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The Hidden Hand

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Shinobi Rising". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween is over, so what happens now to our Slayer and her friends turn ninja? Will things be easier or will the evil unleasted be to much for them?

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Disclaimor: See chapter one

Author's note: Just wanted to say thank you all for your reviews. It really helps us to keep going. Please keep them coming.

Summer’s House 15 minutes before the Attacks:

Angel hugs Buffy goodbye and walks away from the house. Buffy gazes after him wistfully before closing the door and going into her house. He walks down the street and pauses on the street corner when he senses a presence behind him. Joyce says with her arms crossed, “So, Angel, how are you handling Kakashi’s…habits?”

He glances over his shoulder at her, “There haven’t been any problems. My tardiness has improved a lot and there are no Icha Icha books in this universe to read.”

“No problems at all?” she inquires. She leans back against the lamppost. “That’s weird. Andrew seems to be more brash like Naruto. Dawn is shyer like Hinata. Even myself, I have to stop myself from gambling and drinking myself into oblivion. But, you have no problems to speak of?”

He starts sweating and shakes his head quickly, “Well…not really!”

“Kakashi, you wouldn’t lie to Buffy, would you?” she says slowly. “Or to your Hokage?”

He scratches the back of his head nervously. “Well, now that you mention it…every now and then…I have a strong urge to read the one Icha Icha book that came with the costume. But it’s only one book!”

Joyce raises an eyebrow, “Only urges?”

He sighs with defeat, “Okay, I read it every once and awhile.”

Joyce smirks, “As long as you haven’t turned completely into a pervert, I guess I can let that slide, considering my own urges. However, I’m surprised you only have one book. Giles doesn’t think I know, but he has been writing a little in his spare time.”

“Really!” he says with excitement. At her stern glare, he says slightly calmer, “I mean, is that so?”

“Yes, it is,” Joyce states. “I let you keep your book, but I have something else I want to talk to you about. You are over two hundred years old and you are dating my daughter.”

Angel replies slowly, “You have a point, but I’m only physically in my twenties. Not only that, but I have a pulse now. I have a slight feeling that the pulse is very important.”

“Once again, you are correct,” Joyce confirms. “I also know you are trying to get a normal life going again. Well, as normal as circumstances around us allow. You may continue seeing my daughter.” He nods gratefully. “But!” she continues, “If you ever hurt her…” She smiles pleasantly and flicks the lamppost with a finger. The lamppost goes flying into the sky and disappears into the clouds. “That will be the beginning.”

Sweating heavily, Angel says, “Understood!”

“One last thing,” Joyce says with the scary smile staying on her face. “Try to cut back on your reading of that book.”

“Yes, ma’am,” he answers. “I’m already working on it by reading other books!”

“Be sure that you do,” she smirks before walking back to her house.

As she's walking away Angel calls out, "Shadow Clone?"

She turns her head as she continues to walk away, "Yep! She know how to use Shadow Clones, but she just never used them alot. And being a mother, this is perfect! This also keeps Dawn out of lot trouble." There is a smile on her face as her head turns back around.

Angel sighs and glares up into a nearby tree. “What do you want, Faith?”

Faith hops out of the tree and grins, “Nothing much. I just wanted to talk to you about something.”

“No,” he replies. He starts to walk away.

She runs up to him and smirks, “I’m not letting this drop until I get an answer! I might even start following you around.”

“You’re already doing that,” Angel snaps. “Plus, Buffy wouldn’t like that very much.”

“True!” she chirps as she grabs his arm. “But then she will take it out on you.”

He pulls his arm away and scowls, “You’re going to get me killed.”

“Only if I don’t get an answer to what happened at that warehouse!” she grins. He groans with frustration.

Glaring at her, he inquires, “If I tell you, will you leave me alone once and for all?”

She grins, “Absolutely…unless Joyce teams me up with you, or if I get bored, or if I feel like bugging you, or if you look bored, or—“

“I get it!” he shouts. She smiles innocently at him.

“Do you two need a moment alone?” a voice says from behind them.

Angel shouts as he stops walking, “No!” He thinks about it and then slowly turns around. “James? I thought I told you to get out of town.”

Faith grins, “I do recall that minor detail! That, and that you’d kill him if you saw his ugly mug around here again.”

“Ah, Faith! Or should I call you Anko?” James smirks while crossing his arms over his chest. The playfulness on her face vanishes and is replaced with a dangerously calm stare.

Faith grinds out slowly, “How did you know that little tidbit of information?”

