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The Hidden Hand

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Shinobi Rising". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween is over, so what happens now to our Slayer and her friends turn ninja? Will things be easier or will the evil unleasted be to much for them?

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Disclaimer: See chapter 1

Authors note: Just wanted to thank the few people who have reviewed our story. BUT, we sure could use more reviews! It helps us keep going! So review away! If you can see a way we can improve it, please tell us. Ideals are also welcome!

The man glances behind him into the darkness worriedly and thinks, ‘I think I finally lost it!’ He rushes forward towards the school. He runs to the nearest door and pounds on it.

“Can I help you, sir?” a voice says from behind him. He jumps and turns around to see the janitor.

The man sputters, “I’m looking for Rupert Giles!”

“He’s probably in the library. The back entrance is that way,” the janitor points. The man thanks him and hurries off.

Nearby, Giles, Cordelia, and Xander jump from rooftop to rooftop and drop to the ground near the school, instantly breaking into a slow walk. Giles talks on a cell phone quietly with Harmony and squints his eyes slightly when he notices a man reaching the library door and pounding on it hard. “Let me in!” the man yells. “It’s me, Phillip!”

Xander and Cordelia glance behind the man to see a slow moving figure heading towards the man. Xander points and says warningly, “Giles.”

Giles mutters, “I think I recognize him from somewhere.”

Joyce opens the library door and says politely, “Can I help you?”

“I’m Phillip, an old associate of Mr. Giles. It’s very important that I speak to him now!” the man says urgently.

Giles states, “Let him in. Now!”

Harmony calls from the library table, “Joyce, pull him in!” Joyce frowns and notices the strange chakra signature behind the man approaching. She yanks him into the library and slams the door shut before activating the lock seal.

A decrepit woman hobbles into the light of the library entrance and claws at the door savagely. Giles hangs up the phone and hands it to Cordelia. He cautiously approaches the woman as she continues clawing at the door and pounding against it. She seems to sense him and turns around. He recognizes her, “Deidre?” The veins in her skin are all bulging and she looks like she is about to fall apart. She tenses up as if she is about to lunge at him but she hesitates. She tilts her head slightly and stares at him. He frowns in confusion when she turns around and runs away as fast as she can. “Xander, Cordelia, hold back! Don’t get too close to her! Just tail her!” he shouts.

“Right!” Cordelia and Xander reply while they run after her. Giles joins them and continues the chase, careful not to get too close to her.

Phillip opens the library doors, Joyce having unsealed it after the creature ran away, and shouts after them, “Don’t go after her! She’s Eyghon!” His words stop Giles in his tracks. He halts his team with a gesture. He slowly turns to face him as the woman gets away.

“Eyghon?” Giles inquires gravely. “I thought Eyghon was gone.”

Phillip approaches him slowly, “Afraid not, old friend.”

Giles stares at the other man for a few seconds and says hesitantly, “Phillip, from college?” The man nods. “Phillip, you old dog! How are you doing?” Giles exclaims, giving him a brotherly hug.

“Not too well, in case you haven’t noticed,” Phillip replies dryly.

Giles frowns, “You have a good point. Come inside. We have much to discuss.” They start to go back to the library.

Xander asks, “What about her? She’s getting away. I can still get her if you want me to.”

Giles glances at him, “We can’t rush into this one. We’ll need to plan this one out.” Xander looks disgruntled but nods.

The team and their guest files into the library. The backup team of Joyce, Willow, and Harmony are already waiting for them. Willow and Harmony say simultaneously, “Hi, Xander!” They pause and glare at each other murderously.

Xander waves back, “Hi, girls.” He shudders at the killer intent radiating off of them.

After they all sit down, Joyce reactivates the door seal and takes her seat amongst them. “So,” she asks, staring at Giles pointedly, “What’s going on?”

Phillips frowns and glances around at the group. “Rupert, why are these people still here? We can’t afford to get them involved in this.”

