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Crawling in the Darkness

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Summary: Rebecca Chambers and the other survivors of Umbrella struggle to survive in a bleak future that lies ahead of them. As the world and their lives fall to pieces around them they fight to preserve their sanity, their souls... (Temporary Hiatus)

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Games > Horror > Resident EvilpezgirlFR1835,498031,90011 Dec 0810 Feb 10No


I always seem to be running…

Rebecca launched herself around the corner of a pizza place, heart beating furiously as she pumped her arms and legs for speed; she needed to get as far away from that...thing as possible.

She didn’t fancy a one-on-one standoff with a Bandersnatch, they were as bad as the Hunters. The teen cringed as a long, thick, sickly-yellow mass swiped at her, missing her by barely two feet; the abnormally-huge arm retracted quickly.

Rebecca felt the exhaustion slow her down, her chest ached and her limbs felt like jelly; Can’t breathe…

You won’t ever breathe again unless you speed it up

Her thoughts were useless, she could tell she was slowing; her sight was blurred making everything seem foggy. I can’t keep running

Already making up her mind she glanced behind her and saw that the B.O.W was about to whip out the arm; gritting her teeth and praying she forced herself to run faster and then threw herself to the side and over a four-meter, sloping, grassy hill.

She hit the ground hard, ribs and chest aching, and allowed herself to roll down the hill- holding her arms close to her to propel herself forwards. The black sky, the Brandersnatcher and the grass flashed in and out of her vision quickly and then, finally, she felt the hard, stony ground beneath her.

Rebecca heaved herself up to her feet, determined, and raised her Remington .51 towards the creature as it finished its jump and landed loudly right in front of her.

I’m not even going to pretend to think that I’m going to survive this

She tightened her finger on the trigger, once, twice, three times all the bullets hitting the mass of bloated veins and arteries; blood flew thickly from the warped body. The Bandersnatcher’s shiny-white eyes glared at her like two tiny malevolent light bulbs, as the fourth and fifth bullet hit it misshapen form its arm whipped towards her.

Terrified, her eyes widened as her gun clicked on empty and a second later she felt the abomination’s huge hand clamp over her head, almost retched as she felt the quick pulse of the thing’s veins on her skull; she struggled vainly as she felt her feet leave the ground.
Oh, crap on a cracker Images of her crushed head flitted through her frantic mind.

Her neck ached as she dangled there, petrified, in the creature’s grasp; she twisted and turned uselessly as she felt the Bandersnatcher’s hand tighten around her skull.

Oh shit, oh shi-

“Hey, try an’ crush this, you freak!” the familiar sounds of her friend’s voice and an Assault Shotgun met her ears.

Panting at the effort of running, falling and being grabbed around the head by a hellish creature she watched hopefully, and in slight disbelief, as blood flew from the Bandersnatcher’s arm.

Suddenly her head was released and she fell to the ground, landing on her legs before collapsing in exhaustion, she rolled onto her side and stared as the vile mass of arteries and veins ran towards-

Barry! I knew he was still alive! Her smile faded as she saw that, despite the spray of bullets being emptied into the thing, it wasn’t slowing down. It would be on him in a few seconds.

I gotta help him.

She dragged herself up to her feet, determined to help her friend-

The creature swiped at Barry, who ducked, threw himself to the side and rolled, before raising his gun again-

Rebecca ejected the empty clip quickly and jammed another seven round magazine into it, she quickly brought it up as the creature again whipped its massive arm at her friend; she fired at its torso once, twice, again and again as Barry dived out of the way of another swing.

It stopped, teetered on its feet and with a growl of rage went down in a mass of blood, veins and sick-yellow warped flesh, it didn’t move.

Rebecca looked at the monster warily wondering if it was going to leap back up again and attack her; as Barry made his way to her she realized that the Bandersnatcher had to be dead. She let out a breath and her shoulders sagged tiredly as the adrenaline continue to pump through her veins.

“How badly are you hurt?” asked Barry gruffly. His blue eyes watched her carefully as he shouldered his assault shotgun.

She looked down at herself and winced inwardly, some of the skin on her arms and legs were skinned and bloody, flecks of stone were mingling with the bloody smears. Her knees ached and she knew that there’d be bruises tomorrow, Rebecca looked at Barry and replied to his question, “I’m fine, just some scrapes and bruises.”

And a headache, almost got my head crushed like a walnut...

She pushed the thoughts away as Barry observed her intently, he nodded and said, “C’mon, we’d better get moving.”

Abruptly, he turned at walked away.

Rebecca sighed as she watched him walk away, she ran to catch up with him; she put her gun in the holster that was strapped around her waist and then glanced up at Barry, his mouth was set into a grim line.

She looked away sadly and frowned as she gazed ahead of her, her mind went over the events of three weeks ago; after the worldwide virus outbreak Barry had tried to contact his family in Canada, his wife, Kathy, and his two young daughters Moira and Polly who were ten and seven.

But he never got the chance to.


