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The Slayer and The Hadou

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Summary: What if Ryu travelled to Sunnydale to face the Slayer in one-on-one combat? Begins just after "Dead Man's Party" in S3, Ken/Faith, Xander/Chun Li

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Games > Martial ArtsTheHeartistFR1822,610052,4651 Dec 086 Dec 08No


Disclaimer: Street Fighter and related characters are property of Capcom, Buffy and related characters are property of Joss Whedon. I'm making no money from this, if I were, I wouldn't be living off my overdraft.


The two of them stepped down off the bus at Sunnydale Bus Depot, and looked around.

“This is it? Some great mystical warrior lives here? It looks like Anytown U.S.A, why would a mystical warrior live here?” the blonde one said, slightly puzzled.

“Don’t you feel that? The energy around here, the’s dark. I haven’t felt anything quite as dark since we last crossed paths with Akuma,” the dark haired man replied, as the blonde turned and suddenly realised that everything his friend said was true.

The place reeked with evil energy, and neither of them were in the slightest bit comfortable. It took a while for any trained human senses to tune into the ki in the air, but once they had, it was like being sucker punched in the gut by something big...and evil.

“Well certainly take me to the most interesting places,” the blonde haired man known as Ken Masters said with a smirk as he leaned down to pick up his bag only to see his friend had already began walking into town.

“Hey, Ryu, wait up, what the hell?!” Ken yelled after his partner, the martial artist known as Ryu, as he raced to catch up with him as made their way into town.


Buffy strolled across the living room, putting back in place the last piece of furniture knocked astray by the zombie hordes.
Great, she thought, I’m back in town for less than a day and I’m dealing with zombie hordes.

“How you holding up Buff?” said a familiar voice behind her, as she turned to see Xander putting away a mop.

“I’m okay, just, ya know, yey, zombies, my favourite,” Buffy sighed.

Xander smiled the trademark lop sided smirk and simply shrugged “, hey, it’s those armies of the evil dead, they love an empowered blonde.”

Buffy smiled before turning back and falling on the couch next to Willow and Oz, exhausted.

“On the plus side, we got to see Xander do chore-like activities. That has to be rare,” Oz said with a smirk of his own.

Willow chimed in “, yeah, and ya know, crisis averted for now, and you wanted to get rid of everyone anyways, and now see, poof, gone. Just us.”

“Ooooooo, thank god. I think I just need to veg out for a while for a while guys. ‘You never know where your next opponent will present himself’ Giles would say. I need to enjoy being able to do nothing while I can,” Buffy replied, before settling in on the couch and dozing off to sleep.


A/N: Just the prologue so far, writing more as we speak, but thought I'd post this now in case I don't get the chance to post any more any time soon. Creative feedback is welcomed :)
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