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The Hidden Hand

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Shinobi Rising". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween is over, so what happens now to our Slayer and her friends turn ninja? Will things be easier or will the evil unleasted be to much for them?

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Disclaimer: See Chapter 1

Authors note: Just wanted to say sorry. This chapter could have been out earlier, but there was just something about the way the story was going at the end of this chapter that just made me not want to post it. Well we figured it out, redid it at the end and now everything is set. Because of these changes, there had to be some minor changes to chapter 17. Also one minor mistake was clarified in chapter 8 with Joyce being in two places at once. Please review!

Harmony and Willow slowly walk into the house. There are pictures of snakes on the walls and a large python in an aquarium. It slithers quietly and hisses at them. Harmony jumps back slightly but Willow ignores her. Faith checks her refrigerator and glances at her unexpected guests.

“Sorry, but I didn’t expect extra company.” She grabs her wallet and tosses it to Xander, who catches it with ease. “I’ll stay here and guard the girls. Go to the market and get some food.” He barely notices a suspicious gleam in her eye. He instinctively dismisses it as Faith being Faith.

He leaves the house and slowly goes through the day in his mind on the way to the market. He met up with the two girls. They were chased. They were chased some more. The two girls have been acting kind of guilty whenever he asks if they did anything. They met Faith; Faith acted like Faith. They were invited in. They went inside. Faith immediately checked the fridge? Why would she instantly think of food? Wait a minute…he goes over the last time he saw her. The gleam in her eye. “Oh no,” he breathes. The dark haired ninja halts in his tracks across the rooftops and does an about face, rushing as fast as he can back to Faith’s house.

Back at Faith’s house, Harmony and Willow are invited to take a seat at the kitchen table. Faith casually walks to the fridge and fishes around for some food, calling out the options as she finds them. The two girls say yay or nay to each option. So far, everything has been nay. Unbeknownst to the guests, two large boa constrictors slowly slither towards them from behind. Finally both girls can agree on leftover spaghetti. Both girls are hungry from the running around all day. When the boas start moving around the chairs, Faith lets out a low whistle. Faith’s guests suddenly find themselves wrapped completely by the snakes.

“Faith! There are snakes on me!” Harmony screeches, struggling to get away and failing miserably.

Their host closes the fridge door with a mischievous grin on her face. Willow says, “Faith…these aren’t following any kind of orders, right? They’re just being wrappy around snakes, right? Because that would be really bad if they were following some kind of orders, because that would make me nervous and…”

“Forehead, stop babbling!” Harmony shouts. “Of course it was on purpose! Let’s get out of here!”

“You first, Pig” Willow retorts angrily.

Faith giggles, “Man, you two look hot when you’re angry. But, try to escape? I’m hurt. You mean you don’t want my attention? I know people who would kill to get my attention.” Andrew crosses her mind before she shakes the image away.

Willow and Harmony exchange a “we’re screwed” look. “What’s the real reason you sent Xander away?” Harmony asks very hesitantly. She is answered by an overly hungry stare. “That’s what I was afraid of.”

Faith stalks closer to them and pulls Willow’s hair back behind her ear. “Ah, cute little cherry blossom, I can make you really bloom if you give me a chance.” She winks seductively. Willow’s face goes as red as her namesake.

“Um….I’m really really flattered, but I am trying to save myself for Xander!” Willow protests.

Faith grins, “He can join in if that’s what you really want. But, right now, I’m feeling a little greedy.” She kneels between them, running one hand through Willow’s hair and the other over Ino’s cheek. “Such delicious little kunoichi.” The door bursts open and Xander steps in with two kunai drawn and his Sharingan blazing.

“Step away from the sex magnets,” Xander states, raising his kunai to throw them.

Faith shoots a glance over her shoulder before slowly rising to her full height. She turns to face him, seductively running her hands down over her body. “Snap, you’re back a lot earlier than I thought you would be. I was hoping to be finished by the time you got back, but I can always be greedy afterwards. You can join us if you want. I’m sure the girls won’t mind, will you girls?” Harmony immediately starts protesting while Willow has a strangely thoughtful look on her face.

Xander hesitates as his imagination runs wild with the three hot girls offering themselves to him. “I can’t believe you’re actually considering it!” Harmony spouts off. “With only me, I can understand, but those two too??”

