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Flushed, bothered, and glowing eyes...

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Summary: Chloe and Lois are missing, naturally, of course. Clark has their cousin Willow helping him to find some clues to their whereabouts...this is their conversation. Clark/Willow

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Chapter One

Disclaimer:  I own nothing of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, or any of the characters on Smallville.


Note:  A friend of mine offered me a challenged.  What if Willow was a cousin of Chloe and of Lois from Smallville, what could happen between Clark and Willow?  How would Clark and Willow react to each other?  They are both shy people most of the time, but when push comes to shove, they push back…what happens when Chloe and Lois both go missing one day…a few weeks after Willow comes to visit?  (This is just right after the Willow/Oz breakup, and Oz leaves town.  Of course, the time-line has changed, bare in mind, okay?)  This just came to me.  I hope you like it.



Flushed, bothered, and glowing eyes…


“You’re a butthead”, Willow Rosenberg spoke with a bite to her words as she glared at the tall dark haired boy before her.  “You knew last night they might be missing, and you waited this long to call me?”

Clark Kent shrugged his shoulders.  “Why didn’t you know they were gone?”

“Chloe told me she was working…and I don’t mess with that.  She’s like a bit-bull when she’s after a story.”  The red head explained.

“Yeah, she’s probably sneaking after Lois to make sure she stays out of trouble”, He realized, and then frowned.  “Wait, did you just call me a butthead?”

She rolled her eyes as she sat down and replied, “Ya’ I did.  Now, go way.  I need to work on this.”

He watched as she flipped open Chloe’s computer and powered it up.  “No.”

She shot him a glance of disbelief.  “No?”

He leaned forward, eyes fixed on her face.  “That’s right.  No.  I need you to find out what you can on Chloe’s computer, and if you find something, I need to know right away.”

She angrily waved at him.  “Aw…I can’t concentrate!  Go away.”

His brows rose.  “Why?”

Her glare intensified.  “You’re distracting me.”

His smile was slow forming.  “Really and how am I doing that Willow?”

She pointed at him, and rolled her fingers.  “You’re leaning; breathing and stuff, on my back and neck”, He bent forward and blew air onto her shoulder.  “…ah…stop that!”

“What?”  He asked as he did it again.  “Stop this?”

“Yes, That!”  She cried as she twisted on the chair, one hand coming up to push at his chest.  “I have issues with people and my neck farm-boy, so the breathing thing has got to go…ya’ know, sitting beside me isn’t going to work either.”

He shook his head.  He would never understand girls.  “Why not?”

She let out a wary sigh.  “You want me to help, right?  Hack into my cousin’s computer?  Well, that takes concentration…so back off.  Lean against the wall over there, and look all manly like, ‘kay?”

He held back a snort of laughter.  “Manly like?  You seem a little tense,” He observed.  “Too much coffee?”

“Well, don’t blame me.  It’s your fault mister.”  She told him as she tapped away on her cousin’s Lap Top.

“I don’t know what I was thinking, bringing you a double espresso.  I should have listened to your friend Xander.”  He mused.

She giggled at that.  “That’s right, you should have Clark, but now it’s too late.”

He grinned at her response.  “Well then, no more caffeine for you missy."

A pout formed on her lips.  “Ah, now the threats…just pull out the big guns, why don’t you,” The tapping of her fingers quickened in anger, and her cheeks flushed.  “…Stupid jerk, thinking he can take away my coffee…Ah!  Found something Lois sent to Chloe!” 

He stared down at the computer screen, eager.  “Really?”  That was fast.

“See here?”  She asked as she pointed.  “A recent file on…OH!”

He jumped, startled.  “Oh, what?”


He blinked, bemused by the babble.  “Most times, I have excellent hearing, but that…that just doesn’t make sense.  Can you say it a bit slower?”

“Lois..”  Willow said slowly as if talking to a child

He stumbled back, mouth falling open in surprise.  “…”

She smirked at him, noting his embracement.  “So, nothing to say Clark?”

His head snapped back and he frowned sharply back at her.  “I’m not the one blushing.”

She tilted her head to the side.  “Really?  Maybe you should take a look in the mirror.”

He looked quietly down at her for a moment, before saying, “You know, Chloe and Lois both said you were the shy type, but I don’t see it”.

Her eyes went wide.  “Hey, you take that back.  I’m shy!”

He shook his head, amused once more.  “Ah uh…sure you are.”

She slapped the palms of her hands on the desk, not sure as to why Clark bothered her so much, but unable to fight the reactions he caused.  “I’m the shyest person around!…infuriating, galling, pain in the a**!”

His smile grew, please to see her lose it.  “Nope, I'm still not seeing it.”

