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Buffy and the Lost Slayer

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Summary: The Scoobies go in search of the Santa Carla slayer and run up on more than they bargained for. Post S7Buffy post S5Angel LB well after first movie

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The Enemy Without

Disclaimer: I don't own anything represented here. BTVS belongs to Joss Whedon & Mutant Enemy, The Lost Boys Belong to Richard Donner, Janice Fischer, James Jerimias & Warner Bros. The Crow belongs to James O'Barr film adaptation by David J. Schow and Blade belongs to David S. Goyer.

David watched the house, patiently and silently waiting for the right moment. Gravity not a matter of concern for him he listened intently from the darkness of the sky. The somber quietness of the house, the stillness of the grieving souls inside made him rejoice in their despair. He knew the predator that so longed for his demise, the custodian of death waited in the wings to pounce upon him. He’d have to prepare a fitting welcome for vengeance when it came for him. His vampiric features took on a grim smile as he watched his prize bolt from the safety of her home.


Samantha knew she shouldn’t leave the safety of her home but she couldn’t take it anymore. Feeling wholly smothered by the over protectiveness of not only her uncle but also her watcher, her sister slayer and the witch. She had left the house secretly to get some air; she was suffocating because they would not let her have one moment’s peace. Samantha walked briskly away from the house only slowing down when she knew none of them had noticed her leave or followed her, which was a miracle in itself, cause they nearly never left her alone. There had always been one of them hovering over her watching and waiting for her to have a psychotic break.

Either her Uncle Sam was asking her how she was doing, or Buffy would be watching just out of sight trying not to be seen and failing miserably. She found that comical considering Buffy was a slayer and was supposed to be stealth girl. Willow would try to comfort her but would only end up babbling incessantly and turning red from embarrassment because of it. Her watcher was the worst watching her in a way that made her feel like he was looking through her very soul and deciphering her deepest thoughts and feelings. She could tell that he wanted to come and say something but thought better of it as if he knew she needed time for herself. She’d rather have him come and say something and not just sit there and stare at her knowingly; it was giving her the creeps. She would have to talk to him about that later.

She laughed aloud as she thought of the days gone by and her army of protectors and their covert ways. They meant well and she knew they knew what she was going through, having gone through it and going through it themselves. She’d sadly learned through Willow that Buffy had lost her mother to an aneurysm years ago and how tough it was for her to get through that, her watcher had lost the love of his life in a fight they all participated in to save the world. Poor Willow tearfully recapped how she lost her lover to a bullet meant for her best friend. It had made her feel somewhat better knowing that she had someone to talk to about her grief but only briefly as she realized that she would have to figure out how to get through her own grief and make it with her sanity intake from day to day.

She glanced back at her home smiling sadly, as she put more distance between it and herself. Samantha sighed; soon this would not be her home anymore. She would be venturing out of the familiar and making new friends and starting a new life without her beloved parents. She stopped abruptly as the tears started to flow from her eyes and her breath caught painfully in her throat. She tried to catch her breath but couldn’t, her heart ached so bad that she felt she was having a heart attack. Samantha bent over crying violently, she could barely see straight from the tears that flowed faster than she could wipe them away.

Hands on her knees and back bent she dry heaved violently from the maddening emotions that ripped their way through her. She could no longer pay attention to her surroundings as she yelled out in pain, she tried to sit down on the hard concrete and wrap her arms around herself for comfort but her body wouldn’t let her. It was as if her body was stuck there in its own grief stricken pose and would stay there so that the painter of life could catch her in all her anguish and suffering. All of her senses were dull from the sudden overload of released emotion that she didn’t notice her stalker until it was too late.

Overly strong hands gripped her from behind and before she could react, a needle went through her neck and warm liquid filled her veins quickly. She struggled against her captor only for his vice like grip to tighten around her waist and neck. She gasped in horror as he began to grind against her backside seductively and hot breath caressed her ear. She could feel his rising manhood as he began to enjoy the feel of her body making her struggle even more.

“Shhh, my love, the struggle will be over soon,” David licked her ear and she shivered in revulsion. “Did you know that my father was a watcher? I think that’s why my master choice me as his son, to have inside information on slayers. Before I was turned, my father taught me a lot about the counsil and slayers in hopes that I would one day become a watcher and have a slayer of my own. Well I guess I’ll achieve the later part of his dreams for me,” he laughed evilly, sending a chill through Samantha’s soul as she began to feel weak as a lamb.

David caressed her hair as he continued talking to her. “Did you’re new found friends tell you of the ritual that every slayer goes through on their 18th birthday. I think it’s very ingenious if not a little sinister and heartless. I’ve only heard of two slayers that survived the test. One is inside your house at this very moment and the other well she survived only to die by the hands a platinum blonde vampire a year later. I believe you know him as your pool boy.”

Samantha tried to pry his filthy hands off her but it was no use, she had not felt this weak since before her dreams started. She gasped for air futilely as he tightened his grip around her throat and began to squeeze the much-needed air from it making her light headed.

