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The Hidden Hand

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Shinobi Rising". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween is over, so what happens now to our Slayer and her friends turn ninja? Will things be easier or will the evil unleasted be to much for them?

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Disclaimer: use your imagination. Really. Try.

Authors notes will be at the end this time.

Midsummer at Carlos’ House:

Carlos lies on his bed, skipping through the channels on his television while listening to his cousin on the phone. “And the best part about Inuyasha is the boomerang weapon!” the cousin gushes.

Carlos half listens, “Uh huh. Fascinating.”

“But that was nothing compared to Naruto! Oh yeah! Next time you’re over, we’re going to have to watch the Battle of the Valley of the End with Naruto and Sasuke! They use the Chidori and Rasengan!”

“By the End, is that where the show ends?” Carlos inquires.

“No, Carlos. That would completely suck if it ended there. Sasuke and Naruto learn even cooler jutsu later!”

Carlos frowns, “What did you just say?”

“That they learn even cooler jutsu later!” his cousin replies enthusiastically.

“Jutsu…where have I heard that before?” Carlos mutters.


The evil taskmaster Xander Harris, also known as the Devil Himself to the trainees, was talking to the sometimes masked, one eyed instructor Angel. “Do you think they’re ready for the henge jutsu?”

“Not for awhile yet,” Angel had replied.

End Flashback

“Dearest Cousin, what is a Henge Jutsu?” Carlos asks hesitantly.

His cousin answers, “That’s the most basic of jutsu used by the ninjas. It superimposes an illusion on yourself to look like somebody else. Are you an anime nerd who’s been holding out on me?”

“No. But I think a few people I know might be. Well, I got to get to practice. Later,” Carlos sighs loudly. He hangs up and gets ready to get to training. “Why do I get déjà vu every time I go to practice after talking to my nerd cousin?”

At practice, Angel shouts, “Thirty laps around the field before we get started.” The trainees groan and begin their usual thirty laps. Carlos comes around the field for the first lap and sees Angel facing away from them with a small book out. For a moment, he thinks he sees the anime character Kakashi from the pictures his cousin has shown him. The only real difference is the hair color…nah. That’s impossible.

Early the Next Day:
Angel puts a shiny blue-covered book away. “That was so good I read it twice! Jiraiya really is a genius.” His cell phone rings. When he sees Buffy’s name, he instinctively hides the book and answers the call. “Yes?”

“I don’t have patrol tonight,” Buffy says. “Are you free for a date?”

“I should be unless an emergency comes up,” Angel answers. “But if that happens, neither of us will be free.”

“Tell me about it,” sighs Buffy. “Okay, I’ll see you at the Bronze around seven tonight if all goes well.”

“Alright. I’m going to be working on my jutsu,” says Angel.

Buffy exclaims, “Oh, the eye one?”

“Yes. Talk to you later, love,” Angel smiles. He hangs up.

Angel leaps out his window, walks towards the forested area of Sunnydale, and jumps across treetops outside of Sunnydale on his way for his training. Something catches his attention. He follows his senses to see who is using chakra nearby. He lands in a tree and sees Kitty sitting in a cross-legged meditating position with her eyes closed under a large oak tree. A tree leaf sits in each palm as she tries to focus on making them hover. He smiles slightly at her efforts and turns to continue to his training spot. Something catches his eye; he slowly turns to stare closer. Angel lifts his forehead protector and gazes with the Sharingan. “Impossible,” he whispers with wide eyes.

Five Minutes Later at the Summer’s House:

Joyce sighs at the front door, “What’s the emergency, Kakashi?”

Angel breathes slightly heavier than usual and states, “You are not going to believe what I just saw!”

A Few Minutes Later:

Jenny, Angel, and Joyce sit around the dining room table. The Hokage is wide eyed. “Are you 100% certain that is what you saw?” Joyce asks.

Angel nods, “Yes.”

Jenny inserts, “Do you know the gravity of what this means?”

Joyce snaps, “Of course I do! If she’s doing that, we’re going to have to tell them today.” She looks off into the distance.

“Are you okay, Lady Hokage?” Angel inquires with a frown.

Joyce sighs, opening and closing her fists as she thinks. “I’ll be fine. Gather them in the High School gym. Some of them will probably need all day to get over the shock, if they can bring themselves to believe it at all. Make sure every ninja is gathered as well.”

Jenny says soothingly, “At least we are almost ready to tell them anyways. They’re at the edge of training that we can give them without going into chakra-based training.”

“Just gather them,” states Joyce. “Leave.” They hurriedly clear the house. Joyce sighs, “It looks like I’m not the last after all.”