“Oh, I know a lot of things now. Isn’t that right, Angel…or should I call you Kakashi of the Sharingan Eye?” James says with his smirk growing wider. Angel’s visible eye widens slightly.

Angel replies, “That’s some interesting names you got there. Care to tell us where you got them?”

“I seem to forget,” James says, scratching his chin absently. “Maybe someone can jog my memory. Whip, Gunner, do you remember where I got those names?” Two figures step out of the alleys from opposing sides of the street behind them. One of them appears to be a vampire wearing a cowboy hat and holding two 9mm pistols and holsters. The other is some sort of demon with strange bulges on the underside of his wrists. Several demons and vampires file out of the alleys behind them to block the street. The two ninja glance behind them at the new enemies and look back at James to see demons and vampires gathering behind him.

Angel raises an eyebrow and says in a bored tone, “You do realize that even with this help, we are still going to get the information out of you and then kill you without a problem.”

“I don’t know about that,” grins James mischievously.

Angel looks around again slowly and says, “If you know those names, than you know something about those people and their skills. It’s suicide to attack us.”

James smirks, “I don’t give information to corpses.”

“You’re one to talk,” Angel retorts.

Faith shouts, “Enough with the talking! Let’s kill them already! This is boring!” She draws two kunai and rushes towards the vampires and demons around the newcomers. She quickly dispatches of several of them with ease.

Angel sighs and draws a kunai. “Alright, let’s dance.” James’ eyes widen and Angel moves in a blur towards him. The demons and vampires jump in front of James and attack, only to be mowed down by the ninja’s blade. James steps back and watches him advance.

Faith hears a click and quickly replaces herself with a nearby demon. Blood splatters as a gunshot goes off and the demon’s head explodes. She tosses a kunai in the direction of the shot, but the vampire dodges with both pistols in his hand, firing at her repeatedly. She rolls between vampires and demons, replacing herself with a few of them as she moves closer to him. She thinks, ‘This is getting old really fast!’ She grabs two of the fallen demons and holds them up to make a shield. She rushes as fast as she can while carrying them. When she gets close enough, she throws them at the vampire, who sidesteps the falling bodies, only to feel a sharp pain in his chest. He looks down to see a stake sticking out of a snake’s mouth through his chest. It hisses at him and he screams, exploding into fiery ash. Anko coos as the snake retracts into her sleeve, “That’s a good girl.”

She senses someone behind her and rolls out of the way just in time to avoid a large metal-like tentacle smashing into where she was. She jumps backwards, throwing kunai at the newcomer. A second tentacle shoots out of the demon’s wrist, deflecting the weapons. The remaining demons and vampires rush her again. She quickly runs through hand signs and shouts, “Earth Style: Earth Spike Jutsu!” The rushing demons and vampires are impaled when spikes shoot out from around her feet and into their chests, heads, necks, or all of the above. She flies through another set of hand signs and continues, “Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!” She breathes out a very large fireball that engulfs the skewered opponents.

Just as the fireball hits the enemies, the whip-wielding demon leaps over the fireball and pounces on her. His tentacles impale her shoulders and he growls, “Got you!” She smirks and then turns into mud in his hands. “Huh??”

“I got you,” she replies from behind him. He turns around just in time to see a kunai being jabbed towards his eye. That’s the last thing he ever sees. Faith yanks the bloody kunai from his skull and kicks over his body into the pile of mud. “Not a bad fight after all! Maybe I should hang around Angel more often!” She gazes over to where Angel is fighting. Her eyes widen with surprise.

Beginning of Angel’s Fight:

James watches with amusement as Angel quickly dispatches his lackeys into the afterlife, again, for some of them. The last of the enemies fall around Angel when suddenly, several shuriken fly out at him. Angel dodges them but they angle around behind him. Suddenly, wires tighten around him and he’s flung into a tree behind him. The shuriken make solid thunk sounds into the bark. “This is a ninja technique!” Angel says in surprise. “How could you possibly know this, unless you had training?!”

“Who says I didn’t?” James retorts evenly while he draws a kunai from a pouch behind him. He nears Angel when the wires snap and fall to the ground. Angel extends the knife from his sleeve and grips it tightly.

