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For Victory

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Summary: When Visitors from another world come in with a smile and turn Earth into a police state, it's up to Xander Harris and his band of Resistance Fighters to keep Africa free. Answer to Challenge 737. X-over with V, Stargate, X-men and more.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Theme: Heroic XanderBarefootXOFR1889,60668629,8876 Dec 0811 May 13No

Fugitives and Freedom Fighters

I don't own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, V, Stargate SG-1, X-men or NCIS. They belong to Joss Whedon, Kenneth Johnson, MGM, Marvel Comics and Donald P. Bellisario respectively...


A Dark Alley, Sofia
August 27th 2004

Scott Summers leaned tiredly against an alley wall, trying desperately to catch his breath. Scott was a man that firmly believed that being in good shape was essential to being an effective member of society. Unfortunately for him that did not make him a marathon runner. He glanced over at his erstwhile traveling companion. “You okay there, Dawn?”

The brunette in question nodded firmly as she too fought to regain her wind. She and Scott had been on the run for almost a week now. “Yeah, I’m good.”

Scott sighed softly. It had seemed like such a wonderful idea at the time. Cross the ocean, visit Europe and meet his long-lost cousins, Buffy and Dawn. He hadn’t seen either of them since Dawn was just a little baby.

His visit with Buffy in Rome had gone fine. She had shown him the sights, he had put up with a few shopping trips… It had been nice enough. Granted, he and his cousin didn’t have much in common, but that had been okay.

Then he had gone to visit Dawn in Bucharest. The start of the visit had been everything he’d ever dreamed of. Dawn was much more into the same subjects that Scott was into. It was great. It was wonderful. It was over much too soon.

The saucers over many of the planets major cities had been terrifying. The aftermath of John’s speech had been a relief. The weeks that followed had been a living nightmare. Scott and Dawn had watched helplessly as Dawn’s organisation had steadily been usurped. Dawn, only considered a researcher by the Branch Head, Robin Wood, had been ignored when she suggested things weren’t adding up. Scott and Dawn had escaped just ahead of the arrival of the Eastern European ‘Liaison Officer’. They had been pursued ever since.

Scott didn’t dare try to call Professor Xavier at this point. He wouldn’t put it past the Visitors to bug the telephone grid. Such a call would draw attention to Charles and Jean. It would also light up his and Dawn’s location like a firecracker. Goodness knew the Visitors were even more keen on catching him after he proved that his gaze was deadly. “You’re sure Africa is the place to go?”

Dawn smirked. “Definitely. Xander is a suspicious as they come. There’s no way he took this lying down, Scott. The only trouble we’ll have is finding him once we get there.”

Scott smirked faintly. “We managed to get to Bulgaria without being caught, Dawn. I’d say that’s clear evidence that god is on our side. We’ll find them.”

Dawn nodded with renewed determination. “We’d better get moving again. It won’t take too long for them to reacquire us if we stay in one place.”

“I’m with you.”


African Watcher Headquarters, Rosetta
August 27th 2004

Xander stared at the green, pebbly skin of the deceased Visitor that Rona and Shira had brought in and sighed. “Well, they’re definitely not as human as they like to pretend.”

Daniel, trying desperately to ignore his rebellious stomach, eyed the body critically. “It’s definitely reptilian in nature. Similar to humans in general body shape and suchlike, but still definitely reptilian in origin. It really makes a lot of sense considering that these guys evolved on another planet. Even this much similarity to our species is surprising.”

Xander nodded, consideringly. “Yes. Speculation?”

Andrew prodded the body slightly and offered a broad grin. “The lovechild of a Cardassian and a Trandoshan?”

Xander sighed heavily. “Useful speculation?”

Andrew blushed crimson but quickly rallied. “They obviously didn’t want us to know what they really look like.”

Zabuto nodded in agreement. “But couldn’t that be sloughed off as benign. Maybe they just did not want to be judged by how they look. We humans do have a rather long history of judging people by appearances.”

Xander glanced about. “Rebuttals?”

Rona’s lip curled in a half snarl. “They had to know that this would come out in long term interaction. It’s impossible that it wouldn’t happen.”

“Agreed. So why do it anyway?”

Rona considered. “Either they hoped that we’d have gotten used to them by the time we found out and they then hoped we’d be able to accept them…”


“Or for whatever reason they feel they only need to fool us for a fairly short while.”

Andrew shuddered. “That’s fairly ominous, to say the least.”

Xander smirked. “Agreed. Anything else?”

Daniel broke back in. “Yes actually. Reptilian nature might suggest they’re cold-blooded. That means that extreme heat or cold might be handy as a weapon.”

Xander nodded. “I suppose we’ll try heat first then…”


Xander just smirked in reply. “Because heat has been a tried and true weapon of humanity for many decades, Doctor J. Flame throwers, explosives, the list goes on. Cold-based weapons are much harder to come by.”

Daniel nodded, acknowledging the point.

Zabuto spoke up then. “Bright light might be useful too, given their proven sensitivity to that.

Xander nodded distractedly. “Right. We’ll add that to our list of ideas. Okay, folks, we have a whole new ball game here. We’ve got a different type of invaders to kill and our traditional tactics aren't gonna cut it.”

Rona nodded. “I suppose melee weapons and bows are gonna be of limited use against laser pistols and flying saucers.”

“Exactly. Keep them handy, ‘cause we’re not gonna let the vamps overrun the planet either, but we’re gonna need to upgrade our weapons to something with a little more punch to deal with these Cardassian knock-offs.”

Rona smirked eagerly. She loved new weapons dearly and didn’t have the phobia some slayers did about modern weapons. “You want me to call Kort?”

Xander shook his head. “Hell no. That guy’s connected to the CIA. I’d stake my life on it. Anything we got through him would show up on official channels for our Visitor friends to discover. We want to deal with Black Rose. She’ll provide what we need.”

Andrew winced. Black Rose had a nasty reputation. “And if she sells us out?”

Xander’s smile was frighteningly feral. “Then she’ll be meeting La Grenouille in hell.”


And its back again. God help me... ;)

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