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Buffy and the New Blood

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Buffy & The New Blood". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Jessica never thought being a fan of her favorite show would be detrimental to her health and well-being, cast headlong into the depths of the abyss she finds out what she is truly made of. The friends she makes will be vital to her survival and theirs.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Action/Adventure > Cast: Scooby Gang(Recent Donor)christytrekkieFR131753,44502814,56310 Dec 0828 Jun 13Yes

The New Girl

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Joss Whedon does. So there now read and enjoy please. Spoiler kind of for Buffy season one episode Teacher's Pet.

Jessica is a character of my own invention. mwa ha ha, cough splutter! Sorry.


Sunnydale, California

Buffy, Willow and Xander and the other students watched a segment on ants and their habitat when Principal Flutie came into Mr. Gregory’s class with a new student. The teacher turned off his teleprompter and gave the floor to the principal.

“Hello class I would like for you to meet your new classmate Jessica Trish Cine,” said a cheerful Principal Flutie. “She moved here to our bright city of Sunnydale from the windy city of Chicago, please give her your warmest welcome.” Principal Flutie smiled and quickly left the classroom so that the teacher could get back to his lesson.

Buffy looked her up and down trying to size her up. she wanted to make sure she was not a new threat. Willow gave her one of her mousy little smiles and a wave and Xander was too busy daydreaming about something or other.

“Well hello Miss Cine, have a seat and we'll see if one of our students can get you caught up on the subject we're discussing,” Mr. Gregory pointed to the seats before her.

Jessica scanned the room for an empty seat. She awkwardly walked over and sat in front of a grinning Willow while Xander daydreamed and Buffy continued to scrutinize her to make sure she’s wasn't evil.

Buffy frowned, this girl seemed familiar somehow, as if they'd met before but she could not put her finger on where or when. The feeling was so strong that she could not put it out of her mind. She would have to talk to Giles about the sudden nauseating déjà vu this girl was giving her.

As Buffy considered the possibility of some new conflict Jessica looked around having the same feelings of déjà vu but on a much larger scale. Her surroundings were very familiar to her; she already knew where her classes were, She knew where the library, the cafeteria, the gym, even the damn boiler room were located. Earlier when Principal Flutie led her to class she recognized every thing around her.

This morning Jessica Trish Cine headed to school thinking she would be completely lost and late for every class only to find that she knew the school from front to back, hell she seemed to know the whole damn town for that matter. Knowing all this information completely boggled her mind and began to creep her out.

She quickly took her mind off her new found sense of direction and paid close attention to her teacher. She smirked a little as Mr. Gregory talked to Buffy about the bugs the class discussed. He tried hard to get her to participate in class but it was obvious that Buffy hadn't read the material. The red head tried in desperation to mime the answers to her friend to no avail.

Jessica laughed at Buffy’s less than stellar grasp at charades. The teacher sighed, mildly irritated over Willow trying to give Buffy the answers and Xander was embarrassed about Buffy implying that he had body odor. Overall Jessica got a good laugh in her first class of the day.

The bell rang and the students shuffled out to head to their next class. Mr. Gregory called Buffy to the side to discuss her grades. She smiled as he decided to stroke her ego, telling her that if she put her mind to it she could be an excellent student. That in itself made her peg him as one of her favorite teachers for his caring attitude towards her despite her colorful record.

Buffy left Mr. Gregory as he checked his bug slides. He sat in his chair and all of a sudden he felt someone watching him but he shrugged it off and continued his work. Something edged closer and closer, until a hand touched his shoulder. He turned around quickly to see his new student Jessica as she smiled down at him.

“Oh hello Miss Cine.What can I do for you?” he asked as he looked over his glasses at her.

“Sorry to disturb you Mr. Gregory, but I was hoping to get some past assignments from you so I could get caught up and maybe I could get one of my fellow students to help me,” she shivered and looked around, she got the odd sensation that someone or something else was in the room. She scanned until her eyes settled on his coat closet and her eyes widened sensing an evil presence.

“Oh that is an excellent idea Miss Cine and if I can make a suggestion, the best person to help you get caught up on your classes would be Miss Willow Rosenberg,” Mr. Gregory smirked. “She is an excellent student and from what I hear a great tutor.”

“Yeah, I figured as much from the display I saw today,” They both laughed as they remembered Willow's less than stealthy attempt.

Jessica started to leave with her new assignments in hand when she got the wiggins. She couldn't leave her teacher alone in this room, she had to get him out of here somehow. But how would she do that without him thinking she was some kind of a nut case? She saw the empty hallway and a plan formulated in her mind.

“Um…. Mr. Gregory, if I can ask one more favor of you?” Jessica sheepishly asked. “All of the students are already in their next class and I don't know my way around the school that well," well she shouldn't have anyway. "I wonder if you could show me to my next class?”

Mr. Gregory looked at her and smiled. “No problem Miss Cine, maybe later we could get you a tour guide as well.”

She laughed at his obvious ribbing before she stopped and gave the room another once over before Mr. Gregory guided her to her next class.

An extremely pissed off giant preying Mantis stepped out of the coat closet upset that her prey had vacated the premises. She transformed into a beautiful young woman, and stalked after an alternate victim, because the annoying little girl stole her current one.

There it is finally the second chapter. It is a little slow but I just wanted to introduce the character to the universe and have her make a difference right off the back. She does not do anything supernatural just some plain old ingenuity. Hope you enjoy it.
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