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Blood ties

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Summary: Dawn and Dean argue over dragging Sam back into the fight Spoilers for the pilot

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Supernatural > Dawn-Centered > Theme: Real FamilykateruthFR1343,382062,7937 Dec 088 Sep 09No

Blood ties

Title: Blood ties
Summery: Dawn and Dean argue over dragging Sam back into the fight
Spoilers: Season 1 the pilot of Supernatural
Disclaimer: All characters belong to Joss Whedon and Eric Kripe
AU: Mary Winchester dies a year after Dawn is born
Notes: This chapter includes canon dialogue from the Pilot episode of Supernatural, this is not my work and belongs to Eric Kripe and the writers of Supernatural

"This is a bad idea." Dawn stated. Dean rolled his eyes at his younger sister, they had had this argument so many times over the last few days that Dean was fairly sure he knew it by rote and intonation.

"Look do you want to find Dad or not?" Dean said exasperated, the long hours of driving and arguing were pushing him to his limits, and in the deepest, darkest corner of his thoughts he wasn't certain that he disagreed with Dawn. But, like he had said over and over it was the only way.

When things got rough the Winchester's stuck together, especially if one of them went missing in the process. He knew Sam and their dad had their differences in the past but Dean was sure that Sam would agree to help them look for dad...eventually.

"Sam's not gonna just leave in the middle of the night, to come hunting for dad with us." Dawn said. "I mean in his letters he seemed pretty settled..."

Dean took his eyes from the road and fixed her with a glare that sent a shiver down her spine, but she didn't look away.

"You been keeping in touch with Sammy all this time?" Dean demanded, an angry edge to his tone. Dawn could hear the repressed hurt in her older brother's voice. Losing touch with Sam had cut Dean to the bone, but he was to the last, his father's son and he had taken the side of John. Dawn had found it just as difficult to let go and so for the first time in her life she had betrayed her father by keeping in touch with Sam.

"Yeah...You and dad may have been able to cut Sam out of your lives but I haven't..."

"Don't." The dangerous edge to Dean's voice killed her voice in her throat. They drove on in silence for a few more miles until they pulled up outside Sam's house. Quietly and with practiced ease Dawn and Dean began to flank the perimeter and then to slowly make their way inside the house.

The silence of the night was broken as Dean was suddenly tackled to the ground, Dawn sidestepped out of the way as she realized her brother's attacker was Sam. She watched, amused as the boys wrestled on the ground for a couple of moments.

"Okay guys cut it out!"

Sam didn't release his hold on his brother. "What are you doing here?" He demanded.

"Lookin' for a beer."

Dawn shook her head at Dean's cavalier attitude, knowing that it would only piss Sam off and would waste time.

"Sam we've got to talk to you." Dawn interjected as Sam finally let Dean up. The brothers brushed themselves down, staring at each other, neither willing to back off. Dawn could feel her heartbeat race slightly, hoping that Dean wouldn't provoke his younger brother before they could explain what was going on.

"You couldn't use the phone?" Sam demanded.

"If I'd called would you have answered?"

Sam shot a sideways glance at Dawn. "Maybe if she had called."

"Well yeah, I mean you two are the best of friends right? Little pen pals, keeping in touch." The derision in Dean's voice was clear and Dawn flinched at the hostility behind it. She had hoped that face to face her brothers would be willing to concede that history was history but it seemed that Dean was just as angry as Sam.


The three Winchester's spun as one, reflexes honed by their father and their childhood spent demon hunting, each relaxing slowly as a beautiful young woman flipped a switch flooding the room with light.

"Jess. This is my brother Dean and my sister Dawn. This is my girlfriend Jessica."

From behind Sam, Dawn gave Jessica a tentative wave. "Hi."

Dean slipped straight into flirt mode, ignoring his siblings to take Jessica's hand. "I have to tell you I'm a big fan of the smurfs."

"Shut up Dean." Dawn snapped before turning to Jessica with a practiced smile. "Look we have to talk to Sam, Y'know embarrassing family stuff."

"Oh. Right. Well I'll just get changed."

"No." Sam wrapped his arm around Jessica's shoulders protectively, and Dawn couldn't help feel as if he were protecting her from them. As if they were intruders in his perfect, happy life. By the look on Dean's face he had come to the same conclusion but apparently he had enough brotherly love in him that he didn't want to spill the ugly family secret in front of Jessica.

"Yeah, well Dad's been on a hunting trip and he hasn't been home for a few days."

Sam's jaw hardened and Dawn knew that he understood. She cast a sorrowful look at Jessica, who, obviously didn't understand the subtext but understood enough to know that something was going on gracefully slipped upstairs to give the estranged siblings some room.

Dean, as usual bulldozed over anything Sam had to say regarding his desire for a normal life, and Dawn found herself tailing behind, wishing she could say something useful. The dull ache in her stomach was getting worse with the intensity of her brother's fight. She wished that she and Dean hadn't come here, hadn't ruined Sam's perfect little world.

Sam looked towards the sky and let out his breath, watching it disappear into the night. "I gotta get my stuff."

"Okay. Sam, I promise we'll get this done by Monday."

"Yeah." Sam murmured, sounding anything but convinced. "Gotta say bye to Jess."

Dawn watched him re-enter the house and wrapped her arms around her in a vain attempt to ward of the chill that had descended upon her that had nothing to do with the weather.

She looked over at Dean who was standing impatiently by the drivers seat and then back to the house. A Winchester family reunion.

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