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The Hidden Hand

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Shinobi Rising". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween is over, so what happens now to our Slayer and her friends turn ninja? Will things be easier or will the evil unleasted be to much for them?

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Disclaimer: See chapter 1

Authors note: Sorry for taking so long to update. Work hour changes. Hope it was worth the wait though.

Order of Tekara’s Secret Headquarters:

In the center of a dark room is a brightly lit, floating table, shadows shrouding the faces of those sitting around it. “You checked everything?” a voice inquires.

“Of course, Lord Mage,” another answers.

“How was this brought to us?” one rumbles. Its voice reverberates off of the thick concrete walls.

Another answers, “Via one of our drop off points. It is addressed to us. Highly unusual.”

“It has not been tampered with?” the voice rumbles curiously.

A raspy voice sneers, “None would be so foolish to open a package addressed to us.”

“It is clean?” the voice booms with authority.

The second voice murmurs, “It has been scanned for explosives, electronic devices, magic, poisons, and traps. The contents have been thoroughly searched. It is clean. It appears to contain two scrolls.”

“Have the scrolls been opened?” inquires a deep demonic voice.

The raspy voice snarls, “Did you not hear my last statement? None would open our packages without our authorization.”

“Hand us the package,” a snake-like voice hisses. The box slides to the right corner of the table. Two clawed hands open the container and remove the two scrolls, handing them to the left and right of it. The nearby Tekarans slowly pull open the scrolls. The scrolls immediately start smoking. They toss the scrolls away into the middle of the table, which fall directly on top of each other in a crisscrossing pattern. A large plume of smoke rises from the scrolls and quickly vanishes to reveal three beings standing back to back.

One has a dark green robe and her hair is back in pigtails, her hands clenched into tight fists at her sides. The other has a large purple bow sticking out of the back of his long white robes and jet black hair. The last one has a strangely shaped metal forehead protector on it with a symbol that a demon from Japan recognizes as the symbol for Oil. The being’s bright red robes and wooden shoes touch the table. The red-clad man states, “Hello. We’re the Sanin. Goodbye.”

The two men flash through hand signs and snakes fly out in a swarm from the purple-bowed man while oil spews out from the other man’s mouth. The second quickly slides a lighter from his sleeve and ignites it as it flows onto the leadership of Tekara. As the two men hop into the air, the woman grins and quickly smashes her fist into the table in front of her. The magic enhanced table shatters and shockwaves roll in every direction. The demons and humans of the Tekaran Command are thrown against the solid walls from the shockwaves, some of them on fire and others with poisonous snakes covering their bodies. The Sanin land silently and stalk forward, a long sword sliding into one of their hands.

“This is the Grass Cutter Sword,” the dark haired man coos. “Now I get to see if it works on more than grass.” He lunges forward, his body extending and contorting as the sword slashes at the nearest members. The Tekaran Command has no time to react at the speed of which they are being slaughtered by the strange self proclaimed “Sanin.” Demons splatter against the walls when the woman’s fists make contact with their bodies.

A door bangs open and guards pour into the room, only to come face to face with the red clothed man. They lunge at him with their swords drawn. He murmurs, “Ninja Art: Needle Barrage Jutsu.” His white hair grows longer and grows into large spikes. The thick hardened hair flies forward and makes the guards look like pincushions. He retracts his hair to reveal their severely pierced and mutilated bodies that drop to the ground lifelessly.

He glances over his shoulder. The man sees none of the leadership left alive. “That was fast. I’m summoning the boss!” he calls.

The woman stares at him wide-eyed. “You’re WHAT!?” The two other Sanin head for the doors and start running.

Quickly biting his thumb and running through hand signs, he smashes his hands on the ground and shouts, “Summoning Jutsu!” Lines of symbols sprout from his hand in every direction and a cloud of smoke fills the room. The walls and ceiling shatter and fly away as a gigantic toad appears with the red clad man on his head. “Gamabunta, oil please!” he says loudly.

The boss toad grunts, “Why should I listen to your request, puny Jiraiya-wannabe?”

The man face vaults onto the toad and quickly recovers. “Because I summoned you, you big fat load of fish bait!” he shouts back angrily.

“Excuse me?” the boss slowly growls, one eye looking up at him.

