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Introducing My Boyfriend

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Intro To The World You Never Knew". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Cassie thought she was going out with her boyfriend for a quiet evening. At least until his friend showed up.

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Stargate > General > Characters: Cassie FraiserziliFR1316,5074276,0188 Dec 088 Dec 08Yes
Disclaimer: I don’t own the Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, or Stargate SG-1 characters that I am using for this fic.

A/N: I started this a year and a half ago and then abandoned it. However whenever I’m suppose to be studying that’s always when I do my best writing, right now I’m suppose to be studying for my music final. Oh well.


I smiled at my boyfriend of two months. He had pale skin with dark brown hair. Beautiful green eyes and just a bit of an Irish accent that all the other girls drooled over. He was a bit strange at times but all in all Micah Doyle was a pretty sweet guy. He had taken me out to a little café for some ‘alone time’ unfortunately his two younger cousins had been there as well. Zack and Jack. Although if I’m being honest, those two are actually entertaining. After all they are only three years younger than Micah and me.

“Base to Cassie. Base to Cassie. This is Omega One. I think we have a bad connection here.” Zack banged his spoon on the table gaining my attention. He brought it back to his mouth making static noises.

Jack grabbed the spoon from his twin, “You idiot! You have it on the wrong channel. No wonder we can’t reach her.”

I rolled my eyes as I laughed, “I’m here.”

“Hallelujah!” Zack shouted.

“Praise Jesus!” Jack yelled.

“She is here!” They said together.

Suddenly Zack yelped and reached under the table. “You are a dork.” Micah said slowly. Then Jack groaned in pain as Micah most likely kicked him in the shins as well. “And you are a moron. Now be nice or the next time you two come to hide out my house I’ll tell your mother where you are.”

“We’ll be good.” They responded in chorus.

The door of the café banged open as another person entered. My boyfriend and his cousins stilled for a second then they all looked to the door. Micah smiled, “Well look who got here early for once.”

“Connor!” Zack raced over to the door and grabbed the guy with dark hair that was standing the doorway in a hug.

The boy, or Connor I suppose, just laughed, “Who’s been feeding you sugar today?” He led Zack back to the table.

Zack looked around suspiciously, “I can lend you some of my secret stash but it’ll cost you.” Connor just laughed again as he rolled his eyes.

Micah stood up and hugged Connor as well, “Hey man, when’d you get here?” He sat down and put his arm back around me. Then he pointed at the opposite side of the booth where the twins were sitting.

“Yeah sure, stick me with the munchkins.” Connor grumbled as he sat down taking care to make sure he squished the two boys first. “About a half an hour ago. Your mom told me where you guys where and dropped me off.”

I was slightly confused to who this kid was but smiled anyway. Micah would remember his manners eventually and if he didn’t… well I can always introduce myself. However Connor noticed me first. “And who could this ravishing young beauty be? Certainly not Cassie, your description did not do her enough justice.”

I blushed slightly but Micah pointed a finger in Connor’s direction. “Go flirt with someone else’s girlfriend bud. Your girly hair and old words won’t work with mine.”

“My hair is not girly! It’s styled.” Connor argued.

I guess I will have to introduce myself anyway. I held out my hand to Connor. “Hi my name is Cassie Frasier.”

He shook my hand, “Connor Angel O’Reilly.”

“So how do you know Micah?” I asked.

“Well it’s actually kind of interesting. We met each other in a forum. But we actually found out that his Uncle and my Dad used to work together. Our families are really kind of close now. Micah’s one of my best friends. And these two,” Connor paused to squish the two next to him again, “are like little brothers that need to be routinely shoved into closets.”

I was about to take a drink at that but that phrase caught my attention. I used to say the very same thing about my own little brother. His face flashed in front of my eyes. Connor looked at me in concern. “Hey are you okay?”

I tried to smile again. I didn’t want to ruin our fun, “Yeah you just reminded me of my brother.”

Connor looked like he was going to ask more but he abruptly stopped. I noticed out of the corner of my eye Micah signally for him to stop. He quickly moved the conversation to a different track. Something I would have to thank him for later. “So how’s your second year of college?”

Connor shrugged, “Eh, it’s pretty much like the first. Only now,” He gave a wink to Micah, “new freshman girls.”

We talked for a while, jumping from subject to subject. The guys made sure that they didn’t make me feel like I was left out of any of the conversations. It was weird I almost felt like I was at home with these guys. Something I really only feel with SG-1 and my mom.