Giles replies firmly, “We can’t afford for them not to be involved. Things have changed a bit since we last talked. These are my teammates.”

“Teammates?” Phillips inquires with a confused look on his face.

Giles sighs, “It’s a long story. Anyways, team, we’re facing a demon named Eyghon. When I was younger, in my more…wild days—“

“Wild? Giles? In the same sentence?” Xander interrupts, his voice laced with a mix of sarcasm and disbelief.

Giles glares and states reluctantly, “Yes. As I was saying! Before I was so rudely interrupted! Eyghon is a demon that can take control of an unconscious or dead person temporarily, leaving them with a feeling of power when they awaken, providing that they are alive.”

“Naturally,” drawls Xander before another glare and a smack on the head from Cordelia shuts him up. Cordelia ignores the relatively concentrated killer intent leaking from Willow and Harmony for smacking Xander.

An exasperated Giles sighs, “Anyways, my friends and I summoned him and let him take over one of us briefly until it killed the person it was possessing. We thought that it was over, but it’s been hunting us down since. It either came back or it never left. My guess is that it went into hibernation until the time was right to get to the rest of us. The last three people are I, Phillip, and Ethan.”

Cordelia twirls a kunai between her fingers absently, “So how do we kill it already?” Phillips gulps and eyes the spinning blade. Everyone else ignores it.

Giles replies, “It needs a body. If its current host is threatened and it cannot escape, it will leap into the nearest one. But if we did that, the problem would start all over again.”

Inner Willow shouts, ‘That guy is no match for us!’ Willow mutters to herself, “Do you want us to be possessed by a powerful demon or something?” ‘Of course,” Inner Willow smirks. ‘What else would impress Xander then to defeat a scary demon?’ Willow considers it, “You do have a point…”

“What we need to do,” continues Giles, “is separate the demon from the body it is in and prevent it from jumping into another body. Without a host, the demon will die.”

Joyce looks thoughtful and frowns, “We might need to contact the others for this one. There has to be at least one of them that know how to set up a barrier of some kind to trap the demon.”

Xander inserts, “Warren and Amy are good at barriers. They went as Orochimaru and Tayuya, remember?”

Joyce palms her forehead. “I should have remembered that. Orochimaru and his bodyguards were great at barriers, from what I heard about the Sand/Sound invasion.”

Harmony gushes, “Oh, Xander, that was so brilliant of you to remember something like that.” She clings to his arm quickly. She is quickly yanked off by Willow.

“Keep your grimey hands to yourself, H-Pig!” Willow storms, her inner Willow taking over.

Joyce slams her fist down on the table, sending a crack down the middle, ending right between the two girls. They jump back to their seats quickly, much to Xander’s relief. Giles glances at the table and mutters, “Great. Now we have to replace the table again.”

Joyce smiles sheepishly, “Sorry, again. I don’t know my own strength sometimes.”

“We do,” Willow and Harmony chime.

“Quiet,” Joyce orders. The two girls instantly shut up.

The librarian looks around at the group and says, “It’s getting late. I suggest that we meet at the Summer’s home. Let’s say 10 am. I’ll contact the others in the morning. Phillips, old chap, you’re staying with me.”

“Thank you,” Phillip replies thankfully. The ninja go their separate ways.

Once Giles and Phillip arrive at his apartment, Phillip inquires, “Um…shouldn’t we go somewhere safe or something? What if it comes back for us!”

“Don’t worry,” Giles replies easily. “I have enough seals protecting my apartment to last us through Armageddon. Oh, and I’ve got some reading material in case you can’t sleep that will go nicely with some Scotch. I wrote it myself. ” He leads his old friend into the building.

In the Sewers of Sunnydale:

The demon-possessed Diedre staggers through the smelly tunnels aimlessly until she comes to a large opening. She ducks into the carved out room. She looks around and sees a huge, muscular demon with the head of a rhino surrounded by candy wrappers. Chocolate is smeared all around its mouth and a beer can is hanging off of one of its claws. A fuzzy television flickers in front of it. The large broken easy chair barely holds the rhino demon’s weight.

