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The Slayer's White Knight

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Summary: With the activation of River Tam as the slayer, suddenly everyone wants to kill her or convert her. Her only hope lies in Serenity's crew and the slayer's white knight.

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The Director

I don't own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Firefly. The characters likewise. Percival Giles *is* the descendant of Rupert, but is obviously not much like him.




Londinium, Central World of the Alliance
August 15th 2518

“Gloria Hansen is dead, Director Giles…”

Percival Rupert Byron Giles was an older man, just entering his sixty-seventh year. He had headed the Interplanetary Council of Watchers for twenty years, since the oh so unfortunate demise of predecessor and elder brother, Alexander Rupert Giles III. Where his brother was a tough young man who had spent half his life hunting down Reavers on the border moons, Percival was the intellectual of the two, as proven by the fact that Percival was still living, while his brother’s corpse was feeding the crows somewhere.

After a moment of contemplation, Percival responded. “And which of our potentials is the new Chosen One, Weatherby? It is Miss Daniels, is it?”

Weatherby sighed softly in resignation. “No, Director, it’s not Miss Daniels. None of our collected potentials was activated upon Miss Hansen’s death.”

Percival leaped up in shock and outrage. “That’s impossible, we gathered all of the potentials in the right range at the Academy. No slayer is activated before the age of twelve, nor after the age of eighteen.”

“If I may, Sir?”

Percival nodded, disturbed by Weatherby’s strange hesitation. How could this possibly get worse?

“River Tam was still technically eighteen at the time of Hansen’s death, Sir. She turned nineteen only fifteen minutes later…”

The Director of the Watchers’ Council blanched at the implications. “Are you suggesting to me that the new slayer is a girl who is currently rogue and beyond the reach of the Alliance Government?”

“Yes, Sir…”

Percival nodded in resignation. “Very well then, Weatherby. Send word to every single wet-works squad the Council has on hand that she is to be killed on sight. Then contact every Bounty Hunter you can find and tell her the price is a hundred platinum, dead or alive. Then, contact the Order of Taraka. I want that girl found and eliminated as soon as humanly possible. The last thing the Alliance needs is to have a slayer in the hands of the border planets and their ilk…”

“Yes, of course, Sir. There is just one more thing.”

“There always is in this day and age, Weatherby. What is it this time?”

“It’s Harris, Sir…”

Percival’s countenance darkened to a dangerous shade of puce. “Alexander Lavelle Harris, the same Harris we took out of cryogenic freeze three years ago, the same Harris that we’ve spent that time reeducating, that specific Harris?”

Weatherby winced at the tone. “Yes, Sir. I’m afraid that I am referring to that Harris, Sir.”

“And what do you have to tell me about that Harris, Weatherby.”

“He was informed about the death of the slayer, Director…”

“And the result…?”

“He discovered who the new slayer was…”

“And this matters precisely why, Weatherby? I have little time or patience for guessing games…”

“Harris was furious at what he read in the procedures, Sir. He said that the Council was corrupt and that he was ashamed that we had degraded back to this state again…”

“If he is an issue then end the problem, Weatherby…”

“I intended to, Sir, but…”


“He’s disappeared, Director. Michaels believes that he may have stowed away on a Council ship that was heading out to quell an incident on Persephone. It’s probable that he’s already there.”

“Add him to the list then, Weatherby. Priority two, just after River Tam. I want that annoyance dealt with before he can reach her.”

The aide appeared mildly uncomfortable. “You believe that Harris will seek out Tam, Sir.”

Percival nodded, mildly irritated by the question. Had the man never read Xander Harris’ Watcher diaries? “Oh yes, Weatherby. Alexander Harris is a predictable creature. He will seek out and attempt to save the slayer, however foolish such an act would be. That man is a menace of unforeseen proportions. His ways are long dead. I fear that I should have left well enough alone and had Harris die with them. I assure you, I will not make that error again…”

Weatherby nodded sycophantically. “As you say, Sir.”

“You’re dismissed, Weatherby. Get to work.”

“Very good, Sir.”

And with that, the aide left the director to his thoughts. “Wherever you are, little Watcher, we will find you and your slayer. I suggest that, when we do, you have the sense to die before I get a hold of you. After all, I intend to take a strip of your flesh in payment for every minute you deny this Council its rightful Chosen One…”


I hope you enjoy

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