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The Hidden Hand

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Shinobi Rising". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween is over, so what happens now to our Slayer and her friends turn ninja? Will things be easier or will the evil unleasted be to much for them?

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Disclaimer: Read My Mind…and chapter 1.

Authors note: Well one more chapter and then a chapter or two of interlude to set up the next story, interduce some new charactors and for those of you wandering about what Angle show a while back, it shall be brought to light! Or maybe we'll just put it all into the end of this story, who knows. Warning though, it might be even longer now between updates, but they will come. Sorry.

At the Library:

Harmony strolls in and calls, “Oh, Giles! How did the trip go?” Every ninja is gathered in the room already. They all turn to her and are very quiet. She frowns and looks around for him, but she cannot find him. “Where is he?”

Joyce clears her throat and announces, “Jiraiya has been kidnapped by James on his return trip. We don’t know where he is.”

Harmony snaps to attention, “Ma’am, I would like permiss—“

“No,” Joyce interrupts. “We have no leads, and you roughing up every demon and vampire in California won’t help us find him.”

“It might,” Harmony snaps. “Haku, Zabuza, care to join me?”

Joyce shouts, “I forbid it!”

Harmony does not answer as she leaves the library, followed by the two former vampires. Spike has a devious look on his face while Drusilla is just smiling. Joyce sighs and turns to Faith, “Anko, make sure they don’t get themselves killed.”

“Yes, ma’am,” grins Faith as she moves to follow them.

Joyce continues, “And don’t join them in their rampage throughout the state.”

“Yes, ma’am,” answers Faith flippantly.

As the ninja leaves the room, Warren tells Joyce, “You just sent a snake to follow a bunch of mice into a den of food.”

“I know,” Joyce sighs. “But at least she’ll give me a report after she finishes the massacre of the undead.”

Outside a warehouse:

Harmony walks towards the hulking metal doors with sharpened kunai in each hand. Faith asks mischievously, “I’m curious, Ino, why are you so determined to hunt down Jiraiya?”

Harmony faces her and growls in nearly a demonic voice, “I’m not letting him off the hook that easily! He isn’t going to die or get away from me until I hit 18. Then we’ll talk. If he tries to get away before then, I’ll just do him where he stands!” She stalks forward and smashes the door with a closed fist, creating a large indent.

Faith tilts her head and says cautiously, “Um…good display of your training with Lady Tsunade, but…it opens sideways.” Ino punches it again, going through the thin metal. The look in her eyes says: And??

Vampires get up from their couches and easy chairs gathered around a small television set. The oldest of them, which isn’t very old until you consider that being alive at all in Sunnydale makes you famous among the underworld, starts to laugh at the two teenagers. “Look, boys! It looks like food delivers,” he laughs. The four or five other vampires join his laughter, gravitating towards the duo. They step directly under a metal-covered window that is near the roof.

Ino states, “I really wouldn’t stand there if I were you.” A moment later, the metal crashes to the ground with a massive sword sticking out of it. Holding onto the handle is Spike, in full bandaged attire.

“Hello, boys,” Spike mimicks. “Did ya miss me?” They barely have time to scream as Spike rushes amongst them, decapitating and tearing their corpses to pieces with ease. The leader falls on his butt and shakes in fear as Spike approaches him slowly. Surrounding them are the piles of dust that was the gang. “Should I finish’im, ladies?”

Ino shouts, “No! I want to have a few words with him!” She kneels down in front of the vampire and does slow, focused hand signs.

Anko smiles with a snake slithering out of her coat sleeve. “I would stand still if I were you,” she advises. “Ino is having one of those days. Don’t piss her off.” The vampire wets its pants, but remains on the ground shaking.

Ino places her palm on its forehead. A few seconds later, she opens her eyes and grunts, “He doesn’t know anything. That’s annoying.” The vampire opens its mouth to beg for its life when Ino slashes its throat open. It gargles as blood pours down its neck. Spike grins at the blood but finishes it with ramming his zanpaktou through its skull and splitting his spine neatly in half. He twists the blade and yanks it out messily. The vampire explodes into flaming ash. Ino sighs and stands. “How very disappointing. Spike, take me to the biggest bads in town.”

Spike laughs loudly, “I am beginning to like you, girl! Haku is way ahead of ya though.”

