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The Hidden Hand

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Shinobi Rising". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween is over, so what happens now to our Slayer and her friends turn ninja? Will things be easier or will the evil unleasted be to much for them?

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Disclaimer: See chapter 1

Author's note: Well, we got this chapter out in 3 weeks! YAAAAA!!!! It looks like this episode will be taking longer to write then the others on the account of my co-author is having waaayyyyy to much fun with this. Well, I just hope you all enjoy how we are doing the love spell episode! And PLEASE leave a review! We really NEED them!

Amy’s Room:

The young witch stirs the ingredients in a bowl while Willow and Harmony sit in a small chalk circle on the floor. The fangirls glare at each other. Amy smirks with amusement before focusing on her book. She cuts out a small piece from the shirt sleeve and towel. She begins to chant in Latin and drops the cloth into the bowl. She stirs it slowly and thinks, ‘This is more complicated then I thought. I wonder if…yeah, I can still do it.’ She frowns deep in concentration and chants faster and louder. The air becomes thick with magical energies. Willow and Harmony watch Amy cautiously, both of them thinking something along the lines of how to impress Xander by learning magic. A strong wind forms from the middle of the room and blows open the window as it escapes. Amy sighs, “That’s it. The spell’s been cast.” They cheer enthusiastically and give each other high fives. “But!” the young witch warns, “There is no guarantee that the spell worked. Either it will work, backfire somehow, or take no effect. Magic tends to have a mind of its own.” She says quieter, “And it was kind of tricky at the end.”

Harmony glances at her watch and exclaims, “Perfect timing! It’s time to go!”

“Go where?”

“To meet Xander!” Willow proclaims happily. She and Harmony jump out the open window.

Amy frowns and thinks, ‘They weren’t listening to a word I said. But…something doesn’t feel right. I think I did everything like the book said…’ She sits down, pulls her hair back behind her ear, and begins studying the book intensely.

Sunnydale Park:

Xander leans against the swing set and glances at his watch. His two most loyal and annoying fangirls jog up to him. “What did you call me for?” he asks them bluntly. “You usually leave dramatic notes or something when you want attention.”

They exchange surprised looks. “I-I, um…, we were wondering if you wanted to go out for ice cream,” Willow says with a disappointed frown.

Harmony feels the same, but tries to support her. “Yeah, it’s our day off from training. I thought we could all use a break.”

Xander smiles slightly, “Alright. I’m always up for some good ice cream. Chocolate, right?”

“Of course!” Willow smiles back. “I’ve only been your best friend since kindergarten.” He chuckles and agrees. They walk to the ice cream shop with Xander between them. To prevent World War III, he lets them hang on his arms for part of the way there, the three of them not noticing a passing jogger staring at the trio longingly before running into a telephone pole.

They arrive at the ice cream parlor. They are the first customers there, thankfully avoiding the lunch rush by coming early. The dark haired ninja silently congratulates them on their well timed ice cream trip, unbeknownst to them. The girl at the counter looks up from her magazine and instantly notices the cute boy. “Oh, hi. What can I get for you today?” Her gaze shifts to the girls on his arms and suddenly feels an overwhelming sensation. Her legs get weak and her mind goes blank. Xander tilts his head curiously when she goes slack-jawed while staring very lustfully at his companions.

He snaps his fingers in front of her face. “Excuse me; I’d like a chocolate ice cream cone.”

The young woman stammers, “S-sorry. It’ll get that for you.” She retrieves an ice cream cone and takes his money. She turns to the girls, “Can I take your…” she trails off again. Harmony mentally congratulates herself on picking out such an amazing outfit, but still thinks something is slightly odd about the look she is getting.

“Same as him,” she says slowly.

Willow thinks, ‘Suckup.’ “I’ll get a chocolate ice cream cone, too!” The girl makes both cones and hands it to them.

The girls stare at their giant cones that are nearly dwarfing the one in Xander’s hand. “Um…miss, this is more than what we paid for,” Willow says.

She giggles, “It’s made. You can keep them. Anything else you want?” She licks her lips in a slightly disturbing manner.

Xander backs away slowly, “I think we’re good. Have a good day!” He dashes for the door, nearly dragging his companions behind him.

“Come again!” she shouts after them. After a moment, she sighs mournfully, “I didn’t even get their numbers.”

Harris sighs and runs his hand back through his hair, “That was weird.” The girls shrug as they walk down the street.

Xander is too lost in thought to notice a delivery man coming out of a local restaurant. He accidentally bumps into him. “Oh sorry! I wasn’t watching where I was going.”

The man stables himself, “It’s alright. It happens all the…” His eyes lock on the most beautiful young women he has ever seen. “Time,” he finishes. “If I may ask, what are your names?”

