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Buffy and the Lost Slayer

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Summary: The Scoobies go in search of the Santa Carla slayer and run up on more than they bargained for. Post S7Buffy post S5Angel LB well after first movie

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Hidden things come to light

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy or the Lost Boys just the story written here ok. Thank you now read.




The trio got off the plane and got a taxi to the nearest hotel. They wanted to be well rested before they approached the newest Slayer. They all knew what the reaction could be when someone came in and changed your world forever and they wanted to be at full capacity when that happened. Not to mention they really didn’t know what to expect from the nightlife here. Even though Buffy had given them a heads up on this place, they all had learned to expect the unexpected.

The Home of the Emersons the following day.

Samantha took a long shower and contemplated what might be going on in her life. Why had she gotten stronger? Plus the dreams she had were more intense, darker and a lot creepier. She had one of those dreams last night of her father and uncle Sam fighting a bunch of vampires and one of the vampires kind of favored her pool boy, except her pool boy was way hotter. If she kept having dreams like this she didn’t know what she would do with herself. She feared talking to her mom about it let alone her dad. Both of them would have her put away, hopefully the dreams would go away soon.

As she got out of the shower she heard a commotion in the living room. She quickly got dressed and went to see what was going on. When she arrived she saw her dad talking to someone just out of her line of sight.

“Dad who are you talking to?" Michael smiled knowing how much his daughter adored and missed the man standing before him. He moved out of her way to give her a clear view of their surprise guest. "Uncle Sam!" she ran up to her favorite uncle, well her only uncle and gave him a rib breaking hug.

"Ouch; damn girl you've gotten strong, what have you been doing lifting weights or something?" Sam asked as he rubbed his chest.

'Oh shit better watch that before I really hurt someone or get a boatload of questions that I’m not ready to answer,' Samantha thought as she frowned to herself. "Sorry uncle Sam, I was just really glad to see you," Samantha smiled. "What are you doing here?"

“Well I missed my family and wanted to see my favorite niece and name sake," Sam thought as he looked at his niece. “How are you doing Sammie?"

“I'm five by five," she said looking bewildered at her own choice of words. “How’s everything on your end uncle Sam?"

“Can’t complain, my new job has kept me out of trouble and my love life well, it's the envy of millions." Sam gives Michael a mischievous look before he asks. “How’s the nightlife here?"

Michael frowned and gave a say another word and I’ll thrash you within an inch of your life kind of look towards Sam. "Don't start Sam you know very well how things are here since you once lived here not so long ago."

Samantha looked between the both of them and laughed her head off. “What’s up with you two?” Samantha said through her laughter. ”You two are always like this when you’re together."

Her mom stepped in at that moment to tell everyone breakfast was ready. Bringing up food was always a good way to keep the brothers from starting a verbal fight. "I’ve made some waffles, scrambled eggs, ham steak and homemade orange juice, if anyone's hungry.”

“You learned how to cook now Star?” Sam said. “The last time I was here you nearly killed us all with that hard as a brick meatloaf you tried to make.” A mock horrified look appeared on his face at the memory of Stars less than ideal cooking skills. Star hit him in the head and they all laughed and headed into the kitchen to eat.

“That’s only because Michael watched the dinner for the last thirty minutes while me and Samantha ran to the store and picked up some last minute fixings,” Star said. "He, the brain trust that he is forgot all about it while he watched the football game with you and completely ruined my dinner.”

Later that evening just before sunset they were all sitting around talking and laughing about the past escapades of the Emerson brothers. One story in particular was a lot more familiar to Samantha than it should be. The one about the gang members that had broken into their grandpa's house, and how Sam and Michael and a couple of friends thoroughly kicked their asses and had told them to leave town. Though it seemed like they had conveniently omitted a lot from the story to make it more PG than R rated for Samantha’s benefit. 'I definitely have some questions about that little story that seemed way too edited for television to me,' Sam thought to herself.

Samantha looked outside to see the yummy pool boy still working on the pool, and she instantly went into fantasy mode. {He carried her to the bed and gently lowered her to the soft satin sheets; he softly caressed the inside of her thigh while passionately kissing her supple lips. He pressed his hard body against her and whispered sweet nothings in her ear and then, and then.} She heard her uncle as he yelled her name.

"Sammie, SAMMIE!!!!" Sam laughed amused at his niece’s obvious lust. He leaned in and whispered so her parents wouldn’t hear him. “You know if your mom and dad saw your apparent lust for the pool boy you'd be grounded for a week.”

Samantha looked over at him sheepishly and grinned from ear to ear. “Try like thirty years Uncle Sam." 'Oh goddess, I must have it bad if I’m zoned out enough for people to notice. I need to watch where and when I had my fantasies or it would have me in some deep shit.'

Star looked at her daughter pointedly like she had known what was going on in her daughter’s young mind. Well of course she did, mothers always did having been young themselves once. She had the same thoughts about a certain boy named David and it had gotten her in some deep trouble that she hadn’t been able to escape from. If it had not been for Michael and Sam she would still be in over her head, they saved her life and she loved them dearly for it. She would not have her daughter in over her head like that.

“I’m going to dismiss our pool boy for the day, it’s gotten late and he'd linger longer than he should if we let him," Star said to her clueless husband and mischievous brother in-law.

“I’ll go with Mom," said Samantha, sensing that her mom had found her out and thought she was about to fire the pool boy. She went to try to talk to her mother and protect her pool boy from the wrath that was her mother. This had gotten out of hand Sam hadn't meant to cause trouble, she had never even talked to him before and now he might get fired because the daughter of his boss had gotten a full blown crush on him. This was completely and utterly the worst day ever for Samantha.