Faith explains, “She just radioed in. She has rounded up the leader of each aspiring gang around. Other than eight vampires tied to a tree in the park with Haku guarding, there are no more vampires in Sunnydale that we know of.”

Ino puts in her earpiece and listens in for a moment. “Fine,” she grumbles. “I’ll just have to tear apart this town brick by brick until I find him. Los Angeles is next.” She storms out with her kunai in hand.

The bleach-blonde ex-vampire asks Faith, “I know she’s in high school and all, but she’s been fantastic since the Librarian’s been kidnapped! We should have him kidnapped more often, eh?” Faith rolls her eyes and follows the Genin. Spike shrugs and wanders the lair alone to gather loot.

As Faith walks towards the park, she calls, “You can come out, Kakashi.” Angel walks out from behind a tree with his nose in a book. “What do you want?”

“Just thought it might be fun to stalk you for a change,” Angel responds idly. “Besides, I haven’t seen you interrogate someone in ages. It’ll be a nice treat.” Faith responds with an evil laugh.

At James’ Hideout:

A minion vampire runs up to James, panting heavily. The imposing, insane vampire gazes down at his minion. “What news?”

“They know! Spike and Drusilla are tearing apart Sunnydale! A blonde is leading them with a snake woman!” the minion says quickly.

James growls, “Anko...I should have known. Is the other girl the Slayer?”

“Unconfirmed, sir,” the vampire says hesitantly. “This is the last word we got from the town. All of our nests were wiped out.” He holds up a tape recorder and presses play.

On the Tape:

“Hey, you’re not supposed to report for three more days! Why are you calling me?” a low voice grunts angrily.

A higher, panicked voice yells into the phone, “We’re the last vampires left in Sunnydale, and we think Spike and Drusilla are on their way here!” Crashing sounds erupt from the background. “They’re here! The snake woman is here too and a blonde!”

“Who? The Vampire Slayer?” the deep voice asks loudly.

“I don’t know! I can’t tell! Oh no!” A blood curling scream and the tearing of flesh can be heard over the receiver.

“Tom? Tom! What’s happened?!” the deep voice demands.

A young woman’s voice comes over the receiver, “I’m coming for you next, James. I am not 18 yet and I won’t let you deprive me of him until then! Stay alive, Jiraiya. See you soon.” The receiver hangs up rudely.

The Tape Ends

James glares at the minion murderously and holds out his hand. The minion hurriedly drops the tape recorder into his hand. James growls, “Get out of my sight before you get fed to Alcaltha!” The minion runs as fast as he can out of the room.

The insane vampire giggles once he is alone and twirls the tape recorder around on his finger. He grabs it out of the air and strolls over to the wall that Giles is hanging on. “Hello, Jiraiya,” he taunts. “Someone was looking for you. They’ll never find you, but I am curious, who is this on the tape?” He plays the last part again.

Giles looks up groggily and says lethargically, “Sounds like a cheerleader. Any chance it’s the hot chick from the car?” James growls and slugs him in the gut.

“Can’t you be serious for three seconds?” James shouts at him.

Giles grunts at the blow and sighs heavily. “I probably could, but that might kill me. Why take the risk?” James backhands him angrily and stalks back to his chair. Giles laughs and spits out blood, “I’d hurry and kill me if you’re going to, before She gets here to end you.”

“Who is She? The Slayer?” James inquires.

Giles chuckles darkly, “Worse. Much worse than any Vampire Slayer. Slayers kill vampires. This girl is coming to make you pay.” He thinks, ‘Not the way I prefer to go, but if it makes me go before she turns eighteen…’

James laughs mockingly, “You’re bluffing! Nobody is worse than the Slayer that could come for me, and your precious Hokage won’t leave her office to come looking for you either. Neither will Orochimaru…so you are on your own!”

“That’s what you think, punk,” Giles snaps. “You just got in way over your head.”

James grabs him by the throat and yanks him forward against the chains. He grins evilly, “Don’t worry, old man. You will tell me all that I want to know…or others will die.” James slams him back against the wall with a powerful punch and laughs before walking out the door.

Sounds of a battle being fought erupt from the next room a few minutes later. The room shakes and some dirt falls from the rafters. James’ frantic shouting of orders makes Giles chuckle, despite the pain it causes. Flashes of light and explosions tear apart the next room. Smoke billows out of it and causes Giles to cough.