Diedre staggers closer to it and grabs onto its neck and squeezes hard. Nothing happens. She squeezes as hard as she can, trying to kill it, but the snoring just gets louder. A flash of a hideous demon appears between her and the rhino before disappearing again. The woman’s eyes roll back and she disintegrates into a puddle of water. The demon’s eyes snap open and glow momentarily. The eyes shut and the snoring resumes, much to the distress of any other creatures trying to sleep nearby.

Next Day at the Summer’s House:

Joyce sits at the table sipping her coffee, though she misses her precious sake. In front of her, Harmony and Willow stand at opposing kitchen counters with large scrolls opened up and a dead fish lying in front of each of them. On the far counter is an empty aquarium. “Less chakra, Willow. More chakra, Harmony,” she mumbles, staring at her coffee sadly.

“Yes, Ma’am,” they respond simultaneously without noticing it. They adjust their chakra accordingly and ten seconds later both the fish spring to life. Willow quickly grabs onto hers and drops it into the aquarium. Harmony picks up the fish and runs for the aquarium, but she accidentally drops it on a large frying pan. She quickly picks it up again and drops it into the aquarium. “It was slippery,” whines Harmony.

Joyce states, “You’re a ninja, girl. Get over it. Good job, both of you, on completing the first step. You are progressing quickly.”

They both beam and Harmony replies proudly, “Well, what do you expect of someone as awesome as me?”

“You aren’t awesome!” Willow retorts. “She’s just saying that to you out of pity!”

They lunge at each other and are stopped midair by Joyce’s hands on their faces. “Sit!” she orders. They hurry to opposing chairs though their glares still meet in the middle of the room. Joyce sighs and sits back down to drink her coffee. “Don’t get cocky, girls. You still have a long ways to go.” They stick their tongues out at each other. “Cut it out! What are you? Two year olds? Anyways, if you got enough energy to fight like toddlers, then you have enough energy for the more physical activities of a shinobi! Go to the back yard and start your workouts for today.”

“But, it’s early!” Harmony whines.

“Yes, ma’am,” grumbles Willow as she starts towards the back door.

Harmony says quickly, “What about the meeting?”

“That gives you two hours to workout. Get started!” Joyce commands with a spike of killer intent, sending the girl running out the back door.

Two Hours Later:

Xander enters the house and calls, “Is anyone here?” He receives an answer from the living room. He walks into the living room to find most of the group there. He looks around for the Summers girls and finds Buffy and Dawn sitting by the kitchen window eating popcorn. “What are you doing?”

Buffy replies quietly, “Come and find out.” She tosses more popcorn into her mouth and munches happily. Xander goes to the window and stares at the scene. Willow and Harmony are running around the backyard in front of a large chakra-enforced concrete wall with glowing blue baseballs flying past them. Joyce grins wickedly and throws one ball after another. One of the baseballs hit Harmony and sends her flying into the wall.

“Dodge faster!” yells Joyce as she picks up another ball.

Willow complains, “But you keep speeding up the balls!”

“Dodge faster! If you want to be a medical ninja to help your teammates, you can’t get hit! You’re no good to your teammates if you’re dead!” Joyce repeats, throwing the baseballs. Harmony rolls out of the human-shaped imprint in the wall just in time. The baseball leaves a crater where she had landed.

The dark-haired boy glances down at the two eerily grinning girls. “Why are you enjoying this so much?” he asks worriedly.

Dawn looks up at him, “Because we aren’t the only ones who have to be trained by mom!”

“She trains you like that?!” Xander says in shock.

Buffy shakes her head, “No, this is nothing. Imagine living with her.” He shivers as a sense of impending doom washes over him. He shakes it off and prays to whatever powers that be that the feeling is not trying to warn him of something.