Then a group of boys climbed the fence and stalked towards them. Both her and the pool boy sensed them right away and went right into fight club mode, but one of them had snuck behind them and grabbed Star and she screamed.

As Mother and Daughter stepped outside the boys talked about more pressing matters.

“Michael you know you have to tell her about things sooner or later." Said Sam thinking his brother was a total idiot for not telling Sammie about certain things that could save her life if she'd known about them.

“Samantha is way too young to hear about the things we went through Sam.” It would scar her for life and she is not ready for the whole vampire thing yet."

“She needs to know these things Michael this family has been on the endangered list every since we killed the pack every want to be master has been gunning for us, honestly, I don’t know how you’ve been able to keep her out of the loop for so long and I’m surprised she hasn’t been attacked yet."

"No one attacked my home because I’ve been out hunting and warning any vampire within Santa Carla that if he or she sets foot on my block it would be the last thing he regretted,” Michael said indignantly.

Sam reeled at how foolish his brother was to think he could go out and threaten vampires without any repercussions. "How could you be so stupid as to go out hunting by yourself man do you have a death wish!” Sam said furiously.

Their grandfather had taught them better than to go out and do foolish things like that and Michael was just being beyond reckless.

"You don’t honestly think that a bunch of bloodthirsty vamps listened to your treats and cowered before the likes of you do you?" Sam asked as he angrily got into his big brother's face. "Michael you need to tell Sammie before it’s too late and something happened to her.”

“I’ll tell her when I think she’s ready and not a moment sooner and nothings going to happen to my baby girl as long as I’m here to stop it so just drop it Sam!" Michael hissed.

Michael was all righteous fury at the moment but secretly he was afraid of what might happen if he didn’t tell Samantha soon enough. If something were to happen to his daughter it would kill him.

He calmed down considerably before he continued. “Sam I’ll find a way to tell her soon I promise, she’s my little girl and I just wanted to keep her safe.”

“I don’t think you give Samantha enough credit Michael," Sam said as he thought about the rib crushing hug he had gotten from her earlier. "She is stronger than you think."

As they finished their conversation they heard Star scream. They both ran outside and saw Star, Samantha and the pool boy being attacked by several vampires. But that wasn’t the strangest thing, the strange thing was that Samantha and the pool boy had kept them at bay and protected a now unconscious Star. They were fighting in ways that they shouldn’t know how to fight. Samantha was poetry in motion, she kicked, flipped and punched with such force that the vampires barely had time to recuperate. As one vampires tried to sneak in behind her she quickly staked the vampire she was dealing blows to and did a twisting flip in the air and landed behind the other vamp and whipped him within an inch of his life before she staked him.

The pool boy was rough around the edges, he had tossed vamps across the yard, introduced his knee to their guts and heads. He savagely twisted their heads in odd directions. He brutally beat down several vamps with his bare hands and then took the gardening shovel and beheaded them. He did all this while he had a wicked smile on his face as if he enjoyed every minute of it.

The two of them were a force to be reckoned with, almost like they had fought side by side before. As if they knew each other’s moves and thoughts, they seemed to be in each other minds. One knew where the other stepped and vice versa, a well oiled machine the both of them. The two looked to one another and had known they were an unstoppable duo and they relished in it as they gave these vamps what they truly deserved for stepping foot in their domain.

Michael and Sam finally came out of their stupor long enough and joined the fray. Sam immediately pulled a water gun and a stake out of nowhere and tried to do his own brand of damage on these bloodsucking bastards. Michael broke chairs to make a make shift stake and landed a few punches as he went. As the brothers did some bodily harm to the increasingly diminishing vamps they couldn’t help but marvel at how brilliant Samantha's fighting style was. The both of them wondered where the hell she had learned to fight like that?

They got the upper hand on the vampire gang and had staked and killed most of them when several more came out of nowhere and overtook them. Michael had a particularly hard time with a vampire that had him pinned to the ground and was about to take a bite out of him when the vamp suddenly burst into flames. He looked up and saw a red headed women who asked if he was ok as she reached out her hand to help him up.

Sam looked over and saw a petite blond that helped his niece fight. If he thought Samantha was amazing then this woman was completely unreal, she moved with a lethal ferocity that was unbelievable. He could hardly follow her as she moved, she was incredibly fast. He also saw a man with dark hair and an eye patch helping Star back into the house.

Within a few incredible moments the vamps were brought down then incinerated by the red headed women. Then all of a sudden the blond suddenly turned to the pool boy with anger and kicked him to the ground viciously, she straddled him and punched him in the face several times. Samantha started to go over and drag the blond off of her pool boy, but the red head stopped her with some sort of force field. The blond finally got enough of beating the shit out of the pool boy and said.

“Spike, what the hell are you doing here and how come you didn’t tell me you were still alive after that whole Wolfram and Hart fiasco? And how come you didn’t tell me there was a Slayer here? And who are these people to you? Do they know what you are? And... wait a minute why are you warm and WHY IS YOUR HEART BEATING?" Buffy said in one enormous breathe.

The pool boy raised one eyebrow and looked at her confused and a little angry from the beat down he'd gotten from the blond he had thought was an ally.

He spoke softly and with a little frustration in his voice. “First of all my name is William, not Spike," then his voice lifted just a little with an annoyed twinge to it. “Second, I’ve never met you before in my life," then with an earth shattering voice he yelled, making all present jump and gasp as he said. "Thirdly, get off of me you BLOODY BABBLING TWIT!!!!!!!”

Cliffhanger, Hope you like it.
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