“I’m still human,” Xander replies. “But, something you need to know about teenage guys. Everything turns them on. Looking at chrome turns them on! And I’m having three hot girls at my disposal….no. Not this ti…no. Simply no. Release them.”

“Who’s being greedy now?” Faith says indignantly as her entire stance turns very menacing. “And I was willing to share them with you. You ungrateful welp! Feel the wrath of a Special Jonin, the former apprentice of the Snake Sanin!” Xander gulps but stands his ground.

Xander thinks, “Why did I have the notion that she’d just hand them over when confronted? No idea!”

The window shatters as a figure jumps through it. Tara, clothed from head to foot in Anbu gear complete with mask, launches multiple spinning shuriken into the snakes. When they disappear in poofs of smoke, she lands between the girls, lifts them by the waist, and leaps back out the window. Xander and Faith watch in stunned silence for a moment. Finally, Faith snaps out of it. “Hey! Those are mine!” A heavy blow to the back of her head knocks her unconscious. Xander shakes his aching hand and leaps after them.

The designated bodyguard rushes along the street while watching them on nearby rooftops hopping around. He uses his Sharingan briefly to mentally plot their course. He takes into account that: 1. This is Tara, 2. This is Anbu, 3. They’re headed straight for the Library? Okay, maybe this could work out for the better. But….maybe not. He thinks, ‘I’d better follow them, just in case.’

Willow and Harmony struggle briefly before Tara looks down at them. “Do you want me to drop you?” she hops at a steady but very fast pace.

Watching the alleyways and streets below them zoom past, the girls shake their heads. “Where are you taking us?” Willow asks.

“To see Lady Tsunade,” she replies calmly. “She requires an audience.”

Harmony’s face brightens. “Maybe she can figure out what’s going on!” Her happy mood is suddenly dashed when their rescuer’s hand slips a little too low. “Hey! Hand!”

Tara readjusts her grip in midair and lands on the next rooftop. “Sorry. I’m not used to carrying people.” She resumes her jumping. Willow notices her best friend trailing them but decides against saying anything about it. The only question plaguing her mind is why the Anbu seems oblivious to it. As they near the library, Willow lets out a high pitched squeak, sounding almost like a mouse. Tara moves her hand away from Willow’s backside to firmly around her waist, “Sorry. Slipped again.” Willow acknowledges it with a nod, despite her face being bright red again.

Once they reach the Library, the girls enter the front door while Xander slips in through a school window. Joyce is sitting at a table with Giles. Tara bows slightly, “I brought them as requested.” Willow notices a small dark spot on Tara’s lower uniform growing slightly larger, but bites her tongue.

Joyce looks up as if she’s going to say something. Her eyes land on them. A second later, they are being smothered by her breasts. “How are my favorite students doing today?” she asks as she hugs them tightly to her chest. “The bots say you’ve been chased around a bit lately. I can’t figure out why!”

Tara says in a slightly snappish tone, “Lady Joyce, they can’t breathe. Please let them go.” Her hand instinctively rests on her weapons pouch, a fact that Joyce does not notice, but Giles does. Joyce sighs loudly and releases the girls, who immediately start gasping for air. Once they are released, Tara’s stance relaxes slightly.

Harmony takes a step back as the air returns, only to find her right arm preoccupied. Giles is speaking reciting a romantic sonnet while slowly kissing up her arm. She looks at him oddly, and tries to figure out how to react. While she’s momentarily confused, Joyce back hands him into the wall. “Now then!” Willow feels an arm wrapping around her waist from behind and sniffs the air. She thinks, ‘Tara’s perfume?’

She hears in her ear, “This shouldn’t take long, but when Lady Joyce is done talking, want to go somewhere more private? I’m sure I can make it worth your while.” Her hand slowly slides up the girl’s stomach under her shirt. Willow’s eyes go completely wide.

“Um…I’ll think about it while she explains what’s going on,” she replies carefully, slowly pushing the hand back down by the wrist until it is in the safe zones again. Tara purrs in her ear and steps back. Willow gulps while colorful images flash through her mind. ‘What happened to Xander trailing us?’ she thinks in near desperation. She glances over at Harmony. “Are you noticing anything odd?”

Harmony shrugs slightly while Giles is now off the wall and in front of her, writing poetry in kanji on the floor directed at her in very vivid detail. “I never knew Giles was such a poet. He even knows Japanese!” At Willow’s blank stare, she finishes, “But, I guess he’s acting kind of weird.”

