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The Hidden Hand

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Shinobi Rising". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween is over, so what happens now to our Slayer and her friends turn ninja? Will things be easier or will the evil unleasted be to much for them?

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Disclaimer: read my mind…oh stop looking so scared!

Authors note: Got this chapter out a lot faster then we thought we would. Plus more good, the next chapter should be out in one to two weeks. With that, it should wrap up this story, and the next one should be coming out after that. Also a BIG event is happening next chapter. We gave you a preview a while back. I have been really looking forward to that part. I hope it is as good to you all as it was for us writing that part.

The Next Day:

Giles sits up in bed bandaged from head to toe. He sighs and looks to his right, where the beautiful Jenny Calendar has her hands over his legs. Her hands radiate with a healing green glow as she smiles at him sweetly. He looks to his left to see the lovely young Harmony with a large bowl of assorted chopped fruit, trying to feed him with chopsticks. He sighs again as he thinks, ‘This isn’t going to end well…’

At the foot of his bed, Joyce is giggling at the scene. “You’re not helping, Tsunade,” grunts Giles grumpily.

“I am most certainly helping!” Joyce protests innocently. “I am helping my two adorable pupils get ahead in life.”

“At my expense.”

“Isn’t that what Sensei’s are for?” she responds cheekily. “If you would rather I not supervise the healing, than I could always leave…”

“No!” Giles practically shouts before regaining his composure. “Your expertise is needed here.” He thinks, ‘Don’t leave me alone with these two!’

Joyce shrugs and continues to watch with amusement. “Really, you should be thanking me. Jiraiya never got this kind of cooperation from me no matter how injured he got.”

Ignoring the inner protests of Jiraiya, Giles responds, “Jiraiya was never set up quite this badly.”

Harmony pouts, “Is something wrong, Master Giles?” She slips a piece of strawberry into his mouth and murmurs, “Isn’t it delicious?” The look in her eyes makes him nervous.

Jenny runs her hands up his leg, with them still glowing green, “Does my healing jutsu feel good, Lord Jiraiya?” He catches her hands with one of his own and smiles tensely.

“I appreciate the healing, but sometimes it’s just best for nature to take its course,” he says diplomatically.

Harmony leans in closer, “I couldn’t agree more. You’re so wise, Master Giles.” He leans away from her but is stopped when he realizes that Jenny is waiting for him on the other side.

“Lady Hokage,” he says quietly. “Do something. Please.”

The door flies open with a loud bang! “Hey there, Pervy Sage! How’s it going?”

Giles grins, “Just fine, Naruto! Get over here and have some fresh fruit. It’s good for you! Ino, may he have some?”

“Anything for you, Master Giles,” she says seductively. She frowns and tosses a few pieces at Andrew’s head, but he ignores the intent and eats them in midair.

“So, Pervy Sage,” Andrew says as he chews, “What did you call me here for?”

‘Other than saving my life?’ he thinks. Out loud, he says, “When I recover, we’re going on a training trip around the country. It should be very educational.”

Joyce smiles and leans onto the bed with both hands. “Just so you know, my dear teammate, I know that Naruto is too pure of heart to be corrupted by your antics, but if you ever corrupt Andrew, I will kill you.”

“No worries, Grandma Tsunade!” Andrew says a little too loudly.

Harmony stammers, “Y-y-you’re leaving?! But I just got you back! Lady Tsunade! I—“




“I demand—“


“If you don’t let me go, I’ll take him tonight!” Harmony announces. Jenny bares her teeth and literally growls. Giles sinks deeper into the covers.

Joyce smiles back, “I’ll let you go. You can act as official bodyguard to Andrew.”

“But that’s more like babysitting duty!” Harmony protests.

Andrew says, “Yeah, and Pervy Sage is always disappearing on me. It’ll be great to have a beautiful girl like you around, Ino!” She looks like she is about to be sick.

“M-maybe I’ll just wait here for you guys to get back,” Harmony says weakly. She gains strength as she shouts, “But you’re still taking me out to dinner before you leave! And had better call me every day!”

Jenny leans in close with a demonic glint in her eye. “Dinner?” she inquires calmly. Giles starts to sweat.