The man sighs, “Just give me the oil already so you can go back to eating flies or something.”

“Such disrespect! Such arrogance! Not even Jiraiya was this stupid!” Gamabunta roars.

The man smirks, “Jiraiya never had to level a base of assassins single handedly while using you. Now do it or I’ll summon you over the ocean next time!”

“You wouldn’t,” Gamabunta grunts slowly.

The man’s face breaks out into a wide grin. “You don’t know me very well, do you? Aim for the wreckage below you. Make sure none escape.”

“You’ve got guts, boy. I’ll help you this once, but next time I want some respect first!” the toad grunts, muttering under its breath something about disrespectful whelps that should be eaten. Gamabunta takes a deep breath while his hands form into a hand sign. He opens his mouth wide and unleashes a torrent of oil onto the surrounding desert sands and pouring into the partially shattered base in front of him. Jumping back, Gamabunta hears the man shout, “Fire Style: Grand Fireball Jutsu!” He breathes out a very large fireball that heads directly into the oil covered base. The base gives a decent imitation of ground zero of a nuclear strike, complete with a bright red mushroom cloud. None escape the flames.

The man holds his hands in the air and cheers, “That was great!”

His two comrades leap onto the toad beside him with slightly charred clothing and soot covering their faces and hands. “You idiot!!” the woman shouts, bashing him over the head enough to throw him off Gamabunta and into the desert sands. The other man sighs and slowly shakes his head while he watches. “You deviated from the plan! There was nothing in the plan about summoning Gamabunta! You almost killed us, Rupert!”

Giles climbs out of the sandy dunes and grins, “But it worked out!”

“Next time you do something that stupid, I’m going to summon my own boss to cover your most valuable possessions in acid!”

“Most valuable possessions…” his voice trails off. His face drains of all color and his hands instinctively cover his waist.

The other man pipes up, “Let’s get going back to base before you two kill each other! We need to let the others know the plan was a success.”

“I know, Warren,” the woman grinds out. “Next time, Giles! Next time!” Gamabunta smirks, takes a puff of his pipe, and leaps into the distance with the two Sanin on his back.

Giles hops after them, shouting, “Wait for me!”

Meanwhile, Back in Sunnydale:

Flipping through the pages of a dusty old book, James growls. He tosses the book aside roughly. “Useless! There has to be something in here powerful enough to destroy them! I will destroy them all!” he roars. He snatches another book from the waiting stack next to him. He flips through the pages and tosses it aside. “Why are all of these books useless?” He glares dangerously at the poor glasses-wearing minion beside him.

“Sir,” another minion says hesitantly.

James turns to him furiously, “What?!”

“Um…sir, we’ve been through all of the books you told us to and there is still nothing,” the minion stammers.

James growls, “Then go to the next one! Idiots!”

“S-sir?” it continues.

“This had better be good,” James snarls.

The minion pales slightly but inquires, “Why don’t we just ask for Lord Orochimaru’s help?” When killer intent surrounds the minion in a nearly tangible form, it gulps and backs away quickly. “Never mind!”

“I would ask him,” James grumbles, “But he told me ‘I’ll contact you, not the other way around. If you ever contact me, I’ll kill you’, the annoying little snakehead!” He flips through another book and tosses it over his shoulder, hitting the glasses-wearing minion in the head. He picks up another book and begins paging through it until something catches his attention. A grin slowly crosses his face as he reads, “The Judge…”

After School at the Summer’s House:

Dawn calls out, “Mom! I’m home!” She wanders to the kitchen to see her mother cooking. “I found two people with a lot of ninja potential at school today.”

“They have good fighting skills?” Joyce inquires.

Dawn shrugs reluctantly and admits, “Well, they’re only semi-normal friends right now; but compared to everyone else, they have great chakra coils! I used my Byakugan. Them being my only normal friends is completely besides the point!”

“Sure it is,” Joyce says while rolling her eyes. “Do these two ‘friends’ of yours have names?”

“Carlos and Kit!” Dawn declares proudly.

Joyce raises an eyebrow, “Sounds like a basketball player and a cat.”

“Hey!” her daughter scowls.

Joyce smirks, “I’m just kidding.”

“How are you planning on getting them involved with us?” Dawn inquires.

Joyce frowns slightly in thought. “You’ll have to convince them to attend a martial arts demonstration that we’ll put on soon. Can you do that?”