I happened to glance at one of the windows and I noticed how dark it was outside. “Oh crap. What time is it?” I grabbed Micah’s wrist to look at his watch. 10:30. Shit! “I was suppose to be home thirty minutes ago.” I quickly motioned for Micah to move so I could get out of the booth.

Micah slid out and held out a hand to help me out as well. “We’ll walk you back home.”
I held onto his hand as I grabbed my purse off the floor. Micah and I led the other three boys out of the café.

“So how far away is your house?” Connor asked after five minute of walking.

“Not too far. Just about ten more minutes.” I glanced back just in time to see Zack try to jump on Connor’s back. Connor seemed to grab Zack out of the air and tossed him onto the grass. I laughed at that and turned to look at Micah. He just shook his head as if he knew what was going on already.

I noticed as we continued to walk that for some reason more lights were on. Also I saw a lot more people wandering around. I could tell that most of them were soldiers in civilian clothes. They just had a look about them. Plus I recognized them from the mountain.

We were only about two minutes away from my house. It was at this point that I was glad that Micah and the other three offered to walk me home. We had to go through an alley that at the moment looked really dark. I normally had no problem walking through it during the day. But at night it was a little scary and tonight I’ve been getting the weirdest feeling that we’re being watched. Connor and the twins have stopped horsing around for the past few minutes which makes me even more suspicious.

We were halfway down the alley when I knew something was definitely wrong. Micah’s grip on my hand almost hurt. Connor had moved to stand in front of us blocking my view of the end of the alley. “Go the other way. Quick! I’ll handle them.”

I tried to glance around Connor to see what was at the other end, but Micah had already turned me around and was pushing me away. Then he stopped and cussed. My eyes widened as I saw the four men standing in the entrance. They were all very large and cloaked so we couldn’t see any of their features. I glanced back and saw three men dressed the same way at the other end. Micah backed us up so that we were in between Connor and the twins.

I turned as Connor spoke, “You guys want to think about this real carefully. You don’t know who you’re messing with.” The men laughed and began to close in on us. Connor turned his head slightly and whispered. “Get her out of here. Call Vi as soon as you can.” Then he moved forward in a burst of action and kicked the closest man into a trashcan. “Go!” Connor screamed at us.

I heard sounds of fighting behind us but Micah was pulling me forward. He tried to get us through a gap that appeared between two of them but one of the men noticed. He grabbed Micah around the neck and lifted him off the ground. “Run!” He managed to choke out before he was thrown into a wall.

Oh Gods, I can’t move. My feet were frozen to the ground. Micah was on the ground, knocked out. Connor was fighting two of the bad guys and Zack and Jack each had a bad guy of their own. And there only a few feet away from me was a bad guy that had finally noticed me. He smiled at me and for a second I thought his teeth were red. Then he was raising a fist to hit me.

MOVE! A voice that sounded a lot like Sam’s had me ducking out of the way. Suddenly I could move again and all the self defense that Sam had drilled into my head was coming back to me. I would not be some little defenseless girl that would go down in five seconds. I kept bobbing and weaving out of the way. All the meanwhile trying to get my cell phone out of my pocket. There were enough military guys around here if I could just get a hold of my mom they would be here. I finally got my phone out of my pocket. I had to glance at to make sure I was hitting the speed dial for my mom. I nearly got hit in the side but managed to dodge in time. The phone only rang once before my mom picked up.


I quickly interrupted her. “Mom I need h— Zack!” I screamed as he flew past me into a wall. The bad guy finally managed to get a hit in. He backhanded me into a wall As I slid down the wall he came closer to me. His face looked so weird. But everything was blurry and getting darker. I think I saw him step on my phone. “Nighty Night.” He hissed? And then I blacked out.


One half of my face was throbbing and the back of my head hurt. A lot. I was afraid to open my eyes. It might make my head hurt worse. Instead I concentrated on the voices that were speaking around me.

“Where the hell are we?” That was Micah.

“Sewer.” One of the twins. Probably Jack.

“I thought demon activity was low here.” Wait a minute demon activity?

“It is. I talk to Vi all the time and she says it’s like a vacation here.” Okay. I definitely must have hit my head really hard because none of this is making any sense. Although doesn’t Micah have a friend at school named Vi. I think she’s a senior.

