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Slayers and Olympians

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Summary: Willow's spell doesn't just activate mortals. Across the country from Sunnydale, in a place called Camp Half-blood, a girl wakes up with more power than she ever thought possible. How will the Power of the Slayer affect a demigod?

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Literature > Childrens/Teen > Percy Jackson & the OlympiansCadyNicoleFR1824,6940123,60627 Nov 0822 Jan 09No


AN-Le sigh, I am such a compulsive publisher. I have no inspiration for my other stories, I move on to another one. Oh well.

This one has been going through my head for a few weeks, and I finally decided to take a swing at it.

Summery-Willow's spell doesn't just activate mortals. Across the country from Sunnydale, in a place called Camp Half-blood, a girl wakes up with more power and more enemies than she ever thought possible. How will the Power of the Slayer affect a demigod? And is her father just going to stand back and take it?

Disclaimer-I own nothing, except for Larissa and Kassandra. Please don't take them. Buffy verse belongs to the God Joss Whedon, while Percy Jackson and the Olympians belong to Rick Riordan.

Chapter One-Oops

Cassandra sighed as she blinked her eyes open, by this time resigned to what she was going to see.

The Sun wasn't even up yet, and here she was, staring at the ceiling of her Cabin, energy pulsing through her veins. The sounds of her siblings breathing, and in Andrew's case snoring, drove it home that she was the only member of Cabin Seven that was awake at (she reached for her watch and checked the time) 2 A.M.

She huffed a sigh and kicked a leg.

She was sick and tired of this!

It had started three days ago, an influx of energy that at first she had chalked up to being back at camp for the summer, the lone counselor for the nine campers in Cabin Seven. You had to have energy to keep up with the campers, as well as handle your own training.

But this was getting ridiculous. She swung her legs over the side of the bed and slid them into the boots that stood ready, slinging her blond hair into a pony tail.

What she was about to do was insane, and possibly suicidal, and Mr. D was most likely going to have her head on a platter, but she just couldn't stay in this little room for any longer. She had to get out, had to work off some of this energy before she went Super Nova.

Grabbing her jacket and bow, she headed out the door, taking care to close it softly behind her so she wouldn't wake her siblings.

She pulled the jacket closer, cold despite the fact that it was the middle of July, and headed across the Commons, looking in between the cabins as she passed each one.

Her ultimate destination was the Archery Range, and she heaved a pleased sigh when she reached it, slinging her bow off her back and heading towards the quivers that were lined up against the benches for the next mornings class.

This was home.

She grinned widely and stretched out her arms, the energy already subsiding as as she gave into the urge to move.

With any luck, she would get in a few minutes of uninterrupted time with a target without the Harpies coming to chase her back to her cabin for being out after Curfew.

Most likely after bloodying her up rather well.

Cassandra put an arrow to the bow and pulled it back, pointing towards the sky. With a whispered "Apollo", she let the arrow fly and watched it disappear.

Now she could get down to business.

Twenty minutes later, after she had gone through two quivers and four targets, and she knew that she wasn't alone.

It wasn't the Harpies, because she would be running for her cabin with them screaming behind her if it was.

That left campers or one of the trainers.

"Cass!" That answered that, and she twirled on a foot, grinning at her best friend.

Well, her best friend at camp anyway.

"Hey Larissa. Why are you up?" The two girls headed towards each other, meeting at the benches and sinking down on to them. They were complete opposites: one blond, one brunette, but they had one thing in common.

They were both the Children of Gods.

First cousins actually.

"Couldn't sleep. You?" The dark haired girl grinned cheekily at her friend, swinging a leg.

"Same here. Seen the harpies around?" Cassandra looked around her, as if the mere mention of the women would bring them flying towards the pair in a rage.

Larissa just laughed.

"No, not a sound. Maybe since we're counselors they've given up?" Ha, wishful thinking. They were most likely just not paying attention.

"Doubt it." She leaned back on the bench, folding her hands under her head and staring at the sky. " was school?" Camp had been in session for two weeks, and they hadn't had time to talk, yet everything was coming stilted and difficult between them.

Yet another thing that wasn't normal.

"Hard, as usual. Damn Dyslexia." Larissa made a face, causing Cassandra to laugh. Like all demi-gods, both of them were blessed with the curse of Dyslexia due to their brains being hardwired for Ancient Greek. "I passed though, so that's a good thing, right?"

"Yeah. Its a good thing, I guess." Larissa studied her friend harder.

"Cassandra, what's wrong?" Cassandra just shrugged. She had no idea what was wrong, so how was she supposed to explain it?