“It’s no use Samantha,” he said her name in a way that made her skin crawl and made her want to take a hot scawling shower with bleach. “The drug has taken affect and your test has begun. I know you’re a little young yet but I felt you could handle it.” He began to rub his face against hers affectionately. “Although I have to tell you by the time this is over you will fully be mine.” He growled and tightened his grip and flew off into the night with his slayer.

Sam stepped outside calling out Samantha’s name. He had become frantic when he couldn’t find her anywhere in the house. “Samantha!” he yelled, no answer.

He ran back into the house to inform the trio of her absence all the while kicking himself for not watching her more closely. He ran into Xander and Buffy first.

"Samantha’s missing I can’t find her anywhere!” hot tears began to form in his eyes and he had to blink them back. He would stay strong for this and not break down; he would find his niece the only family he had left.

“What!” Buffy and Xander said in unison. “No we just left her roaming around in the kitchen a moment ago; we decided to give her a break from the constant attention we were giving her.” Buffy said incredulously.

“Well I guess she took that as an opportunity to escape, because she’s not here now.” Xander said angry that he had slipped up and let Samantha out of his sight. He was supposed to be her watcher; now because of his stupidity he may have lost his first slayer in record time.

“Shit!” Sam began to pace back and forth. “We have to find her, David may still want to finish what he started, I can’t let that happen,” he walked over to the phone and began dialing a familiar number as Buffy ran out of the house in search of her charge.


Spike, Winifred and Blade all ran into Drusilla’s new hideout and stopped in their tracks. Drusilla lay on the cold concrete floor bleeding and crying in her own vomit.

“Oh my God!” Winifred cried out in sympathy for the vampire that lay there. “What the hell happened to her?”

Spike gazed upon his twice sire in disbelief. He walked over to her slowly and she growled ferally as he approached her prone form. He stopped in his tracks.

“Dru?” She jerked violently and began to whimper and crawl away in recognition of his voice. She pinned herself into a corner and started to pull violently at her hair and claw at her skin ripping it to shreds and bringing droplets of blood away with her fingernails.

Spike ran to her and grabbed her hands trying to stop her from harming herself but she was maddeningly strong and she punched him and sent him sprawling across the cold floor. Illyria growled ready to attack the pathetic vampiress for hurting her daywalker but Spike yelled out for her to stop. Blade just watched in exasperation wondering why they didn’t just put the bitch out of her misery, she was only a soulless vampire.

Spike picked himself up and slowly moved towards Drusilla once again. “Drusilla, it’s me I’m not going to hurt you,” he watched as she tried to back her way further into the corner, so much so that she was causing little cracks to form on the walls from the strength of her force. Winifred looked around anxiously; there were patches of Drusilla’s hair and skin all along the factory floor her blood splattered everywhere from her own hands. What could have happened to make her do this to herself?

She looked up in time to see Spike grab a frantic and crazed Drusilla and forcefully put her in his lap, restraining her hands as they tried to lash out at him. “It’s all right Dru, I’m here, I’ll take care of it,” he grimaced at her strength; he had to pin her to him as she struggled for freedom. She growled and squirmed and tried to bite as Spike held her firmly. She fought for release for several long minutes before she gave up and wailed in despair, the sound of it tearing Spike’s and Winifred’s heart apart.

Illyria and Blade on the other hand were more than a little irritated and bored with the whole played out scene and while Illyria had Winifred to keep her in check and keep her from doing or saying something stupid. Blade didn’t have that luxury and he put his foot in his mouth and tried something he should not have.

“I have had enough of this, you did come here to kill the bitch for what she’s done, get it over with so we can move on. Or if you’re too sentimental to do it yourself, I’ll do it for you,” Blade unsheathed his sword and made his way toward Spike and Drusilla,” before he knew what happened he was pinned to the opposite wall with his legs dangling in the air struggling to free himself.

He looked below him expecting to see the blue chick again but to his surprise he was looking into the flaming eyes of a pissed of platinum blonde daywalker in game face no less. “If you even think about touching my sire again I will rip of your head and shit down your neck, comprende bro,” Spike growled in a low and menacing voice.

“If you bothered to get your head out of your ass for just one moment you would realize the reason she’s in this state is because someone shoved her soul back into her body, violently I might add.” Blade looked a little shocked but didn’t back down, he viciously snapped the sides of Spikes head making the vampire drop him and Blade kicked him across the room.

“I’ve told you I’m not your bro,” he growled out but made no more threatening moves toward Drusilla or Spike.

Illyria rolled her eyes at the warring boys as they glared at one another from across the room. “If you do not wish to take your vengeance, maybe we should return to your nest.”

Spike came out of his stare fest and blinked at Illyria in confusion. “My nest?”

“Yes, the red witch may be able to help her with her problem,” Illyria stated with a frown wondering why she would even care to bring up a possible solution. Then she remembered her shell and groaned inwardly.

Spike smiled in spite of the situation and turned towards Drusilla having to knock her cold as she began to fight again. He put Dru over his shoulder and began to walk out of the abandoned factory only stopping to address Illyria.

“The Scoobies are not my nest and please for the love of all that is holy please don’t say that in front of them. As a matter a fact maybe you should allow Winifred to hold the reigns when you address them, just to avoid any further complications,” Spike smirked and walked out not waiting for his shadows to follow.
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