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The Hidden Hand

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Shinobi Rising". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween is over, so what happens now to our Slayer and her friends turn ninja? Will things be easier or will the evil unleasted be to much for them?

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Disclaimer: We own nothing.

Author note: Just wanted to say sorry for the delay in getting this chapter out. It was going to go out last Friday, but then we lost the internet connection and was not reconnected until Monday, then, I ended up forgetting to put it on the web. Anyways, hope you like it! And lastly, my co-author is having some problems which I almost garenty will slow down any future chapters. So expect an extra week or two between chapters. But they will still come. Please continue to review, they are the life blood of us writters, also any suggestions will still be welcome. We want to still make this story as good as possible to as many people as possible!

30 Minutes into 6 Hour Workout:

“Who said you could stop moving? You have twenty laps to go!” Xander shouts. He looks over the recruits who are on the ground panting heavily. He is running backwards in circles around them while yelling. “If I can do it, you can do it!”

Heidi, one of Kyle’s gang, looks up at him in horror and gasps, “You’ve got to be kidding me!”

Xander leans over her and states, “Do I look like I’m kidding?” The recruits rise to their feet as one and stagger forward. “Faster!” Xander yells.

Oz says quietly to Giles, “Do you expect them to go the full twenty four laps?”

“No,” he replies while cleaning his glasses.

“Than what are you doing?” Oz inquires with a raised eyebrow.

Giles smiles and replies, “Just seeing how far we can push them before they collapse.”

“Faster! Faster!” shouts Xander from the field. “You move like old women!”

Another 30 Minutes Later:

Carlos collapses to the ground. “Did I say you could rest?” Xander asks pleasantly while leaning over him.

Carlos looks up at him pitifully and whimpers, “But I’ve already done forty four pushups!”

“You took entirely too long for those too! You still have eighty six to go!” Xander announces. He glances around at the other recruits. “No slacking!”

“But my arms!” Carlos protests.

Xander counters, “Are still connected to your body. If this were a real combat situation, I would have killed you!”

“That would have been a mercy,” mutters Kit.

Xander grins at her and says, “Who ever said you would die fast?” The recruits all gulp nervously.

30 Minutes Later:

“Next, one thousand situps! If you cannot do one thousand situps, then you will do two thousand thrust kicks!” Xander commands. They all groan. Elsewhere, Angel feels a sense of déjà vu while he reads his book but shrugs it off.

An Hour Later:

Oz stares at the sweaty and barely standing recruits impassively. They throw shuriken at the targets. The Sand Chunin steps forward and corrects Kyle’s grip. “Throw like that. Try again.” Kyle throws again and hits the target. “Continue,” Oz says.

He examines the students. Oz steps in and corrects the angle of Owen’s arm. “Try it with your arm like this,” he explains. Owen nods and throws the shuriken, striking dead center in the forehead of the training dummy.

“Thanks for the tip, Oz,” the young man says gratefully.

Oz smirks mysteriously, “You’ll need all the help you can get.” He takes a few steps back to observe the other students. Owen frowns in concentration and grips another throwing star tightly before relaxing it more and launching it into the dummy.

45 Minutes Later:

Oz states in a monotone voice with his arms crossed over his chest, “The throwing star and throwing knife are completely different in throwing styles.” He pushes each of them into a workable stance and demonstrates how to throw a kunai. “Continue in my example.” The red haired young man watches each of them carefully.

45 Minutes Later:

Jonathan announces, “Now we will be participating in chakra building exercises.”

Carlos scratches his head and wonders out loud, “Where have I heard that before?” Each recruit stares at the leaf in their hands blankly.

The white eyed young man holds up his leaf and focuses his chakra to his palm, causing the leaf to hover. He says conversationally, “I do not expect anyone to get this within the next few weeks. However, once you get it, it will be helpful. Focus on your palms and force as much…energy that you can. Try to make the leaf hover. Keep working on that until I say to stop.”

An Hour Later:

Giles looks over the exhausted recruits and smiles knowingly. “Now for taijutsu training! This will be hand to hand combat training. The first thing to learn is kicking and punching. I watched your work earlier and it was pathetic.” The Jonin and Chunin wander through the ranks. “Yell with each punch and kick. Get into your stances and begin.” The shinobi correct their stances and they punch and fight as if their lives depended on it.

One Hour Later:

All seven candidates are on their hands and knees, dry heaving onto the ground and panting very heavily. Giles smiles approvingly and announces, much to their relief, “Not bad.” Unfortunately for them, he continues, “I look forward to see how you fare tomorrow. You are dismissed for today. Trainers, please make sure that the trainees get home safely. They are in no condition to fend for themselves.” He hands out their schedules to each of the Chunin to be delivered to the recruits. “Here are the schedules for the training times from week to week. If there are any changes, we’ll call you.”

