I'm leaving anyway.” A rapid turn around from moments earlier, but she was tired of fighting the inevitable. If it wasn't this time, she would be pushed away another time.

Better to leave on her own terms.

“That is good, Cassandra. Now we will not be forced to bother Lord Apollo with trivial matters.” Phobos turned away from her and went back to his bunk, lying down and closing his eyes like nothing had ever happened.

For being the child of the All Seeing Apollo, he could be remarkably blind. She shook her head and turned around, ignoring the others in the cabin, and headed out the door.

To what, she didn't know, but she knew that it would be better than here. Anything would be better than here, where she was looked at like she was a freak

More so than even in the Mortal world.

As she headed across the darkened Commons, toward the tree that marked the borders of Half-blood Hill, she got the feeling that she was being followed, and she picked up the pace, wanting to get away before she was forced to stop and explain her actions to someone else.

"CASSANDRA!" At Larissa's enraged almost shout, Cassandra felt herself slow to a walk, and then she stopped all together, her head hanging down towards the ground with defeat.

She had been so close, but she knew that Larissa would follow her to the ends of the Earth to get an explanation.

Her cousin laid a hand on her arm and turned her around, pinning her with gray eyes that could always get her to spill.

"Cass, I know you weren't going to leave without saying anything. Styx, I know you weren't going to leave without me!" She made a motion down towards her bag and Cassandra's mouth dropped open.

What in the name of Hades did Larissa think she was going to do.

She asked as much, and Larissa just smirked, a very Hermes like look on her face.

"I've known you were going to run since you found out. I don't blame you actually. And the way I figure it, every Hero needs a sidekick. For comic interludes if nothing else." She shrugged, "So, at your service. Now, where are we going?"

We? There wasn't going to be a we.

"Larissa, WE aren't going anywhere. I am going away, away somewhere, and You, are going to stay here, and just live." Larissa just raised an eyebrow.

"First off, stop sounding all angsty and self-sacrificing. No one said you had to do this alone, and no one said you had to leave, its just what you do. And don't say Phobos to me, I've always thought the guy was a prick, you were just too silly to admit it. And second, I'm not staying here. Cabin 11 is too crowded, you know I like my space." She bent to pick up her bag, clearly showing that she wasn't going to give the other halfblood a choice. "And third, well....I don't have a thirdly at the moment, but give me time, I'll come up with one. Now, if we're going, lets go." Cassandra could only stand there in shock, her mouth open. Larissa just laughed.

"Come on, oh shining one. Lets get a move on, we'll have to be in a city by morning if you want me to call my mom and have a car sent. Because I am not going to hoof it all over the country until you find out exactly why you were Called." With that, Larissa grabbed the still dumbstruck Slayer and drug her over the barrier that marked the edge of Camp Halfblood, and they were off.

No fanfare.

Less drama and angst than you would expect.

But gone just the same.

Neither one noticed the two glows that stepped into being as they stepped over the border, or the two men who stood staring after them, a small smile on the face of the more mischevious looking figure, while his blond companion looked sad.

"Oh Cheer up, Apollo! You knew this was coming, and personally I think its going to be wonderful fun." Apollo just shook his head, and shoved his hands deeper into the jeans he wore, a mortal affectation that he just couldn't get over.

"I can't, Hermes. You forget, I've seen what is going to happen to them, and it doesn't bode well for us." He shook his head. This was why he had never gotten close to Cassandra, she had been destined for this since the day she was born, and he couldn't help but resent her for it.

Of course, that Willow girl had thrown off everything he had seen with her last minute, ding-dong-ditch way of dealing with the first, but that had only made the future more bleak. The mortal had no idea what she was doing when she activated the Slayers, there was a reason that there was One and Only One.

"Oh lighten up! You of all people know that things can change. Now, lets go. Father wanted me to bring you to the mountain, that's the whole reason I'm here." With a sigh the blonde nodded and disappeared, leaving his companion to stare after the two, the smile still on his face before he too disappeared.

For once, Hermes knew something that Apollo didn't, and in the true form of a younger sibling, he was loving it.

Okay, I know that this was a little short, and a little bit of a cop-out on the part of Willow, but I had to show that she's having more problems this time around than she did last time. I hate to say it, because I love Willow, but she's not going to be a total good guy in this.

Anyway, next update should come quicker! Review and let me know what you think!

The End?

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