The librarian peeks into the kitchen, “Everyone has arrived. We’re ready to start the meeting.” He walks over to the window to see what they are looking at. “Um…you can tell her that we’re about to begin.” He quickly shushins back to the living room before they can answer him. The three exchange glances and quickly take out a kunai and a napkin. They write a note on the napkin and tie it to the kunai. Xander opens the kitchen door a crack and tosses the kunai. He and the girls run to the living room and to sit down as if nothing happened.

The kunai lands next to Joyce’s foot. She is too caught up in tort---training her apprentices to notice it until it lands. Startled, she hurls a baseball in the direction of the kitchen, taking out the kitchen door and the front door in one throw. Xander was a little slower then the other girls in getting to the living room and narrowly dodges the flying ball and doors. She picks up the kunai, reads the note, and sighs in disappointment. “It’s time to start the meeting.” The girls sigh in relief until they notice the doors. “Oops,” Joyce mutters.

Giles clears his throat once everyone sits down and introduces his former colleague Phillips and gives them a briefing on the situation. He hands out sheets with information about the demon. “We need to figure out a way to contain and destroy the demon,” Giles explains.

Warren smiles an Orochimaru smile, “I think myself and Amy may be able to help with that. Right, Amy?”

“Of course, Warren,” she nods quickly.

Giles continues, “We cannot afford to have it jump to another host. We have to keep it contained outside of any host’s body.” Warren and Amy cross their arms.

Warren says smugly, “Who do you think you are talking to, Jiraiya?”

Giles rolls his eyes, “Fine, Oro-Warren, you can handle it. But I will need to modify your work with magic that the demon is vulnerable to. Mere jutsu most likely will not hold it for long.”

“Backups upon backups,” Warren says airily, “I understand. Not too bad of a plan.”

“We’re so glad to have your approval,” Buffy states dryly.

Warren grins, “I know.” Xander and Willow quickly grab their friend’s arms to keep her in her seat. The snake ninja quickly appears in the opposite side of the room as the other Warren sinks into a pile of mud.

“You’re cleaning that up, young man,” Joyce warns. He nods quickly, having witnessed her training on his way to the living room earlier. Memory flashes of Orochimaru’s life around Tsunade when she lost her temper send shivers down his spine, not to mention the fact that she is the mother of the Slayer.

Miss Calendar inquires, “How are we going to track the demon? It’s probably taken another host by now.”

Giles smiles knowingly, “Oh, don’t worry about that. We will make it come right to us.”

Several of the ninja say, “Huh?” Oz tilts his head curiously and the sand in his gourd swishes around.

The librarian turns to Warren and Amy, “I’ll need your help for this part of the plan, too.” Warren and Amy exchange glances but listen attentively.

Late That Night; Sunnydale Sewers:

The rhino demon stomps along munching on tiny candy bars cheerfully on its way back to its home. Suddenly, its eyes flash yellow and it stops. It turns to the right and faces the wall. It stares at the wall as if it were looking through it into the distance. The power radiating from that direction is the most powerful signal it has ever felt. “Impossible,” it grunts.

The rhino demon hurries out of the sewers and makes its way to a clearing in Sunnydale Park. The demon sees Phillips standing in the middle of the clearing. The mark on his arm radiates the most alluring feeling the demon has ever felt, drawing it closer.

Phillips turns to him and grins, “Got you. Earth Style: Earth Shackles!” The demon frowns in confusion and huge earthen stalagmites shoot from the ground and cover its arms and legs. The dirt tightens around its limbs and holds it in place. The henge shimmers and Giles shouts, “Now, Warren!” He leaps to a safe distance and focuses on maintaining the jutsu.

