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The Hidden Hand

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Shinobi Rising". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween is over, so what happens now to our Slayer and her friends turn ninja? Will things be easier or will the evil unleasted be to much for them?

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Disclaimer: See chapter 1

Saturday Night in a Sunnydale Park:

Joyce sighs as she tries to tune out Willow and Harmony’s bickering. She checks her watch and switches on her radio. The two girls instantly quiet down when they hear it turn on. “We’re reporting in. We are at the east park,” Joyce says clearly.

On the other end of the conversation, Joyce can hear Jenny inquire, “Are they still at it?”

Joyce glares at the two girls who slowly inch away from her. “Yeah, they’re still at it.”

“Nothing else to report?” Kendra says from behind Miss Calendar.

Joyce replies, “Nothing else to report. Tsunade, out.”

“Shizune, out,” Jenny answers before ending the transmission. The moment that the transmission clicks off, the two girls start bickering again.

Joyce releases killer intent at them in waves, “Will you two shut up!” The redhead and blonde shut their mouths with an audible snap. “Thank you! Now pay more attention to your surroundings or I will double your training!” They pale and nod quickly. The two girls refuse to look at each other as they take in their surroundings. Joyce sighs, “Hopeless.”

The trio continues through the park slowly. A loud scream erupts from further ahead of them in the darkness. They dart towards the sound while Willow and Harmony draw their kunai. Joyce rolls up her sleeves and they leap into a clearing. A woman is lying screaming on the ground with two figures standing over her, their mouths nearing her neck. The two girls fling their kunai at the figures, stabbing their backs. The two men turn around to show their vampiric visages. The vampires snarl and charge at them. The girls quickly close the distance between them and engage them close to the woman.

Joyce jumps over to the woman who is lying face down on the ground with a long jacket on her. “Are you okay?” she inquires gently and lifts the woman up, turning her over. The woman giggles and stares at the ninja with a dazed, slightly crazed look in her eye. Joyce looks down to see a vest loaded with explosives on the woman’s chest. She notices a detonator in the woman’s hand. Her finger is resting on the button. Joyce pushes the woman away and jumps back while yelling, “Scatter!” The two kunoichi jump back just as an explosion lights up the area. The vampires explode into flames, accidentally blocking part of the explosion from hitting its targets. The ninjas slowly rise to their feet, covered in small bruises. They look around, slightly dazed from the sudden explosion.

“What happened?” Willow asks, wiping off some blood from her clothes from the woman.

Harmony glares at her and snaps, “I think somebody just tried to kill us, genius! What do you think happened?” A loud bang echoes through the clearing. The two girls quickly glance towards the sound and see Joyce stumble to the ground, hand on her left shoulder and covered in blood.

The two girls start to move to help her but she holds up a hand and whispers harshly, “I’m okay. Don’t move. I thought I felt a killer intent in the direction of the shooter and managed to dodge in time, mostly.” She slowly pulls herself back up onto her feet.

Willow suddenly senses a chakra signature behind her and twirls around with another kunai drawn. She looks around but nobody seems to be there. She catches the glint of a blade from her left in her peripheral vision and manages to deflect three throwing knives before they can hit her. She hears the grass rustle towards her right. She looks but still cannot spot anyone. Harmony sees the knives clatter around her rival and frowns, “What’s going on?”

“Quiet!” Joyce hisses. Willow looks towards her right warily and then to her left. As she turns her head, a knife appears above her.

Harmony shouts, “Look out!” Willow twirls on her heel and barely blocks the knife with her kunai, only to feel a sharp pain in her left side. The red haired kunoichi slowly looks down to see a knife sticking out of her. “No!” Harmony yells as she flings a kunai at the space in front of Willow. It passes her and lands in the grass nearby.

An explosion of leaves and branches from a bush erupts near Harmony and a massive dark green skinned demon charges at the blonde with its huge claws reaching for her as it roars. Joyce shouts, “It’s an ambush!”

Willow whispers, “Yeah, I got that part.” She senses the chakra signature behind her again and she moves forward just enough for another knife to make a glancing slash across her back. She grunts in pain and staggers forward. She tosses a kunai behind her as she stumbles to the ground, but it does not make contact with anything.

The Sannin senses another wave of killer intent in her direction and quickly moves, but still receives a grazing shot to her leg. She lands roughly on the ground and thinks, ‘This is not good!’ Dozens of demons and vampires pour out of the bushes and charges towards them on all sides. ‘How could I not sense them?’ Joyce thinks in a near panic. She grabs her radio and shouts, “We’ve been ambushed! Send reinforcements to the park!” Listening for a reply, she gets an earful of static. ‘Jammed? But how?’ She glances up to see the first wave of demons and vampires jumping at her. She smashes the first few aside with her super strength but can only do so much from the ground.

