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Buffy the Potential

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Summary: First in series A Different Start: At the age of 10, Buffy lost both her parents. As a result she was sent to live with her mother’s sister Ellen, who she had never before met. On the night of her eleventh, birthday Buffy meets a Watcher and...

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Dean WinchesterDarkPhoenixFR18834,76104712,9825 Dec 0822 Sep 09No

Chapter 7 What is a slayer?

Very sorry for the extremely long wait, firt I was stuck with this, then I had some personal problems. But I am planning on finishing this and any other open fic I have. This is unbeta'd, so sorry in advance for any spelling/grammer mistakes.


Chapter 7 - What is a slayer?

Ohio, Cleveland, Motel 6 Middleburg Heights, January 1995

“I can’t believe I let you talk me into this.” Dean complained.

“Aren’t you worried about Buffy?” Sam inquired.

“Not really.” Dean lied.

“Right.” Sam replied in a tone that said he didn’t believe him. If Dean really didn’t care, he wouldn’t be out here.

“I don’t. I couldn’t care less about Buffy.” Just as her name left his mouth he felt something collide against him, almost knocking him over. “Hey! Watch it!” he yelled as he looked at the figure who almost caused him to fall. “Buffy?”

Buffy looked up into two very green eyes, that for a moment caused her forget everything. As he said her name, everything came back like a tsunami wave and she tore her eyes away from his, “I’ve to go.” she announced, before taking off.

“Buffy, wait!” Dean called after her, but the tiny blonde kept running without paying heed to his call for her.

“We should find Merrick.” Sam told Dean as he watched his brother watch where Buffy had run off towards.

“No, dad’ll be back soon. We’re going back to our room. Buffy’ll find Merrick eventually.” Dean replied.

“Dude, we can’t just not help them.” Sam stated, appalled by the thought of not doing anything.

“Yeah we can. They’re not in any danger, they just missed each other and they’ll find each other eventually. I on the other hand will be in trouble if Dad comes back and we’re not there.” Dean explained and began to walk back to their motel room.

“I can’t believe we’re just going to leave them.” Sam told him while following his big brother.

“Stop bitching.” Dean instructed.

“Jerk.” Sam muttered under his breath.


Ohio, Cleveland, Motel 6 Middleburg Heights, January 1995

Just as Buffy reached the cemetery her cell phone rang, apparently Merrick had been attacked by a vampire and was saved by Sam. Merrick had then been talking with Sam and had forgotten about the trashed room.

So after getting back to the Motel Buffy hugged Merrick, then went into the bathroom to shower. Merrick watched her with a frown, worried. She seemed exhausted.


Ohio, Cleveland, Motel 6 Middleburg Heights, January 21 1995

The next morning Merrick walked into Buffy’s room to find her still asleep, having already showered he decided to get some tea and breakfast and let her sleep.


When Buffy awoke she shook her head, trying to clear the remainder of her dream of a certain handsome young Hunter. Dragging herself out of bed she headed towards the bathroom while wondering what the hell to do about the Dean-situation.

Quickly stripping herself of her pajamas she disappeared into the shower.


Sam knocked on the door, after waking up he found his brother and father still asleep. He decided that it was the perfect time to check up on Buffy and Merrick. Leaving a note that said he was getting breakfast Sam headed out.

Arriving at Buffy’s motel room, Sam knocked on the door. “Buffy, you in there?!” He called out, not getting a response he added, “It’s Sam!”

Not hearing any response Sam was about to turn and leave when he heard a cry of pain coming from inside. “Buffy!” Sam yelled and immediately tried the door, finding it unlocked he rushed inside only to stop and looked wide-eyed

On the floor, before him… “B-Buffy?” Sam stared at her almost naked form laying on her back, a towel wrapped around her. Only her fall had pulled the towel down and Buffy flushed deep red as she realized this.

“Sam” stated and quickly pulled the towel over her breasts to cover up. “Wh-what are you doing here?”

The towel now covering Buffy’s breasts, Sam shook his head to try and clear the image from his head and think up an answer. Avoiding eyes contact even as he too was blushing he answered, “I’m sorry, I heard a noise and thought you were in trouble so I-”

Buffy climbed to her feet, “Let’s just forget Buffy’s moment of clumsiness and move on.” she interrupted him.

“Yeah, OK.” Sam replied and risked a look at Buffy, seeing her covered up now and raising an eyebrow at him he blushed again. “I just wanted to make sure you were alright. With how yesterday went for you and Merrick.”

