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The Hidden Hand

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Shinobi Rising". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween is over, so what happens now to our Slayer and her friends turn ninja? Will things be easier or will the evil unleasted be to much for them?

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Disclaimer: See chapter 1

Author Note: You know, I did not know how addictive reviews were until me and my friend started writting the prequal to this story, and how many of you wanted it to be continued. So we did. And now it seems like we lost may of you. I am tempted to stop at the end of season 2 for lack of interest in this story. But if we can get at least 5 reviews from 5 different people saying they at least like how we are doing and want us to continue, we will do so. I also want to thank those who have reviewed. And as always, if you see something that can be improved, please let us know. And any ideals are welcome.

At the Sunnydale Mall in the Evening:

Joyce holds up a long green dress with a low v-shaped neckline admiringly. Her eldest daughter tries to pull her away to a more conservative section of the store. “Mom, you are not wearing that!” Buffy exclaims.

“Oh, I think it would look rather good on me, don’t you agree, Dawn?” Joyce smiles.

Dawn looks up from the book she is reading and nods, “It looks good, mom.” She looks back to her book.

“Dawn!” Buffy exclaims. “We don’t want her wearing this!”

“Don’t wear that, mom,” Dawn says without looking up from her book. “Or do. You’re the ‘responsible adult’. I refuse to be dragged into this.” Joyce flashes a grin at Buffy who practically has steam coming out her ears.

She is about to try to convince her mother not to wear it when she senses something wrong. The Slayer turns around and notices two men dressed as if they were from a cowboy show. They slowly near a girl playing pinball in a mostly abandoned arcade across the hall. “Dawn, I need your eyes,” Buffy says seriously.

Dawn looks up from her book again with a sigh and murmurs, “Byakugan.” The veins around her eyes pulsate as she examines their chakra. She sighs unhappily and deactivates it.

“Well?” Buffy demands.

Dawn stares into her book studiously, “You’re the Slayer, not me. I don’t have to do anything other than sit here and enjoy my book. You can’t make me.”

Buffy growls, “I wasn’t going to ask you to do anything. I just wanted to make sure they were vampires before I did anything. Mom, let’s go deal with them!”

Her mother stares at the dress for a moment longer and hanging it back on the shelf. She glances over at the vampires and raises an eyebrow, “You can’t handle two vampires?”

“Just come on!” Buffy frowns.

Joyce looks at the dress again and says, “Don’t worry, I’ll be back to buy you later.” She notices Buffy’s infuriated expression out of the corner of her eye and smirks. She thinks, ‘Success!’

Buffy growls, “Not happening!” She guides her mother out of the store and tries to casually approach the vampires. Joyce makes a hand sign and a low level genjutsu blankets the arcade. “And who might you gentlemen be?” she inquires politely.

The vampires look over the two women and grin, “We’re the Gorch Brothers!” The younger one says, “I’m Tector. This is my brother Lyle.”

Joyce inquires playfully with a wink, “Would you like to come with us?”

Lyle approaches her, eyeing her hungrily. “How about we just talk here?” Joyce slides a stake out of her sleeve and stabs him through the heart in one smooth motion. Tector stares at surprise as his brother turns into dust. Buffy snaps a small fan from her sleeve and blows the ash away before anyone can notice it.

Tector growls, “You just killed my brother!”

“Great deduction, detective. Here’s your medal,” Buffy retorts as she decapitates him with a single blade of wind from her fan. With another snap of her wrist, his ashes scatter into the shadows. She smirks, “I’ve still got it.”

“The quips or the wind jutsu?” Joyce inquires.

Buffy says defensively, “Both of course!”

“Good. You should still have it after all the training you have done,” Joyce grins sadistically. Buffy shivers at the memories and suggests that they go to check on Dawn. Joyce releases the genjutsu. They arrive back at the small store to find Dawn still engrossed in her book.

Dawn states, “You took your time.” She continues reading.

“They weren’t any challenge,” Buffy smiles. “Let’s head home!”

Joyce reaches for the dress as she says, “After we buy this!”

“NO!” yells Buffy, slapping her mother’s hand away quickly. “You are not buying that!”

Joyce slowly smiles conspiratorially, “Than you buy it.”

Buffy glares at her mother for a long moment. “Fine, but you better not steal it later! I am only buying this so you don’t get your hands on it.”

“Of course, dear,” Joyce responds cheerfully.

Buffy takes the dress and says suspiciously, “This isn’t for Ted, is it?”

Joyce’s smile widens, “I have no idea what you mean, Buffy.” Dawn rolls her eyes. Buffy pays for the dress and they leave the store.

Dawn puts her book away and says, “This job is getting too easy around here!”