Joyce ignores all of the conversation and starts talking. “So, what’s going on? As I said, the ninja bots reported unusual activity with civilians and a few ninja chasing after you.”

“I don’t know what happened!” Harmony spouts. “People have been trying to get in my pants since this morning.” She glances at the poetry and mutters under her breath, “That’s actually really romantic…” When Joyce clears her throat, she continues normally, “But I can’t think of anything that would make them want us so much.”

“How about you, Willow? Can you think of anything you’d like to add?” Joyce inquires with a restrained secretive smile on her face.

Inner Willow sighs, “She’s trying not to laugh at us. This is so embarrassing!” Outer Willow thinks back, “I don’t think that’s it…” Out loud, she says, “Nothing to add.”

Joyce notices Tara inching towards Willow and Giles writing Jiraiya-class poetry on the floor. She raises an amused eyebrow when she notices Harmony staring at the poetry with a slight blush on her face. The Sunnydale Hokage seems to ponder the situation while Tara’s arm slides around Willow’s waist again. “Alright,” she finally announces. “Let’s all get naked!”

Giles leaps into the air and shouts, “My dreams have come true!” Smoke bombs erupt into the room. Joyce catches the odd look of wide-eyed and jaw-dropped apprentices before the smoke covers everything.

“She said what!” Harmony screeches. She feels a hand cover her mouth.

“Don’t say anything,” Xander whispers. She feels him lift her Tara-style and hears the sound of a punch and Tara literally growling in reply. Willow and Harmony are hurriedly carried to the school doors and escape with Xander.

A few seconds later, Joyce shouts, “Enough!” She punches the floor and the shockwave blows the smoke away, sending spiderweb cracks throughout the tile. The Hokage looks around and notices the doors still swinging. “After them! They will be ours tonight!”

Tara grins like a chesire cat, her mask in her hand. “I’m way a head of you!” She disappears in a swirl of leaves. Giles instantly sprints after them.

He says dramatically, “Come back to me, Harmony! You are the sun of my life! The woman of my dreams! Without you, my wine loses its burn! The flowers lose their beauty! The—“

“Just shut up and get them!” Joyce shouts after him.

As they run, Harmony comments, “Did you know he was that poetic?”

“Now’s not the time, Ino!” Xander replies curtly. He rounds the corner and comes face to face with Andrew. Andrew pauses and looks at the girls. Xander sets the girls down and reaches for his kunai.

Willow pushes him back and states confidently, “I got this.” Looking at Andrew and smiling sweetly, she says, “Hi, cutie. You know, if you stop whoever is chasing us, Harmony and I will go on a double date with you.” She winks and pushes her red hair back behind her ear. “I’m sure we can have a lot of fun. Anything you want.” His eyes go blank as his brain goes into overdrive. “Can you do that for me pretty please? You’d be my hero and even better than Sasuke.” Xander raises an eyebrow and frowns. He clamps his hand instinctively over Harmony’s open mouth without looking before she can say anything.

Andrew comes out of the daze and hears the footsteps coming down the hall fast. He yells happily, “I will stop the entire planet if I have to! I will have my double date with the hottest girls ever!! Believe it!” He rushes past them towards the incoming footsteps and shouts, “Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu!” The trio runs away from them as fast as they can as the clones create a near solid wall between them and their pursuers.

At Amy’s House:

The young witch flips through her book slowly. She senses that magic was used, but nothing seemed to happen. After a few minutes of searching, she finally finds what she is looking for. “Spell of Magic Tracking for Misplaced Spells,” she reads off. “That’s a mouthful. People need to find better names for these things.” She looks over the ingredients carefully. “It was supposed to affect the Uchiha. It must have landed somewhere else.” She drops the ingredients into a bowl and starts grinding it with one hand. “Latin…everything is in bloody Latin. Not Greek, not Japanese, just Latin.” She sighs, “I better get started.” She closes her eyes and throws some of the powder into the air while she chants.