Xander says quickly, “I’m Xander Harris.”

The man glares at him, “Thank you.” He hurriedly turns to Xander’s companions. “Do you two also have names, or must I make them up for you? My first guess would be Angel and Buttercup, or maybe Crystal and Belle.”

“I’m Harmony, and that’s Willow,” the blonde smiles.

He lifts both of their hands and kisses them. “Enchanted, my dears. You may call me John. Not the most impressive name, but I assure you, I am impressive in any way you need me to be.” Willow gives him a very strange look.

“Riiight,” she says slowly. “Um…I think we should be going.” Harmony finally notices something wrong.

“Yeah, I agree,” she says quickly, pulling her hand away with Willow.

John sighs, “Already? Parting with such sweet sorrow. Perhaps we will meet again soon...perhaps around seven?”

“I’ve got plans,” Willow states.

“I have some last minute shopping to get done,” Harmony adds.

John smiles at Willow, “Perhaps another time.” He turns to Harmony, “Do you require any assistance in picking out the loveliest attire for the loveliest woman in Sunnydale?”

“I’m good,” Harmony deadpans.

Xander steps in front of him and makes eye contact. “Weren’t you unloading a truck or something?”

“Yes, I was,” he states condescendingly. “However, I have found something more productive to do with my time.”

“I suggest,” Xander replies coldly, “That you go back to your truck. I’m sure you have a few lovesick boxes just waiting to be opened.” The back of his eyes begin to pulse as he restrains himself from activating his Sharingan. His death glare seems to do the trick.

“Very well,” the man practically growls. He grins at the ladies charmingly, “I hope to see you soon.” He backs away from Xander who still is glaring and goes back to his work.

Once he is out of sight, Xander says slowly, “This is getting weird!” He glances at them suspiciously, “You’re not wearing some sort of new super perfume or anything, are you?”

“No,” Willow states. “But, my perfume does smell pretty good if you took the time to notice.”

He ignores Harmony’s exuberant cheers that ‘her Xander finally noticed her perfume’ and ponders the situation while they continue their walk.

The dreamy gaze of the passing pedestrians is very hard to miss while they walk. As they near the park, they notice that people’s stares have turned worse when a few of them start following them. Xander leads them through the park and start walking faster, their followers doing the same. They break out into a run and their pursuers do too. Xander jumps over a bush and scales a tree with the girls right behind him. They hide in the leaves as the people run pass.

“Are you sure you haven’t done anything?” Xander inquires suspiciously.

Willow looks slightly guilty but Harmony spouts, “Of course not! We haven’t done anything to these people!” Xander thinks about it and climbs out of the tree. They walk past the bushes. Angel and Buffy are having their light, five mile morning jog.

Xander waves, “Hey, Buffy! Hey, De—Angel.” They approach him with amiable smiles, though Angel’s looks a little more forced.

Buffy notices the two girls behind him. “What are you doing hiding in the bushes?”

“People started following us and we had to lose them,” Xander explains. “I think they were after these two.”

Angel and Buffy exchange odd glances. Angel asks, “Do you have any idea why they would be after you?” Both girls shake their heads.

Buffy rubs her chin and stares at them seriously. “This could be a problem if they find you. We need to take you into protective custody.”

“That’s right,” Angel agrees immediately. “You need our protection.”

Xander tilts his head, sensing something is slightly off. “We’re ninja. We can take care of ourselves.”

Angel glares at him, “We insist.”

Buffy joins him in glaring. “Yes, we insist.”

Xander starts backing away slowly, with his arms moving the two girls back. “I think we should go talk to Joyce about it before we do anything.”

Angel and Buffy step forward with predatory looks in their eyes. “There’s no time! Those people could be back any minute with reinforcements. You must come with us to somewhere safe,” insists Buffy. “Don’t worry. I’ll let my mom know what’s going on once you two are secure.”

Willow looks questioningly at her companions. “Yeah, we can take care of ourselves, but there is safety in numbers. Maybe we should go with them.”

Angel grins, “Yes, you should.”

Harmony whispers, “There’s something different about them right now. Look closer!” Xander continues moving them back slowly. Willow raises an eyebrow and stares deep into Buffy’s eyes to find…a very lustful gaze back. She glances over at Angel’s eye to see an identical, if not more intense, stare.

“You might have a point,” she whispers, starting to get a little nervous.

Buffy smiles sweetly, “Willow, I’m your best friend. I would never do anything to hurt you. Come with us.”

Angel turns his gaze to Harmony, “Now, Harmony, I’m a senior ninja. You should follow my orders. They’ve never led you into danger before, have they?” Xander’s hand wanders into his pocket.

