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The Hidden Hand

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Shinobi Rising". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween is over, so what happens now to our Slayer and her friends turn ninja? Will things be easier or will the evil unleasted be to much for them?

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Disclaimer: See chapter 1

Authors note: Good news, we got a new chapter out really quick, the bad news, it's a little on the short side, so sorry. And also sorry, in that it should have been out earlier, but I kept forgetting to post it. Anyways we should be able to post more regularly from now on and faster to. The next chapter is already started and should be done in a week or two if all goes right, which I hope it does.

In Giles’ Office in the Library:

The librarian rifles through newspaper articles. He studies the obituary columns. The aging Brit seems to be unsettled. He jots notes down on his notepad as he compares deaths and causes. Giles jumps in his seat when Jenny knocks on his doorframe. She smiles, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you. What are you working on?”

“I’m glad you are here, actually,” Giles states as he cleans his glasses. “I have noticed an odd pattern in recent deaths at the hospital.”

“Vampires?” she asks as she goes behind him, leaning over his shoulder to look at the newspapers.

He shakes his head. “No. There seems to be a high mortality rate in the children’s wing of the hospital. It has been going on for several weeks now and nobody seems to notice.”

“It is the flu season, Jiraiya,” she points out.

He raises an eyebrow and looks up at her, “The flu does not kill over a dozen children with apparent heart attacks. The thing that makes it more suspicious is that it appears to only happen at night.”

Jenny picks up his notepad and glances over the information. “You’re right. Something is wrong. Lady Tsunade has been saying that we should be doing volunteer work at the hospital for awhile now. I think it is about time we implemented that plan.”

Giles relaxes slightly and leans back in his chair. “My thoughts exactly. I will do some checking in on the staff and their histories to see if any of them have dabbled in the dark arts and could have done something to cause this disturbing trend. Do you need any papers or credentials?”

The computer teacher smiles charmingly at him and replies with confidence, “Who do you think you are talking to? I will be fine on my own. I should find Lady Tsunade.” She walks around his desk towards the main library. She pauses in the doorway, “I’ve heard a rumor about a certain cheerleader and the librarian. Is there any truth to that?” He feels killer intent leaking from her despite her calm expression.

He rubs his eyes and responds tiredly, “It’s nothing to worry about this year, I assure you.”

She smiles, “That’s good to know. However, if that cheerleader and librarian ever become…too friendly before then,” she plants a throwing star between Giles’ fingers, impaling a newspaper. “Than I would have to have a very serious discussion with that librarian. Am I clear?”

He yanks the star out and grins nervously, “Do I detect jealousy in your voice?”

“If that star doesn’t give you a clue, nothing will. Am I Clear, Mr. Giles?”

“As crystal,” the librarian replies with a smirk. “Don’t forget your toy before you leave.” It impales the doorframe next to her face.

She pulls it out and slips it up her sleeve. “Thanks.” Jenny walks out, causing him to slump in his chair and sigh heavily.

At Sunnydale Hospital Several Days Later in the Afternoon:

The head nurse shakes Jenny’s and then Joyce’s hand. “It’s so nice to have volunteers! We are always so short staffed here at Sunnydale Hospital,” she says cheerfully. The nurse glances out the window to the young girl sitting in a chair reading her book. “Is that your daughter?”

“Yes,” Joyce replies pleasantly. “I’m afraid that I couldn’t find a babysitter, so I had to bring her with me today.”

“That’s perfectly all right,” the nurse reassures her.

Dawn has dark sunglasses over her eyes as she has her face down towards the book. What the nurse doesn’t see is the bulging Byakugan behind the tinted glass. Her eyes search throughout the complex, peering through walls and finding the patients. Once she looks into the children’s ward, she tries to see through the wall into the next ward. Most of the wall is transparent, except for a man-sized section in the wall. “What have we here?” Dawn murmurs to herself with a growing smile.

The door to the office opens and the adults come out. “Is that a good book, little girl? You sure seem to be enjoying it!” Dawn nods and smiles at her, nodding once to her mother. Joyce frowns but quickly covers it with a smile as well. The nurse turns to Jenny and Joyce, “You can start tonight. We really need the help. Let’s say around…eight o’clock.”

“That will be fine,” Jenny says gratefully. “We really appreciate giving us the jobs on such short notice.”

“In Sunnydale, my dear, we will take any help that we can get!” the head nurse replies enthusiastically. “Well, I have to be off on my rounds. See you later!”

“See you later,” Joyce echoes before heading straight for the exit. “What did you find, Dawn?”

Dawn whispers, “The building’s clean of the supernatural. But there is something wrong in the children’s ward.”

“That’s where Jiraiya said the deaths were taking place,” Jenny inserts.

“What do you mean exactly by something wrong?” Joyce inquires seriously.

Dawn shrugs, “There is something wrong with the wall! I can’t see through part of it.”

The older women exchange glances. “Dawn, tonight, you are paying a visit to the children’s ward to show us exactly where that section is. If Jiraiya’s hunch is right, we will be busy tonight,” her mother states.

Dawn sighs, “There goes my plans for any beauty sleep.”