With the Fleeing Trio:

Willow thinks, “I think something went wrong with the spell…” Inner Willow scowls, “No kidding, Holmes! It was supposed to make Sasuke become completely in love with us!” Outer Willow blushes slightly, “Or make him choose one of us at least.” Inner Willow shouts, “But everyone is after us instead of Sasuke! He should be after us head over heels!” Outer Willow pauses as she thinks, “So…everyone except Xander is after us…oh no.” Inner Willow stares at her alter ego, “Are you kidding me?! How are we going to tell Xander?” Outer Willow shrugs, “How should I know? We have to tell him eventually.” Inner Willow grins, “Or we could trick Ino-pig into confessing so he focuses on her.” Outer Willow frowns, “What if he saw her confessing as determination? Then he might be impressed by what lengths she would go to get him!” Inner Willow rolls her eyes, “I say we let Harmony take the fall and make Xander be impressed with us for surviving this far without…you know.” Outer Willow thinks, “Maybe.”

Willow glances over at Harmony, “I think I know what went wrong.”

“Other than the entire day?” Harmony retorts.

“I mean with the spell!”

Xander looks at them intensely. “What spell?”

Harmony glares at her co-conspirator, “You let it out of the bag; you’re telling him!”

Inner Willow shouts at her roommate, “I knew it! Willow, you clumsy—“ Outer Willow shuts her out before she can finish her tirade. Willow says with hesitation, “I…really like you; so does Harmony. We decided to go to Amy to put a spell on you so you would choose who you really love. It didn’t seem to have any effect.”

Xander closes his eyes and sighs deeply. “I had a feeling you two were up to something. But, it looks like I’m the only one in Sunnydale who is not effected, meaning…”

Harmony finishes, “Everyone else is! It was the reverse of what it should have been. Right?”

“Very good, Ino,” Xander replies dryly. “We need to get to Amy and figure out how to cancel the spell. Was she affected?”

Willow shakes her head, “It didn’t seem like it when we left this morning.”

“Nobody was after your pants until after the spell?” Xander inquires as they run.

Harmony nods immediately. “That’s right.”

Xander looks at the two and shakes his head. “Lead the way then. I haven’t been to her house.”

At Amy’s House:

She finishes the spell. There is a knock on the window that gets her attention. She looks up to find the three ninja gazing in at her. “Come in,” she calls. The three enter the room. Willow and Ino start glowing slightly. Her eyes widen, “Oh no.”

Not noticing the glow yet, Xander tilts his head curiously. “What’s up, Amy? You look like something’s wrong.”

Amy looks down at her book to double check the supposed effects of the spell and looks back up at them. “I think I know what went wrong with the spell.”

“It hit Harmony and I, didn’t it?” Willow deadpans.

Amy is startled. “How did you know?”

Harmony states, “Other than our glowyness right now, Sunnydale as a whole has been trying to jump in our pants.” She examines her glowing hand before smiling. “This would be really cool for next Halloween. I could go as Tinkerbell!”

“Harmony…” warns Willow. “Now is not the time.”

Xander steps forward and crosses his arms. “You went along with these two to try to charm me into their pants?” Amy frowns, putting the book aside.

“If you were just more open about who you cared for, this wouldn’t be an issue!” Amy retorts heatedly. “Just because you’re some hot shot Uchiha doesn’t mean that you can lead girls around by the nose!”

“Me a hot shot? I’m the nerd Xander Harris, in case you didn’t notice! And these two have been stalking me and on the verge of jumping me without any encouragement whatsoever! What were you thinking when you decided to help them? That’s practically as manipulative as your mother! Not even Orochimaru would try to pull something like this.”

Amy sneers, “You have no idea. Be gone, low life rat.” She points to Xander and shouts, “Hercote Ratus!” There is a bright flash of light and a small rat pokes his head out of Xander’s near empty clothes. “I do not need scolding from a child like you.”

Harmony shouts in surprise, “What did you do that for?! He was our only bodyguard and probably the key to breaking the spell!”

Amy glares at her, “You two can survive without him. He will learn not to mess with me.”

Willow smiles soothingly and holds up one open hand. “Amy, you will turn him back now, or I will turn demolition crew on you and your house. Are we understood?” She stares intently at the young witch while Harmony cracks her knuckles.

“Fine, just give me a minute,” she says after a long moment. She flips through her book briefly and slams it shut. Amy hesitates and asks them, “The entire of Sunnydale is seriously after you? This could be bad.”

“Why do you say that?” Willow asks.

Her counterpart adds, “She means other than the obvious.”

Amy glances out the window, “I think I just saw Tara or Drusilla. Whoever it was had an Anbu mask on.”

Willow and Harmony stare at Amy in shock. Inner Willow shouts out loud, “Tara’s effected! We need him turned back! Now!”

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