“What were they?” Jack again. I think.

“I dunno.” Connor.

“Can any of you break the chains?” Micah.

“No I can’t get the right leverage.” Connor again. Hold on. What chains? That was when I was finally able to move past the pain in my head. Yep my hands were definitely above my head. In fact my feet were barely touching the ground. Okay maybe it was time I opened my eyes. We were in a cave like room. And we were all hanging from the ceiling by our wrists. The only light was from the torches on the wall. A mantra started in my head. Don’t scream, don’t freak out. Don’t scream, don’t freak out. Don—

“Cassie?” I turned my head to look at Micah. He had a huge gash above his eyebrow and there was a bruise forming around his neck. “Are you okay?”

I took a deep breath and then another. Only then was I able to say, “Well, I’m not dead.”

“And what’s the first rule?” Connor said loudly. He was trying to yank on his chains. “Don’t die. So I’d say you were doing pretty good.”

“Connor!” Micah growled.

“Oh shit. They’re coming back.” Zack said.

I looked at the opening that was just to the left of my but I didn’t see anyone coming. I tried to look around but I didn’t see any other openings for someone to be coming through. I looked back at Zack.

It was Jack who noticed and said, “Behind us.” Then he yelped and tried to jump forward.

A guy walked around Jack and then stood in front of him. He looked human shaped, but his colors were all wrong. He had blue skin and red teeth and eyes. And holy shit! He had a forked tongue. He raised his hand. There was blood on his two fingers. His tongue flicked out and… ewww… licked the blood of his fingers.

“Mmmm half Brachen, half human, a twin, and O positive.”

“What is that?” I whispered even though I know that the … guy… in front of me could hear me.

“A demon.” Micah said seriously.

“A demon?” I repeated slowly. I tried to rationalize the demon part of that. “Couldn’t it be some psycho painted up blue, with fake teeth, contacts, and…”

“You got nothing for the forked tongue, huh?” Connor said after a moment.

“Give me a minute, I’ll think of something.” I shot back angrily. There had to be a reasonable explanation for this that wasn’t a demon.

“He’s also got a tail.” Connor added. I glared at him while Micah managed to kick him in the shin while mouthing, ‘Stop helping’.

“Excuse me!” We turned to look at the psycho possibly a demon who was tapping his foot.

“Of course, just give us a key to these chains and we’d be happy to excuse you.” Zack smiled.

He slapped Zack using his fingernails to cut Zack across the face. He licked the blood of his fingers again. “Ah the other twin. The younger one. Same qualities.”

“How astute.” Connor mumbled.

“Keep your mouths shut. The only thing I want to hear from you are screams, begging, and or pleading.” The psycho possibl— screw it I am renaming this thing. It shall now be Bob. Bob said.

“Alright, I begging you,” Connor began in a pitiful voice. “please do something about the décor. It’s so 1500s move with the ti—”

He grunted as Bob punched him in the stomach. “I guess that means you volunteer to be next.” He ripped Connor’s shirt down the front. He ran his finger through a large cut that was on Connor’s chest. Then he put it to his mouth.

“Aww come on man. That was my favorite shirt. Totally unnecessary.” Connor groaned.

“Not to mention unsanitary.” I muttered. Micah smiled at me as I said that. It did make me feel a little less scared if I was criticizing the… bad guy. Although I’m still holding that just maybe this is a dream. Oh or maybe some alien was messing with my mind. I just hope it’s not the Goa’uld. That would really suck.

Bob was looking at Connor with a confused look on his face. “Why the hell do you taste of the Aurielus Clan, not to mention magic?” He licked his finger again. “A lot of magic.” He smiled at Connor showing his red teeth. “You’ll fetch a good price.”

He skipped over Micah to stand in front of me. I tried not to back away. I would be cool about this like Connor and the twins were… or like Sam would be. Yeah Sam would have no problem with this and neither will— “Ow!” I screeched.

Bob’s eyes widened as he sampled my blood. “This is alien.” Oh Gods, he knows how the hell does he know? “You came through the Chaapai. And just a hint of the Goa’uld. An interesting mix.”

“God I feel like I’m on a freaking cooking show.” Micah snapped.

“Just a hint of rosemary, no more than a pinch or the blood will spoil.” Jack added.

Bob hissed at them. “Well stop monologuing and we’ll stop making fun of you.” Zack paused. “Well maybe. I make no promises for Connor.”