30 Minutes Later:

The hyena pack and the elementary duo gather in the center of the gym. Owen is the last to arrive. The lighting is dimmer than usual with barely any sunlight coming through the high windows. “Is this the right place?” inquires one of the pack.

Owen shrugs, “The chairs are set up.” They get seated. A few seconds later, the lights go out. A thick fog rises from the floor all around them. Owen looks alert but calm while the pack starts getting nervous.

“Is this even possible? Where are the smoke machines?” Kyle says loudly.

A voice says from the mist, “It’s very possible.” They turn around to see Zabuza stepping from the mist with a massive sword resting on his shoulder. He chuckles evilly.

Tsunade steps from the fog in front of them and states loudly, “It’s time.”

“Time for what?” Kit asks nervously.

“The Truth,” Tsunade smiles. The mist immediately dissipates. Orochimaru and Jiraiya stand close behind her in a triangle formation. They look around and see people on the walls. Not leaning against the walls, but actually ON the walls! The pale-eyed Hyugas stare at the newcomers impassively from their perches on the wall. They look straight up and see even more of people hanging upside down on the ceiling, all staring at them. They are everywhere, all around! If there is a flat surface to be found, they are on it, no matter how it defies the law of gravity.

The dots connect in his head as pictures and short video clips of Naruto suddenly are mentally imposed over each and every ninja in the room. “No way. It’s just a cartoon!”

From directly behind him, he hears Tara whisper dangerously, “Anime. Not a cartoon.” He jumps from his seat and backs up.

“That’s impossible! Weren’t you just over…” he trails off as he looks to where she was. Nothing is there. “Where’s my cousin when you need him?”

Kit tugs on his sleeve, “Carlos, what is it?”

“Kit…these are ninja. Real ninja!” Carlos practically shouts. Everyone stares at him, some in disbelief, others in amazement.

Tsunade smiles, “Take a seat, Carlos. This may take awhile to explain.”

One Hour Later:

Tsunade frowns at the glazed eyes of most of the recruits. “Well, that’s the long and short of it. It’s a lot to take in, so you have the rest of the day off. Dismissed.” They all get up to leave when Tsunade states, “Except for you, Kit. I would like to have a word with you.”

After seeing and hearing all that she has, the young woman ops to not move a muscle from her seat. Ninja all over the room disappear into thin air. Tsunade comes up to her and places a hand on her shoulder, “Relax, Kit.”

Kakashi places his hand on her other shoulder, “You should find this interesting.” He makes a hand sign and they disappear, reappearing a minute or so later in the forest.

Joyce walks up to a large tree and places her hand on it. Looking up into the branches, she says slowly, “I know I didn’t go into this much, but my Grandfather was the first Hokage. My uncle was fairly powerful too. Grandfather had a very special power. He could control trees; anything to do with wood. He created our village, a forest, by himself. He was the last of our clan that could activate that ability. It is an ability that only certain people of a family can do.”

“What does this have to do with me?” Kit inquires. She recalls the Sharingan, Byukugan, the ice mirrors, all examples of the blood abilities. The Kekei Genkai.”

Joyce sighs, removing her hand from the tree. She walks over to Kit and stares down into her eyes. “Because somehow, despite all odds, you have a Kekei Genkai.”

“Which one?” Kit asks, her eyes getting wide.

Joyce states, “His. My grandfather’s. You can manipulate wood.”

The young woman stammers, “No I can’t! That’s impossible!”

“Just like ninjas like us are impossible,” Angel interjects. “I know you can do it.”

“How do you know that I can do it?” Kit asks quietly.

Angel responds slowly, “This morning, you were meditating under a tree. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me at first, but I watched you. The tree you were leaning against grew. The branches were expanding and new leaves were starting to form, very slowly, but faster than should be possible.” He lifts up his eye patch and shows the swirling dots of his red eye. “My Sharingan showed me your energy being focused and accidentally directed into the tree. You have the power.”

“Well…what do I do to use it?” Kit inquires.

“Let’s start at what made it possible in the first place. Meditating,” Joyce replies. “It’s a good beginning. We know you can do it, it’s just a matter of consciously controlling your earth and water natures.” The blank look on Kit’s face makes Joyce sigh. “You’ll get the hang of it soon enough.”

Angel says, “As we said in the gym, that is a lot to take in for one day. Let’s take you home.” A shoulder touch and hand sign later, she is home.

We May change the order of some things: author’s note to selves

Somewhere in Utah:

Rupert Giles sits at a laptop, typing away to respond to his wide spy network. Stacks of paper surround the laptop on the table. A small messenger summoned toad sits next to him yapping away with the latest information from Sunnydale. Giles frowns as sites pop up on his screen. He clicks through them with the proficiency of Miss Calendar, thanks to the Jiraiyan influence overcoming his musty book standards.