“Oh” Buffy responded, kinda disappointed that instead of Dean checking up on her, it was Sam, yet at the same time she was relieved Dean was not here. “I’m fine, we’re fine.”

“That’s good.” Sam answered, “so how did your evening go?”

“You mean aside from coming back and finding Merrick’s room trashed?” Buffy questioned and at Sam’s nod continued. “Some weird breed of vampire attempted to pick me up, when I wasn’t interested it attacked me. So I killed it and it didn’t go, you know poof” she demonstrated with her hands. “So I had to drag the headless corpse plus head to a more remote location and dig a hole to bury it.”

“And by the time you got the graveyard Dean was already gone.” Sam finished for her.

“Was he angry?” Buffy inquired.

Sam hesitated, “I’m not sure. He went along with me to Merrick’s to help out looking for you when we thought something might have happened to you, since you never showed up for your date.”

Buffy looked at him, full attention at his mentioning of the word date. Sam noticed and quickly added, “I don’t think Dean ever goes on dates, so last night was probably as close as it gets with him and going on a date.”

“Oh” Buffy answers trying to hide her disappointment, but failing. “that’s ok. It’s probably for the best. I’m not the safest girl to be around, as I’m sure you noticed the day before yesterday.”

“That wasn’t your fault.” Sam informed her.

Buffy snorted, “right, bad things happen to me on my birthday. Still it was one of my better ones since the previous couple sucked.”

“You wanna talk about it?” Sam inquired.

Buffy shook her head, “you sound like Merrick. The whole crying and talking thing, I try and not do that as much as I can.”

“Now you sound like Dean, only to him it’s not doing the chick flick moments.” Sam replied.

“Yikes, now me and Dean have something else in common asides from fighting evil.” Buffy told him, “yet the world hasn’t ended. India must be working overtime.”

“India?” Sam questioned.

“The Slayer.” Buffy answered only to receive a blank look in return.

“Chosen One? She who hangs out in cemeteries a lot.” Buffy continued.

“You mean she’s real?” Sam questioned.

“As real as you and me.” Buffy replied.

“I was gonna get some breakfast, you wanna come with? You could tell me more about The Slayer.” Sam inquired.

“Uhm, sure, just let me change in something other than a towel.” Buffy answered with a smile, before heading towards a bag and taking it with her back into the bathroom to change.

Sam blushed slightly at the memory of an almost naked Buffy, he quickly turned around and waited, his back now towards the bathroom door. “So how do you know about the Slayer?” he wanted to know.

“Oh, I was picked up by the Council when I killed a demon. They told me about her, started to train me.” Buffy’s voice drifted back from the bathroom.

“That’s nice of them, what about your family were they OK with all of this?” Sam questioned.

“They weren’t given a choice. My parents were already dead and I was living with my Aunt Ellen, her husband Bill and their daughter Jo. My uncle is a Hunter and taught me some things, so when I snuck off and killed a demon the night before I turned eleven. The Council found me and took me back with them to England.” Buffy explained.

“Against your will?” Sam inquired as he heard sounds of a blow-dryer coming from the bathroom.

When the sound stopped and Buffy emerged a moment later from the bathroom she shrugged at him, “I was a Potential Slayer needing to be trained by them, in the case I was ever Called. While my uncle is a Hunter, he didn’t know enough about the Slayer as the Council did. So I wasn’t given a choice in the matter. Kinda like with Raven, you know the Witch we stopped. Today a witch from Devon’s Coven back in England, is flying in and taking her with them. She doesn’t get a say in the matter. You can turn around now, by the way.”

“Yeah but Raven is dangerous. You’re not.” Sam told her after he turned around to face her.

“I can be dangerous, besides like I said. It wasn’t my choice.” Buffy replied.

“So why aren’t you going back to your family now?” Sam wanted to know.

“They think I’m dead. The Council provided a fake body and everything. If I went back to them they threatened to kill them. I’m not putting them in unnecessary danger because of me. They’re probably better off without me around. Like I said, people around me tend to end up getting hurt… or worse.” Buffy related to him even as she walked towards him, Sam quickly opened the door and she smiled before grabbing her purse from the bed and together, they headed off to get breakfast.


Ohio, Cleveland, Diner, January 1995

“That’s… I don’t know what I’d do if a demon had killed my mom.” Buffy told Sam truthfully. “Did you get him?

“Not yet.” Sam answered.

“ You will.” Buffy replied confidently.

