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A Chance Meeting

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Summary: Buffy meets an immortal. F/F: Just figure it will get to FR18 level at some point.

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Highlander > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: OthermaylithFR1848,11823410,20729 Nov 0812 Dec 08Yes

Chapter 2

“But… But… You’re dead! I mean you were. The doctors said so. Bullet through the heart! Then Willow went all dark and veiny before the yellow crayon speech. She got better but we buried you. Your grave is in Sunnydale! Well, it was before we made Sunnydale a big crater. You could be The First! No, we took care of him. Can’t be a Nerds thing, they are either dead or working for us now. How can you not be dead? Not that I want you to be dead, but you were… umm… are… umm… Where was I?”

Tara’s mouth slipped in to that lopsided smile that Buffy remembered so well. “Goddess! You’re channeling Willow!”

“Willow! I have to call her. She needs to know. I mean sure, she has Kennedy, but it was always you for her! She can be on the next plane out of London. I’ll call…”



Tara frowned. “Willow can never know.”

“But she…”

“Never Buffy. No one can know.”

“What? That you’re alive? Everyone should know! Willow misses you. Dawn misses you!” Buffy paused before whispering. “I miss you.”

Tara displayed another lopsided grin. “That’s sweet Buffy. But I did die. Bullet through the heart. I must remain dead to those I knew.”

“But I’m talking to you! You’re not dead!” Buffy began pacing, trying to figure out an argument that would convince Tara to come back when she nearly tripped over the headless corpse. Looking at the corpse, then Tara, she asked. “What, are you some kind of Vengeance Lesbian killing homophobic losers?”

Tara stared at the Slayer. Buffy stared at Tara. Suddenly both women started laughing. Deep rich laughter rang off the dusty brick walls of two, now windowless warehouses. The two women slowly got their laughter under control and then Buffy stepped up to Tara and hugged her fiercely.

“See? Not dead. Warm. Very Hugable! Not dead.” Buffy said, tears in her eyes.

Tara returned the hug with strength that surprised the Slayer. “Not dead. Seriously though, no one else can know Buffy. I’ll explain it to you, but you have to promise me that you won’t tell anyone.”

“I’ll still try to convince you.”

“I know.” Tara said softly.

“I Promise.”

Tara smiled, and stepped back from the smaller blonde. “Okay, let me take care of this guy and we’ll go somewhere for our chat.”


“No worries Buffy, all will be explained.”


Tara walked over to the corpse, bowed her heard and began chanting. The corpses head rolled over to its former body. Both head and body slowly rose about half a foot off the ground before suddenly disappearing. Tara walked over to a loading dock and grabbed a light overcoat that she quickly slipped in to before sliding her sword inside a scabbard attached to the inside of the coat. “Let’s go Buffy.”

Buffy and Tara walked back down the alley towards the street. The taller blonde bumped her hip in to the smaller blonde. “Vengeance Lesbian, huh?”

“Oh Hush!”

++++++++++ BtVS ++++++++++

When they reached the end of the alley, Buffy called out. “Stand down, Roger.”

Motioning for Tara to follow, they exited the alley. Roger and the witch Sarah were still in a guarding position, one on each side of the alley. Buffy walked over to Roger, handing him her headset. Sarah however was concerned.

“Buffy, whoever this is, she has power.” Sarah stated.

Buffy turned to Sarah, “Its okay, Sarah.” Buffy could see the concerned look on Tara’s face and said. “This is… umm… Anne. She’s an old friend and has helped me in the past.”

Sarah relaxed slightly as Buffy continued. “I want you two to head back. Anne and I need to catch up on old times and perhaps discuss what we are facing here. Check in and see how the others have done tonight and give me a call if there’s a problem. Otherwise, I’ll be in sometime in the afternoon.”

“Are you sure, Buffy?” Roger asked.

“Roger, Roger.” Buffy said with a smile.

Sarah groaned while Roger just shook his head in disgust. Tara, however, laughed loudly. “Buffy, I have missed your silly humor.”

“And I’ve missed having someone laugh at my silliness. I only ever get groans anymore.” Buffy said with a wink.

Roger nodded to Sarah, who walked over to the car. “Tomorrow, Boss.”

Roger and Sarah climbed in to the car as Tara walked up to stand next to Buffy. “Boss?” She asked.

“Long story. I promise to fill you in after you tell me your story.”

“My story may be just as long. I think we have a long night in front of us. Come on, my car is down the street.” Tara began walking and Buffy had to hurry to catch up.
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