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Prune Juice, Beverage Choice of Warriors

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Summary: This was popping up, when I thought, who is the better warrior; A Jaffa or a Klingon

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Multiple Crossings > General > Ficlet Collections - OtherWhiteWolfFR71492051,4295 Dec 085 Dec 08No
Disclaimer: Not mine, whoever owns Star Gate, Star Trek and Buffy
Spoilers: None really.

Prune Juice, Beverage Choice of Warriors

Chapter 1: Greatest Warrior

Teal’c was sitting with his fellow warrior Lieutenant Worf at the same table. They sat opposite of each other. They were drinking prune juice.

“You are right, LieutenantWorf,” Teal’c agreed with Worf. “This is a warrior’s drink.”

“I told you so,” Teal’c replied exciting. “Next you should try Blood-wine.”

Worf was yelling at the waitress for two bottles of Blood-wine and after they were on their third round, Worf’s tongue ‘slipped’.

“Klingons are superior warrior over Jaffa,”

“I disagree LieutenantWorf. Jaffa martial arts are superior over Klingon technique,” Teal’c rebuked stoic.

“Klingon’s honour and blades outmatch any Jaffa weapons and bravery,” the Klingon went into attack.

The Jaffa and Klingon were arguing for awhile, when suddenly two hairy hands appeared out of nowhere grabbing both men a their collars and picking them up. The hairy hands were attached at hairy arms, which were attached at a hairy body of a seven feet tall Wookiee. He was roaring in both of the Warriors’s faces. Even for veteran warriors like Teal’c and Worf it had a paralyzing effect at least temporally.

“Ehmm,” a feminine voice tried to get the two warriors attention.

Both men looked down and saw a blond petite woman with a cheery smile.

“What my hairy friend wants to tell you fine gentlemen is that he thinks that Wookiees are the greatest warriors?” the blonde translated for the Wookie. “And I agree. A Wookiee values life, his honour is based on life not death. He never goes to war if it isn’t for the protections of his family or those he has debt of honour with. And of course a Wookiee could tear you guys limp for limp, they make impressive opponents.”

“Indeed,” Teal’c agreed.

He showed no emotions of fear. The Wookiee growled in approval.

“Chewie?” the blonde address the Wookiee, who growled softly at her. “You can let them go now.”

Chewbacca put them back on terra firma.

“I buy you a drink,” the blonde pointed to the bar. “I heard prune juice seemed to be popular with alien tough guys.”

Chewbacca growled and they both started to walk to the bar, ignoring the two man.

“Magnificent creature,” Worf said admirable, having gotten over the shock. “I would love to test my strength against him.”

“Indeed,” Teal’c agreed.


Added Disclaimer: I don't own Chewie either, he is owned by Star Wars people.

AN: This story isn't connected to my Buffy and the Wookiees story and technically, the blonde could be anybody.

AN2: If you want to add a ficlet to this 'story'. There is only one rule. You have to involve Prune Juice and some discussion about who is the greatest Warrior, the warriors don't even need to be excisting in the 'world' your writing. They could be 'fictive' characters. I love to see one were Xander and Andrew are discussing their 'fictive' hero.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Prune Juice, Beverage Choice of Warriors" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 5 Dec 08.

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