“Yeah…” Sam paused, “the thing is though. I never knew my mom and yes I hate the Demon that killed her, but I just don’t want to spent my entire life hunting it. I want to go to school, become a lawyer, have a normal life.”

“Does your dad know this?” Buffy questioned.

“He wouldn’t approve, for as long as I’ve known him it’s been about the hunt and the demon that killed mom.” Sam answered.

“Well, I get wanting to have a normal life, I mean I don’t want the hunt be all I am either… but what’s to stop the thing from attacking your family again. What did it want the first time it attacked. These incorporeal demons seems to be a lot smarter than the corporeal ones. The Demon that killed your mother had to be after something. You need to be sure that it’s dead and that the reason it went after your family in the first place. If you don’t then it or something else might still come aft-” Buffy stopped as someone interrupted her.

“What the hell are you on about!?” Dean exclaimed cutting the blonde off. Turning to Sam he gave his younger sibling a hard look as he questioned, “What did you tell her!?”

“Dean” Buffy breathed, “look Sam and me were just tal-”

“I don’t care what you young lovebirds were up to. You told her, didn’t you?!” he accused Sam.

“Dean, there is nothing going on between me and Buffy. I can tell my friends whatever I want.” Sam stated defiantly.

“Yeah, let’s see what dad has to say about that.” Dean replied turning around.

Buffy jumped up in her seat, her eyes wide and panicked at the thought of John finding out about her. She grabbed Dean’s arm, “You can’t, please. You can’t tell your father about me.”

Dean shrugged his arm free and was about to shrug whatever Buffy had to say off when he saw a panicked look in her eyes. “What the hell is going on between you and my dad?” he demanded to know.

“Dad may know her uncle, who is a Hunter.” Sam started to explain.

“So?” Dean questioned.

“So if your father learns I am alive he’ll tell Uncle Bill and my family will be in danger.” Buffy informed him.

“Danger?” Dean prodded, as he wondered how it came to be that her family thinks her dead.

“It’s a long story and I’ve got to meet Merrick. We’ve a Witch to pick up at the airport.” Buffy replied. “Sam I’ll see you tomorrow, this time knock and don’t walk in on me almost naked.” she leaned over to him and pecked his cheek, her gaze then went to Dean.

“You sure work fast.” Dean commented.

“Huh?” Buffy exclaimed, confused.

“First you stand me up then you plan a date with my baby brother.” Dean elaborated.

“You’re right, it’s a step up for me. Drop the ass and move on to the sweet guy. God Dean he’s eleven years old! What do you think is going on!?” Buffy yelled at him then proceeded with rolling her eyes and storming off.

Dean watched her go and then turned to Sam for an explanation. “Don’t look at me dude, you’re the one who leaped to wrong conclusions.” Sam told him.

“You saw her naked?” Dean inquired after he sat down at Buffy’s precious seat, across from his brother.

Sam blushed, “just the upper part… I- I didn’t even mean to, I heard a scream and when I walked in…”

“How’d they look?” Dean wanted to know.

“Dude!” Sam exclaimed blushing again.

“What?” Dean questioned, his expression nonchalant.

“You’re impossible.” Sam stated and went back to his breakfast.

“Bitch” Dean replied.

“Jerk” Sam shot back.

“Do you want to order something?” a waitress inquired looking at Dean appreciatory.

After Dean ordered in his usual flirty way he turned to Sam and queried, “So did she tell you why she didn’t show up yesterday?”

“Yes, she did.” Sam answered, but didn’t offer any further explanation.

“Well what did she say? Or was it something kept between you two girls?” Dean tried to bait Sam for more.

“One of those vampires that don’t die when you stake them showed up and tried to pick her up. She killed it and had to drag the body off to bury.” Sam told him with a scowl on his face.

“Bury? Why didn’t she just burn it?” Dean questioned just as the waitress returned with his food and coffee. Dean gave her his Winchester smile, to which the young waitress replied with an seductive look.

“Let me know if you need anything else.” she told him slipping him her phone number before quickly walking off to another table requiring her attention.

“I don’t know, maybe she wanted to do something a bit more respectful. The vampire was a human being at one point.” Sam guessed, while giving Dean a disapproving look for his flirting with the waitress.

Dean took a bite from his breakfast and shrugged, “So what’s with her family being in danger if they learn she’s alive?”

