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Consequences VI - This is the World They Made

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This story is No. 6 in the series "Consequences". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: I've got a theory! For every decision a person makes there are an infinite number of alternate universes where another version of you makes a different decision. And sometimes they get it all wrong.

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Television > MoonlightEmmaLoveFR13412,259064,1798 Dec 0815 Feb 09Yes

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Chapter Four

1. I'm being cautious here and upping the rating on this chapter since there is some sexual activity contained within.
2. I know this is a quick update from me, but as I mentioned before the rough draft on this was finished some time ago, so I decided to go ahead edit and post this chapter as quick as I could since you guys had been forced to wait so long for any kind of update on this fanfic.

Consequences VI - This is the World They Made
~Chapter Four~

Xander felt himself freeze as Angelus leaned toward him. This was not going to end well, and he was going to hold it against Buffy forever. She got to be with his vampire self, and what did he get?

Angelus, fucking Angelus.

Which Xander could admit, if only to himself, wouldn't be so bad if the vampire Buffy were coming along with Angelus, but apparently the vampire Buffy like the vampire Willow was kind of gay. In another situation, Xander would have found it hilarious.

What the hell is wrong with the universe? Xander asked himself as he tried not to think about the way Angelus was using his tongue. Neither the Angel or Angelus of his own universe cared about him one way or another, but every other universe version he'd encountered kept wanting to have sex with him.

It was... Xander thought to himself, as he tried to ignore the hands wandering over his body. Well, disturbing just didn't cover it.

After a moment, Xander had to hand it to the vampire, he was very determined.

Must purge bad thoughts, Xander yelled to himself. But that kiss, and those hands were causing the blood to leave his brain for parts, or a part, further south.

Finally, another thought broke in, there were too many hands on his body. Vampire though he was, Angelus only had two hands, and yet Xander was almost certain that both of his hands were above Xander's waist.

So, who's hands are undoing my pants?

That was when Xander realized that Angelus was no longer actually kissing him, but was playing around his neck, which wasn't good. But at least Xander could only feel blunt human teeth at the moment.

He looked down, and realized the other Spike had his pants down, and was seconds away from having a little something in his mouth. Later Xander would wonder how he knew it was the other Spike.

Xander groaned, and managed to look away just before Spike's mouth closed over him.

When he opened his eyes again, he found himself unable to look at Spike, so he turned his head. Which ended up not really helping, because he found himself bucking slightly in response to seeing his vampire self now sandwiched between his Buffy and Spike.

His vampire self was fucking Buffy while Spike was fucking him. At least, Xander noted that Buffy looked more like herself, and less like a zombie Buffy.

A glance in the other direction showed that the vampire Buffy was doing very naughty things to Coraline. Things he used to fantasize about seeing Willow and Tara doing to each other.

The fantasy was shattered somewhat when Coraline opened her eyes, and Xander realized they were glowing green.

Xander's attention was brought forcibly back to Angelus, when the vampire in question grabbed him by the hair of his head and forced his head to turn.

"Ow," Xander snapped, then moaned, no groaned, because groaning was manly, moaning was girly, as Spike started doing naughty things to Xander's cock with his tongue.

Angelus grinned wickedly, and before Xander could scream the vampire had vamped out, and was now fang-deep in his neck.

"Well, well, well," a voice Xander didn't recognize broke the moment. "How the mighty have fallen."

Angelus pulled away, and turned toward the interruption, and had it not been for the fact that Spike was holding him up, Xander would have crashed to the ground.

"Then again you lot were always perverted, even by vampire standards."

"And you guys have such high standards," Xander heard his Buffy reply very sarcastically.

He was suddenly aware that Spike had stopped what he was doing, and was now standing beside Xander pretty much holding him up.

Xander looked around, and realized that the orgy was pretty much over, as everyone but himself had moved into pre-attack positions. There were at least a dozen people, and Xander used the word loosely, standing not very far away.

