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The Hidden Hand

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Shinobi Rising". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween is over, so what happens now to our Slayer and her friends turn ninja? Will things be easier or will the evil unleasted be to much for them?

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Disclaimer: The usual. What if it is unusual? Huh? What will you do? Will you be able to cope?? Oh well, we’ll never know. The usual. Still.

Authors note: ITS ALIVE!!!!!! First, just wanted to say so sorry for the long delay. My co-author was litterly out of the country for several weeks, and we couldn't get together for several other weeks. But the good news is, it looks like we will be able to see each other frequently, at least for the next several weeks, so I am hopping to get at least two to three chapters out in quick order.

Three Days Later:

Three black SUV’s drive past the “Welcome to Sunnydale” Sign in a small convoy. They make their way through Sunnydale until they pull in at the Hotel. The doors all open and the first few out take up lookout positions around the vehicles as the others exit the vehicle and file into the building, a dozen total. The last one out closes the doors and follows the rest up. They reach one of the rooms and knock. Ulof opens the door and sighs in relief, “Thank goodness you are here! This place is a madhouse.” He stands aside as they enter. The last one takes a final look around before closing the door behind him.

The oldest of them takes off his hat and states, “Tell us everything, Ulof. Leave nothing out.”

Outside the building, a figure steps out of the shadow of an overhanging roof. It looks up at the Hotel where it can see shadows in one of the windows. The figure disappears.

At Jenny Calendar’s House:

In her living room, Jenny has a small box set up with an antenna sticking out. She listens on headphones to the Gypsy conversation. “Oh no,” she whispers to herself, “They’re here! I better deal with them before the others find out.”

At Angelus’ Mansion on the Outskirts of Sunnydale:

Angel sits at a round table with the Gypsies on loudspeaker. The former vampire switches it off and looks around at his three companions. He smiles, “I think we could have some fun with this.” He turns to his right, “You know what to do.” The person disappears. He turns to his left and grins mischievously at Spike and Drusilla, “Ready to have some fun?” Their grins match his.

That Night:

Jenny sits cross-legged behind the hotel and focuses on their life energy. Suddenly the signatures all disappear, as if she were cut off. She frowns and begins a self diagnostic, “I should be fine…” She finishes the diagnostic. “Nothing’s wrong with me. Wait!” She closes her eyes and reaches out with her clan-trained magical senses. She senses faint residue from a spell. She hurries and climbs up a wall to look into their window. They are all gone.

While she stares into their room, the Gypsy men are heading into town. A clean shaven short gypsy whispers, “Spell activate. They are in the nearest graveyard.” He leads the way. Jenny cautiously follows the trail that they leave behind with her magic senses.

At the Graveyard:

The gypsies hide behind tombstones, slowly creeping closer and closer. Angel, Drusilla, and Spike are sitting on tombstones and chatting. Drusilla has a mad look in her eye and is wearing a long black dress with her hair flowing down over her shoulders. Spike has his usual leather while Angel is wearing a black trench coat over his clothes. The men overhear them talking. “So, what’s the plan for tonight, daddy?” Drusilla purrs to Angel.

He scratches his chin thoughtfully, “A massacre would be nice.”

“Massacres are a Sunday thing,” Spike retorts casually. “I am thinking burning a few churches and schools would be better.”

“We can’t do that! That’s for Tuesday!” Dru giggles.

Angel sighs, “Fine. How about just slaughtering the little lambs who followed us here?”

Drusilla and Spike turn to stare at the partially hidden Gypsies. Spike growls, “Splendid idea.” All three of them grin with a vampiric visage covering their foreheads and their fangs show.

The gypsies stand as one. Ulof announces, “So, you filthy vampires could sense us despite our being magically cloaked.”

“No,” Angel replies calmly. “You’re just terrible at hiding. Seriously, I know a little girl who could hide better than you could.”

“Thanks, daddy!” Drusilla squeals.

“Not you, Dru,” Angel chuckles. “Though, to be fair, you are better than the Hyuga.” Dru claps her hands excitedly.

The gypsies exchange glances cautiously and raise their crossbows and shotguns. A few of them draw swords. Spike laughs, “Let’s kill them already! This is too easy!”

Jenny back flips over the trio’s heads and lands in front of them. “Don’t attack them!” she shouts at the clan. “Believe it or not, just one of them could kill you all before you realized you were dead.”

Angel drapes an arm around her while Spike hangs on her other shoulder. “Honey,” Angel says with a grin, “You’re interrupting our fun.” She looks back and forth between them and than her eyes get wide. Her mind hurriedly connects the dots.

“Yeah, hogging them all to yourself is just selfish!” Spike remarks.