Harmony grabs onto his arm possessively, “Absolutely! He is taking me to a fancy dinner followed by a long, romantic movie, ending with him dropping me off at his house, unless he has other plans. I won’t object.” She winks.

“I never agreed to a movie,” Giles says, as he feels the killer intent radiating off of Jenny. “But…I was planning on…surprising you two with a movie! Yes, you both are going to be my dates to the movie. After all, you two are doing such a great job of nursing me back to health.” He sighs in relief as the intent starts to lessen.

Joyce leans back in her chair with raised eyebrows, thinking, ‘You’re still very smooth. Nice.’

A Week Later:

They stand on the outskirts of Sunnydale with Giles’ car idling. Andrew is leaning out the car window, “Let’s go already!”

Jenny is there to see Giles off while Harmony is bawling loudly. Giles gives Jenny a hug and kiss goodbye. He tries to comfort Harmony, “Come on, Ino. I’ll be back before school starts again. At least you got your date, right?”


Harmony and Giles sit at a candle-lit dinner with a violinist standing nearby. The waiter serves the food…with a patch over his eye. Angel says, “I would recommend the lobster, followed by a page 3, paragraph—“

“That will be all, Waiter,” Giles snaps.

Harmony asks, “What was that about?”

“Nothing at all,” he sighs.

Later, at the movie theater, Jenny and Harmony sit on either side of Giles, each clutching an arm possessively. They are both using kunai to stick the popcorn and feed it to their date, barely missing each other in the process. The sparks are nearly visible whenever the two women make eye contact.

Several rows back, Angel and Faith are eating a large bowl of popcorn. They are ignoring the movie and watching the drama below. “So much better than the movie,” Angel whispers. “Seeing a master like Lord Jiraiya at work is inspiring!”

Faith points to the open orange book and whispers, “Page 14, paragraph 4 would be perfect.” Giles can feel his ears getting red as that exact scene jumps to mind. He glances at his two dates for a long moment before shaking his head.

End Flashback:

Harmony nods but blows her nose on a tissue. “You have to call every single day!” she says between tears. “Every single day!”

“I will, if possible,” he says soothingly. “Just stay alive until I get back.” He whispers in her ear, “Keep Jenny company, will you? She’s going to have a hard time with me gone too.” Harmony frowns but nods in agreement. “That’s a good girl.” He kisses her forehead and turns to walk away, when she of course grabs him by the shirt and plants a Proper goodbye kiss on him.

Joyce walks up to him and gives a hug. He whispers, “You take care of yourself. Don’t let the recruits get lazy while I’m gone.”

“I won’t,” Joyce answers. “But if Andrew comes back anything like you, or with stories of where you took him…”

“It won’t happen!” he says quickly. “I’m first and foremost Rupert Giles.”

“Just like I am first and foremost Joyce Summers,” she retorts evenly. “Riiight. Have a safe trip.”

Andrew hits the car door, “Come on, let’s go!” Giles sighs and starts packing a few farewell gifts that he just received from his…fans?

Dawn walks up to Andrew and states quietly, “Andrew…you know I see you as a big brother now, right?”

“Sure, Dawn. What’s up?” Andrew asks.

“Well…Hinata really liked Naruto…I mean a lot. But that doesn’t mean that I see you the same way…” Dawn says slowly.

“Yeah, and?”

“You see…” Dawn says before pausing. Very loudly she continues, “If you die out there, I will bring you back to life to kill you myself! You had better come back in one piece or else!”

He sweatdrops and nods, “Sure, Dawn. Whatever you say.” He thinks, ‘She has her sister’s temper…kinda scary…’

Giles gives the group one last farewell wave before climbing into the vehicle and driving away.

Two Weeks Later in L.A.:

Spike crawls along the rooftop with his face covered in bandages. He slowly unsheathes his zanpaktou with a feral grin. He touches his neck com, “In position, luv?”

“Of course, darling,” Drusilla replies from the other side of the street. “Give it a few more seconds. They might still lead us to their nest.”

“If there’s any nests left in this area,” Spike chuckles. He looks around and frowns, “Hun, did you invite any friends to this party?”

“I thought they were yours,” she replies. “Let’s wait to see what happens. No need to start massacres without knowing the whole story.”

Spike sighs, “As you wish.”