Bob opened his mouth but Connor spoke before he could. “If you say kids these days, you will lose all your evil bonus points. I mean they’re already down pretty far due to that whole cooking thing but seriously—” Connor was cut off when Bob punched him in the jaw.

Then he moved back to Micah. This time Bob muttered to himself, “Only ¼ Brachen nearly all human. Almost completely worthles—” Bob paused and then smiled widely at Micah who raised an eyebrow at him. “Well what do you know, you’re a clairvoyant. It’s hidden but it’s definitely there. That just made you worthwhile again. Damn this was a good haul.”

“Haul?” I couldn’t stop myself from asking.

Bob looked at me and grinned. Geez he was way too happy and smiley. It was so creepy. “Oh yes,” He laughed… see totally proves my point. “Haven’t you kids figured it out yet?” He paused but none of the boys said anything. “No what a smart demony bunch like you? Well let me fill you in. I am going to drain all your blood and it will be quite painful.” He started to walk away but turned back at the last moment he reached the entrance. “Oh but don’t worry it’ll all be going towards a good cause. Future spells and paying off vampires. I’ve just got to go get the equipment. Don’t go anywhere.” Bob waved before disappearing into the dark entrance in front of us.

“Okay time to go.” Connor said.

“What it wasn’t time to go half an hour ago?!” Okay that was only slightly hysterical sounding. I took a breath and tried to calm down.

Connor just smiled at me and shook his head. “Of course not. The demon was there and that would have just been plain rude.” He wrapped his hands around his chains and slowly pulled himself up. And then he managed to get his manacles off the hook they were hanging off of. He jumped down. “Plus I thought we were bolted to the ceiling. Not on hooks.” Then he broke his chains. IN HALF. Like it was nothing. Like it was paper around his wrists and not cold hard steel. While I was freaking out over that he went over to Jack and yanked on his chains breaking them as well. “Get your brother down.” Connor said before coming to stand in front of me.

I was still staring at Jack. What did Connor mean get your brother down? Jack was only fourteen how was he suppose to get his brother down. In fact how the hell did Connor manage to—

“Don’t freak out okay Cassie?” Jack said stopping my rant in my head.

“Why would I…” I trailed off as his face turned the color green and little red needles popped out all over his face. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him as he broke his twin’s chains. Then I fell to the ground as Connor broke my own chains. I was waiting for the feeling to start to return to my legs, when I felt a hand on my back. Micah helped me get to my feet.

“It’s okay we’ll get out of here. I promise.” He looked at me uncertainly. The other boys had similar looks on their faces.

I sighed in my head. If I could adapt to Earth and all its weird inventions and customs, I can figure out this whole demon thing. I smiled at him. “Okay. As long as I get an explanation on the way out.” Micah smiled and squeezed my hand. Connor whipped out a cell phone from his pocket. “Are you calling the police?” I wondered if the police or even if the people at the base knew about demons.

Connor shook his head once. “Vi. Get a lock on me.” He paused as he listened to the response on the other end of the phone. Then he rolled his eyes, “Obviously I told the demon I was a nummy treat and that he better hurry up and get me while I was fresh.” He paused again and looked a little offended after a moment. “No I have not been taking lessons from Dawn.”

Micah reached around me and grabbed the phone from Connor. “Vi, how do we get out of here?” He nodded his head for few seconds. “Alright, got it. Thanks.” He hung up the phone and slipped back to Connor. He led us through the opening that Bob had first come through. “We keep going down this way. Take the first left, second right and then it will dead end at our stop. Vi said it’s about a mile away.” The walk began in silence but soon Micah started to whisper to me. “There are demons and magic and other things you never dreamed could even possibly exist. Just like there are good and bad people, there are good and bad demons. And they can come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors. That bastard back there and all his alley jumping friends are bad demons. Brachen demons, which is what me and my cousins are, are neutral demons. We’re usually the good guys. My dad is half Brachen and my mom is human. The twins’ parents are both half and half. The twins are more likely to show their demon heritage. Once Zack sneezed in school and showed his demon face. That was fun explaining. I really can ever do that and in fact have only done it three times. They also have better strength and better sense of smell. Apparently all I got stuck with is clairvoyance. Go me.” He winked at me.

I laughed quietly and then looked at Connor, “What about him?”