The demons and vampires laugh as they rush at her. Growling, she smashes the ground hard with her fist. A shockwave blasts them back along with shattering the ground around her in all directions. Any demons and vampires near her fall to the ground, and in some cases, into the broken ground. She leaps away from the oncoming monsters, flashes through a few hand signs, and begins healing her leg. It quickly heals and she begins work on her shoulder with her eyes on the creatures in front of her that are slowly getting back to their feet. She reaches into her pouch and pulls out a pair of tweezers. She quickly but carefully reaches into her shoulder and yanks out the bullet. She continues healing the wound, dropping the bloody bullet into the pouch to examine later. Unfortunately, she does not have a chance to fully heal her arm as the creatures begin to charge at her again.

With Willow:

Willow is spinning in a small circle while attempting to fight off eight demons and vampires along with the unseen assailant. As she whirls between the hostile creatures, she whips an enchanted blade from her belt and slashes at a vampire. Airborne blades from the unseen opponent barely knick her cheeks and legs as she moves. The red-haired ninja ducks over a demon who has spikes covering his skin. She dodges under his arm and stabs him in the shoulder joint. Spinning on her heel, she slaps the side of his head with a chakra enhanced blow, leaving behind an explosive note. She hooks his leg with hers and twirls him into the air onto another demon. Willow senses another creature behind her, and stabs the oncoming vampire in the throat before roughly leaving an explosive note on its forehead. A moment later, it flies into its comrades with a fist sized indent on his stomach. She snaps her fingers and the pieces of paper detonate. She watches carefully as the explosions rock the landscape around her.

She notices some dirt landing in midair. Narrowing her eyes, she glances at the ground and notices the grass being pressed down. All of this is done in under a second. She throws the enchanted knife with all of her might into the upper part of that area. With a burst of blood and a thud, a body collapses on the ground with the blade sticking out of its forehead. The rest of the body slowly becomes visible as its fingers stop twitching, still holding its throwing knives.

Back with Harmony:

The blonde fights off the claws and teeth of her enemies and back flips away from them. She breathes heavily while smirking, despite her messy appearance, “I’ve wanted to try this one for awhile!” She forms an odd hand sign and states, “Mind Destruction Jutsu!” The gigantic demon charging at her suddenly stops, his claw a few inches from her face. He roars and turns around, grabbing onto and throwing around his companions.

“What are you doing, man!” a vampire shouts while dodging under its arm. His head is removed before he can continue the conversation via a swing from the other arm. Harmony grins and watches as the demon decimates everyone around her. Sweat starts forming on her forehead as she focuses more on the jutsu. Her hands shake slightly and she glares at the demon. As its claws rips the last demon in half and turns to the very last vampire, she whispers to herself, “I wish I’d practiced with dad more when he was explaining this in detail! Well, Ino’s dad, but whatever!” She watches as the last vampire has his head shoved out the wrong end of his body and implodes. She winces, “That’s gotta hurt.” She focuses harder and forces the demon to pick up a kunai on the ground. Her hands wobble and she hisses, “L-losing control!” She staggers backwards as he breaks free from the jutsu. The green skinned demon shakes its head slowly, looking around before staring at the kunai in its hand. He crumbles the kunai in the palm of its hand before tossing it over his shoulder and staring down at her. She smiles and whispers while breathing heavily, “Hi.” He growls loudly at her. She slowly slides her hands into her pouches on the back of her waist. He growls louder at her, making her hair blow back from the force of his growl. She quickly throws kunai at him with a blade between each of her fingers and wildly tosses them at him. The majority of them bounce off or miss him completely. After she stops throwing the weapons, he chuckles deeply.

He growls with a bit of difficultly, “M-misssssed.”

She smirks, “Think again, Jolly Green Giant! Kai!” He glances around quickly to see all of the weapons on the ground around him having paper tags connected to their handles. All of the tags glow brightly. He looks back up at her and lets out a loud roar of sheer rage as the tags detonate in a large explosion. She is thrown back by the aftershock of the blast, bouncing along the ground for a few feet before regaining her footing and tossing her hair over her shoulder. “Game over, ugly.” The demon stumbles forward a few steps out of the smoke. She frowns and says weakly, “You’re still alive? That puts a kink in my plans for today.” He growls and then rushes forward with his claws extended. She dashes towards her while drawing her last two kunai. She glances at them and thinks, ‘Better make them count! Last ones!’ She forces chakra to her feet and forces herself forward faster. As the demon’s claws near her face, she drops to the ground and slides down between his legs. The claws tear up the ground where she was and he almost falls over while looking at where she went. She stabs the ground with the kunai to stop herself before leaping into the air and landing on his wide muscular back. She plunges the blades hard into his back and does a back flip off. He turns around and slashes at her, but barely nicks her ponytail. She lands safely and forms a hand sign quickly. “Kai!” The tags connected to the kunai explodes. The demon staggers to its knees as the explosion tears apart its back and chest cavity. He lets out a gurgled growl at her as his claws grip and tear up the ground in front of him. “Just die already!” she screams at him. His growling finally ceases and he falls forward. He lands with a loud thud in front of her, finally dead. She lets out a deep breath and sighs. Her shoulders sag forward and she pants, “Finally, it’s over.”