"I...have no idea." Larissa's eyebrow went up.

"Oh really? That's not normal for you. Normally you Apollo kids are bragging that you see all, know all." Larissa dug her elbow into Cassandra's stomach, jokingly, but stopped when Cassandra made no motion to retaliate, just stayed staring at the sky. "Cass? Come on, talk to me."

Cassandra sighed and sat up slowly. How was she supposed to explain it? It wasn't like having tons of energy and not being able to sit still was exactly new to them. ADHD tended to have that effect on a person.

But the strength, now the strength was new.

So was the shower knob in the girls bathroom, after she ripped it off the wall trying to get the water hotter.

“I just don't feel...normal.” Lame, and completely inadequate, but that was all she could come up with.

"Not normal? That's all I get? I don't know if you've noticed, Cass, but none of us here at good old Camp Half-blood are exactly what you'd call normal." Cassandra felt like snarling. She loved the other girl, she really did, but sometimes that Hermes humor really got on her nerves. They just never seemed to really take things seriously.

"Well, that's the only way I can explain it. I mean ripping a shower knob off the wall isn't exactly normal is it?" Larissa's mouth dropped open, and Cassandra felt like hitting herself. She really hadn't meant to let that slip.

"You ripped a shower knob off? How in the name of Hermes did you manage to do that??" Cassandra shrugged and stood up, pacing in front of the bench.

"I have NO idea, Larissa, I really don't! It was two days ago, when Apollo had the last showers of the day after we lost to Ares in the ring, and of course all the hot water was gone. I was in the last stall, with the knob that sticks?" She looked up at Larissa, who nodded to show that she was following her. "I was just tired and wanted more hot water, so I was trying to get it to turn, and I twisted it, and it just came off in my hands! I put it back up and then got out the hell out of there." Larissa looked at her, and Cassandra could see that the other girl was trying her hardest to hold back her laughter. "Go ahead and say it."

"I can't believe that was you!! Charon was blaming it on the Ares kids!" Cassandra just shrugged, not having heard that little rumor.

"Yeah, well. Not like I could exactly go up to him and say "I ripped it off the wall, here you go!"" Larissa just nodded.

"True True. And besides, it was funny to see that little wench Clarisse getting reamed out for something she ACTUALLY didn't do.” Cassandra laughed slightly, and bounced on her toes, shifting from foot to foot.

And the suddenly froze in mid shift, her head turning from side to side.

Something...wasn't right.

A crack echoed through the commons, loud as a gunshot and just as close, and Cassandra jerked as if she had been shot, swiveling around on her toes and coming into a fighting stance, facing the woods.

"Cass? What is it?" Larissa was looking at her friend like she had never seen the other girl before. She was still sitting on the bench, like she hadn't heard anything.

How could she have not heard it? It was loud as a thunderclap!

"Larissa, tell me you heard that!" Larissa just cocked her head to the side.

"Heard what, Cassandra? I didn't hear anything." Cassandra shook her head.

"You had to have heard it! Something is out there." Larissa sighed but slid off the bench, into her own fighting stance. She slid a dagger out of her pocket, and held it ready.

After about two minutes of no movement, no sound, Larissa slid out of her stance and pocketed the dagger, looking at Cassandra with her hands on her hips.

"Cassandra, there is nothing out there! Now what the hell are you...." There was sudden movement at the other end of the range, four figures that came directly out of the forest. Larissa slid back into her stance, fingering the dagger.

"I don't know what's about to happen, Larissa, but its not going to be good."

That was an understatement.

In a blur of motion that neither girl could quite follow, the figures were suddenly across the room and within fighting range.

The only thought that either girl had time for before they were in the fight for their lives was that the things they were fighting had to be the ugliest beings that had ever seen...and that was saying alot.

It all happened so quickly that Cassandra didn't have time to think. This was what they had been trained for for the last twelve years, the ability to fight without having to think, to fight by just reacting to what their opponents were doing.

They thought that they were doing pretty good, until Larissa got hit with a blinding roundhouse...a roundhouse that sent her flying through the air to impact with the stone walls of the nearest cabin...which happened to be cabin five.

Cassandra would later have no recollection of how she did it but seeing her best friend unconscious and most likely dead threw her into a fury that she had never felt before. She faced the four, ignoring the sounds of rushing footsteps and curses in Greek that were heading her way from the cabins, and smiled. A smile that promised death.

"You'll pay for that." They only smiled at her and began to circle, one stepping into her personal space.

"I think not Slayer. You have no idea what you're dealing with, and by the time you do, it won't matter anymore."