Faith strolls in and says cockily, “Did somebody call for room service?”

“Took you long enough,” he grunts.

The snake kunoichi looks him over, all chained up and beaten, and says slowly, “I like what I’m seeing!” He glares at her. She shrugs, “It’s not my fault you’re all muscle under that stuffy shirt of yours.”

Angel bursts into the room and shouts, “Jiraiya! James activated the statue! How do we stop it?”

Giles looks startled, “How did he figure it out?!”

“I don’t know!” Angel retorts. “Now how do we stop it? The whole world is going to hell in a handbasket, and I am not exaggerating!”

“It’s his blood!” Giles shouts back. “His blood opens and closes the portal!” Everything goes dark.

James releases Giles’ throat and lowers his fist when he sees that the prisoner is unconscious. “Thank you, Jiraiya. That was very helpful. My own blood? Who would’ve thought?” He laughs maniacally.

The insane vampire calls his minions and directs them, “Bring in the statue and set up the bleachers! Witness the end of the world free of charge! No refunds on the tickets!” The minions hurriedly bring in the statue and put it in front of Giles, then bring in concrete blocks and wooden planks to put on them for seats all set up around Giles. He is in the center of the row facing the statue with vampires on his left and right. James hops up over and pats Giles on the cheek lightly. “You get a front row seat. You can’t accuse me of being a poor host!”

Several Hours Later:

James strolls up to his prisoner and slaps him around roughly. “Wakey wakey, old man! It’s time for the show!”

Giles grunts at the slaps but wakes up. He looks around and notices the large statue nearby in front of him. “Where are Anko and Kakashi?” His mind is still cloudy.

The insane vampire laughs mockingly, “I tricked you! You wouldn’t believe how long it took me to develop that genjutsu! Finding test subjects was more difficult than you would imagine with you decreasing my kind’s population exponentially every single day, but I am a genius. Admit it, I’m a genius, aren’t I?”

“Nope,” Giles groans. “Just a lunatic.” James growls and sucker punches him. “Now that wasn’t very nice,” the librarian grunts, spitting out blood. “And here I’d think you’d take that as a compliment.”

“That was sweet of you, Jiraiya, but now is not the time!” James responds dramatically, gesturing grandly to the statue. “It is time to plunge this world into Hell itself! I am the bringer of the end! I am ending the world!”

Giles inquires, his mind getting clearer, “I have just one question for you.”

“What would that be?” James answers as he puffs up his chest proudly.

“Do all bad guys monologue or just you?”

James pulls his fist back and pauses. His eyes widen, “You’re trying to buy time. I see through your act. Enough waiting!” He turns around and grabs onto the hilt of the sword sticking out of the statue. He grabs onto the blade with his other hand and it slices his hand open. “Ouch!!” he shouts as he yanks it out. “That really hurt!” He drops the sword on the ground and shakes his hand around, jumping around shouting in pain. Giles would laugh at the sight if a portal were not opening up in front of him.

Above the Surface:

“Are you sure about this?” Harmony snaps as she runs through the streets of the warehouse district.

Angel retorts, “You were there when I interrogated the last vampire. You know that the information is correct. The contact zone triangulates this as his main base.”

Spike has his blade tied to his back and he runs beside them. “I hate to break it to ya, poof, but I don’t see anything around here. We’ve already searched this area.”

The ground starts rumbling beneath their feet. Harmony stops the group to look at the ground. “Seriously?”

Drusilla nods, “It looks like it.”

“Under our feet the whole time?”

“Who know?” said Faith.

“Yeah, it feels like it,” Drusilla sighs. “We’re ninja; we really should have thought of this sooner. James is insane, not an idiot.”

Harmony lifts the very heavy manhole cover off and jumps into the sewers, followed by her team.

They run down the narrow passageway to a turnoff. The rumbling gets more intense as they get closer. Two spike-skinned green demons are standing guard. Harmony stops and cracks her knuckles, “Is my man in there?” They look at each other nervously.

Spike unsheathes his sword and states, “Let the little lady through, mates, or I turn you into salad. I’m William the Bloody. Spike.” They look at each other again and take off running past them down the tunnel. Spike grins, “I love it when they do that. After you, ladies.” He gestures to the door. Harmony nods to him with a smile while Drusilla rewards him with a kiss.

“Wonderful, my love,” Drusilla gushes.

