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Flushed, bothered, and glowing eyes...

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Summary: Chloe and Lois are missing, naturally, of course. Clark has their cousin Willow helping him to find some clues to their whereabouts...this is their conversation. Clark/Willow

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To the Rescue!

Disclaimer:  I own nothing of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, nor any of the characters from Smallville.


Note:  Just another interlude between Clark Kent and Willow Rosenberg.  Keep in mind the time-line has changed.  This takes place right after Oz left Willow, and somewhere in S. 5 of Smallville.


Chapter 2  To the Rescue!

“I think,” Willow Rosenberg said to her companion as she stared up at the club before her.  “This might be the one.”

“Are you sure Wills?”  Clark Kent questioned with a doubtful look on his face.  “The last two clubs…”

The red head narrowed her gaze on the building, before a look of satisfaction filled her face.  “Trust me Clark, I know.  The girls are here,” She spared him a glance and wondered, “Why are you squinting your eyes?”

He stopped the motion right away, shaking his head.  “…no reason.  Just a little headache.”

She frowned in concern.  “You keep doing that.  Maybe you need glasses Clark.”

“I don’t need glasses, okay?”  He denied, a muscle ticking in his jaw.  He hated lying, but it seems that’s all he was able to do.  “It’s just the lights bothering me.”

“Ah uh, the lights,” Willow mused thoughtfully.  “Sure.  Well then, let’s get in.  It will be darker inside.  That will help.”

“Here, let me lead,” He said as he stepped forward, but he didn’t miss her reaction.  “Look Wills, if you keep rolling your eyes like that, they’ll stay that way.”

“Har har…funny,” She shot back, keeping an eye out on their surroundings.  You could take the girl out of Sunnydale, but you couldn’t take the Sunnydale out of the girl.  You kept your senses sharp or you were dead.  “You know Clark; the girls never said you had a sense of humor…a lame one true, but one none the less…”  She turned back and caught his expression.

“Hey!  I saw that.”  She exclaimed.

“Saw what?” 

“You rolled your eyes at me.”  She told him

“I did not.”  He denied.

“You did so.”  She insisted

He took a glance around, and gave her a pleading look “…can we do this later?  People are looking at us.”

“(low murmur)…looking at you maybe.”  She replied with a shake of her head.

“Willow, No one is staring at me,” he protested as he looked around the club again, and found he didn’t like what he was seeing.  “God, there’s so many in here.”  The place was packed, and most of the customers were checking out his partner in crime.  The red head had no idea.

“...Gee Clark, how am I going to see anything with me plastered to your chest?”  Willow gasped right after Clark reached out and pulled her flush against his body.  She felt his fingers hook her belt loops as if he was going to pull her closer, and so she shifted her weight, leaning back.  “Hands in new places!  Move the hands Clark!”  She ordered, mortified.

“I should take you back.”  Clark realized as he let her go suddenly, a blush staining his cheeks.  He couldn’t believe what he had done, and what he had felt.  It would be safer for his piece of mind if Willow out of here and back at the farm.

“…um, why?”  She wondered, stepped back a pace and out of arms reach.  She couldn’t think when he was this close.  She noticed the dark frown growing on his face.  “Don’t look at me like that Clark.”

“It’s obvious.  You know it, I know it.”  He replied with a firm look on his face.  “Your cousins are going to kill me for bringing you in here.”

“Think what you want.  They know better.  I’m not some weak little girl…”  A figure walking briskly from one door to another caught her attention, “Whoa, is that?”

Clark spun around, trying to see.  “What?”

“I think I saw Lois, but that outfit”, Willow replied with a shake of her head, “Goddess, it is her!”

Clark took a good look, his gaze wide with disbelief.  “God, my eyes”, he moaned in emotional distress as he covered his eyes.  “…I’m blind…I didn’t need to see that, ever.”

“You’ll live,” Willow told him with another roll of her eyes.  He was such a child sometimes… “It’s just clothes Clark.”