With Joyce:

Four demons and vampires stand back and stare at her in shock. Around her are the bodies of their pals that either are missing their torsos, have large wholes through their stomachs, or are missing limbs. She is holding up one finger to them and gesturing them forward before clenching her hand back into a fist. A vampire whispers to a demon, “I know we were paid a lot for this, but did you get paid enough for this?” The demon slowly shakes its head with its eyes never leaving the Sannin.

Suddenly, Joyce swings her left side of her body backwards just as another shot rings out, missing her. ‘Got you!’ she thinks, as she jumps high and towards the shooter. ‘Even though you moved each time and was somehow able to masked your presents somewhat, I know I would eventually pinpoint your location.’ As she jumps, she grabs several kunai and explosive notes from her pouch, putting an explosive note with each kunai. When she gets to the height of her jump, she throws the kunai at the shooters location.

For the sniper, it looked like Joyce had just stepped out of the way of his shoot just as he pulled the trigger, and then she disappeared. He looked around quickly but could not find her. He was just about to leave and make his way to the next position like the last times he shot, when he heard several thumping sounds around him. He looks just in time to see one of the kunai that had landed near him with a burning piece of paper on, just before it and the rest explode.

Joyce smiled from on top of a tree and jumped back to the four she had left behind and smiled at them again. “So much for your sniper.” She says, while continuing to smile and without taking her eyes off of them.

“There isn’t enough cash in this world to be enough for this!” one of the demons grumbles in a gravelly voice.

The vampire nods in agreement and slowly calls to Joyce, “Ma’am, I know that we’re trying to kill you and all, but do you mind if we just run away?”

“Be my guest,” she smirks. “But you had better be faster than I am.” The vampire looks even paler than it normally is and gulps.

He whispers to the demon, “I don’t have to outrun her.”

“You don’t?” the demon inquires incredulously.

The vampire stares at the demon intently, “I just have to be faster than you!” He stabs the demon in the leg with a knife and takes off running. The remaining uninjured demon and vampire take off after the first one in a panic.

The demon shouts after them, “Cowards!” He turns back to face the Sannin but she is gone. “Huh?” He hears screams and yells of pain and terror in the forest behind him. He slowly turns around to see what it is and finds Joyce standing over their dead bodies while flexing three fingers. “You did that all with three fingers?” he exclaims.

She slowly grins, “Three enemies, three fingers. You’re only one demon. I have ten fingers.” He slowly gulps. “Now,” she continues while advancing on his position slowly, “You are going to tell me everything I want to know.” He tries to move, but the killer intent radiating off of her is pinning him in place. Seeing the remnants of the bodies of his former friends and the very scary woman approaching him, he does the best thing that he knows how to do. He starts rambling as if his life depended on it, telling her everything that he has ever done wrong from age three till present day, in detail and how much he regretted every single deed. He is in tears before he finishes. She stands in front of him with a notebook taking notes. The killer intent continues pulsating off of her while she writes down any relevant information with an even scarier smile. After he finishes, she inquires politely, “Is there anything else?”

“And I took a tootsie roll from the hardware store without paying for it! I’m so sorry!!” he says frantically.

She smiles and leans in close to him. Joyce whispers in his ear, “I want you to go earn honest money, open a charity for orphans, and become the proud sponsor for a new branch of the Red Cross in Sunnydale or any of the surrounding communities. Do you understand?” He nods so quickly she is almost afraid that he will suffer from whiplash. “Good. If you don’t, I will know.” He pales into a deathly white. “Now get out of my sight.” The killer intent disappears. Without a moment’s hesitation, he takes off running for the next town as if a hellhound were on his heels, apparently forgetting all about the knife sticking out of his leg and leaving a trail of blood.

The team heal themselves as they gather back together. “Report your status,” orders Joyce tiredly.

Harmony sighs, “I am soo tired! Who were those guys?”