Xander picks up Kit and Carlos under each arm and walks down the street. The other trainers each grab somebody. Kit pants, “Xander Harris, I used to think you were cute.”

The dark haired boy grins roguishly, “Is that so? What do you think now?”

“That you are a demon!” she screams in a hoarse voice.

He shrugs and replies flippantly, “You win some and lose some.” He drops each of them off on their doorsteps with praise of their hard work.

Kit drags herself onto the couch and thinks wearily, ‘I wonder if they’ll notice if I don’t show up tomorrow.’

“Kit, how was your workout today?” asks her mother as she enters the room.

Kit answers carefully, “It wasn’t quite what I expected.”

“We’ve prepared a hot bath for you, dear. You should go upstairs and soak in the tub for a few hours and just relax,” her mother says soothingly. “After all, you’ll need to be fresh for tomorrow’s training.”

“How do you know about that?” she asks flatly. “Was it Harris?”

“No, it was that nice instructor Mr. Angel. He called us to let us know about the schedule for this week for you. You’re making us so proud,” her mother says happily.

Kit sighs and thinks, ‘They are all demons who are out to get me. I must get away.’

“Don’t look so down, Kit,” the father says, entering the room from the kitchen. “We’ll drive you there so you aren’t late. There is nothing to worry about!” She stares at both of her parents dumbly.

After a long moment, she asks, “Who are you and what have you done with my parents?”

“What do you mean, honey?” her father inquires in confusion. “We’re just being supportive of your activities. Is that so bad?”

Kit thinks, ‘It is unescapable. It is my destiny.’ Out loud she smiles a little and says, “I’d better go upstairs to soak then.” She leaves the room and lets out a loud sigh once she enters the bathroom. “They’ve lost it! They’ve gone insane! Brainwashed! Something! I’ve got to get to the bottom of this!” She looks longingly at the steamy bubbly tub. “After the bath.”

Fifteen Minutes Later at the Summer’s House:

Giles knocks on the door and Joyce answers it. “Hello, Mr. Giles. How did the training go? Please come in.” She steps aside and opens the screen door to allow him entrance.

He smiles and walks into the house. “Thank you, Mrs. Summers. The training went fairly well. I think we have pushed them to their limits. They have a lot of potential.”

“Do you think that they can survive the training?” Joyce inquires, sitting down at the kitchen table. Giles sits across from her after taking off his shoes near the door.

The librarian slides a report across the table to her. “They’ll survive. Covered in bruises and cuts, they will survive one way or another. Surviving in Sunnydale is very trying in and of itself.”

“We’ll just have to wait and see then,” Joyce replies with a smile. “Do you have the schedule written out?” He gestures to the report. She opens it up and examines the schedule next to the regular papers. “This should work out well. I have patrol tonight with Harmony and Willow.”

Giles nods in acknowledgement. “Miss Calendar and her team have set up their things at the library for tonight. Do you think that the recruits will do well?”

“According to what I saw and these reports, there should be no problems. They will be ready in time for the next apocalypse, I’m sure,” she responds.

Giles chuckles, “If not this apocalypse, the next one for sure.” Joyce agrees silently.

There is a knock on the door. Dawn answers it and says, “Oh, hi, Faith.”

“Hello, Dawn. I’m here to talk to Joyce,” Faith replies. “She’s expecting me.” Dawn lets her into the house and goes back to her room to work on homework. Faith enters the kitchen and Giles nods to her.

Looking over to Joyce, he asks, “Who is going to be the instructor for tomorrow?”

“I’ll let Tara handle them. She’s been looking forward to scouting out the newcomers for potential Anbu. The schedule for each day, instructor-wise, will be set up in the next few days,” Joyce answers. “I believe that’s all.”

Giles nods and stands from the table. “Good day. I’m off.” The two women return his nod and he exits the house.

Faith sits down in Giles’ seat. “You wanted to see me?” Faith inquires curiously.

“I wanted to talk to you about the promotions for today. I just want you to know that the foolish politics that existed in Konoha do not exist here. Once we seal your partial curse mark, you’ll be next in line for a Jonin promotion,” Joyce explains. Faith relaxes slightly, a shadow crossing her face at the mention of Konoha before she smiles.

Faith answers, “That’s good to know. Has Warren figured out how to get rid of the curse mark without killing me?”

“He is pretty close to finding the answers. Even without Orochimaru’s intellect influencing him, Warren is a fairly bright young man on his own,” Joyce says thoughtfully. “Give it another week or two. I’ll keep you updated on his progress.”

“Thanks. That’ll help me sleep better tonight,” Faith says. A mischievous smirk appears on her lips. “Assuming of course, that I don’t find something better to do to celebrate.”

“Angel is offlimits, even for harassing him; and you are not authorized to terrorize your teammates beyond reason, meaning don’t touch them at all,” Joyce smiles pleasantly.

Faith’s face mirrors that of Anko’s when she gives the most innocent look she can. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, ma’am.”