Miss Calendar, Amy, Warren, and Jonathan jump into the clearing and start going through hand signs. Giles grunts as the huge demon struggles against the shackles, “Hurry up! It’s stronger than I thought!” They finish the hand signs and a one way barrier rises around the demon, boxing it in. Xander activates the preset explosive tags around the demon. The explosion stretches out against the barrier and retreats back, badly wounding the rhino’s thick hide.

Angel and Xander jump to the right and left of the barrier and launch fire jutsu into the chakra cage. The rhino demon finally collapses into flames. Eyghon abandons the other demon’s body in a panic and turns into spirit form. It slams against the barrier but cannot break through. The ninja sense something trying to get out and focus harder on keeping the barrier up. Miss Calendar chants in Latin and casts a spell to reinforce the barrier from magical attacks. The charges into the barrier become weaker and weaker until it finally stops. Eyghon deteriorates into a puddle of water and gets soaked into the earth for the last time. The tattoos on Phillips and Giles disappear.

The barrier lowers as the rest of the ninjas come out of hiding along with the real Phillip. The British man says, “Incredible! Tell me again how you did that!?”

Giles explains, “I henged myself, and since I’m not the greatest at Genjutsu, Warren and Amy put a more complex jutsu on me to hide my identity from the demon. I then, with the help with Warren and our combined knowledge of seals, greatly enhanced my tattoos homing signal, as it were, to drown out any of my power that leaked through the genjutsu. Miss Calendar and Jonathan are magically inclined, so they magically enhanced the barrier. We weren’t sure if a chakra-based barrier could hold a magical being, so they helped reinforce it with magic. We placed paper bombs within the radius of the barrier. As a further backup plan, the fire attacks were added and the second layer of magical reinforcement was cast. Eyghon is dead.”

Phillips stammers, “That’s incredible! And all of this is because of Ethan’s Halloween tricks?”

Warren grins, “That is correct.”

Faith comes out of nowhere and wraps her arm around Phillip’s neck seductively and purrs, “Don’t you love happy endings?” Jonathan glares at Phillips dangerously when he notices how close those two are, causing the older gentleman to gulp.

Giles smiles, “Let’s celebrate!”

Joyce states reluctantly, “No alcohol!”

Faith pouts, “But, Joyce! Do you have any idea how hard it is to go from the wild life of Anko to this with no alcohol at all?”

Joyce glares at her, “Don’t forget who I went as and that person’s habits.”

Andrew says loudly, “Party at the Summer’s house!” He runs off before they can object. They all come to an agreement and travel to the Summer’s home for the celebration.

Outside Sunnydale:

A car slows down as it approaches the Welcome to Sunnydale sign. It comes to a stop near it. Two people get out. A man walks forward and says, “So this is where he has been hiding out lately. If it wasn’t for the Hellmouth, it wouldn’t be much of a place for us to have fun.”

The woman approaches, sliding up beside him, “What about those other weird rumors? Aren’t you concerned about those, too?”

“You know how rumors get blown out of proportion. Most likely the Slayer got a little help and that news got out of hand.”

“And him having a soul?”

“It does not matter, either way we will have fun!” says the man. “So what say we find Angelus and find out so we can get this party started! So, shall we go, Elizabeth?”

“Yes, let’s go, James,” she purrs.

Author’s note: Cookies to anyone who guess who they are!

Omake #1:

Eyghon sinks into the earth…and possesses a passing mole. It looks around and squeaks, “I’m blind! I’ll never get out of here now!”

Omake #2:

Eyghon manages to break through the barrier and flies into the nearest person. Oz feels the demon enter him. Eyghon congratulates itself on surviving and turns around to face the towering figure of a giant raccoon demon.

“What do we have here?” Shukaku growls. “A chew toy!” Eyghon screams as the raccoon’s paw comes down on it. Oz feels a strange sense of satisfaction for the next several days but cannot pinpoint the reason for it. Maybe it was the absence of the demon raccoon’s usual chatter, or maybe it was the happiness radiating off of the demon. Either way, he didn’t care as long as the demon left him alone.

End Omakes

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