"Fucking humans," and at first Xander thought it was a curse. "You don't fuck your food."

"So says you," his Buffy replied. "And who says we're food?"

Several of the vampires, at least Xander suspected they were vampires laughed.

"That's all you humans are good for," one of them replied.

"Now be a good little meal on wheels," the first vampire said. "And run along, we've got business with the perverts here."

"Wait," Angelus exclaimed suddenly. "Now I remember you. Pathetic lot that you are, even soul-boy could have kicked your asses," Angelus moved closer to the other vampires. "And before this is over I'll make you wish you were dealing with soul-boy."

One of the vampires started forward, but was stopped by the lead vampire.

Xander moved a little bit, he needed to see if he could stand on his own, because he knew things were about to get ugly. Before his legs gave-way, Buffy was beside him.

"We're leaving now," she whispered. "This is between them, and we aren't exactly in any shape to help."

Xander agreed, though Buffy and Spike looked fine. Still he was glad when she pulled him away from the other Spike, and they started to walk backwards.

Xander struggled to turn around, because he knew there was no way he could walk backwards in the shape he was in.

Finally, they made it out of the cemetery, and Xander realized that none of the natives were with them. Of course, all of the natives were vampires, and Xander decided to put them out of his mind for now. After all, it was taking more focus than usual to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

"Boo!" Xander jumped badly as he looked up.

"Damn! You bastards are determined, I'll give you that," Spike said.

"You are one of the perverts," one of the vampire intoned. "Therefore you must die."

"So what," Buffy said slowly. "You're like the vampire police?"

A few of the vampires laughed.

"Yeah, I like that," another one said.

"For too long now the riff-raff have run wild, caused many problems for vampires at large," one of the vampires said. "Humans that never should have been turned in the first place have been. Well, some of us got together and decided enough was enough."

"You and what army?" Xander asked. Not that he cared, but he just couldn't stop himself from commenting.

Buffy's hand tightened on his arm, and Xander suspected she was going to try and get them to safety while Spike and Coraline covered their escape.

"That one," the vampire said, and pointed behind them.

Coraline gasped, and Spike cursed, and Xander knew even without looking that they were in deep shit.

The vampires almost as one charged forward, and Xander felt Buffy release him. He knew he wasn't in any shape to fight, so he started looking around for a place to hide.

There was a log, perhaps out of sight would equal out of mind, and he made his way back toward the cemetery.

~ * ~ * ~

The vampire in front of her burst into dust, but Buffy hadn't stopped to watch, she was all ready moving toward the others.

Thankfully, Xander had disappeared from sight, and because she had kept an eye on him until he got behind the log, she knew he was as safe as he could be. Hopefully it would be enough, because she couldn't keep her eyes on him, or the log he was behind anymore.

She wanted to stay at his side, and stand guard, but there at least three dozen vampires attacking, and there was no way she could protect Xander and fight. She wasn't even sure she could take all of them, at least not before one of them got lucky.

Buffy felt herself smile, and one of the vampires fighting her froze. Even if they managed to get lucky, they wouldn't be lucky for long. She couldn't deny that being immortal sometimes had its perks.

Buffy managed to take out four more, when she was stuck frozen as Xander burst out from behind the log. Apparently, a vampire had found him. As he moved closer to the main fight, Buffy realized that whatever vampire had found him had probably killed him, because he was looking much better than he had before this began.

At least they were down to less than two dozen vampires now.

"Stop trying to stake me in the heart, you fucker!" Xander yelled out, and Buffy couldn't help but laugh as she drove another stake home.

"What part," Xander was shouting, and she looked to see that Xander was punctuating each word with a punch. "Of not a vampire don't you understand?"

"Probably the part where your not a vampire," she heard Spike reply.

Buffy turned back, and took care of another two vampires before Xander spoke, or yelled, again.

"You son of a bitch!"

She looked back, and Xander was on his knees with a piece of wood sticking out of his chest.

