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The Hidden Hand

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Shinobi Rising". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween is over, so what happens now to our Slayer and her friends turn ninja? Will things be easier or will the evil unleasted be to much for them?

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Disclaimer: See chapter 1

Authors note: YES!! IT'S DONE!! I don't know if I said this last time so I will say it now. I am just going to throw any type of how often these chapters out the window. When they come out, they come out. Don't worry, we will try to keep the updates as close as possible to each other. And cookie to anyone who can figure out the last part of the story! One last thing, thank you to all the new reviewers we have been having lately. Please keep them coming. Same goes for the others who have been faithful in reviewing.

“Hurry up, witch!” screeches Harmony. She faces the window with shuriken between each of her fingers. “Turn him back already!”

Amy retorts, “It takes more time! It’s not as if I make it a practice turning people into rats.” She flips through the book and tosses unneeded materials from her basket over her shoulder onto her bed.

Willow peers out the window and backs up slowly. “You might want to hurry. I can’t see anyone out there, but I sense something.”

Amy snaps, “I’ll keep working on turning him back. Run for now and he’ll catch up with you when he is fixed.”

“But he’s our only protection against everyone out there!” Harmony insists adamantly with her hands moving to cross over her chest defensively with the throwing blades ready. “We need him.”

Amy focuses and tunes everyone else out. A few moments later, she jumps to her feet with a handful of herbs and bags of powder. “I have the ingredients!” The wall surrounding the window suddenly sprouts frost on the inside of it and it spreads to cover the wall completely. Two long crisscrossing cracks erupt along the wall and it shatters. The entire wall falls away to reveal Spike and Drusilla in full ninja garb.

Spike states coldly, “Why is the Hokage so interested in getting her hands on you two?” He seems to begin to zone out before Drusilla glances sharply at him. He shakes his head and regains his composure. “Well?”

Amy stammers, “M-my wall! You destroyed my wall! Why would you destroy my wall…?”

Willow looks over her shoulder and says firmly, “Amy, get to work on Xander.”

Amy stares ahead blankly. “My wall…that was my wall. It’s gone. Why is it gone?”

“Now, Tayuya!” Harmony snaps. She keeps her eyes on the two newcomers. “The Hokage wants us so that she can…how to put it delicately…”

Willow states bluntly, “She wants to gangbang us with the rest of Sunnydale.”

Spike stares at her incredulously, “I can see why she would want to, but the Hokage? I didn’t know she was into that kind of thing.”

Drusilla smirks, “She must be into younger women. Not bad taste.” A nervous sweatdrop trickles down Harmony’s forehead.

“Do you think that…” Harmony glances at Willow.

The redhead remains motionless and whispers, “They say if you don’t move, predators will most likely ignore you.” Their gazes intensify. “Or not.”

Harmony states, “Xander is the rat on the floor.” She points to him. “And he was our protector from the rest of Sunnydale. We need protectors and are willing to pay you…assuming you don’t turn us over to the Hokage.”

Drusilla strides forward and circles the girls like a hungry vulture. “How much coin do you have to pay us?”

“We don’t have any money, Ino,” Willow whispers.

Spike grins with his shark-like teeth bared. “We are mercenaries. We are open to other forms of payment.” His eyes openly wander the girls.

Drusilla grins too while draping her arms over their shoulders from behind. “I don’t know about the Hokage, but we are definitely into that kind of thing. Though, it has been some time since we’ve had that kind of fun.”

Harmony freezes in place at the feel of her arm and gulps. Willow hesitantly says, looking over at Drusilla’s eyes, “We will…agree to that kind of payment, if you can really protect us.”

Amy whimpers while mixing ingredients in her bowl, “My wall…that was my own personal wall!”

Spike licks his lips and nods, “Very well. Drusilla, my dear, do we have a contract with these two?”

Drusilla glances over at Amy and smirks, “Or three, yes.”

Amy studiously ignores the evil destroyers of her personal wall. Her bedroom wall of all things! She finally finishes mixing the materials and points at Xander. Drusilla watches her curiously when something clicks in her head. "It's been awhile since I've tampered with magic, but if you turn Xander back into human, won't he be--"

Amy shouts, "Reverso Raticus!" The rat disappears in a cloud of smoke and leaves Xander!