Her glaze turned calculating at his smug tone.  “You did that on purpose!”  She accused.

“It’s kinda’ fun actually,” He realized, pleased to have figured it out.  He loved to tease Willow, and see her freak out.  With everyone else, she was shy, and rarely spoke, but with him…ah, the possibilities!

Her eyes narrowed.  “Goddess, if you don’t stop and shut up right now…!”

He waved a hand at her.  “See?  That’s what I’m talking about.  You’re ready to explode.”  He looked closely, wonder on his face.  “Do your eyes always glow like that when you’re mad?”

Her mouth opened and closed, and she ducked her head, self-conscious of his scrutiny.  “They do not!  ...and even if they did, it’s none of your business anyways…”  She took a chance and peeked up at Clark.  “Wait a minute…why are yours red?”

He knew his Heat Vision was acting up, but the why it was, was unclear.  “…trick of the light.”

She looked doubtful.  “…sure…”  She reached up, and fanned herself her with one hand.  “Hey Clark?  Is it getting hot in here?”

He swallowed, fearful of having his secret known.  “…hum…just a little.”  He glanced at the window.  “They did say it would get hot tonight.”

She gave a nod.  “Anyhow…we should be going.”

“Going where?”  He wondered.

“To save the girls,” she replied, giving him a look of astonishment.  “What do you think?”

He thought about it.  He did not want Willow going out and getting herself hurt.  “As much as I want to rush out and save the day…We should stay here.  It’s only be a few hours…Chloe might call”.

She sighed at his reasoning.  “Clark, she’s at a club somewhere,” she told him, “She might need backup”.

He shook his head in denial.  “Willow, she’s with Lois.”

“That’s right,” she replied with a roll of her eyes.  “She’s with Lois…think about it.”

Scenarios of past deeds filled his mind.  “…Ah man, you’re right.  They two of them are together.  That’s an accident just waiting to happen.  Alright.  There’s at least a dozen clubs downtown…”

“We should split up.”  She decided.

His protest was profound.  “God no!  It’s bad enough those two are out there…I don’t need to worry about you too.”

Willow threw him a tiny, bashful grin.  “That’s sweet Clark…really…totally out of left field…but I can take care of myself.”

“No way.”  He decided, giving her the once over.  “You, looking like that?  Going into a stripe Club by yourself?  Are you insane?”

She frowned down at what she was wearing.  “What’s wrong with the way I look?  It’s just jeans and t-shirt…”

“Nothing, that’s the problem!”  His words a near shout.  What was it with these women?  Chloe, Lois, and Willow…did they have a death wish?  “You look like ‘little miss red’, innocent, and sweet, just waiting for the wolves…”

She blushed, but a chuckle of disbelief fell from her mouth.  “Innocent and sweet?  Goddess, you have no idea…”  Darn it, she grew up on a Hellmouth, and she was no damsel in distress.

His head cocked to the side after he heard her.  “What do you mean by that?”  He wondered.

She waved his question aside.  “Never you mind…besides, aren’t you just being a bit over the top?”

“I don’t think so,” He reasoned.  “Come on.  Let’s go.”  With that, he pulled her to his side.

“Man, you touchy-feely, aren’t ya’?”  She mumbled under her breath.  “Look Clark, I can walk on my own without your arm attached to my back.”

He shook his head.  “No way.  You’re sticking close to me.”

She gave up trying to get space between them.  He was stronger than she had realized.  She peered up into his face.  “Your eyes are red again…” 

He blinked, and the red glow disappeared.  She would ignore it for now, but one day Clark Kent will have to explain a few things.  “Ya’ know, I’m so telling the girls on you…”  She warned.

“Go right ahead.”  He shot back, unafraid.

 “Stubborn, annoying jerk!” she murmured low under her breath.  She grabbed a hold of her bag as they flew out the apartment door.

“I heard that.”  He told her with a grin as he pulled her out of the Talon building, keeping her close.

“Well, I meant you to!”  She assured with chin up in the air.

His grin grew wide.  “Sure you did.”

“I hate you.”  She hissed.

“No you don’t.”  He said with a knowing look in his eyes.  He opened the passenger door to his truck and helped her in.

“Yes, I do”, she insisted, and then she got sight of his growing smile.  “…and stop smirking like that.”

“You don’t hate me Wills,” He told her as he sat behind the wheel, “and once we have the girls’ safe, I’ll prove it”.

She turned away and kept her gaze on the scenery outside the vehicle, tuning him out.  “I’d like to see you try.”

He eyed her stubborn profile for a moment with a purpose burning in their depths.  “You will, trust me.”


Note:  That’s it for now.  If something else inspires me, I might add on.
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