He gave a snort of mocking laughter.  “More like lack of…Look, she’s gone to the back.”

Willow watched her cousin disappear, and gave a nod.  “I think this is my cue.”

Clark looked down at her with a frown.  “Hm?”  His expression cleared with understanding.  “No way…you’ll not going back there by yourself.”

“Really?”  She shot him a hard look.  “You think you’re going with?  Not in this lifetime Mister.

“I didn’t…I wouldn’t…”  He denied, flustered.  “…I mean, of course not!”

“So?”  She asked with a raised brow.  “How else are we going to do this?”

“…Fine,” He finally agreed, seeing no other way.  “Just don’t be long, and stay away…”

“Enough.  I can take care of myself Clark,” Willow insisted, turning her face away in disappointment.  He thought she was weak.  He was just like everyone else.  “I’ve been doing that for a very long time now.”

“…right…”  He remembered what Chloe had told him about Willow and her family life.  With parents like hers, it amazed him how tenderhearted Willow turned out to be.  “You’re more like your cousins then you like to admit Willow.”  It was true.  All three of them had partly raised themselves as they grew up.  They were courageous, strong willed, and were stubborn as hell.

“Excuse me?  What is that suppose to mean?”  She wondered, not sure to be insulted or not.

“…We’ll talk about it later”, He told her with a fond smile.  “Let’s get this over with.”

“’kay,” She replied with a deep sigh, before her whole body went taunt, her gaze fixed at something over his shoulder.  “Uh oh.”

“Uh oh?”  He repeated.

“It’s nothing,” she denied with a shake of her head.  “I just caught sight of an old friend.”  She told him, and then her eyes narrowed in speculation as she stood straight, her chin up, and her body posed for…what, he didn’t know.  “Darn it, he saw me!  Listen Clark, let me go say hello…”

“I don’t think so.”  He replied, taking a hold of her arm before she could pass.  This Willow was someone he did not know.  She was angered, but she was in control.  “Who is ‘he’?”

“No one important.”  She assured with a timid smile, but this was a fake one.  He knew it.  His stare said as much.  “Just an old friend like I said…from school, ya’ know?  I just want to say hi before our little mission is interrupted, see?”  Her excuse was flimsy at best.  “You stay here and keep an eye out for the girls, and I’ll be right back.”

He wanted to say no, but a conversation shared by two men behind him gained his attention.  They were talking about the girls who worked at the club.  “…two minutes Willow, and…”  He warned the red head.

“Yeah, yeah, you’ll come running”, she murmured as she moved away.  “I know.”

“Wait,” He called out before she could take two steps.  “This old friend…he isn’t…your ex, is he?”

“Goddess no!”  She exclaimed in horror, her reaction not in anyway faked.  “Why would you even think that?”  She wondered with a bemused look on her face as she turned away and left.  “Oz would never come here! (low murmur) He has to find himself first, the stupid jerk!…Be back in a sec.”


“Willow, is that dust?”  Clark asked, as he looked the red head over.  He had kept an ear out, but he’d been so focused on the men behind him and what they were saying, he barely heard anything of Willow’s conversation with her ‘Friend’.  She had only been gone for five minutes, and here she was, back and covered in dirt.

“Hehe”, Willow chuckled, a blush of embarrassment coloring her cheeks.  “Ya’ think they’d clean the hallways a bit more, wouldn’t you?  I fell, but I’m okay.”

“That’s a lot of dust,” he remarked, cynical.  “What happened to your friend?”

She shrugged her shoulders.  “He’s gone.  He won’t be back.””

“Are you okay?”  He asked in concern.  “What happened?”

“Clark”, she turned to him and gave a firm look.  “Let’s just say the relationship came to an early demise.”

He shook his head, not knowing what to think.  One day, Willow would share her secrets with him.  “You’re a strange girl.”

She laughed and her eyes grew bright with amusement.  “You don’t know the half of it.”



The End…for now.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Flushed, bothered, and glowing eyes..." – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 14 Feb 09.

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