“It shouldn’t be too hard,” Dawn smiles. “But how was your little field trip to the Order?”

Joyce beamed happily, “It was quite fun.” She mumbles under her breath, “He got to summon Gamabunta, the lucky dog.” In a normal voice she continues, despite Dawn’s strange look, “However, back to the order at hand, do you have any other people in mind that might be able to join our group?”

Xander, Willow, and Buffy walk in the front door while she asks Dawn the question. “Oh, hey, mom,” Buffy says flippantly. “How’d your trip go?”

“It went well,” Joyce replies. “Giles even went a little Jiraiya on us.”

“He summoned Gamabunta?” Xander asks.

She frowns, “How’d you know?”

“Because Jiraiya never does anything half way,” smirks Xander. “I heard your question. Remember the time we told you about when I got possessed by a hyena spirit?” When she nods, he continues, “I used my Sharingan to check out the other students and noticed that the people who were in my pack during that time have higher chakra levels than anyone else. I think the hyena spirits must have boosted their chakra levels to decent levels. They don’t consider me their pal anymore, but they at least gained some respect for me during the event.”

Dawn drawls, “Imagine that.”

“Anyways!” Xander scowls. “They also seem to have gotten over the trauma of eating the principal.”

“They ate the principal?” Dawn asks in shock.

Xander gives an uneasy smile. “Yeah, luckily, I was preoccupied with other things. Nothing really worth mentioning.”

Joyce nods and makes a mental note of it. “Try to see if they can make it to a martial arts demonstration we’re having soon. Giles and Ms. Calendar are going to arrange for us to borrow the gym for the demonstration. It’s useful to have teachers on our staff. We’re going to try to make it a fairly small crowd, just us and any potential recruits that we’ve found.”

“That works, boss lady!” Xander salutes.

Willow stares at him and whispers harshly, “Are you insane?!” Memories of her training flash through her mind.

Xander grins, “That’s still up for debate.” Buffy rolls her eyes at her friend’s antics.

Joyce ignores their short discussion and says, “That is six in total so far. Buffy, any potential ninjas on your end?”

She sighs, “Well…not really. The only person I could find who would be interested is that guy I dated last year Owen, but I think he’s too risky. He just loves the adrenaline rush that comes with fighting. That’s why I had to dump him after the first date.”

Dawn smirks, “And the pot then called the kettle black…”

“Dawn,” Buffy murmurs warningly. The younger sister smiles innocently.

Joyce smiles, “Well, Buffy, she does have a point.”

“Not the point!” Buffy snaps.

Xander inserts, “Actually, that kind of is the point.” He smiles under her glare.

Joyce frowns and asks, “Does he have the potential?”

Her daughter sighs and frowns in return. “Yes, he might have the potential, unfortunately.”

“That makes seven,” Joyce answers. “That’s a good start for now. We will host the demonstration in three days. You all should have enough time to talk to the potentials and recruit them if necessary.” They nod in agreement.

Buffy whines, “But, mom, do I have to?”

Joyce glances at her youngest daughter, “Do you think I should even dignify that one with an answer?” Dawn shakes her head.

“Not helping!” Buffy hisses. “I’ll invite him to join us, but only if you insist!”

Joyce states calmly, “I insist.” Buffy grumbles under her breath as she leaves the room to go upstairs.

There is a knock on the door. Joyce answers it with a smile and finds Warren and Giles standing there. “We need to talk,” says the librarian. He notices the children and continues, “Alone.” Joyce nods and steps outside, closing the door behind her.

“What is it?” she asks quietly.

Giles says slowly, “Warren brought up an interesting dilemma about the trainees.”

The dark haired teenager inquires, “How long does it take on average to train a ninja in Konoha these days?”

“About four years,” Joyce answers. “Why do you ask?”

Giles says plainly, “We don’t have four years to get these people field ready if more curse sealed creatures show up or anyone stronger than the average Slayer.”

Joyce frowns and puts her hands on her hips. “You’re right. Since you two are coming to me with this, I assume you have plans to counter this little dilemma?”

Warren grins, “I thought you’d never ask! The first obvious thing is to streamline the teaching classes to only include the necessities.”

“Obviously,” Joyce replies.