Drusilla finishes, "naked?" Everyone turns to look at him.

Xander glares at Amy, "What was that for, witch?" When she doesn't answer, her eyes fixed a little...a lot lower than his eyes, he follows her, and every other person's gaze. His eyes widen and he quickly tries to cover himself. "What happened to my clothes?!"

Willow blushes badly but tosses him the pile of clothes. Drusilla smirks naughtily, "Not bad. But Spike's better."

Spike grins at the compliment and shrugs. "I can see why the girls are all after you."

Xander's face is beet-red. "Shut up and stop looking!" He slips his clothes on, though he has to hop around a little to get his pants on. Harmony and Willow enjoy every moment of it. Suddenly, Willow glances suspiciously at Harmony.

"Stop looking at Xander, pig."

Harmony doesn't let her eyes leave her target while responding, "You first! He's my Xander, after all. I can look as much as I want."

Amy stares openly. "Well, as long as those two are distracted...."

They both shout at her, "Stop looking at my Xander!"

Spike wraps his arm around his lovely companion, "Dru, what do you think?"

"It would make things a lot more interesting," she admits with a mischievous smirk on her face.

Xander looks around cautiously. "Willow....what were you talking about while I was...changed?"

Willow's face becomes bright red. "Nothing to worth mentioning."

Drusilla purrs, "True enough. Words are inadequate for such things. Actions speak much louder than words." She strides forward and leans forward to kiss Xander, but his quick reflexes save him for a change and he back flips away from her.

"What's going on here?!" He keeps his eyes on Drusilla while calling to Amy, "You didn't put that spell on me too, did you?"

"If I did," Amy replies smugly, "which I could if I wanted to, do you honestly think a simple back flip would have saved you from her? Or me?"

"Good enough point I think," he responds.

Spike frowns, "While I would love to continue this, we need to move out right now. Company is starting to arrive." They all nod in agreement.

They hop out of the gaping hole that used to be Amy's poor wall, but Harmony pauses long enough to shout over her shoulder, "Get this fixed ASAP!" She leaps out after them. Amy rolls her eyes, looks mournfully at her destroyed bedroom wall, and goes back to flipping through her books of magic.

The small group lands in an alley and sprints through the interconnecting alleyways, carefully masking their chakra. Xander asks while they run, "Any ideas on a good hiding place until Amy fixes the spell?"

Spike and Drusilla exchange a glance and sigh. "There's a warehouse we frequent. There shouldn't be any vampires left after our last housecleaning day," Spike replies reluctantly.

Drusilla inserts, "But it's only temporary, and only because it's imperative that we keep the lovelies safe." They simply nod in agreement and go faster with the new bodyguards leading. They exit an alley and almost run into someone.

Oz stares blankly at them with a guitar on his back next to his gourd. Larry is next to him with the usual bundles on his back, dressed in civilian clothes. Harmony sighs loudly, "We're dead. We're so very dead." For once, Xander has no answer other than a single nod.

Suddenly, sand shoots out at the bodyguards. "Your services are no longer required," Oz intones. Xander and Spike jump onto the nearest rooftops, barely dodging the sand.

Drusilla murmurs while making a one-handed sign, "Secret Ninja Art: Ice Shield." A half dome of ice surrounds her just as the sand impacts against it. It sprays on all sides and she gives a small smirk. "This should be fun."

Spike dives down at Oz, dodging blasts of sand with his sword swinging. He has to break off his attack when poisoned shuriken impact on his sword and barely miss his arm. The former vampire lord slides back onto the ground and holds up his sword just in time to block the twin arm blades of Crow. He growls and kicks the puppet away from him. The sand replaces the puppet as attacker and Spike returns to dodging. Larry notices that the ninja are being occupied by the sand fairly thoroughly. He leaps for the girls and tackles Harmony. His head lands on her chest while his arms wrap around her tightly. "My love!" he exclaims happily. She raises an eyebrow and sends him flying with a punch to the face. When he impacts the wall, his face cracks and peels off to reveal Crow. He leaps off of its back and unfurls his other bundle. "You didn't think I would go down that easy, did you?" He launches Ant at Harmony. Its chest opens and he shouts, "Come to me, my pretties! And your little dog too!"

"Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutus!" Dozens of miniature fireballs impact Ant, starting it to catch on fire. Larry quickly pulls it back and puts the fire out. Xander lands between him and the girls. He holds up one hand and gestures forward with a very serious look on his face. Larry growls and launches both puppets at him. Railroad spike-sized icicles fly past the girls and Xander to impact the puppets, pinning them to the building on the far side of the street. People start looking out their windows to see what the commotion is. They catch sight of Harmony and Willow and start pouring out into the street with lustful, dazed looks on their faces. Oz sends several of them flying, but Spike's attacks keep him from dealing with all of them. Xander mutters, "This could get complicated." Two men try to run past Larry into the alley, but he backhands them back into the street with an annoyed look on his face.

"This is why I don't get girlfriends," Larry states with frustration in his voice. "Too much drama and competition!" His eyes glaze over again. "But you two are totally worth it! I'm coming for you!"

Willow sighs, "So close to losing one of them."

Xander and Harmony see the opportunity and leap for the rooftops to try to get away. Willow watches them and crosses her arms. She silently counts down from five. On one, the sand cuts them off and force them back into the alleyway. They land around her and she smiles, "Welcome back. Oz is still after us too. Don't forget."

Oz is still standing in the middle of the street with his arms crossed and sand surrounding him in a turbulent storm of attacks and defenses in Spike's general direction. He calls over the noise of churning sand, "Stay."

People coming from all over town to investigate the explosions and noise start flooding into the alley the moment they see the two girls. Guys and girls of all ages gush against the sand and around Larry. Angel appears on the rooftop behind the defending trio. His eye carefully observes the flood of people and states firmly, "Too much competition." He weaves hand signs seamlessly and whispers the jutsu name inaudibly. Feathers start floating from the sky onto the combatants. Civilians nod off to sleep and collapse around the street. Larry looks up and thinks, 'That looks vaguely familiar...' before he passes out. His puppets fall with their master.

Buffy says from behind Angel, "Good work, dear. Now for our fun!" She wields her fan like a bat and leaps over his head into the alley. Angel grins under his mask and dashes forward with her. In the street, Spike groans when he senses the two newcomers.

"Just what I need," he grunts as he pushes back another blast of sand. His eyes suddenly go wide and he back flips high into the air using his sword almost like an air board. He can feel the breeze pass him of Joyce's Sannin-level punch barely missing him and connecting with the pavement. A crater sinks in where she is, her glare following the airborne ninja. Oz's sand rushes against her, but she snaps, "Tara." The Anbu appears in front of her with her sword drawn, slicing the incoming wave in half. "Keep Oz busy," Joyce finishes. Tara nods once and does a hand sign with her sword still in her hand. Electricity surges through her blade and she dives into the churning sandstorm surrounding Oz.

Drusilla and the other defenders make a hand sign to dispel the falling feathers before turning to face the new attackers. Dawn breaks through a window into the alley and rolls between Willow and Harmony. "I won't let anybody get to you, my loves. But I get to join in later tonight with you guys!"

Willow and Harmony simultaneously shrug and say, "Sure. Why not?" Willow continues, "It's not as if the rest of Sunnydale won't end up in our pants at this rate anyways."

Harmony rolls her eyes, "Such a pessimist. I think that Giles will hog me all to himself." She blushes slightly, "Though, I'm beginning to wonder if we should be resisting."

"You're joking!" Xander states almost angrily as he slashes at Buffy's fan and Angel's kunai with two of his own.

Inner Willow says thoughtfully, "We might get a chance to get Xander before everyone's done with us. Plus, Angel's kind of cute too." Outer Willow shouts, "Shut up, Traitor!"

Buffy and Angel have to retreat a few feet when large ice shuriken fly in their direction. Xander shoots a series of fireballs at them too. Buffy waves the projectiles away with her fan but quickly has to duck behind Angel for defense when metal kunai are revealed with the fire extinguished.