“Dawn,” Buffy states with a twitching eye. “You just jinxed us.”

Her younger sister protests, “I did not!”

Next Day at Sunnydale High School:

Buffy strolls into the library where Miss Calendar’s team is finishing their nightly report while Faith’s team checks their reports for anything that may be helpful to them for that night. Giles looks up from what he is working on and smiles, “Buffy! You’re just in time! I finished my new security system for the school.” Buffy sits down across from him. He pushes a group of papers over to her. “I set up an array of seals around the school that should alert us as soon as anything nonhuman enters the building!” A seal on the paper suddenly flashes green.

“What does green mean?” Buffy inquires.

Giles is still giving his animated explanation, “Yellow means vampire and green means demon! Why do you ask?”

“Because the paper just turned green,” Buffy says nonchalantly. She pushes the paper back to Giles who quickly examines it and figures out which seal went off.

He says, scratching the back of his neck, “It came in through the front door? That’s not right!”

Buffy replies slowly, “Shouldn’t we hear students panicking and screaming if a demon walked in through the front door?”

“Let’s go investigate,” Giles frowns. “Please tell me I didn’t mess up this system.”

Buffy pats him on the shoulder sympathetically, “You didn’t mess up the system. It’s just messed up on its own.” He just stares at her for a minute or two. “Is something on my face?” Buffy asks once she notices his odd staring.

“No,” Giles says. He sighs, “Let’s go investigate.”

Buffy says cheerfully, “Nothing better than starting off the school day with tinkering with your new demon alarm system!” He sighs again but she ignores him. The two head towards the entrance of the school. He calls over his shoulder, “Finish up what you’re doing. If you hear screaming, come running.”

The librarian and Buffy reach the front entrance. He pauses and frowns. “Is something wrong, Giles?”

He looks around warily and frowns deeper, “I could have sworn I felt something, but it’s gone now. I’ll check the seals and make sure it was done properly. Maybe it was a false alarm.”

Buffy shrugs, “Oh well! It’s no skin off my nose. I’d better head off to class. Later, Giles!” He returns her wave goodbye and starts to check the seals.

Biology Class:

Buffy walks into the room but stops as soon as she steps into the room. She looks around until her eyes rest on the teacher, who is sitting at his desk in the front of the room. She thinks, ‘Something’s not right.’ and sits down in her seat. On each desk is an egg. Buffy frowns as she senses demonic chakra. She slowly looks over at the teacher who is shuffling through papers. Willow leans over to her once she takes her seat and whispers, “Did you notice it too?”

“Yeah, I noticed,” Buffy frowns. “Something is off about the teacher.”

Xander retorts from across from Willow, his eyes blood red, “There is something up with these eggs too. They’re giving off the same chakra as the teacher. It’s not human.”

Buffy whispers, “So Giles’ seals were right! I’ll have to tell him when we get back to him. We should bring him the eggs and collect them from the other students. It’s not like anyone really wants to do the assignment, whatever it is.”

Willow frowns, “We’d better switch them with regular eggs so that nobody notices.” The trio nods in agreement.

Xander volunteers, “I suggest that I follow the teacher home after school and investigate.”

The Slayer shakes her head quickly, “You’re not going without backup. Willow and I will join you, right, Willow?” The red head sighs as she mentally discards all plans for that evening but nods. Inner Willow cheers, ‘We’re going to be spending quality time with Xander! Cha!!’ Willow instantly straightens up in her chair, trying to cover her blush as much as she can.

“We’d better let Giles know that the alarm was working and what we are planning,” Willow says thoughtfully.

Buffy nods in agreement, “I’ll tell him between classes.” Willow nods quickly with a grin at the thought of having Xander all to herself with Buffy busy. Xander glances at the two girls and answers with a typical Uchiha “Hn.”

Lunch Time in the Library:

Buffy just done finishing the report to Giles. He cleans his glasses and sighs, “Oh dear, a demon disguised as a teacher. I’ll keep an eye on him and see what he is up to here at school while you are in class. I can keep a shadow clone in the library. I’ll call Angel to get the eggs to substitute with the demon ones your classmates have.”

“I’ll get Jonathan in touch with Angel once he arrives so that he can tell him where all the eggs are,” Buffy offers. Giles smiles at her thinking.

Soon After School Gets Out:

Angel casually strolls through the crowd of students. “Target sighted, ten feet to your left at 11 o’clock. It’s in the lower left pocket on their backpack,” Jonathan says over their communication devices. The former vampire double clicks his tongue in acknowledgment and immediately changes direction towards the student with the egg.