Slayer? What the hell was a Slayer?

Cassandra didn't have time to think about it, as the arrows began to fly. Her siblings were awake, and though they were all excellent shots, none of the arrows were doing the slightest bit of damage to her attackers.

If anything they were just making things worse, as the creatures got more and more angry.

As a group, they threw themselves at her. She dropped her bow, and pulled out the knife that she kept in her jacket pocket. She didn't think that she was going to come out of this fight alive, in fact she figured that she would soon be seeing whatever afterlife she was going to be sent to, but she was determined that she was going to bring at least one of these things down with her.

If only they would die. No matter how many times she stabbed at them with her knife, a knife that was made out of Celestial bronze no doubt, they just kept coming at her, feral grins on their faces.

Until one of them exploded into dust after an arrow slammed into his chest....

right where his heart was.

It clicked in her head.

The fangs, the wood through the heart, it all made a sick type of sense...a sick type of sense that she didn't want to think about. She could handle monsters, she could handle the existence of Gods, but this...this she wasn't so sure about.

But she really didn't have a chance to think about it at that particular moment.

"HIT THEM IN THE HEARTS!" Cursing, she dove and rolled, grabbing her quiver and coming up on her knees with two in her hands.

Arrows she could do, even though she wished that she had a bow to go with them.

After that it was a short fight, and in quick order there were four piles of dust on the ground....

and Cassandra had the entire populace of Camp Half-Blood staring at her like she was the God of Death himself, (she ignored the roll of thunder that accompanied that thought).

"Cassandra!" She twirled on her toes, coming face to face with Chirion and Mr. D, blushing to the roots of her hair at the looks on their faces.

"Care to explain to me what in the name of Zeus is going on?!" Mr. D was turning an interesting shade of red, and the plants around them were growing at an alarming rate. She shifted, glancing over their shoulders as her siblings went to work on Larissa, showing Ambrosia down her throat until she was well enough to move. By the amount they were force feeding her, she was closer to death than Cassandra wanted to contemplate.

"Uh, I really don't know, sir. I was out here getting in some practice, and they came from the forest, just attacked us." So she was leaving out the parts about her being a "Slayer",what ever that was called, and of course the incident with the shower.

"Really? You have no idea how VAMPIRES, of all things, got through the wards around the camp?" Yeah, he was mad. She edged away from the strawberry vine that was trying to wrap around her ankle, kicking it away from her. "The only way they could EVER get through those wards, unless they were invited in is if..." He trailed off, and the full weight of a gods eyes were trained on her, as a thought suddenly seemed to come to him. "Cassandra, you're coming with us." He grabbed her by the arm and pulled her along behind him at a pace that was brutal, ignoring the fact that his hand was digging into one of the many wounds that she had gotten in the short fight.

Why did she have the feeling that things weren't going to go well from here on out?

Sometimes she hated being the Daughter of Phobos Apollo.

"We found another one!" Buffy Summers sighed as she put down the pictures she had been looking at, wiping a tear off her face. It had been barely four days since her entire world had gone to hell, almost literally. Since they had arrived at the Hyperion, licking their wounds and bringing their grief behind them like tacky luggage, Willow had been getting visions and locations of all the Slayers she had activated in their last ditch effort to save the World.

Each one was like a weight added to their souls, because they knew that no matter the reason that they had done it, no matter the millions of people that they had saved, they had also set hundreds, maybe thousands of girls, on a course that they couldn't escape from. They couldn't take it back, Willow was already stressed to the end of her rope, the next backlash of magic as the Slayers slowly came into their full powers, one by one, could be the one that set her back onto the path of becoming full Darth Willow again.

That wasn't something that Buffy was willing to risk.

She stood up, wincing as injuries that still hadn't fully healed yelled in protest, and headed into the main room of the hotel. They would have to pick up the search for for the new Slayers later. Once Willow was back to herself.

Once they had all healed.

She knew that she was signing the death warrant of tons of those girls, maybe more of them that they would ever be able to find, and each of their deaths were going to weigh on her more than she could imagine.

But it had to be done.

There was no way that they were ready for another rampage of Willows, the world wouldn't survive, and neither would the Scoobies.

Willow would have to go back to the Coven in England, and the rest of them would have to carry on without her, until she was ready to handle it again.

She walked into the room where the rest of the Scoobies sat huddled around each other, and when she caught sight of Willow's two tone hair, leaning more towards black than red, she knew that she had made the right decision, no matter what the eventual cost.

"Guys, we've got to stop."

Wow, that was longer than I thought it was going to be. Please hit the little review link and tell me what you like!
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