A handful of teenagers rush from hiding places throughout the alleyway. They all carry stakes and home-made weapons, one of which is a flamethrower. The flamer instantly dusts one of the three vampires while the others surround the undead and attack at once. “Don’t let them get away!” says a dark skinned young man. The vampires send a few of them flying, but they cannot dodge all of the stakes. They explode into dust.

Spike mutters from his perch, “Amateurs. Brave for facing vampires though.”

Drusilla relaxes in her own perch with her hand in a sign in front of her face. “Spike, a few of these have potential. We can use them. Should we say hello?”

“Let’s,” Spike replies. The crew in the street are clapping each other on the back and giving high fives when a masked figure drops into their midst followed by a mummified swordsman, from their point of view. They instantly attack, but Spike slices through their weapons like they were made of warm cheese. Drusilla stands still, only her upper body moving to fluidly dodge any jabs in her direction. Spike twirls his sword above his head and brings it down suddenly to put one of crew’s head in the circle in his blade. He is about to twist the head off when Drusilla clears her throat.

“Lover, we don’t want a massacre, right?” Drusilla’s voice chimes out.

Spike relaxes and sheathes his blade, “You’re right. I’m sorry, Dru.” He turns to the terrified youth and brushes some dust off of their shoulder. “I have to apologize. When my blood gets going, nothing is more satisfying than a good bloodbath. You know how it is, right?”

The youth looks at the two newcomers and says weakly, “Um…sure? Gunn!”

The oldest of the crew, who looks barely old enough to drive, steps forward. He looks Spike in the eye, trying to look confident, and says, “Who are you and what are you doing on our turf?”

Spike sighs, “Dru, which did we spare the group for?” She smiles and points the dark skinned leader and a young woman.

“Hey!” Gunn says bluntly. “What do you want with me and my sister?” He steps in front of his sister protectively with real confidence in his eyes now.

“Well, it’s like this,” Spike explains. “You should come with us.”

Drusilla continues, “We have a job offer that I think you will like.”

A block or two away, from the side of a skyscraper, Tara stands on a window-cleaner’s ledge with binoculars. “I don’t like the look of this…”

The Next Day:

Spike and Drusilla stroll into the Library arm in arm. “Mother, we’re home!” Drusilla calls out.

Joyce is waiting with Tara at her side. Angel sits on a table on her other side, shining a kunai. Joyce says casually, “A little bird told me that you picked up a few strays in L.A. When am I going to meet them?”

Drusilla hisses at Tara, “Tattle tale!”

“Criminal,” Tara hisses back.

Spike ignores them and explains, “It’s simple, really. There’s a gang in L.A. that is fighting the growing vampire population. They’re amateurs but effective. Their leader is named Gunn. He and his sister showed potential.”

“Potential?” Angel inquires. “What kind of potential?”

Drusilla glares at Tara, but interjects, “My sensory abilities have been refined. I sensed they had active chakra networks that they can access, with the right training of course. If you don’t believe me, bring in the crazy eyes.”

Joyce states firmly, “I want to meet them and evaluate their skills for myself.”

“Yes, mother,” Drusilla replies with a smirk. Joyce’s eye twitches but the two Mist ninja ignore it.

Two Days Later in Gunn’s Home:

Gunn yawns and starts getting ready for the day. He rinses his face off to wake up. His sister heads downstairs and calls from the kitchen, “Gunn! Somebody wants to talk to you!”

“Who is it?” he calls back.

“The psychos brought friends!” she calls back. He immediately darts from the bathroom, down the stairs, to the kitchen. Joyce is sitting at the table eating scrambled eggs and reading a newspaper. His eyes jump around the room. Next to her at the table is a woman with visible body armor, a sword strapped to her back, and a Japanese mask covering her face. On the counter sits a dark haired man with a dark blue mask covering his mouth and nose. A headband with a metal plate on it rests over his eye as he reads a book. His sister is standing at the entrance next to him, staring at everyone with wide eyes.

Gunn refocuses on the woman eating breakfast at his table, when he realizes that her dark green robes barely do the job of keeping her clothed from the angle that he is at. She clears her throat, “My face is up here, young man.” He jumps and apologizes. “I’ve heard a lot about you, Mr. Gunn. Please, have a seat. You too, miss.” The man looks up from his book and gestures to the chairs with his chin before going back to his book.

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