“Oh he’s just a freak of nature.” Connor smacked Micah on the back of the head when he said that.

Connor moved to the other side of me, “My parents were vampires. Vampires are not cuddly, fun, or just misunderstood with the exception of my dad and Spike but I’m not going to get into him right now. My dad is one of two vampires with a soul. No other vampires have a soul they are just demons who only want blood and destruction.”

“So you’re a vampire child?” I asked trying to understand.

Connor shook his head. “No. Vampires cannot have children. I am human. And I am a one time deal only. And there are many other fun facts about Connor but you can learn about them later after we get out of here.”

“What about you Cassie?” Jack asked.

“Yeah what was that whole alien and Choppy Eye thing?” Zack added.

Oh crap. I thought quickly. On the one hand, my origin was a secret of national security that you had to have clearance to know. On the other hand, my boyfriend is a freaking demon, well one fourth demon, I think he’d understand. Maybe more than anyone else. Screw national security. “I’m from another planet. I came here when I was eleven after everyone on my planet was killed by a race called the Goa’uld. I’m the only survivor.”

Micah gave me a one armed hug. “Oh Cass I’m so sorry.”

“How did you get here?” Jack wondered.

“Through the Chaapai not Choppy Eye. It’s also called the Stargate. It’s like a doorway between planets. Some people from this planet managed to save me and they gave me to mom to care for me.” I waited impatiently for their response.

“I knew you weren’t from Canada.” Jack said after a moment.

“Yeah you never once said ay.” Zack had to jump out of the way as Connor went to kick him in the shins.

I was still looking at Micah for his reaction. He just smiled at me. “The demon boy and his alien girlfriend. Great sci-fi movie. We’ll make a million, they’ll buy anything. Plus their freak of nature sidekick.” He stuck out his tongue at Connor before kissing the back of my hand.

Connor just rolled his eyes. “We’re almost there and if our luck holds…” He trailed off.

I tried to listen for whatever made him stop but at first I couldn’t hear anything. Then I heard a girl yell, “Take that beyotch!” Then there was a scream that didn’t sound human.

Connor smiled, “I know that war cry.” He quickly ran ahead of us taking the next left instead of the right we were suppose to take.

Zack pumped a fist into the air. “Slayers! Yes!”

I looked back at Micah in confusion. Micah quickly filled me in, “Girls with super strength, super speed—”

“And super hotness!” Jack interrupted.

“Quiet you.” Micah cuffed the back of his cousin’s head. “Anyway these girls aka slayers fight bad demons and vampires. They are the boogey men that the demons tell their kids to look out for. And there are a lot of them.”

We reached the sounds of the fighting. Connor and two young women were fighting in another cave like room that was covered in red. As we walked in the smell hit me and I nearly puked. Luckily I was able to keep it down. There were about twenty dead demons on the floor. There were only three left alive that were fighting. Connor was fighting his with his bare hands. Both of the girls were covered in blood and each had their own demon to fight. One of them was… holy crap… Vi from school. The other was a black girl with long hair done in dreadlocks. Vi had a sword that she was swinging like it was nothing and the other girl was like poetry in motion with an axe.

We had been standing there for a few minutes, when Micah yelled out. “Come on you three quit playing and kill them already.”

My mouth dropped wide as each of them killed the demon they were fighting in one blow. Connor immediately let out a loud whoop and picked up the black girl in a hug. “I knew you’d leave some for me Rona.”

“Put me down you overgrown Neanderthal!” Rona shouted and kicked Connor in the shins. Connor dropped her suddenly but she fell lightly on her feet. “I just knew I’d have to save your ass on this trip. You’d think the son of Angel we know how to get out of a jam.”

“Oh come on you know you enjoyed it.” Connor winked at her.

“Those are slayers?” I asked Micah quietly.

“Not only are those slayers, those are two of the best ones out there.” Micah leaned in closer to me. “And Rona is Connor’s girlfriend.”

“Soon to be ex-girlfriend if he doesn’t start to show some gratitude.” Rona glared at Connor.

“Right here in front of everyone?” Connor said in a considering tone.

Rona threw up her hands, “You’re hopeless.”