Ulof shouts, “She’s in league with the vampires!!”

Jenny sighs and drops her head, “The Sannin knew about this. Frack.”

“Let me just kill the noisy one,” Drusilla says excitedly.

Jenny shakes her head, “Don’t attack them! And I’m not in league with vampires! Angel, Spike, Drusilla, please let me handle this.”

Joyce uncloaks herself from behind the gypsies and walks towards them slowly. “Tsk tsk tsk, Shizune, you should have known to get us involved with this right away.”

Giles approaches from the right of them while Warren comes from the left. The vampires look disappointed at them stealing their limelight. Spike whines, “But we are having fun! Come on!”

The Sannin surround the Gypsies slowly, causing the men to redirect their weapons on the newcomers. “Stay away,” Ulof warns. Every weapon is ready to fire.

“Lady Tsunade! Jiriaya, Orochimaru, please let me handle this! I can handle my own clan,” Jenny implores them.

“Nope,” Warren says, shaking his head. “I don’t like their hats. They’re going down.”

One of the gypsy men shout, “They’re all vampires! We need to take them out!” He fires his gun. The bullet hits Warren in the chest, causing him to stumble back. He looks down at the wound before turning into a pile of mud.

Jenny sighs, “Why did you have to shoot him of all people?”

The gypsy clan members are staring open mouthed at the pile of mud, looking back and forth between the shotgun and the mud pile. “What did you load in that thing?” Ulof gasps.

“Just normal bullets!” the clan member insists.

The earth rises up behind the man to take the form of Warren. “You shot at me. Do you think a weapon like that will work on the great Orochimaru?” he coos in the man’s ear. The man spins around with his gun raised. An arm plunges into his chest. He stares down at the arm in his chest and gasps his last breath. Falling back as the pain spreads through his body, he is about to hit the ground when he opens his eyes and jerks forward. He drops his gun and examines his chest, but there is nothing wrong with it.

He looks back up to see Warren nose to nose with him. An eerie smile is still plastered on the Sannin’s face. “What did you do to me, demon?” exclaims the man as he quickly backpedals towards his comrades.

“Nothing major, just a glimpse of your immediate future,” Warren grins cheekily. The gypsy man pales.

The other gypsies hurriedly try to raise their weapons to fire or slice him to pieces, but Warren makes a handsign with his smile never fading. Over a dozen large anacondas burst from the ground and wrap around each of them. They drop their weapons as the snakes tighten around their arms and legs. “What is this sorcery?!” roars Ulof.

Joyce states calmly, “I would be quiet if I were you, gypsy. The snakes don’t like loud noises. Upsetting them would be unwise.”

Ulof glares while a younger gypsy cries out, “If this snake was gone, I would kill you all, demons!”

Giles chuckles and says casually, “Let him go.”

“Excuse me?” Joyce says with a raised eyebrow.

“He said that he will kill us all if the snake was gone. Release him,” he explains.

Jenny begs, “Please don’t kill him!”

The snake disappears and the gypsy says, “Don’t worry. It will be a quick death.”

“I wasn’t talking to you,” Jenny retorts. The man picks up a spiked club.

Joyce takes a relaxed stance and gestures for him to come at her. She holds up a single finger. Giles covers his eyes and shakes his head. Warren rolls his eyes, “Show off.” Jenny’s eyes get big and she sighs worriedly having déjà vu.

The man lets out a yell and charges at her with the club swinging. She flicks the club and the metal end flies straight up. The man’s eyes follow it. He stops running and watches it disappear into the sky. A few seconds later, he watches it come back down and make a small crater next to him. He looks from the crater to his opponent. Her finger is less than an inch from his forehead. “Run,” she states.

He falls back and crawls as quickly as he can away. She laughs. Giles says, “Maybe we should have had the Genin take care of this. I know that Naruto would have a lot of fun. But, Tsunade, this is getting boring to quickly. Perhaps we should let them fight who they came for: Angel, Spike, and Drusilla.” Joyce smiles and nods once. Jenny sits on a tombstone to watch. The snakes disappear in puffs of smoke. The men gather their weapons and hurriedly get them ready. The men fire at the former vampires, but the bullets go right through them.

Jenny steps in front of the gypsies and states firmly, “Enough.” She makes a one handed sign and the clones disappear. She spins around and pulls Ulof down to her level by the shirt collar. “Angelus is gone, Uncle. Spike and Drusilla are gone! The gypsy clan has had their revenge for over a century! If you want to torture the demon, summon him into your own body! Oh, wait. We wouldn’t want him to get comfortable, now would we?”

“How dare you!” Ulof growls.