Drusilla senses someone appear behind her and turns quickly on her heels to deal with them. Giles stares down at her and places his hand against her chest. "Summoning Jutsu." She falls back as the large toad appears on her chest and lands in front of the summoner. Giles smirks, "Summon Combo: Water Blast Jutsu!" The oddly dressed frog does identical hand signs as the librarian and they launch a torrent of water at the ice-wielder. She quickly forms an ice shield as she stumbles to her feet. The high pressure water clashes against the shield and cracks it almost instantly. A moment later, she is washed out into the street near Oz and Tara, looking something like a drowned rat.

Buffy rushes forward with Angel again and calls to him, "I got this!" Xander holds his kunai up in a defensive stance. She feigns a punch and knees him where it counts. He groans loudly in both shock and pain as he sinks to the ground. He disappears in a puff of smoke and is replaced by a badly dented trashcan. Buffy's eyes go wide when Xander appears behind her with his arm pulled back for a punch. Buffy is pulled forward and Angel steps in her place, planting his foot into Xander's right cheek. He is sent careening out of control directly into the nearest rooftop, bouncing over the edge and out of sight.

The world disappears until only Buffy, Willow, and Harmony exist. She drops her fan and reaches out to them while she runs forward. Dawn steps forward as Buffy enters within her range. "You're within range of my Divination," she says quietly. "They're all mine." She immediately starts stabbing her sister all over the body with her fingers. "Thirty Two Palms," she says while her fingers move in a blur. Willow steps forward with Dawn and smirks as Angel's face goes from determined to daze once more. It turns into a friendly smile, making time seem to slow down for the older ninja...right before her fist sends him flying through the nearest alley wall. Dawn steps back from Buffy with a triumphant grin.

Buffy whimpers as she tries to get her body functioning again, "We'll let you join in with us if you help!" Dawn thinks about it and announces, "Maybe tomorrow. Tonight, they're mine." She pokes Buffy, who falls over. Buffy gives an uncharacteristically defeated whine.

Dawn suddenly hears in her ear, "I'll wake you up when it's your turn." Her world goes black and Joyce's arm wraps around her waist. She tosses her casually behind her and stares at her two students hungrily.

Giles appears behind Harmony. His hands instantly wrap around her chest and he whispers in her ear, "I'll make you a real woman, sweet Ino. Just let me caress and love you as you deserve to be loved." She instinctively pushes his hands away but thinks about his seductive tone. She is spun around and finds herself pinned down by the notoriously perverted, yet romantic, Sannin. "Just think, Ino," he whispers, "You can say you were truly loved by the strongest and biggest of the Sannin." She gazes up at him with a scared but indecisive look on her face.

Willow tries to dodge but Joyce pins her down with ease. "My love, you are such a slow learner sometimes. You can't escape my adoration for you," she murmurs seductively. "But, there are a few things I can really teach you. Relax and enjoy why I'm really called the Legendary Sucker." Willow's face drains of all color while Inner Willow shouts, "We will learn so much to show Xander! Cha!" Outer Willow replies quickly, "You're not the one about to be taken advantage of!" Inner Willow retorts, "Shut up and listen to your teacher. Take good notes!" A notepad is already in their mindscape with all sorts of ideas being jotted down by Inner Willow. Outer Willow can only stare and blush at the list being made.

A voice from high in the air announces, "Get away from my darlings! Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu!" Hundreds of orange-clad Andrews pour into the alley and street. Joyce slaps them away with Tsunade strength while Giles ignores their blows to his back and head. His eyes remain fixated on Harmony's as their lips draw closer. His hands slowly unbutton her shirt.

In her house, Amy finally mixes the ingredients properly and yells excitedly, "I got it right!" She immediately starts chanting in Latin as quickly as she can. A second later, magical energy pours out of the room. "I did it!"

Joyce pulls back her fist to destroy another dozen Andrew's when she stops. "Naruto?" she asks the clones.

The librarian finally unbuttons the last button when he suddenly stops and stares at his hands. His eyes trail up from his hands to her face, which is finally...accepting of him. With a horrified yell, he leaps back and stares at both his hands. "What am I doing?!"

