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The Slayer and The Hadou

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Summary: What if Ryu travelled to Sunnydale to face the Slayer in one-on-one combat? Begins just after "Dead Man's Party" in S3, Ken/Faith, Xander/Chun Li

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Games > Martial ArtsTheHeartistFR1822,610052,4621 Dec 086 Dec 08No

Faith, Ryu and Ken

Disclaimer: Street Fighter and related characters is the property of Capcom, Buffy and related characters are the intellectual property of Joss Whedon. Some of the dialogue is taken directly from the scipt of the Buffy episode "Faith, Hope and Trick."


“Ken, why are we here? The mystical warrior living in this town is hardly going to go to an all ages club is he?” Ryu said, slightly annoyed and looking rather uncomfortable in regular clothes.

Ken sighed, looking around the club he’d been directed to as the only decent hotspot in town, the Bronze.

“Because, Ryu, all I seem to do, is follow you around and then save your ass when you get in over your head. I need to cut loose man, and I think you do too,” Ken sighed, finishing off his virgin daiquiri. Although Ken liked to have fun, he never drank alcohol; he needed to stay in shape. Ryu, on the other hand, never seem to drink anything but water.

“Fine. I suppose she can wait. But do I have to wear this awful suit?” Ryu groaned, gesturing down to the expensive Armani suit Ken had leant him so he could blend in a little more. Walking around in a tattered white gi was probably going to get them arrested, even though the police seemed strangely absent in this town.

“Hey, come on Ryu, the ladies love you, look,” Ken laughed, pointing over Ryu’s shoulder to the sea of valley girls gazing him up and down.

Ryu blushed ever so slightly, and turned back to Ken and scowled.

“That’s not why I’m here Ken.”

“Ah, lighten up man, I was just kidding, like someone like that would go for a dork like you anyways.”

“Dork? I’m no dork, you strike out all the time Ken.”

“Strike out? Me? I don’t even know what that means buddy! Me and women, are like bees and honey!”

“You and women? Bees and honey? Any woman at all?”

“Any woman at all!”

“Ok, I’ll take that bet.”

“You’re on!”

Ryu scanned the club, before he spotted a drop dead gorgeous brunette wearing a tight top and leather pants. He grinned, before turning back to Ken and pointing at her.

“Her. Get her number, and we stay. If you can’t, we’re leaving,” Ryu said.

Ken looked across and his eyes lit up.

“Oh, deal!” Ken said, before making his way over to the bar where the sultry blonde was standing.

“Hey there,” he said, propping himself up at the bar next to her “, I’m Ken Masters.”

“Master of what, stud?” the girl said, winking at him brazenly.

Great, this is how I like ‘em, Ken thought, confident!

“Well, a few martial arts actually, but I’m more interested in you,” Ken said with a smile.

“Lil’ old me? I'd love to stay and chat, but I gotta say bye, got a date to catch up with,” she said, grinning as she turned and latched on to a guy who looked like a 70’s fashion victim “, see you around Ken Masters!”

Ken’s face fell as he heard laughter from behind him and he turned to see Ryu standing there giving him sarcastic applause.
“And now, ladies man, we’re leaving,” Ryu said firmly.

“Fine. My talents are wasted here anyways, let’s go to back to the hotel,” Ken replied, sighing rather dejectedly before following Ryu out of the Bronze.


Buffy awoke the next morning to the smell of bacon sizzling and the realisation that it was Monday and she didn’t have to go to school. While that situation was temporary, Buffy had decided she’d enjoy it and make the most of her time before the insanity of Sunnydale High overtook her life once more. Hopping out of bed, she ran downstairs to find Xander in the kitchen with her mother, scarfing down several bacon sandwiches.

“Hey Xand, aren’t you supposed to be at school?” Buffy said, opening the fridge and pouring herself a glass of orange juice.

“Yeah, just thought I’d swing by and drop off a few things I found in my locker after the summer, figured you’d want them back,” Xander replied.

“And the fact that it is bacon day had nothing to do with it?” Joyce said, turning around to face them both before turning back to the frying pan.

“Well...oh I give in Miss Summers, the greasy pig meat has sedated me,” Xander said with a smirk.

“You pig! So...I’m still trying to wrap my head around the two Slayer thing,” Buffy said with a yawn.

“There are two of you now? What happened to Chosen One? Buffy?” Joyce questioned, turning back around to face them both once more.

“Oh yeah, new gal by the name of Faith rolled into town last night, rockin’ the leather look and packin’ the Slayer firepower. Dusted a vamp in front of us. It turns out she was called after Kendra died,” Xander explained.

“Well, I guess it’s a good thing. More of you, the safer you’ll be right?” Joyce said, before handing Buffy a plate of freshly cooked bacon.

“Well, you’d best get to school, it’s bad enough to have Snyder after Buffy, we don’t want him ragging on you too,” Joyce said, after which Xander simply nodded, smiled, said his goodbyes and left the kitchen.

“Oh honey, he put your things upstairs with a copy of the newspaper, said you’d find an article in there interesting, he said he circled it,” Joyce said as Buffy left the kitchen herself.

Walking through to the lounge, Buffy spied the bag with all the stuff she had stashed in Xander’s locker over their first two years at Sunnydale High together, along with a newspaper sitting next to it which was dated yesterday. She picked it up and quickly found the article which read:

Yesterday, police officials took down the fugitive Sagat, a member of the Shadowlaw crime syndicate, and wanted for murder and drug trafficking. Aiding in the arrest was Hong Kong police inspector Chun Li, who apparently lead the raid unarmed and arrested Sagat herself.