Vi had come to stand beside me, “So I guess you’re in the know now. Don’t worry it’s not that bad. I’ve got this area covered. I just had to call in for some backup with this one. This demon clan had killed 14 people in the last two weeks. It was making all the mountain folk edgy. In fact they were out in force tonight. A couple of them asked if I had seen … you…”

Oh shit. I had completely forgotten that I had managed to call my mom. How the hell was I going to explain this? There was no way my mom would accept demons. And if she did then all the base people would have to be let know and—

“Cassie!” Connor snapped his fingers in front of my face.

“I managed to call my mom when we were in the alley.” I blurted out.

There was a collective, “Oh shit.” From the other kids. We were all silent for a few minutes. My mind was running in circles trying to think of a plausible excuse.

“Okay I’ve got it.” Connor said. “Here’s what we’re going to do. Cassie call your mom tell her you went to a friend’s lake house. A tire went flat when we were about to drive back. You tried to call but lost signal or something. Tell her we’re about an hour away and that will give us time to get you all fixed up before Micah drives you home.” Connor handed me his phone.

I took the phone and started to dial my home number. Okay I could do this. I know how to lie I’ve been doing it for the past six years. No problem. I put the phone to my ear. It didn’t even get past one ring when Mom picked up the phone.

“Hello?” My mom’s voice sounded frantic.

I tried to sound cheerful, “Hey Mom, it’s me.”

“Cassie are you alright? What happened? I’ve been trying to get reach you for the past hour. Where are you?”

“Yeah Mom I’m fine.” I took a breath. “Micah and me went to one of his friend’s lake house. I lost track of time out there and I was trying to call you tell let you know I was going to be late but Zack knocked my phone into the lake. So… um… I need a new phone.”

Mom seemed to ignore that, “Why did you wait till now to call on someone else’s phone?”

Ummm…. “Nobody else’s phone had reception. I think they all had sprint or something. We just got back on the road now. We got a flat tire and it took forever to fix. But we’re back on our way now. I should be home in about an hour. Okay Mom?” I held my breath as I waited for her response.

Finally Mom said, “Alright but we’re going to have a big talk when you get home.”

I couldn’t stop myself from asking, “About my new phone?”

“Among other things.” Mom said sternly.

“Okay Mom, love you.” I said.

“Love you too.” Then she hung up the phone.

I sighed in relief as I handed the phone back to Connor. “Mom crisis adverted.” I asked as an after thought, “Do any of you guys have to call your parents?”

Micah shook his head, “Nah we’ll tell them what happened after we drop you off home.”

“I’ll take you back to my place.” Vi began to walk out of the cave. “It’s the closest and you and Micah can shower there.”

Connor and Rona were right behind her. Connor turned around and said, “Seperately. I don’t think her neighbors would appreciate that type of noise this late.”

I blushed while Micah just gave him the middle finger. “Ignore him. He’s just angry cause he hasn’t gotten any lately.”

I laughed at the sad look that Connor gave Rona. “I’m such a neglected boyfriend.”

Rona shot him a look, “Later boy toy.”

“Promises. Promises.” Connor mumbled.

The rest of the walk was done underground with Rona filling Vi in on the happenings in the Slay world. At least that’s what Micah said they were talking about. I was having a heard time following their conversation. Jack and Zack tried to butt into their conversation a couple times to ask about someone named Xander.

We finally stopped in front of a ladder leading to the street. Vi went up first to check to see if anyone was there. I just took it in a stride as she was easily able to lift the manhole cover off. She lowered her hand to wave us up.

As I made my way up the ladder, I almost slipped off a couple of times. But Micah was always there to catch me. It also when I noticed that my wrists were cut slightly from the manacles that were still around them. When I reached the street level I looked around trying to figure out where we were. It wasn’t until Connor was putting the manhole cover back on that I figured it out. “We’re at Daniel’s building.”

Vi turned to look at me. “Danny? Average height, brown hair, glasses, got a hot nerd thing going on?”

“Sounds about right.” I nodded apprehensively.

“Yeah he lives in the next apartment.” Vi said as she started to walk towards the building. She stopped at the last minute. “He one of the people your mom would have sent out to look for you?”

I nodded again and she frowned. “Okay form a circle around Cassie.” Connor said. They quickly got in a circle around me. I could see over Jack and Zack’s heads but they were closest to the wall at all times. We managed to get to Vi’s floor without passing anyone. Which was probably a good thing, since we were all covered in blood and Connor and the two slayers had demon guts or something on them as well.