Spike responds, “Only the best for you, my darling.” Their foreheads touch as they get closer.

Angel clears his throat, “Now is not the time!” They turn with their heads still touching to glare at him. They wait for him to walk in before following him.

Drusilla’s sire strolls down the hallway towards the rumbling. Vampires start coming toward him with their fangs bared. He pulls down his mask and says casually, “I’m Angelus the Demon Ninja, responsible for the near extinction of vampires in Sunnydale.” They instantly let the group pass, though Spike and Drusilla stake them as they walk by with Faith bring up the rear.

They open the door and see James dancing around the room gloating and shaking his cut hand around with Giles chained to the wall. Harmony shouts, “Get away from my man, dead boys!”

Giles calls to her, “James has opened the portal to hell! Only his blood will close it!” Spike and Drusilla ignore him, slicing and beating the living crap out of the handful of vampires at their disposal. Angel sits back and watches while he decides what to do. He ops to stand near the portal, put three vampires into excruciating pain (after all, they don’t need to reproduce no matter how it turns out!), and tosses them head first into the Hell Portal.

Angel looks at the fourth vampire who says quickly, “Allow me!” He dives into the portal to avoid the punishment the others got. Harmony on the other hand is beating James to a pulp. Angel marvels at the sudden speed and agility of the Genin despite all the trouble that he had with the undead rogue ninja.

As James takes punch after punch, he is yelling, “It doesn’t matter what you do to me! The world will be sucked into hell! I win! I am victorious! Not even Lord Orochimaru can stop me now! Hahahaha!!”

Harmony is flatly ignoring anything he is saying while she pounds him. Harmony shouts with each punch, “You kidnapped my man! Bad Move!! Nobody takes away my man until I hit 18!! You hear me?!” Giles winces as he hears bones crunching with each blow and at her tirade; more at the tirade than at the physical damage. He thinks, ‘Well…it looks like I just might survive this…hmmm…oh well. There is always the next big bad. Maybe he can stop her 18th birthday!’ The Jiraiya within him is having a hayday as he listens and jots down notes for later. The stern Rupert Giles and the perverted Jiraiya play cards in his mindscape.

Jiraiya grins at his hand, “How about this than, Rupert. If you win, you go home and rest. If I win, you take this hot cheerleader out to dinner to reward her for rescuing you.”

Giles smiles at his hand confidently, “You’re on. I call.” They lay down their hands and Giles groans pitifully.

Jiraiya grins widely, “That’s the spirit, old boy! Show her a good time!”

In the outside world, the vampires are all piles of dust or in the portal except for James. About five minutes later, Harmony is tired and James has broken every bone in his body…except for maybe a toe bone. The cheerleader stomps on the last bone to remedy the situation. Harmony twirls her kunai on her finger and grinds out, “You kidnap my man, torture him, open a portal to hell, and all it takes to close it again is your blood?”

“Yes!” James shouts victoriously. “Only my blood can close it! Hahaha!”

“Oh,” Harmony says with a suddenly wide smile. “You mean this blood?” She lifts his sword into the air with her foot, catches it, and slashes his throat open. Harmony finishes him off by thrusting the sword through his chest and kicking him into the portal. She shouts after him, “Go to hell and stay there!” His gurgled yell is heard before he falls to his doom and the portal snaps shut behind him.

Harmony’s shoulders sag as the fatigue of the past 24 hours catches up with her. She slowly turns and stares at the rugged muscled, bloody librarian as he is taken down by Spike and Angel. She punches him in the face. “Ouch! What was that for? Don’t you think I’ve been tortured enough?” Giles yells.

“That was for letting yourself be captured just because James sent a busty babe your way!” Harmony screams back. Angel steps away to a safe distance. “And this is for surviving!” She wraps her arms around his neck and plants a big one on him. Giles is tempted to object but reasons: She did just throw his torturer into hell itself! He kisses her back and Drusilla ahhhh’s in the background.

When they part, Giles whispers, “I’m taking you out to dinner when I rest up. But you still have to wait until you’re eighteen before anything happens at all.”

Harmony smiles sweetly, “Don’t worry, I’ll nurse you back to health.” Giles frowns at the thought of Jenny and Harmony both wanting to nurse him back to health.

“We’ll see about that,” he mutters, staring off into space with Faith laughing in the background.

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