The rest of the article went on to explain the particulars of the arrest and of Sagat’s crimes, and next to the article was a picture of a strong confident looking Asian woman with her hair in two buns, presumably the Chun Li that the article mentioned, along with a picture of a menacing looking man of Asian origin with an eye patch on his right eye, presumably Sagat. In the margins, Xander had labelled the picture of Chun Li with the words “Girl Power!” and the words “New Slayer?” underneath it, but then violently crossed out, obviously last night’s events having eliminated that possibility.

Hmm, makes me wish she could roll into town and take over for a while, Buffy thought offhandedly as she put the newspaper down and went back upstairs.


The motorcycle rolled up next to the over cheery sign declaring ‘Welcome To Sunnydale’ and its rider, a shapely athletic woman wearing motorcycle leathers stepped off her bike and removed the helmet, revealing strong Asian features and hair in two buns on either side of her head, held in place by a long white ribbon.

“What are you doing here...” she said to herself, looking out across the seemingly quiet town before stepping back on the bike and heading onward.


Ryu and Ken took in the morning sunshine as they run through their kata on the green near their hotel. It was your typical Californian morning, bright outside and quite warm.

“So how do you suggest we find him?” Ken asked.

“When his ki flares. We’ll have to wait for him to become locked in combat, when he is, his ki will flare and we’ll both sense it,” Ryu replied.

“I guess...but how long do you think that will take?”

“From the stories I’ve heard, not too long.”

“About the you really believe in vampires? Demons?”

“Ken, we’ve seen a lot of strange things. At this point, nothing’s shocking.”

Ken stopped and turned to face Ryu, his eyes narrowing as Ryu could clearly see the cogs turning in Ken’s head.

Finally sighing, Ken replied “, I guess. Bison wasn’t exactly your typical megalomaniac dictator and we’re not exactly normal either. Still, the idea that Count Dracula is out there somewhere, sneaking around into busty maiden’s bedrooms...he’d make Vega look like a model citizen.”

Ryu chuckled, and completed the final motion of his kata, before turning to face Ken.

“Well, it’ll be interesting, for sure. I just wish it were easier to read ki, all this residual energy around here makes it tougher than normal. I don’t like it,” Ryu said, as the two of them walked off the green and towards their nearby car, a rental.


That night, Buffy and Faith were out patrolling. Albeit rather begrudgingly on Buffy’s part. Faith was starting to get on Buffy’s last nerve.

“Didn’t we, um, do this street already?” Faith suddenly asked.

“Funny thing about vamps. They'll hit a street even after
you've been there. It's like they have no manners...” Buffy replied sarcastically.

“Mm. You’ve been doing this the longest.”

“I have.”

“Yeah. Maybe a little too long.”

“Excuse me. What’s that supposed to mean?”


As the two Slayers continued to argue, a group of vamps were slowly closing in, hoping to take advantage of the distracted Slayers and score a couple of kills.


Ryu couldn’t sleep. He and Ken had searched for the Slayer that night, but to no avail. However, his senses were always slightly more fine tuned than Ken’s, and because of it, the dark energy of this place was truly bothering him.

Ryu strolled through the brisk night air. He’d heard it was dangerous around Sunnydale at night, but quite frankly, if anything in Sunnydale was more dangerous than Akuma, he’d have sensed it a long time ago, even with all the residual dark energy cloaking the town.

Suddenly, he heard a commotion from an alley nearby. He ran to find two young women arguing with one another. Little did they realise, a group of men was closing in on them, not looking too friendly.

No, not men, Ryu thought as he closed in himself for a better look.


Ryu walked up behind the guy at the back of the group and tapped him on the shoulder.

“Excuse me?”

The man turned around, slightly confused, before Ryu took him down cold with a right cross to the jaw.

At the sound of this, the rest turned around, and their faces suddenly transformed, their eyes turning yellow and their foreheads turning bumpy and rigid.

“Like I thought...beasts,” Ryu said, as the group began to encircle him.


“Did I just hear a threat?” Faith asked.

“Would you like to?” Buffy replied.

“Wow, you think you can take me?”

“Yeah...wait, Faith, behind you, something’s up. Vamps,” Buffy replied, taking a step past Faith to see a tall, dark Asian man in slacks and a shirt open at the throat surround by a group of vampires.

The two of them stopped fighting and automatically went into Slayer mode.

“Hey boys! Don’t we look like more fun to play with?” Buffy shouted, as the vamp turned around to face the two Slayers.

“Crap! The Slayers got the jump on us!” one of the vamps grumbled, as Faith struck first, connecting with a heavy right and taking the first of the group down, before the melee began in its earnest.

“Slayers huh?” the Asian man said, seemingly taking a step back as Buffy and Faith tangled with the vamps.

Buffy cut a swathe through her opponents, striking hard and methodically taking them down one by one.

Faith turned to face off against the second half, rushing to engage the first in the group. Trading blows, the vamp struck Faith in the face.

The Asian man watched as she turned back to the vamp, barely fazed, and yelled “, My dead mother hits harder than that!”
Faith leapt onto her vampiric opponent, and began to pound on him.

“Faith! Stake him already and give me a hand!” Buffy yelled, as she was suddenly tackled to the ground by another of the vamps.


One fights with strategy and skill, the other with determination and spirit, Ryu thought, unfortunately, that spirit is about to get her comrade killed.

Ryu took and step forward, and began to channel his ki.


I refuse to let this stubborn bastard kill me! Buffy thought, wrestling with the large vamp mounted on top of her.

“For Kakistos, we live! For Kakistos, you’ll die!” the vamp shouted, as he reached in for the kill.

Buffy took a deep breath, and awaited the inevitable when all of a sudden, there was a flash, and the vamp above her with bathed in a blue energy, all of which was accompanied by the sound of one word filling the alley with a resounding roar:


A/N: Again, constructive feedback is appriciated! I'll try and have the next part up soon, got far too much uni work atm :( TTFN ;)

The End?

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