Angel snarls, “You’re going to tell me who it is.” He darts at James again. Angel weaves to the right and swings his blade down at him, but James blocks with his left hand and stabs at him in the stomach with his blade in his right hand. Angel smoothly blocks the jab with his left hand and spins around, reversing the grip on his kunai, to try to stab him in the back. The vampire drops low and kicks up at his kidney area. Angel is propelled into the air which turns into a front flip, ending with him landing on his feet. He instantly spins on his heels as he slides back a few feet. Holding his side, he thinks, ‘I guess I’ll have to take this up a notch.’

“Let’s take this up a level!” grins James evilly. A wave of dark chakra emanates from the vampire and black squares slowly spread out from his neck and cover his body.

Angel stares in shock. “A curse mark?!” James blurs forward and stabs at him again. Angel manages to snap out of his shock in time to deflect the knife with his left hand but gets a punch in the face, followed by a back leg crescent kick which disarms him and sends the knife flying. James tries to stab him with an upwards swing, and Angel grabs his wrist and turns him away, holding onto the wrist and pushing down on the elbow, driving the vampire into the dirt. “Tell me who did this to you, James! If you don’t, I’ll snap your arm!” James grins and disappears in a puff of smoke to reveal a log in his place. Angel frowns and back flips just in time to avoid a kunai.

James flashes through hand signs and shouts, “Earth Style: Stone Crusher Jutsu!” Earth slabs on either side of Angel slap up to try to smash him. Angel instinctively dodges upwards and back; he looks back up at James to see him finish the hand signs. He hears James shouting, “Lightning Style: Grand Lightning Bolt Jutsu!”

Kakashi forms a few hand signs and replies loudly, “Chidori!” He sprints forward and thrusts the lightning blade in front of him just in time to meet with the lightning bolt. The electrical energy splits into two and slams into the ground behind him. James’ eyes widen as he sees him coming towards him and jumps out of the path of the Chidori just in time, but the lightning blade nicks his left shoulder.

James pants a little and says tiredly, “I guess first stage isn’t enough!” He focuses and the squares connect and cover his skin, turning it dark reddish brown. His wrinkled forehead appears and becomes pronounced to the point where he could be confused with a Klingon. His fangs grow longer and thicker while a pair of bat wings sprouts from his back. His ears grow slightly longer and pointy. His fingernails become more like claws.

Faith runs over to Angel and growls, “What is this!?”

“Advanced Curse Mark,” Angel says with a deep frown.

Faith stops and glares at James dangerously. “Curse Mark? That’s impossible. Only Orochimaru can give someone a curse mark.”

“Then it appears that we have something to talk to Warren about later,” replies Angel coldly. “Until then, let’s kick his butt.” Anko slowly grins and nods in agreement. He calls to James, “Congratulations, boy! You’re the first person who gets to see me go full out with my Sharingan in this verse!” He smirks as he lifts up his headband to reveal the twirling totems of his eye. James lets out a guttural growl in response while flexing his claws. Angel says to Faith quickly, “Remember that since this is two on one, we want to keep him between us so that one of us can get a hit in for sure.”

“I’m not a Genin, you know,” she grumbles.

Angel smirks slightly and says, “Go.” He darts to the left while she darts to the right towards James. The transformed vampire looks back and forth between them and crouches into a ready stance, his wings curling to stab out at whatever one strikes first. Faith slides to a stop and runs through hand signs. She ends the string and shouts, “Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu!” She breathes out multiple fire balls at him. Meanwhile, Angel throws a flurry of shuriken. James blocks the shuriken with one wing while blocking the fireballs with the other. He roars with pain and retracts his wings, one having scorch marks and holes in it while the other is riddled with the small sharp throwing stars.

James leaps backwards to get away from them and runs through hand signs. Faith sprints towards him, and Angel recognizes the hand signs. “Anko, stop!”

The vampire snarls in a deep voice, “Lightning Style: Lightning Barrier Jutsu!” Electricity shoots off of his body in all directions to form a barely visible shield. Faith tries to stop but she is going to fast and runs into the barrier. She flies backwards with a cry and smoke rising from her clothes. James leaps forward and snags her by the wrist. He grabs her neck with his other hand and bellows, “You killed Elizabeth! Now I’ll kill you!”

Angel darts forward and throws a kunai. James spots the kunai coming and steps out of the way. He looks back to where his captive is to see her melt into a pile of mud in his hands. “Thanks for the distraction,” Faith gasps from beside Angel. He nods and drops into a defensive stance. Running through hand signs, Faith shouts, “Earth Style: Snake Surprise Jutsu!” Angel raises an eyebrow and watches as large snakes made of stone leap out of the ground and bite onto each of the vampire’s limbs and wings.