“I think we’re good, actually,” Xander states flatly. He whispers back to them, “Girls, shut your eyes.”

Angel vanishes and appears behind the two girls. “I think you should come with us now.” His hands rest on a specific place that they should not be resting. Both of the girls’ eyes go wide and they jump towards Xander with their eyes closed.

“Xander, now!” Willow shouts frantically. It was bad enough for Angel to do it, but with the mental picture that she was getting from her Sakura persona of Kakashi doing it, it was a lot worse. Xander shut his eyes and throws flash bangs on the ground. A bright light envelops the area, blinding Angel and Buffy. When the light fades and the couple can see again, the trio is gone.

Buffy looks around frantically, “Where’d they go?!”

“I don’t know,” Angel frowns. “Let’s split up and find them.” They vanish from view.

Willow and Harmony sprint down the street, opposite of where the other couple is heading. “I think something is definitely going on here!” Harmony shouts.

Willow retorts, “Great observation, idiot!”

Xander catches up with them. “They aren’t following us yet. We’d better get a move on,” he calls to them. “Where can we go without those two finding us?”

“Angel and Buffy are friends with everyone and have sources all over Sunnydale!” Willow exclaims.

Harmony thinks about it briefly, her Ino side kicking in. “I hate to mention it, but Angel and Buffy avoid Faith when possible. She’s living with a foster family at the moment and I believe her family is out of town for the day.”

Xander rubs his eyes and sighs loudly. “Faith’s it is than.”

Five Minutes Later, Close to Faith’s House on a Rooftop:

Ino stares down into the streets from behind a chimney. “Did we lose those two guys?”

Willow nods slowly and looks down the other side of the house. “I think so.”

Xander stares at them. “I will figure out what’s going on. You realize that, right?” They both exchange glances and shrug.

Harmony whispers, “But we didn’t do anything to any of these people!”

“That’s right,” Willow agrees. “They just all…randomly want us for some weird reason.”

“If by ‘want’, you mean that the general populace of Sunnydale wants to get into your pants, Yes, that sounds about right,” Xander says suspiciously.

Harmony shudders, “Don’t say it like that! I’ve seen some of the guys in Sunnydale, and they are not someone I would even want to touch!”

A voice says from behind them, “What are you guys doing here?” They jump and turn around to see Faith standing there with her arms crossed. “Well? I could sense you from my house.”

“Don’t scare us like that!” Harmony screeches.

Faith glares at her, “I will if you stop screeching.” She looks at Xander, “What’s going on?”

“We need a place to lie low for a little while,” Xander explains.


Xander rubs the back of his neck as he thinks of how to phrase it. Willow bluntly states, “Everyone in Sunnydale wants to screw us.”

Faith raises an eyebrow and replies, “Figuratively or literally?”

“Literally!” Harmony says loudly.

“Does that include other ninjas?”

“Yes,” Xander answers with a sigh. “Buffy and Angel were after us earlier.”

She smirks, “And you were running because…”

“Faith!” Willow snaps. “That is not funny!”

“No, it’s hilarious,” she grins. “Though,” she rubs her chin thoughtfully, “I didn’t know they were into experimenting like that. Maybe…”

Xander deadpans, “Not. Now. Can we stay at your place for awhile until whatever is going on ends?”

She looks around and says playfully, “Oh, it would be so much fun just to watch you three get molested by Buffy and Angel.” The trio looks horrified. “Who knows? I just might get a piece of the action.” They pale. “But, since I am merciful, for now, you can stay.”

Xander smiles slightly, “Thanks. But, for the sake of our sanity, stop joking about stuff like that!”

“Besides, they’re only after me and Willow,” Harmony says with an air of superiority. “He’s just our bodyguard this time.”

Inner Willow shouts silently, “Our super hot bodyguard! Cha! He can guard my body anytime.” Outer Willow protests, “What!” Inner Willow grins, “Oh, come on. I’ve seen your fantasies and dreams. You just wish that the spell worked so he’d be all over you like the others are.” She blushes bright red, “Entirely besides the point!”

Xander taps her on the shoulder, “Willow, are you okay?”

Her face turns three degrees redder. “Yeah, I’m fine.”

Faith smirks, knowing her well enough to guess what’s going through her mind. “Well, if you’re done fantasizing about your new bodyguard, I suggest we get inside before the others find you.”

“I am not fantasizing about Xander!” Willow shouts with an indignant face.

Faith grins evilly, “Who said I was talking about Xander?” She redirects her gaze to Harmony.

Willow looks at her with a straight face, “You are twisted.”

“But ya love me for it!” she grins. “Inside you go before your bellowing and screeching attracts unwanted attention.”

She quickly jumps to her house with the others following.
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