As Dean continued to eat his breakfast, Sam told what Buffy had shared with him before his brother had shown up. By all accounts he knew Buffy had withheld a lot of things with telling him her life story, but he wasn’t gonna pry. She’d tell when she’s ready.

Dean listened and scoffed at some girl being some Chosen warrior, I mean seriously. What was that all about, some teenage girl Chosen to fight against the forces of darkness.

Just as Sam finished telling Dean about Buffy, John walked in. “What took you boys so long. We’ve got a job to do, remember?”

“Yes, Sir.” Dean replied, ever the obedient son.

Sam rolled his eyes and grumbled something along the lines of, “I’m coming, already”



Ohio, Cleveland, lake, January 20

A groan caught the attention of the two boys as they had been watching Buffy and Merrick leave.

“Dad, you OK?” Dean inquired heading over to his father, Sam on his heels.

“Yeah, what happened?” John wanted to know.

“A witch put you to sleep.” Sam answered. “We stopped her with some help from another Hunter.”

“After she was stopped a Demon showed up.” Dean continued, before he could proceed to tell him it had been trapped John was on his feet, gun in hand. “It’s ok Dad, we got it trapped.”

“Devil’s Trap?” John questioned as he walked into the direction a man’s angry screams were coming from. “This other Hunter? Who is he?”

“Someone called Merrick.” Dean answered. “He took the witch with him, said he knew someone that could help her or strip her of her magic.”

‘Merrick? That name did not ring any bells. He’d have to call Bill and ask what he knew about him.’ John mused to himself, before stopping in front of the Devil’s Trap containing one possessed human male.

“John Winchester” Michael spoke his name as he studied the man before him.

“You know me?” John questioned.

“Oh, I know all about you.” Michael answered. “I didn’t expect you to come to the Mouth of Hell though. The one you seek, won’t come here.”

“And who would that be?” John inquired.

“Like I’m gonna tell you that.” Michael responded.

“Sam, go grab my journal from my bag in the car.” John ordered.

“What are you gonna do dad?” Dean wanted to know.

John looked at his eldest son, “exorcize the demon. Since he ain’t talking. Best to just get rid of him.”

“Hey now wait a minute.” Michael protested.

“Get moving Sam!” John barked at his youngest.

“Come on Sammy, I’ll help ya look.” Dean told him as the two brothers left their father alone with the possessed man.

Both demon and Hunter remained quiet during the time it took for Dean and Sam to retrieve John’s journal. When Dean handed his father the book the demon began to get nervous.

“Any last words?” Sam queried.

The demon snarled in response and John began to read the Latin text when he found the correct page.

“Damn you Winchester! You may kill me, but once the power of vengeance is in our possession, your kind will be eradicated and HE will rule all” Michael screamed through his pain.

“Power of vengeance?” Dean inquired, when his father stopped reciting the Latin.

“I’ll never tell you Winchesters! You’ll never be able to stop us!” Michael shouted defiantly.

“Yeah, whatever. Just die already bitch.” Dean instructed the demon.

John continued to read the Latin, but stopped again when he reached the last line. “Last chance. Where is HE!?” he demanded to know. The demon just looked back defiantly and John recited the last line exorcizing the demon and sending it back to Hell.

End Flashback


Ohio, Cleveland, Diner, January 21 1995

As Dean walked with his brother and father, leaving the diner. ‘I wonder what this power of vengeance could be? If it is strong enough to eradicate all Hunters and possible all of mankind. Just what is it exactly? And could it be used to kill The Demon… all this supernatural stuff with Slayers and whatever this power of vengeance is screwed up. Just how did Slayers get their powers? Would Buffy be one at one point? Where does the power of a Slayer come from? How could we fight against it, if we had to? Though I suppose dad would find a way if the situation arose. Dad is just awesome like that.’


Ohio, Cleveland, unknown location, January 1995

“What’s taking so long?” a hooded figure demanded to know.

“Without Raven and Michael, this is much more difficult, Duane.” a pale man responded.

“Michael is dead and Raven was captured. And unless you face HIS wrath, for failing to get her power. You’d better speed things up.” Duane replied.

The pale man, if possible, became even more pale at the mention of HIS wrath. “We’ll try and hurry things along. But it will be a day or two still… unless you can deal with D’Hoffryn while we take his powers.”

Duane glared at him in response and the pale man hurriedly scurried off.

Soon the power of vengeance would be theirs, and even those pesky Hunter’s couldn’t stand in his father’s way. He smiled at the thought.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Buffy the Potential" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 22 Sep 09.

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