That Night Just Outside the Children’s Ward:

Three women wait near the door in nurses’ outfits. “Hinata, anything yet?” whispers the blonde of the group.

The other woman shakes her head slowly, her body shimmering for a moment before returning to normal as she focuses. Her eyes are almost pupil-less. Her eyes widen, “It’s here. Let’s go!” She pulls the door open and they rush in. They fall into a triangle formation. The henge is released and Dawn rushes forward.

A horribly scarred humanoid creature crawls onto a bed on top of a young girl. She starts screaming, but Dawn tackles him to the ground. Joyce and Jenny look on blankly. “What are you doing, Hinata?” Jenny snaps. “Where is the monster?”

Dawn struggles on the ground as the creature tries to pin her down. “It’s on top of me! Help! Anytime today would be nice!”

“Will you stop rolling on the ground? This is no time for games,” her mother insists sternly. Dawn’s eyes widen when the creature’s eyes pop out and slowly extend towards her on stalks.

Dawn shrieks, “Kick the air above me! Now!” Joyce steps forward and does a powerful kick, connecting with something that makes a nice indent in the wall. Jenny shoots needles at the center of the indent, clearly hitting something. Odd colored blood starts leaking around the needles. The youngest ninja rolls to her feet and says, “Try to kill me, will ya? 16 Palms!” Her hands fly in a blur. They impact, making the man-sized indent deepen on the wall. She backs up when the creature growls and shakes off the needles, making them clink on the floor.

Joyce and Jenny watch in surprise as the empty space slowly opens to reveal a poor-man’s version of Freddy Krueger. Joyce grabs onto its collar and slams it into the floor. She lets go of it. After a minute or two, it slowly sits up in a daze. Jenny is standing behind him. A quick snap of its neck, and the battle is over. “Interesting,” Jenny states. “Orochimaru will probably be able to make good use of this corpse.”

By now, the children in the ward are wide awake and watched the battle. A boy cheers, “You killed the Nightmare Man!” They all cheer. Jenny summons a slug to carry the corpse out the window to the library.

Dawn lifts up the demon’s hat and places it on her head. “Cool hat.” She notices the cheering and holds up twin victory signs, “Yeah! I’m the best! Thank you!” Her face is bright red at the cheering.

Joyce raises an eyebrow and makes a handsign. “I am glad you enjoyed the show, children. But now it’s time to go back to sleep.” The children’s eyes get heavy and they fall back into their beds fast asleep. Looking around, she frowns, “I am no Yamanacha like Ino, but I think I know what will do the trick. Just enough to erase the past ten minutes or so.” She places her hand on a sleeping child’s head and sends a burst of chakra through the part of the brain dealing with short term memory. Jenny follows her example and within three minutes, the room is dealt with.

Dawn looks up at her mom, “Can I go home now?”

“Yes. We need to finish our rounds and clean up the mess. I’ll see you in the morning, honey,” Joyce smiles.

Her daughter’s face is still red, “Mom!” She jumps out the window to start her trip home.

At Middle School the Next Day:

Dawn yawns as she walks up to the school. She grumbles, “Stupid demons and their nocturnal habits.” She sees Kitty and Carlos sitting by a tree. She sneaks up from behind them and climbs up. As she is about to scare them, she takes a moment to listen in.

Kitty eats an apple while she says, “Hey, you know our training?”

Carlos sigh, “Please don’t talk about that. I get tired just thinking about it.”

The young woman rolls her eyes, “I’m serious! Do you remember how high we jumped before we started the training?” Carlos nods. “I’ve been doing some measurements, and I can jump higher than the high school track team now!”

Carlos scratches his head and replies, “Good for you. What does that have to do with us? It’s only natural that we get better when we work out as much as we have.”

“But this quickly? It’s ridiculous! It’s almost as if something is helping is improve faster than is normal!” Kitty insists.

“Could it be that we’re just completely awesome and improve faster than most people?”

“NO!” Kitty shouts, hitting his arm with a book. “You are missing the whole point! Something weird is going on. I have a feeling that they’re not telling us something.”

Dawn jumps down and lands between them, “Hey, guys!” They scream and fall back. She grins, “So, what are you talking about?”

“Nothing!” Kitty smiles weakly. “You shouldn’t scare me like that. I could have had a heart attack!”

“Don’t worry,” Dawn grins more. “I will be here to make sure that they use the zapper machine on you!”

Kitty palms her own forehead. “How reassuring.”

That Night:

Drusilla tosses and turns in her sleep. Darkness surrounds her consciousness. Slowly, the inky mist parts. “Where am I?” she asks herself. Two people are arguing in what looks like a school hallway. She swims closer through the darkness but still cannot make out what they are saying. The woman cries and runs away from a man. They run towards the exit when they both stop. The man slowly pulls out a gun. She tries to read his lips but can’t seem to. “Stop! Don’t shoot!” she shouts, diving forward to stop him. The gun goes off. She jerks herself awake.

The former vampire grabs her cell phone and calls Giles. “Jiraiya, have there been any shootings at the school recently?”

“No, why?” the librarian asks sleepily. “Haku, do you know what time it is?”

“I’m sorry about the time, but I had the weirdest dream! I think it was a vision!”

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