“And no tormenting Buffy about how much time you spend around her boyfriend,” Joyce sighs. “No matter the age difference. I give her enough grief about that.” She smiles wider at the last thought.

Faith smirks, “I won’t say a word to Buffy.”

“No harassing Temari and Kakashi either,” Joyce states.

“Drat,” she mutters under her breath. “I mean, yes, ma’am.”

“Do I even have to mention what will happen if you start to bug Giles tonight?” Joyce raises an eyebrow.

Faith puts her hand on her chin and appears to be thinking hard. After a few moments, she says, “I’ll find out the skill of a superpervert and then punish him for it?”

“No!” Joyce snaps. “Just behave yourself tonight and don’t show up for school with a hangover either.”

Faith sighs and stares at the former Hokage. “Not only does this town have no sake, which makes it extremely difficult for me to drink anything, but you are taking the fun out of everything!” Joyce opens her mouth and Faith rolls her eyes and says quickly, “And I won’t use graffiti on any of the vampire nests or demon lairs. I won’t jump over the street were I can be seen or beat up the football team. I won’t…” She looks up to see Joyce giving her a strange look.

“Nothing with snakes either,” Joyce adds. “What were those last things you were saying?”

“Nothing!” she answers quickly.

Joyce smiles at her. “Good. Keep it that way.”

Faith stands to her feet and heads out the door. She stops just outside the door after closing it behind her and says, “What do you want, squirt?” She looks up at the overhanging roof to see Dawn standing upside down, her face about an inch from hers.

“Oh, hi,” Dawn grins. “What are you planning for tonight?”

“Why do you want to know? Going to report it to the Hokage?” she asks bluntly.

Dawn shakes her head quickly and whispers in a conspiring tone, “Take me with you.”

“What?” Faith deadpans.

Dawn looks down at her with puppy dog eyes. “I won’t get in the way! I just want to get out of the house and have some fun! We never do anything around here and my friends are all almost scared of me because of the training and too tired to hang out with me!”

“I would, except that I don’t want to find out what Manda ate for dinner last,” Faith replies.

“Huh?” Dawn asks.

Faith looks up at her and states, “If I took you out anywhere, your mother not only would skin me alive, but then she would have Warren summon the chief of the Snakes to eat me!”

“Um….” Dawn look up at her feet before looking down again with another grin. “It’s only bad if we get caught. You know the shadow clone thing that can take my place in bed!”

“Your mother is a Sanin, twerp,” she replies. “Forget it.” She walks past her down the sidewalk.

Dawn drops from the roof and calls after her, “Please! Pretty please! I’ll give you dango!”

Faith keeps walking, but Dawn suddenly feels a chill go down her spine. “Dawnie,” a voice says sweetly. “What are you scheming for tonight?” She turns around slowly to see her mother towering over her.

“Apparently nothing,” she replies dryly. “You have annoyingly loyal ninja in your ranks.”

“Go inside now before you get yourself into trouble,” Joyce orders.

Dawn walks past her and murmurs, “There’s nothing to do around here. Maybe I should go clear out a demon’s nest or something.”

“Finish your homework before you begin the bloodbath,” Joyce calls over her shoulder. “And you’re doing your laundry afterwards!”

“Even the fun things end up in chores!” Dawn shouts in exasperation. Joyce smirks.

Saturday Night:

Joyce and her apprentices are out on patrol. Their radio goes off and Joyce answers. “Tsunade, reporting. What is it?”

“Night Sentinel #3 contacting Tsunade. Suspicious activity detected near the docks. A small boat has arrived,” the voice drones. “Orders?”

“Observe and call in Night Sentinel #4 for backup. We will arrive shortly to oversee the operation. If necessary, you and Night Sentinel #4 are to capture and detail the ship’s cargo if they try to leave before we arrive,” Joyce commands.

The robot ninja replies, “Affirmative. NS #3, out.” The communication link winks out.

Joyce turns to Willow and Harmony who were listening in. “Let’s get there double time, girls,” she tells them.

“Yes, Lady Tsunade,” they say simultaneously. The three disappear in a blur.

Five Minutes Later at the Docks:

The sentinels do not react when the three women appear around them. They peer down from on top of the crates to see the ship just finishing getting unloaded. Joyce examines their chakra to find the workers to be vampires with two weak demons helping them carry things. “Eight enemies and five of us, hardly seems fair,” Willow smirks.

“Maybe we should fight with one hand behind our backs?” Harmony suggests.

Willow shakes her head quickly, “They might mess up your hair if you did that.”

“Don’t get cocky,” Joyce whispers sternly. “NS 3 and 4, disable the boat and its passengers. We’ll handle the workers.”

“Affirmative,” the robots drone.

Harmony rolls her eyes and whispers, “We’ve got to make their responses better.”

“Take it up with Warren. Let’s go!” Joyce orders. The ninja disappear from sight.
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