Harmony props herself up on her elbows and states with a twinkle in her eye, "I don't recall telling you to stop. Get back over here." She stands and the motion shows her bra momentarily to him. His face goes a mix of red, green, and another color that is hard to describe. He shakes his head and runs out of the alley with a hand covering his mouth. She pouts, "Just when I started to have some fun, he chickens out." She frowns, "Wait a second, are you saying I'm UGLY?!" She dashes after him, picking up Buffy's fan before leaving the alley. Oz, Spike, and Tara watch her run after him with her shirt flapping all over the place.

Oz says slowly, "Should we tell her?"

"Nah, she'll figure it out," Tara replies. A moment later, a horrified scream comes from Harmony down the street when she realizes that she's unbuttoned completely.

"I am going to get Amy for ending that spell like that!" Harmony raves as her direction changes from Giles to Amy's house.

Willow breathes a sigh of relief and asks Joyce cautiously, "Um...please look at me. What do you feel right now?"

Joyce turns around and wraps her in a big bear hug with tears streaming down her face anime-style. "I'm so sorry! To think that I was going to do such things to my beloved student is disgraceful! Please forgive me."

Willow says from her teacher's large chest, "Can't breathe!"

The clones disappear and Andrew hesitantly approaches Willow, rubbing the back of his head slowly. Willow detaches herself from Joyce to deal with him. He says reluctantly, "Does this mean our dates canceled?" Willow nods once. "And...anything afterwards?" She nods again. He sighs sadly, "That's not fair. I protected you twice against overwhelming odds! Can't I even get a kiss?" Willow thinks about it for a long moment and finally sighs.

"Fine." She leans forward and kisses him gently on the cheek.

He turns red but protests, "But, I deserve one on the lips! Come on!"

She smiles with deceptive calmness, "Andrew, I have had a very long and stressful day. Do not push your luck." He sighs mournfully and leaves her alone. She smiles, "Wow, he's actually being smart for once." A suspicious look crosses her face. She instantly pulls both elbows back and disappates the last clone of Andrew that was reaching for...his death warrant. "Thought so."

Joyce calls, "Let's gather everyone and bandage them up! And will somebody find Giles and tell him it's okay to show his face again?"

Amy's House:

Harmony appears in the empty space of the wall. Amy grins, "Hey, Harmony! I broke the spell just in time, from the looks of it." A smug smile is on her face. "What? I don't even get a thank you?" At that moment, she realizes that it is not a smile of gratitude on Harmony's face. It is a smile of homicidal rage.

"You turned off the spell at the best part! I almost got laid for the first time in my life!" She starts kicking and punching wildly at Amy.

The witch dodges quickly and protests, "But you wanted me to turn it off! You practically ordered me to. Stop attacking me!"

"That was before Giles seduced me and almost made me a real woman!" she screeches as her attack continues.

Amy pauses briefly and stares at her in shock, "The old librarian?" A punch nails her right in the nose.

"Shut up!"

"I guess he has a certain charm about him...but I didn't know you were into older--" Another punch finds its way to her nose. "Stop punching me! Whatever happened to the Uchiha crush anyways?"

"Imagine what I could have learned from the Legendary Sannin of Perversion to awe Xander with later!"

This time, Amy dodges the punch and scoffs, "I saw that coming!" A kick lands on her shins. "Ouch! Stop hurting me, you crazy cheerleader!!" Their argument echoes from the open room across Sunnydale. Giles hears it and loses all color in his face, moving in the opposite direction of the sound faster than before.

Unknown Location:

In a long, dimly lit corridor, two men walk. "Is there any word?"

"Yes, sir. We finally managed to find one that escaped."

The other man raises an eyebrow, "Surprising. I was beginning to think that vampires were going extinct in that area since Halloween."

They open the large wooden doors at the end of the hallway. Surrounded by torches, a vampire is tied with chains to a large wooden circle on the wall. It starts screaming as the interrogator presses a cross to its chest. One of the men steps forward and waves the interrogator away. He inquires, "Is it ready to talk?" The vampire nods desperately.

"It is."

The man leans forward into the light and grabs the vampire by the hair. "What do you know of Sunnydale and Angelus?"

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