Warren glares at her, “That’s why I said that it was the first obvious thing. Continuing on, the second thing is, though you may dislike it somewhat, as you know, the training is to build up their chakra levels and control along with getting them into peek physical conditions. Giles?”

The librarian nods and hands her a file. He says, “I believe that we can get the physical training done in about a year if we focus on it diligently, along with the necessary ninja skills.”

“That doesn’t sound too bad,” Joyce responds warily.

Warren replies, “That isn’t the bad part we were worried about mentioning. The problem comes in with the chakra training. There is no plausible way to cut down on the time it takes for that, unless we come across a genius or two with impressive chakra reserves already in place. At the most, we might be able to shave a year off the chakra training.”

Joyce folds her arms over her chest and stares at them. “At the moment, I count two people with immense chakra reserves who are self proclaimed geniuses. What’s the problem?”

They exchange glances. “Well, I believe I could jumpstart their chakra,” Warren says hesitantly.

“There will be no curse seals,” Joyce states in a dangerous tone.

He waves his hands in front of him quickly. “Oh, of course not! I think I’ve come up with a way to jumpstart it without those. Remember on Halloween, what Orochimaru did with all of those vampires and demons that you fought?”

“I do,” Joyce confirms. She glances at Giles, “You already looked over his research?”

Giles nods slowly, “It has merit.”

Warren inserts, “The difference will be that it’s on living humans and not the undead or demons. We’ll have to do it a bit slower than he did on them. Plus, I’m not sure what the long term side effects will be on a human if we did it all at once. For all we know, it could kill them or horribly mutate them. There is always the slim possibility that it would fade over time though if done quickly. Plus I wouldn’t be downloading ninja stuff into their brain, which I don’t think their brain would be able to handle. I honestly don’t think those “helpers” of Orochimaru would have had functional brains for very long after words if they had survived.”

Giles continues, “However, we’re doing this slowly so that they’ll have more time to adjust.”

“That sounds like it could work,” Joyce says after a long moment of thinking. “Get on it.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Warren says before turning to walk away. He stops when he feels himself being lifted off the ground by his shirt collar. “Something else, Tsunade?”

Joyce smiles pleasantly, “If you rush this and the test subjects turn into anything…undesirable…I will hold you responsible as the scientist.”

“Understood. Can you put me down now?” Warren replies with a frown. “I know the risks and the precautions will be in place. I wouldn’t have brought it up in the first place if Giles and I weren’t sure that it could work.”

She sets him down and states, “Now you are dismissed.”

“Thank you ever so much,” Warren drawls with an exaggerated bow. Before she can hit him, he disappears in a puff of smoke.

Giles smiles at her, “Things seem to be looking brighter for us now.”

“That they are, for now,” admits Joyce.

Secret Location:

“Have you found the parts?” James snaps irritably.

Several vampires come in with boxes. The one in charge says reluctantly, “Not all of them. But, we’ll find them, boss!”

“Be sure you do! We must give the Slayer and her friends a good birthday present! Especially that do gooder sire of mine. Yes, he must be burned!” James rants. The other vampires glance at each other worriedly but hold their tongues. “Soon, Angel, soon! I’ll get you, and that snake whore who was with you!” He lets out an evil laugh.

A vampire near the door whispers, “Is it just me, or did he just paraphrase from the Wizard of Oz?”

“Let it go, man. Just let it go while you still can,” the other replies quietly, shaking his head and staring at the ground.


The Sanin appear on the scrolls. Warren and Joyce instantly start flashing through hand signs. Giles shouts, “Jiraiya is here! I am a famous writer, loved by the ladies, envied by the men, and the strongest ninja ever! I am Jiraiya the Toad Sanin!” He hops on one foot while making the announcement, fully clothed to look like Jiraiya. “Oh yeah! I’m good.” Warren and Joyce stare at him.

“Just attack them already!” Joyce shouts as she drops her heel on the largest of the demons, making its head pop out the wrong side of its body.

Giles scratches the back of his head, “Oh yeah. I almost forgot. Die!” He launches a mouthful of oil at them and ignites it with a lighter, catching several of the Tekara leadership on fire. “I’ve still got it!” he announces proudly. Meanwhile, Warren effectively neutralizes the enemies by bashing his and their heads against the concrete walls repeatedly.
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