Willow answers, “I don’t know, but I’m alive.” She pulls a blade out of her side and heals the wound.

Joyce activates her radio set and attempts to make contact with the library. “This is Tsunade, reporting in! Can anyone here me? Please respond.” She waits for an answer but only receives static. She frowns and glances at her students, “Let’s head back. Be ready for anything when we reach the library. It could be another trap.” Willow and Harmony nod understandingly but wearily. They sprint into the forest, healing more of their wounds as they go.

At the Library Right After the Check In Time for Joyce’s Team:

“Shizune, out,” Miss Calendar says as she breaks off the transmission. She sets down the microphone and turns to the others to say something when the far wall explodes towards them. The trio jumps back and tilts a table back to stop any debris from hitting them. They glance out from behind the table to see a bus sticking out of the wall with demons and vampires pouring out of it.

Amy says loudly, “Did you invite them?” Jenny shakes her head quickly.

Kendra spins Mr. Pointy between her fingers and growls, “We have uninvited guests.”

Jenny states coldly, “They’re getting braver. Let’s put the fear of US back into them, shall we?” The vampires and demons charge forward when the three ninja seem to disappear. They reappear near the middle of the group and starts stabbing and slashing at their ranks with lethal results.

Kendra staggers as a shot rings out. She glances at her barely grazed right elbow and stares in the direction that the sound came from in the direction of the bus. “This is my favorite shirt,” she snarls. Blue chakra starts sparking from her fingertips. She flashes through hand signs and shouts, “Lightning Style: Lightning Tiger Jutsu!” Electricity sparks off of her and forms a large tiger made out of lightning. It roars and charges at the bus, ripping through the side of it when it pounces through the front window. The glass shatters and the woman dressed like a police officer screams as electricity courses through her body and starts roasting her from the inside out. The tiger dissipates through the metallic bus, leaving behind a charcoal heap in the driver’s seat.

The library door suddenly shatters open and a motorcycle drives into the center of the room with two people on it, followed by several more demons and vampires. The driver, a demon in biker’s clothing, shouts, “Somebody didn’t invite us to the party!” Miss Calendar quickly pulls back her sleeve and launches four needles from her sebon launcher. The demon is impacted with the needles in the chest and throat. He laughs as he takes off his open leather jacket. “What’s that supposed to do?” The other rider glances at the needles and notices a very small orb connected to each of the needle’s ends, draining quickly of a greenish liquid. The biker demon suddenly spasms and roars with pain. The acid seeps through the demon’s bloodstream, tearing him from the inside out. He collapses, blood running out of his fingers, toes, and eyes. She launches another barrage and the second rider ducks behind the motorcycle, one lodging itself in his helmet. He quickly tosses his helmet away and glares at the dark haired woman.

Kendra and Amy dart forward, slashing and stabbing viciously. Kendra pushes them back while Amy jumps back and pulls out her flute. She starts playing a haunting melody that fills the library. The demons and vampires start straining against the air. They look around and see chains blasting out of the floor and walls, pinning them in place. The remaining man from the motorcycle steps forward and slowly smirks. His form wavers and he collapses into a pile of maggots. The multitude of bugs crawls forward slowly en mass. Amy frowns darkly at the oncoming maggots and gestures with her eyes at the trapped demons and vampires. Calendar nods and she and Kendra rush forward, smoothly executing them one by one. Amy slowly moves the flute from her lips to allow the bodies to fall and the bugs to reform into a solid form. He grins and quickly walks towards her. She returns his grin with a smirk of her own and quickly slides four tags from her pouch. Amy launches the paper tags with odd symbols on them on the ground around him in a tight square in quick succession before forming a hand sign. “Ninja Art: Cage Barrier!” she shouts. A purple barrier quickly shoots up from the tags, preventing him from leaving the barrier. “Shizune, fireball!”

Miss Calendar forms hand signs and states, “Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!” She breathes out a large fireball that flows through the barrier and covers the bug man. He falls into a heap of roasting maggots and when the last one stops moving, Amy unseals the barrier.

Kendra looks around at the corpses and calls to Miss Calendar, “What was that all about?”

Miss Calendar replies, “Give me a second!” She turns on the radio and instantly receives loud static. She picks up the phone and frowns. “The phone is dead.” She pulls out her cell phone and raises an eyebrow. “I’m getting no service. What is going on here!”

“We should go look for the away team,” Amy states.

Kendra shakes her head, “We should stay here in case the away team comes back.”

“We stay for now until we get instructions. We should remain in familiar area where the other teams can find us,” Miss Calendar answers. Amy frowns but nods.

Kendra says as she takes in the carnage, “Let’s hope nothing else goes wrong.”

To be continued...
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