“Repeat that,” Giles states to the toad.

The small yellow toad sighs loudly and says, “The new recruits training is going well and the vampire population in Sunnydale are virtually nonexistent. The Missing Nin are generally keeping to the bigger cities on vampire hunts.”

“Vampires always come,” Giles says to himself. “It doesn’t matter how many of them we kill, they always come. Something is keeping them away…or busy.” He clicks through sites faster as he thinks. “If I didn’t know any better, it looks like an information network in Sunnydale that isn’t mine. It’s well established. It has to pre-date mine otherwise I would have known about it.” A picture of the first mayor pops up. Giles rubs his chin thoughtfully. A picture of the second mayor pops up. “That’s impossible, isn’t it? The vampires aren’t staying away; they are being kept busy with activities in other cities! The vampire activity in L.A. and the surrounding areas has risen. Messenger, tell Lady Hokage to keep an eye on the Mayor! He’s not who he seems.” The toad nods and hops out the door. Giles’ eyebrow twitches as an explosion echoes behind him followed by Andrew’s war woops.

Dozens of Andrews jump around the side of the mountain, throwing sharp objects at each other. While small modified baseball shooting machines launch fast exploding balls at the Genin. “Come on, Pervy Sage!” shouts one of the Andrews. “This is too easy!” Two of the clones pop as balls hit them. “Or…maybe not. Never mind!”

Watcher’s Headquarters:

Travis, head of the Watchers, calls out, “Something is going on in Sunnydale, California that Rupert Giles is not telling us.”

“My sources say that vampire activity in that area has disappeared!” says another.

Another council member retorts, “Vampires are hardly the only threat there, sirs! Demons and monsters of all kinds flock there as well to try to open the Hellmouth. Kendra’s Watcher has verified that! Would you call him a liar as well?”


Kendra’s Watcher strolls into his apartment with his eyes glued to Kendra’s latest reports. Her training is going well. Rupert Giles should be given more credit, it would seem. He pours himself a drink of fruit juice and heads into the main room. Sitting in his easy chair is a dark haired man with a patch over his eye. The stranger turns the page of the book he is reading. “Hello, sir. I am here to discuss your ward Kendra.”

“What do you want? Who are you? Did the Watchers send you?” the Watcher demands, placing the paper aside on a shelf to confront the intruder.

The man sighs as he stands to his feet. “You could say that. I am a humble traveler. I have a request I was hoping you could help me with.” He lifts his eye patch and states solemnly, “In fact, Kendra told me that you would be most accommodating.”

End Flashback:

The councilman continues, “That Hellmouth is the most problematic of the Hellmouths on the planet! Both Slayers are needed there.”

Travis responds, “My sources say differently. Even the Gypsies of Romania have sent out warnings to their associates to stay away from Sunnydale. I say we send our Slayer Kennedy and her Watcher Wesley to Sunnydale to investigate. Wesley is fiercely loyal to us and Kennedy is firmly under our control.”

A council woman replies, “I agree. If there is nothing to hide, nothing will be discovered. If there is something that we don’t know about, they will find it. Send them. All in favor raise your hands.” Hands go up around the long table.

Travis intones, “Then it is agreed. Wesley and Kennedy are going to Sunnydale.”

Evening at the Mayor’s Office:

Mayor Wilkins strolls into his office whistling Dixie. The chair is facing away from him. He flips the light switch but nothing happens. He flips it up and down several times. He looks around, noticing a pile of dust with a gun sitting on top of it and the body of a demon next to it missing its head. He sighs and says, “Did you really have to kill my guards? They did not come cheap.”

The chair turns around and Orochimaru coos, “They were less than cooperative with my requests to see you, Mayor Wilkins the Third, or should I say the First and Second as well?”

“You could do either. I was wondering when you were going to show up, Orochimaru,” smiles the Mayor amiably. He sits on his desk, deftly snatching a jellybean from an overturned skull next to his name plate. Chewing on the jellybean, he mumbles, “What can I do for one of the Sannin?”

Orochimaru’s eyes glow with interest. “I am so glad you asked.”

To be continue... in Serpents Rising.

Authors notes: And we'er done! So did you like the surprise? Did anyone see it coming? As for the next story, some bad news. My co-author moved so he is not living as close as he was before, so be prepared for longer times between updates. These last two chapters could have been out much sooner, but we waited so we could get some work done on the next story. We are still in the outline part of it. I hate to say it, but it might be a month or more before the first chapter is posted. But do not worry, barring something big and major happening, we will continue! So until next time, stay safe!

The End

You have reached the end of "The Hidden Hand". This story is complete.

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