He slips up behind the student and switches out the eggs with skillful ease before walking away. The egg disappears without a trace into his clothes. “Six down,” Jonathan says calmly. “Next target: twenty feet behind you at 6 o’clock in her purse.” Angel clicks his tongue again and starts backtracking in the next student’s direction.

At the Teacher’s House:

Xander looks around the furniture while Buffy peers into dresser drawers. Willow checks the kitchen cabinets. “We’re lucky he left right after he got here, makes things easier for us. Though, I’m not finding anything,” calls Xander.

Willow replies, “No luck here either.”

“Keep looking,” Buffy responds. “There should be at least one thing out of the ordinary here.”

Xander drawls, “Maybe you should have brought Dawn with us.”

“Stop complaining and keep looking,” Buffy says with a scowl.

They continue searching for about an hour but nothing suspicious is found. The trio starts to walk away from the house. “That’s weird,” Buffy frowns. “We should have been able to find something.”

“If it’s not there, where would it be?” Willow inquires.

Back at the School:

Giles follows the teacher into the boiler room. Noticing a basketball sized hole in the cement floor, he slips behind the teacher and knocks him out with a chop to the neck. He stares down the hole, noticing a strong stench and demonic chakra leaking out of it. A tentacle slowly creeps out of the hole and moves towards him and the fallen teacher only to be impaled to the floor with a kunai. A shrill shriek erupts from the floor. It manages to dislodge the kunai and withdraw back into its hole.

He goes through a series of hand signs and states, “Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!” He exhales a deep breath of fire into the hole, covering every nook and cranny of the small underground cavern. Several of the rocks melt from the intense heat of the jutsu. The loud shrieks die down to nothing as the demon and all of her eggs are turned into piles of ashes. He smiles, “That went well, all things considered!” He looks over at the teacher and watches as a small rat-octopus like creature drops off from the teacher’s back and squirms around on the floor for a few seconds before dying.

The teacher starts to wake up and rubs his neck. “What happened?”

Giles places a small henge over the creature’s body and helps the teacher to his feet. “I thought I heard something down here and I found you passed out. Are you okay?”

The teacher nods and mumbles, “Yeha, I think I’m okay. I have a splitting headache!”

“It’ll pass,” Giles says knowingly. “Things like that always do.” He helps the teacher out of the room.

Later that Night at the Summer’s House:

Buffy hangs up the phone and calls to her family, “Giles says that the demon and her eggs were destroyed. The babies apparently can’t live without the mother.”

“Good, I’m glad that was taken care of without too much trouble. Though, I wish that some children had as much appreciation for their mothers as those demons did!” Joyce replies.

Dawn pats her mother’s arm, “It’s okay, mom. You know you’ll always be the center of our training.”

“Your training?” Joyce says as her eye begins to twitch.

Dawn nods as Buffy slowly edges towards the door. “Yes, mom, our training! Nobody else could possibly run us into the ground like you do!” Buffy opens the door and dives out, running into Xander and Willow. They take one look at her eyes and start running. A moment later, the kitchen table flies out through the window onto the front lawn. Xander quickly casts a genjutsu over the lawn so that they don’t attract attention of any neighbors.

“She just had to say it!” Buffy grumbles.

Xander rolls his eyes, “At this point, I don’t even want to know! Let’s go inside before Dawn says something that will end with your house exploding.” The three friends link arms and march to the destruction zone.

They hear Dawn say through the broken window, “See! That’s a perfect example of what you train us to endure!” They duck as a chair flies through the already broken window, shattering what is left of the glass.

Buffy sighs, “This is going to be a long night.”

Willow says quickly, “Let’s stop Dawn from saying anything else before it’s too late!”

As the trio tries to restrain Joyce, Xander says, “On the bright side, we don’t have to deal with any demon eggs taking us over!”

“I’m almost wishing for those right now!” Buffy shouts as she flies through the air, lands on her feet, and pounces back onto her mother.

Dawn says calmly, “Yeah, those demon eggs were pretty easy. I wish we had something harder to deal with.”

Buffy glares at her younger sister, killer intent coming off in waves. “What did I say about jinxing us! If you want harder, you try to come over here and face the music!”

Dawn glances at the window and at the three teenagers being thrown around like ragdolls. She shakes her head quickly and replies, “I’m good!”

Hidden Location:

A man kneels on one knee with his head bowed to the person in front of him. “You have done well! You have fulfilled your potential much faster than I anticipated,” a voice says from the shadows. “With the power you have now, you can take on the most experienced of our enemies with ease.”

The man looks up revealing himself to be James. “Of course, Master. I will crush them!”

“Good,” the master says as he slowly walks out of the shadows. “Do not fail me.”

James bows his head again, “I will not fail, Lord Orochimaru!”

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