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A Leap on the Hellmouth

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Summary: Sam Beckett's latest leap is a race against time to save the life of a beautiful teacher. The problem? He's not really sure who did the deed.

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Are You an Angel?

I don't own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Quantum Leap.



January 1998
Sunnydale California

In a halo of eerie blue light, Sam Beckett flashed back into existence. He found himself in a mansion, of sorts, the entire place filled with darkness, what with the blackout curtains on the windows and all.

Sam shivered at the cold he felt, wondering if there was heat in this dark and dreary placed. Finally, still unable to get warm, Sam patted himself down, searching for some form of ID. Nothing. What kind of person has no driver's license, no medical insurance, no library card for god's sake? The wallet was empty save for a large wad of cash. The man in question, if he was indeed in a man's body this time, was lacking even a darned credit card.

Finally, more then a little frustrated, Sam looked in a mirror and saw that his reflection... wasn't there. Sam was quickly beginning to panic. What in heaven's name was going on that had him leap into a person with no ID and less reflection. At least his hands looked masculine. That, and the lack of breasts, told him that he was probably an adult male. Beyond that though, he had nothing...


Sam spun about to see Al in an eye-searing red suit, with matching fedora. "Al, who in God's name am I, now? I've got no ID, no reflection and no idea who I am!!"

Al smiled in a fairly conciliatory manner. "Now, now, Sam. I've got Ziggy working on it. We should have something in just a few..." Al slapped his hand against the glowing control pad in his hands. "Ah, here we are... Err... You are currently in a mansion, 64 Crawford Street, Sunnydale California. The date is January 10th, 1998."

Sam growled angrily at Al. "And?"

"And, I got nothing Sam... Ziggy too. This mansion is supposed to be abandoned. The only significant thing about it is that it was sucked into the ground with the rest of Sunnydale around June 2003 sometime. I have no idea who you are or if you actually live here. Although I've gotta say, whoever he is needs to cut back on the hair gel and get himself some more sunlight..."

Sam shook his head in exasperation. "Fine... Any idea as to what I'm doing here?"

Al nodded, seeming a little happier all of a sudden. "Yeah, you're here to prevent the death of Jennifer Calendar. I've gotta say you better get this right, Sammy. This woman is a fox. It'd be a crying shame for her to be removed from the gene pool. Why if I were a few years younger..."


"Yeah Sam?"

"Cause of death?"

"Err, well the official records indicate it was an attack by gang members on PCP, Sam, but that doesn't make any sense at all..."

"Why not?"

"Coz she was found in the bed of one Rupert Giles, dressed in some pretty racy lingerie. Exactly how do gang members on PCP come into that?"

Sam considered. "It does seem rather odd that a woman killed by gang-members would end up inside the house of someone unconnected with the gang. I mean, a mob hit, maybe, but gang members? Especially ones that are hopped up on drugs. It seems rather far-fetched, Al."

"Don't I know it, Sam. And that doesn't even begin to get into the oddities with this town you're in. It apparently, right up until it dropped into that sinkhole, had the highest mortality rate in the entirety of the United States. Now, I'll admit, I don't pay that close attention to the news, but you'd think a death rate like that would draw some comment or scrutiny, wouldn't you?"

"So, what we have is a woman who is going to be murdered and left in someone's bedroom wearing lingerie. This is going to happen, when?"

"In around a month or so, Sam..."

"And how am I supposed to prevent a death that is going to occur in a month, Al? I've never had a leap that long before."

"Maybe you'll put the gang in jail? I don't know, Sam. Ziggy and I are working on it. Just hang tight and try to act like... like... whoever Captain Hair-gel there is..."

Sam sighed as Al disappeared into thin air. "Oh that's very useful, Al..."


Sam spun about and saw a blonde teenager walking up to him with a much too friendly grin on her face. *God I hope she's older then she looks. The last thing I need is to find out I'm in the body of the local child molester...* "Ummm... Hi... What are you doing here?"

The blonde, whoever she was, seemed confused by his question. "We're patrolling tonight? Remember?"

Sam approximated a smile as best he could. "Ummm, yeah. Of course I remembered. Patrol. I've been looking forward to it all day..."

Her expression saddened considerably. "It must be terrible having to stay in all day, every day."

*Stay in? What, do I have a skin condition?* "It's not so bad. You get used to it..."

"If you say so, Angel... Patrol?"

"Patrol... Let's go..."



"Aren't you going to take a stake along?"

*A stake? What the hell do I need a sharp piece of wood for?* "Erm, of course. I'll just be a moment." Sam walked into what appeared to be a bedroom and found a wooden stake. *I'm supposed to go patrolling with a teenage girl, who carries around a pointed piece of wood and my name is Angel* "Oh boy..."


I hope you enjoy this. It's gonna get very frustrating for Sam, very fast. The official information that Ziggy has on Sunnydale and all of the Scooby Gang is all very muddled and contradictory.

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