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Heart to Heart with Grandpa Vader

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Summary: With the Empire controlling the galaxy, Darth Vader now has to deal with the most frightening things he ever has... the love lives of his grandchildren.

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Star Wars > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesBarefootXOFR1343,6295177,0477 Dec 081 May 09Yes

Once More with Feeling *or* Ben's Dilemma

I don't own Star Wars or any of the characters. They belong to George Lucas...


Years later…

Lord Vader had aged, but he was still strong and fit. His granddaughter, Jaina, was happily married to General Jagged Fel. His eldest grandson, Jacen, was married to Tenel Ka, the new Queen Mother of the Hapes Cluster. This had resulted in Hapes joining the Empire. And lastly, his prized grandson, Anakin, was married to Tahiri Veila whom, despite her rather disturbing relationship with the Tusken Raiders, had proved to be a wonderful wife for Anakin.

Now I can finally relax… A knock came at the door. Or not…

The teen who walked into Lord Vader’s presence looked utterly forlorn. His auburn hair hung raggedly about him as he sighed heavily and dropped a half-hearted obeisance to his legendary grandfather. This was the only son of Lord Colonus, and the only heir to the Skywalker name. Ben…

Ben was despondent. Why can’t she love me? I care about her so much.

“Really, Ben. I went through this with your cousins. Could you explain who she is?”

Jaina warned me he’d do that. I should have paid attention…

“Yes you should have. Now out with it, Ben.”

Ben sighed dramatically. “I’m in love…”

Vader shook his head. Why is it always me? Don’t my grandchildren have parents for this?

“Yeah, we do… But who the heck wants to talk to their parents about this stuff.”

Sufferin’ Sith… Now he’s doing this to me.

“Serves you right, Grandpa.” Ben quipped, smirking proudly.

Vader glared and calmed himself, carefully shielding his thoughts as he organised them to regain control of the situation. Then he had his solution. “So… Who isn’t able to love you like you want?”

That took the wind from Ben’s sails. The boy returned to his rather sad-looking state. “Well… You see… I really love, Jysella. But she wants Gilbert Mothma of Chandrila.”

Vader nodded. Gilbert was Mon’s grandson, and a good man. That being said… “Ben, this is really none of my business. I’m sure that Jysella will come to realise that you are a far better choice then Gilbert.”

“But Grandpa…”

“That’s enough, Ben. I’m very tired, and your father has an agricultural report from the moisture farms on Tatooine that he wants me to look over. Now get out of here and show Jysella what a great guy you are…”

Ben sighed. “Okay… I’ll try…” The boy turned to leave.


“Yes Grandpa?”

“There is no try… Only do…”

Ben smiled vaguely, looking completely unconvinced. “Sure, Grandpa.” The boy left without another word.

A black-gloved finger brushed a dull metal switch. Agent Myri Antilles of Imperial Intelligence entered the room. “You sent for me, Milord?”

“Ah, there you are Agent Antilles. My grandson has been having romantic difficulties.”

The young woman nodded sagely. “I know, Milord.”

“But that is not your concern.”


“I am assigning Agent Tainer to Ben from now on.”

“Have I failed you in some way, Milord?”

“On the contrary, Antilles. Your service has been exemplary and I intend to reward you.” He slid a datapad across his desk to her.

Myri picked it up cautiously and allowed her jaw to drop when she read it. “Your conditions for allowing Gilbert Mothma to become the Grand Moff of Chandrila are only that he marry me? I understood that you’d hoped to get a great deal out of Mothma…” The agent was hard-pressed to conceal her excitement. It was the most ill-kept secret in the Empire that she fancied Gilbert Mothma.

Vader smiled behind his mask. “Trust me, Antilles, I am getting more out of this. Send Tainer in on your way out.”

Myri bowed and exited with frantic haste, afraid he’d reconsider if she stayed too long.

Vader chuckled in amusement. “Like vaping buzz droids in an oil drum.”



Hope you all enjoyed...


The End

You have reached the end of "Heart to Heart with Grandpa Vader". This story is complete.

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