Spike gave an angry roar, and the three vampires that had been attacking Xander went down without much of a fight.

Spike yanked the stake from Xander's chest, and cradled him in his arms.

Buffy moved toward them, but not to offer comfort, the remaining dozen or so vampires were also moving toward them.

Coraline managed to kill three before they got close, and then Xander's eyes opened, and Buffy almost cheered. Hopefully now Spike would get off his ass and join the fight again. Not that she was against comforting Xander, now simply wasn't the time.

Before anything else could happen, Buffy felt two things at once. The twinge that told her it was almost time for another reality shift, and something that felt almost like pure energy crash into her from behind.

She turned as Angelus and Vander burst into view, and she thought she could see two blond heads further back. Her vision rippled, and she looked directly behind her, and thought she saw one of the attacking vampires holding a device of some kind.

Then she was staring at a sand-stone wall that appeared in front of her.

"Huh?" She heard Xander and Spike say from behind her. Though Spike added a bloody hell.

"What was that?" Coraline asked.

"Don't know," Xander replied. "Felt almost like something hit us, then wham we're in some kind of cave."

"That's because you must be tested," a voice said, and suddenly a door appeared, and a vampire that was at least as old as The Master stepped into the room. "You are not vampires, and yet you are not humans either."

"They're probably some kind of abominations," a much younger vampire said from behind the older one.

"If so, we will purge them, but we have a code, and we must follow the code. They must be tested first."

"I got to tell you," Buffy said. "I really don't test well."

The older vampire smiled.

"Then you will fail, and my childe will have his fun."

"Come," the younger vampire said. "You must enter the arena."

"And if we refuse?" Coraline asked.

"We will simply put you there."

Buffy moved forward. She might have objected, but she had no idea where they were, or if there was any way out. Of course, it didn't really matter because the twinges were getting stronger. She figured they'd shift out before things got really nasty, or at least she sincerely hoped so.

The arena turned out to be yet another room, though it was bigger than the first, but only slightly.

Buffy turned to ask what the test was, when another door opened, and ten vampires entered the room. Apparently, this test involved feeding or fighting, probably both.

The ten vampires moved toward them almost as one, which was impressive.

Buffy took her eyes off them, because she needed to deal with the older vampire first. She moved, and used the wall to give her enough power to leap up onto the outcropping where the Master and his childe were watching.

They both yelled, and Buffy grabbed the older, and snapped his neck before he could react.

The younger vampire charged, and Buffy knocked him back, and almost laughed when he went over the short stone fence. It was probably a natural formation of the cave or where ever they were, but it greatly resembled a fence.

She looked down, she really didn't want to do this, but there was no way she was leaving this bastard alive. Thankfully, she still had most of her weapons, but the only knife she had easy access to had about a six inch blade.

Buffy took the blade in her hand. It was big enough, so she would use it, rather than taking the time to remove her necklace and enlarge her bag to find another one.

As she started to cut, she could hear the sounds of fighting from down below, and hoped that her people were doing okay.

Finally, she cut through bone, and the old vampire exploded into a cloud of dust.

As she stood up, she looked around, but didn't see any way out.

She shrugged, and moved to leap back down into the fight below. They would be leaving soon one way or another, but an exit would have been nice.

When Buffy landed she could see that all eleven vampires were still alive. The good news was that Spike, Xander, and Coraline were also still alive.

Spike caught her eye, and she realized that he was preparing to kick the wall. She frowned, and Spike gave her one of those 'just go with me' looks, so she moved up to his side. Then it occurred to her that he was going to try and bring some of the rocky wall down to give them some cover.

She smiled. It was a good idea, even if it failed to work. Their first kick yielded no results, but a second kick caused two cracks to appear and move up the stone wall.

"Again," Spike said.

~ * ~ * ~
You have now reached the end of Part Six! Stay tuned for Part Seven!

The End

You have reached the end of "Consequences VI - This is the World They Made". This story is complete.

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