Then of course the door to Daniel’s apartment just had to open. I ducked lower behind Connor and Rona. Vi moved ahead so that she could open her door. I ran in just as Daniel stepped out. I don’t think he saw me.

“Oh my God. Vi what happened to you and your friends?” I heard the concern in Daniel’s voice.

Connor replied quickly. “Photography project. I needed a little help. Luckily my girl knows how to do makeup.”

“Yeah I’ve got mad skills.” Rona said.

“Yes well it looks really realistic.” Daniel said.

Vi opened the door wider and I moved further away. “Yeah well it’s also really sticky so we’re going to get all this stuff off. Talk to you later Danny.” She all but shoved everyone in before shutting the door in Daniel’s face. She sighed and almost leaned against the door but managed to stop in time. “I’ll show you where the shower is Cassie.” She looked at my body, “And I’ll find you some new clothes. I think you’re about my size.” She led me to a bathroom and after showing me where the towels were, left me alone.

I sighed in relief as I turned on the water and got into the shower. One thing I definitely love Earth for is its running water and heated showers. I think I stood in the shower just letting the water run over me for a good five minutes. It wasn’t until Vi knocked with the clothes she had found for me that I actually grabbed the soap. Once I was done I dried myself off and put on the clothes she had left on the floor for me. It was a long sleeve shirt so it would probably cover the cuts on my wrist. I had a few bruises on my shoulder from being thrown into the wall but the shirt would cover that too. I wiped the condensation off the mirror to look at my hair and that’s when I noticed my face. And of course that’s when it started to hurt again. The left side of my face especially around my jaw was one giant bruise. There was no way I could hide that from my mom. Shit.

I walked out into the living room. Micah was already cleaned up and Jack was no where in sight. He was probably in the shower already. Micah’s face was also bruised and he had a long cut going across his forehead. Not to mention the bruise that still hadn’t faded from around his throat. It had only gotten more colorful.

“How am I suppose to go home like this? Hey Mom the tire iron attacked me and Micah.” I said sarcastically as I sat down next to Micah. “But don’t worry Connor managed to break it in half.”

Vi laughed. “Well that would be one approach. The other would be to use Willow’s healing salve. We can’t just use it too often or bad things will happen. At least that’s what Willow said.” She pulled out a container. She poured a dollop on her fingers and put it on my face.

“Ouch!” I backed away. It burned really bad then it started to cool. I put my hand on my face. It didn’t hurt anymore or feel puffy at all.

Vi looked at Micah. “I don’t know how well this goes with Brachen physiology.”

He shrugged, “I’m mostly human. Just put it on the cut and give me a hoodie.” She did as he said. Micah tensed as if pain and just for a second he showed his demon face. Then the cut was gone with barely a scar to show for it.

Rona threw a hoodie at Micah and a pair of keys. “Get her home before her mom sends out the entire mountain again.”

“Yes ma’am.” Micah said as he caught both objects. He put on the hoodie and then held out his hand to me. I let him pull me up off the couch.

“It was nice meeting you Cassie.” Connor said from where he was standing with his arm around Rona. “If your mom lets you out again anytime this week, I promise the next time will be much less with the capturing, demon slaying, and what not.”

I smiled, “Yeah, maybe we can just see a movie instead.”

Rona and Vi waved at me. Both of the twins were in a shower so I couldn’t say good bye to them. Micah and I left the apartment. We didn’t run into Daniel again. Thank the Gods. Micah led me to a small green car and opened the door for me. We were only about ten minutes from my house. The drive was quiet with some radio station playing in the background. He pulled into my driveway and turned off the car. Neither of us said anything for a moment.

“Are you o—” I started to say just as he started to speak as well. I laughed and motioned for him to go first.

“Are you okay with me being part demon?” He asked hesitantly.

I nodded quickly. I really didn’t have to think about it. It was a no brainer. “Are you with me being from another planet?”

He took my hand and leaned closer. “Cass from the moment I met you I knew you were from out of this world.” I was about to say how lame that was but he was already pressing his lips to mine. I melted into his kiss.

Just when it was getting good, there was a look knock on my window. I jumped and moved closer to Micah expecting to see Bob glaring at me. Instead all I saw was my mom… still kind of glaring at me.

I got out of the car and followed Mom to the house. I waved at Micah and he blew a kiss at me before Mom shut the door.

My boyfriend was so cool.


The End

You have reached the end of "Introducing My Boyfriend". This story is complete.

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