“Copy cat,” he mumbles. She smirks and watches as he darts forward at their opponent. James channels more power from the curse seal and his fangs grow even longer and his wings start to heal slightly. He shatters the snakes with a wave of his arms and wings and barely manages to duck under Angel’s punch. He leaps backwards and glares over at his sire with hatred burning in his eyes. Angel glares back into his eyes coldly.

James growls, “This is taking too long. I can’t keep this up much longer…” His eyes dart to the right where Faith is sneaking up on him. James darts backwards and breaks into a full blown run. He looks over to see Angel running the same way as him, step for step. He slides to a stop and draws a kunai from his pouch with Angel doing the exact same thing in sync with him. The vampire tosses the kunai from hand to hand. Angel does the same with a smirk on his face. “Stop copying me!” roars James furiously. He throws the kunai at his sire while Angel does the same and the kunai bounce off each other. James jumps towards him with his fist pulled back. Angel and he jump forward and collide in midair. Angel catches James’ punch with one hand and punches the vampire hard in the jaw, sending him flying back. Still in midair, Angel turns with his punch and gives James a spinning side kick directly in the chest. Flying backwards, James skids to a stop and starts running again with Angel mirroring his actions once more. James roars, with Angel speaking simultaneously with him, “I said stop copying me!” The vampire stops and runs through hand signs. Angel’s Sharingan eye spins quicker as he runs through the same hand signs. They shout, “Earth Style: Earth Wave Jutsu!” Small tidal waves of stone and dirt roll up from in front of each of them and form into large waves heading directly towards each other. As the waves crash into each other to form a large mound, the two fighters leap into the air towards each other.

Two shuriken fly through the air and go past James, only for the wires connected to them to jerk slightly to wrap around him. He looks over to the source of the wires to see a grinning Faith. She breathes out small fireballs that travel up the wires, surrounding both of the shuriken and wires in flames. A log appears in James’ place at the last moment. Angel and James stand next to the mound facing each other, panting slightly. James says loudly between panting, “I…will…not…Lose to You!!” James runs forward at Angel with his claws bared. His jaw extends like that of a snake and his very long fangs aim directly for Angel’s head. He flies to the side in midair due to a strong flying side kick from Faith.

“I had him,” Angel frowns.

Faith pants a little and grins, “I know, but I had him with style!” Angel rolls his eyes at her antics and glances over to where James fell. He is gone.

A Hundred Yards Away:

James rises out of the ground. His wings, claws, and fangs slowly move back to their original locations, the wings disappearing. He fades to his skin being covered in black squares. The squares separate from each other and recede back into the curse mark. He falls to his knees and pants heavily, his body racked with pain, “Next time, I’ll kill you both!”

Back with Faith and Angel:

Faith looks around and comments, “I think he’s gone.”

Pulling his headband over his Sharingan eye, Angel replies, “I agree.” He tries to take a step forward but stumbles. Faith hurriedly catches him and puts his arm over her shoulders. “Now I know why Kakashi used his Sharingan sparingly. It uses up a lot of chakra,” he murmurs.

“Stop whining so I can get you home in one piece,” says Faith with a frown. “I don’t have to save you, you know! I just think that you’re too fun to let die just yet!”

“Great to know, anyways, we’d better get to the library to report this,” Angel continues. She nods and they start heading towards the library.

Faith flips open her cell phone with her free hand and frowns, “That’s strange. We should easily be getting a signal here, but I’m not getting anything.”

“What about the radio?” Angel inquires.

Faith frowns, “I don’t have one on me. How about you?”

“I didn’t bring one either. It’s not as if I was expecting to be ambushed!” Angel replies dryly. “I guess we’ll just have to walk there.”

Faith sighs dramatically, “This is such a drag.”

“You’re watching too much anime,” Angel smirks. She growls at him, causing him to laugh while she helps him walk.


Angel darts forward and throws a kunai. James spots the kunai coming and steps out of the way. He looks back to where his captive is to see her melt into a pile of mud in his hands. “Thanks for the distraction,” Faith gasps from beside Angel. He nods and drops into a defensive stance. They look into each other’s eyes and nod.

They cup their hands to their sides and say simultaneously, “Kaaaa-maaaa-haaa-maaa-haa!” Twin beams of blue and white energy shoot from their hands and hits James.

As his body disintegrates, James murmurs, “Wrong…universe!” Angel and Faith give each other a high five and walk away, satisfied with a job well done.

To Be Continued
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