“Yes,” Jenny snaps. “How dare I think about what we were doing! We tortured Angelus the demon but nothing was said about what happened to the human soul Liam. You told me to keep an eye on things, but you gave me no information on how the curse worked! If I had more information, I could have done my job! But what if he had gotten loose? He would have become the Scourge again! You don’t care about the people! Just torturing him. For what? Killing one of our girls over a hundred years ago! You are lost in the past.”

“Our vengeance is absolute!” Ulof retorts heatedly. “We do not care about who gets caught in the crossfire or who gets hurt. Only our vengeance matters! It is what we live and die for.”

Jenny glares in annoyance, “It is what you are all going to die for if you come after him again. Surely the debt has been repaid.”

“You do not understand, woman.” He pushes her away from him and straightens his coat. “You are dead to us. We will be back for the demon another day.”

Angel looks up from a book that he’s reading, “I’m sorry, did you say something?”

Ulof growls at him and holsters his pistol. He snaps his fingers and starts to walk away, the other men falling in line behind him.

Giles puts his hand on Jenny’s shoulder and says quietly, “You still have a family.”

She nods and puts her hand over his, “I have all of you.” She watches them leave the graveyard solemnly.

Spike shouts after them, “Yeah! You hear that, sissy boys? We are her family!” He laughs as they start to walk away faster. He has a mischievous gleam in his eye before disappearing. He reappears in front of Ulof and whispers, “Boo.” They jump and dive for cover as he swings his massive sword down, causing a small shockwave to wash over them. He lifts his sword and leans it back on his shoulder while looking down at the terrified men. “By the way, if you come after us again, I won’t miss with this blade of mine. Jenny won’t be around to save you either. Next time, it’ll just be you blokes and me. There will be no contest.” He disappears again and reappears next to Jenny.

Jenny looks over at him and he shrugs, “If they come after any of us again, not even you will be able to find their bodies. Come, Dru.” He strolls away with her following close behind. He stops at the edge of the graveyard and calls over his shoulder, “And next time, come to us.” He whistles a tune and leaves.

Angel snaps his book shut and tells her, “While I appreciate that you were trying to prevent a bloodbath, you should trust us next time. We are family after all, right?” He holds out his hand to her. She sighs and nods, shaking his hand. He smiles, “Good. You’re making me an apple pie. I expect it in the morning for the tonight’s unnecessary drama.” He walks away.

She calls after him, “But you personally went to the trouble of creating most of the drama!” He disappears. “Men,” she grunts. She turns to the Sannin and bows, “I’m sorry that I kept this from you. It won’t happen again.”

Giles grins and pats her on the head, making her eye twitch. “That’s all right, Shizune! Just remember who your boss is.”

“Yes, that would be me,” Joyce states, glaring at her fellow Sannin. He grins and releases her head to rub his neck nervously.

“I’d best be going. Good chat! Bye.” He disappears in a swirl of leaves.

She turns to face the remaining Sannin who is watching her silently. After a long moment, Warren says, “Ditto. I get dibs on the bodies.” He seeps into the ground with an unusually cheerful smile on his face.

Next Day at the School Library:

Dawn storms into the library shouting, “I can’t believe I still can’t get it down! No matter how long I try I can’t get it!”

Jonathan hurries in after her, saying soothingly, “You’ll get the 32 Palm strike down soon, Dawn. We just need more practice.” Dawn holds up a hand to silence him and sniffs the air.

“Is that apple pie?” She follows her nose to Angel in full Kakashi garb eating an apple pie.

He looks up at her between bites and replies, “Mine.”


Three days later…How Ominous…:

Three large SUV’s drive up to the “Welcome to Sunnydale” sign and open up. Men in old clothes but armed to the teeth with both modern and ancient weapons ranging from battle axes to submachine guns pile out and look up at the sign. The oldest bearded one of the men nod and they proceed into town. Background music plays as they have their dramatic entrance into town. Suddenly, the music stops as they look around suspiciously. The second in command whispers, “Sir, I can’t shake this feeling that we’re being watched!”

“It is your imagination,” he responds curtly and continues forward. The music continues playing again. They march towards the Hotel when suddenly they stop again. “I can’t shake the feeling either,” the commander states. They all look around at the surrounding buildings but can’t find anyone watching.

A block away:

Dawn and Jonathan sit cross-legged on her bed with their Byakugans active. “Thanks for helping me with my training, Cousin Jonathan,” Dawn says respectfully. He nods once in acknowledgment. “Hey, Jonathan, I see a bunch of armed men coming into town. Who do you think they are?”

“It’s not our concern. Focus, Dawn. Focus!” he replies. She nods quickly and goes back to looking as far as she can.

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