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A Chance Meeting

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Summary: Buffy meets an immortal. F/F: Just figure it will get to FR18 level at some point.

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Highlander > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: OthermaylithFR1848,11823410,20729 Nov 0812 Dec 08Yes

Chapter One

Disclaimer: Characters from Buffy: The Vampire Slayer or Highlander do not belong to me. I am simply borrowing them for a story that will make neither me nor the website it is hosted on any money what so ever.

The sun had set hours before yet the air was still thick with heat and moisture. A quarter moon hung low in the sky and what little light it provided did nothing more than faintly light the fog that clung stubbornly to the ground. As Buffy walked through the cemetery searching for yet another vampire that would arise that evening, beads of sweat dripped slowly down her neck in the most annoying manner. Although armed with her trusty stake Mr. Pointy, she also carried a sword on her back as she slowly advanced through row after row of grave markers.

St. Louis had four slayers but they had requested her presence when they became overwhelmed with a flurry of recent “neck ruptures”. For several weeks there were as many as thirty new vamps each night. Someone was building an army and she was here to end the recruitment.

Thankfully it wasn’t just one girl versus the demons and vampires anymore. Aside from the four slayers already stationed in St. Louis, Buffy had brought along five witches from the Watchers Coven, each highly recommended by Willow. Right now, she and the other four Slayers were after the twenty six vamps due to rise that evening. Buffy had already slain five and was going after the last one on her list.

A muffled noise, barely registering even with her Slayer hearing, caused Buffy to halt. Closing her eyes and concentrating, she could now feel the vampire with her senses. A tight smile suddenly graced her lips as she realized this vamp was still trying to bust the lid of its coffin. Hurrying past several more rows of tombstones, Buffy arrived at a freshly dug grave just as a hand shot through the dirt.

Speaking in to her voice activated headset, she whispered. “Last one breaking through now, keep the car cool, I’ll be back to you soon.”

“We’ll be waiting.” The reply came from Roger, the newest soldier boy trained by Xander. He was one of a squad of five men sent to be bodyguards for the witches. They were each trained soldiers who also had been given a wealth of demon fighting knowledge by Xander. They also were almost mini-watchers, able to help with the research when needed.

Buffy watched the vamp as it struggled to free itself from its grave when she heard another sound in the distance, a metallic banging sound that would repeat at an odd rhythm. She didn’t even laugh at the surprised look on the vampires face as she drove Mr. Pointy in to his chest creating a pile of ash which had barely started to fall to the ground when she was off running towards the sound.

She keyed her headset. “Vamp down. Checking something else nearby. Be ready to move when I know what I have.”

“Roger.” Roger said. He was funny that way.

Buffy sprinted through the cemetery quickly reaching a wall which she easily vaulted over. When she landed, she paused to track the sound.

“North side. Alley between two warehouses. Lookout duty.” She whispered.

“We’re on it.” Roger’s calm voice came back.

Buffy quickly crossed the road, entering the alley. She could now tell the sound was that of two swords striking each other forcefully. The alley was narrow and both warehouses tall but she could see a dim patch of light a couple of hundred feet away. Scampering swiftly up the alley, she made it to a dumpster as she heard Roger’s car arrive at the alley entrance.

A dull, pale light on the side of one of the warehouses cast just enough light for Buffy to see that the alley opened up just ten feet in front of the dumpster she was crouched next to. A figure appeared from the right side, backpedaling away from a sword swing. Another figure followed swinging a huge two-handed sword in a downward motion that was blocked by the first figure.

Without much light, Buffy was only sure of two things. Both figures appeared to be human and the first one had a feminine shape. The male kicked out quickly, catching the woman by surprise and knocking her to the ground. He followed quickly with another overhand smash, only to miss as the woman rolled away and got to her feet. The male growled loudly, rushing at the woman once more. She caught his sword on hers before dipping her shoulder and stepping closer to him. His momentum kept him coming forward as she sliced upward cutting him open from his right hip to left side chest. He stumbled and fell to his knees as she turned and stood behind him, sword raised.

Buffy, seeing the woman’s intention, screamed. “Nooo!” As she ran ahead, clutching at her own sword hilt.

Too late though, as the woman’s sword swung down and cleanly through the neck of her opponent, severing his head. The woman stepped back from the corpse as it fell to the ground before turning her back to the alley. Just as Buffy was about to emerge, the woman spoke. “Stay Back!”

Buffy paused, at both a familiarity to the voice and to her senses starting to tingle as the hair on the back of her neck rose. The fog seemed to gather about the headless corpse as the woman raised her arms skyward. Suddenly, lightning flashed, arcing between the corpse and the woman. The flashes reached out and destroyed the sole dim light as the woman was forced to her knees. Suddenly all the glass in both warehouses shattered outward explosively.

As the lightning faded, the woman collapsed further, obviously weak from whatever had just occurred. Buffy drew her sword, stepping over the corpse as she headed toward the woman cautiously. The woman was obviously exhausted but heard Buffy’s approach.
“Careful Slayer, I have no quarrel with you.”

Buffy wondered how this woman knew she was a Slayer. She didn’t feel a Slayer link with the woman so it wasn’t that. “You just killed a man.”

The woman slowly got back to her feet, her sword still gripped in her hand but her back still to the Slayer. “If not, it would be my head rolling around on the ground. Go in peace Slayer, this doesn’t concern you.”

Buffy stopped, less than ten feet behind the woman. She could see now that the woman was wearing dark jeans and a black baby doll t-shirt. Her long almost blonde hair tied in a pony tail. There was something familiar here but Buffy couldn’t figure it out. “It could still be your head rolling around. Who are you? Why kill the man?”

“It could also be your head rolling around Slayer. I have no wish to take yours and mine wouldn’t do any good to you. That which you seek is not here. I am neither demon nor vampire. It would be easier for all if we don’t meet again. Just go. Please.”

It was that ‘please’ that did it. Buffy was sure she knew this woman. She had heard that plea somewhere before. “I can’t do that. Who are you?”

The woman sighed deeply, another sound Buffy was familiar with. “You were always stubborn Buffy.”

As the woman turned around slowly, Buffy gazed at the face before her, too stunned to move. Buffy’s eyes trailed over each and every familiar feature. She was different yet remarkably healthy for one who has been dead for three years. Buffy slowly lowered her sword.

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