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Blood ties

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Summary: Dawn and Dean argue over dragging Sam back into the fight Spoilers for the pilot

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Supernatural > Dawn-Centered > Theme: Real FamilykateruthFR1343,382062,7937 Dec 088 Sep 09No

The Mark

Title: Blood ties
Summery: Dawn and Dean argue over dragging Sam back into the fight
Spoilers: Season 1 Supernatural
Disclaimer: All characters belong to Joss Whedon and Eric Kripe
AU: Mary Winchester dies a year after Dawn is born
Notes: This chapter includes canon dialogue from the Pilot episode of Supernatural, this is not my work and belongs to Eric Kripe and the writers of Supernatural

Dawn pinned a newspaper clipping onto the ugly print wallpaper and frowned. Knowing her father was out there was infuritating and stressful. On one hand she missed her father desperately but she was still mad at him for breaking their family apart, and unlike Dean she had bought it up numerous times.

Perhaps it was because she was a girl or the youngest but John gave her more leeway then he did with the boys. She was allowed to press him on issues that would usually cause John to go nuclear. John had never been violent with his children but he had presence. One look from John could shut Dean up in an instant even though Dawn believed that Dean was well on his way to being a better hunter then their father. And she knew John knew it.

Sam was the mirror image of their dad, an explosive temper that didn't take alot to ignite. One wrong inflection from John and Sam would start, the same the other way around. Dean was the peacemaker, everyone listened to Dean, even John. If Dean told John to stand down he would, eventually.

In the end even Dean stepping between them hadn't been enough to stop Sam walking out the door and if she were honest, a little part of her wanted to go with him.

She glanced at the table. Dean was engrossed in the laptop, Sam was looking just as intently at the small print in a book but Dawn knew her brother well enough to know he was distracted from his work. His long fingers drummed soundessly on his knee and he squinted at the book more than he needed to. Things were still strained between them, but it was working, they were working together.

A cell phone beeped and instinctively each sibling reached for their phones. Sam frowned at the screen and then put his cell away with resignation.

"It's mine." Dean said tonelessly.

"Who is it?" Sam asked.

"Take a guess" Dean said, sarcasm drenched his tone, whether it was directed at the phone or Sam, Dawn couldn't quite put her finger on it.

"Dad?" Dawn asked hopefully.

Dean nodded minutely, Dawn leaned over the table to look at the screen but Dean brushed her away.

"It's co-ordinates." Dean continued, his expression closed. Dawn leaned back, disappointed but not surprised. He father did this on occasion, ever since he had been giving Dean more solo assignments.

"Maybe he wants us to meet him somewhere." Sam said, Dawn hoped she heard some eagerness in Sam's tone, but it could be that he saw a way to get the job over and done with and get back to Jess at Stanford.

"Could be." Dean agreed, he showed the co-ordinates to his siblings and then put the phone back into his pocket.

"What about the hunt?" Dawn asked as the brothers as they began to pack the cluttered contents of the table back into their bags.

"It's all connected, Dad gave us co-oridnates for a reason. We followed his last message here, we need to follow the breadcrumbs." Dean said.

Dawn paused, her whole body felt as if she were encased in ice. She had to ask the question but she didn't know what she would do when she heard it.

"Do...Do you think he"

Sam stopped and stared at her, his big brown eyes were large and haunted. Dawn knew that Sam felt a great deal of guilt over their mother's death. Dean's jaw was tight, his expression was distant, the mask sliding into place the way it did when anyone brought their mother up.

"I dunno Dawnie." Sam said slowly, just for something to say.He looked at Dean expectantly. Despite the distance between them, Sam looked up to his older brother, they both did. It was instinctual. Anticipation coiled in his stomach, everything he had been trained to do that had seemed so formless, so distant now had a clear target.

"We'll figure it out when we get to Dad." Dean said, never taking his eyes off the task of closing down the laptop and stuffing the clippings back into his backpack.

Dean strode towards the door and Dawn knew they were in for several hours of silence, Dean would shut down, Sam would be freaking out about seeing dad and Dawn...Dawn had an itch underneath her skin, anticipation and fear warring inside her. She wanted this to end, wanted a showdown but it had consumed so much of her life she wasn't sure what she would do....after.

The door slammed open and Dean stood in the doorway, the sun was setting behind him, the last rays throwing hiis profile into darkness.

"Dawnie, get your ass in gear." Dean ordered, his voice sharp, but Dawn could hear the affection behind it.

Dawn slowly peeled the clipping off the wall and sighed, over twenty years she had wanted to get this done, but now, now she wished she had a little more time. She wasn't sure she was ready, and not being prepared could get you dead in this family.

'Suck it up, Winchester' Dawn counselled herself, ducking under, Dean's arm that was braced against the door and headed for the Impala, Dean caught her hand and gently squeezed her fingers in silent support.Dean stared into the empty room, his expression faltering for an instance before he joined his brother and sister.

End chapter

The End?

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You have reached the end of "Blood ties" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 8 Sep 09.

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