Rebecca walked downstairs quietly, conscious of the fact that most of their Anti-Umbrella team were crashed out in various places around the abandoned house they were squatting in.

She, John and David had got back from a mission two days ago whilst the others had only got back yesterday; they had decided that a group meeting was appropriate to address the new situation they were in- that the rest of the world were in.

She bit her lip anxiously, thinking about her family, she’d just got off the phone with them; her mom, her dad and her brother and sister were still alive and in Australia. She was glad they were alive, but she wanted them to stay that way which was why she so worried.

They wanted to take her to Australia with them, she had to tell them that no place in the world was safe from the virus and that she had a job to do- to take down Umbrella.

She finished the conversation up by promising that she’d see them again in Australia in a few months.

She walked into the lounge and saw that Barry Burton was sitting in the armchair, wide awake, “Wanna use the phone?”

Barry nodded as he stood up, “Your parents are alright?” he looked concerned but she could tell that he was aching to call his wife and kids.

Rebecca nodded, “If ‘alright’ means alive, then yeah, they’re fine.” Might as well keep it short. She handed him the receiver and then wiped her palms on her jeans as he dialed the number; her stomach growled.

There’s left over pizza in the kitchen, I’m sure he wants some privacy, too.

She walked out of the room and proceeded to amble into the kitchen, three pieces of pepperoni pizza were in the box that the frozen food came in; she scooped up a piece and took a huge bite.

God bless Jill for telling us to raid the supermarket, what were we thinking? So what if stealing is wrong, there are zombies walking around outside…I don’t think anyone’s gonna mind if we take a few pizzas.

She reached up and opened the cupboard above her head, withdrawing a bottle of water and unscrewing the cap; in the corner of her eye she saw Barry walk out of the room. Rebecca took a swig of the room-temperature water and placed both the half-eaten pizza and bottle down on the counter before turning to her friend.

“How’d it g-

Whoa, he looks really-

Barry stood five feet away from her, still as a statue and as white as a ghost, she could tell something wasn’t right, “Barry?” she walked up to him and laid a hand on his shaking arm.

His eyes were glassy, his breathing shallow, he’s in shock- oh no, his family…has something happened...

Fear rising up inside her at the unsound look in his eyes, the faraway look in them, she grasped his arm tighter and pulled his towards the door, “You should sit down.” He should have some water. As she turned him towards the hallway she snatched up the bottle of water and guided him out.

She got him as far as the stairs before he collapsed onto them heavily, eyes staring into space; she sat down next to him on the carpeted step, hand still on his arm, “Barry?”

No response

“Hey, what’s going on?” asked Jill as she walked into the room, she looked tired; rubbed at her eyes- careful to avoid the bruise on her cheek. The ex-cat burglar looked from her to Barry, then back to her and then knelt in front of them.


Rebecca swallowed hard, “Barry tried to call his family, I’m not sure if he got through or not…” she trailed off as Barry’s form hunched over, his breathing was uneven and his gaze was darting around at everything and probably nothing as well.

“Barry,” started Jill, her blue eyes were wide with concern and fear. “Talk to us-

Barry was gasping for breath as he doubled over-

Jill grabbed his face in her hands and tried to bring his gaze up to hers, she stared into his tear-brimmed eyes asked, hesitating slightly, “What happened?”

His face was strained with anguish, unable to get the words out around his emotions he just shook his head.

They’re in Canada, they should be fine

“Canada…” ground out the man, he looked up at them, eyes reddened. “It hit Canada…the virus…”

Rebecca closed her eyes, his kids...

Her eyes snapped open as Barry stood up abruptly and strode into the lounge, she and Jill met each others eyes briefly and then got up and followed him…well, tried to…as they got to the door Barry came striding back out-

Why’s he got his gun?

“You feeling okay, man?” Chris and John stepped out of the lounge and into the hall, it was Chris who had spoken.

“Something’s wrong with his family,” said Rebecca before she followed Jill out the front door in pursuit of their friend.

Shit, maybe he’s lost it.

“Barry!” called Jill as she ran to catch up with Barry, the man wasn’t even running anymore; but he wasn’t just walking either.

Barry turned around quickly making Jill jump in surprise; he just stared at them both as Rebecca fell into step beside her; his bloodshot eyes were wide and full of rage; his face was stark white against the dark bruises and red eyes.

What’s he going to do?

“What’re you gonna do?” asked Rebecca, speaking her mind.

Barry’s wild gaze snapped to her own worried one, “What am I gonna do? What am I gonna do!? I’m-

He looked down at his hand which was gripping his gun tightly, he looked back up at them and Rebecca could see that the lost look had disappeared to be replaced with a look of purpose…of a rage-filled bloodthirsty hunter.

“My girls…” he paused, seemingly overcome with rage. “…dead, Kathy’s l…locked herself in the bedroom…she said they came in last night…she’s bit.” Barry looked at them. “She’s gonna be one of them soon.”

Horror seeped into every corner of her soul, Rebecca looked at Barry’s darkened, rage-filled eyes and said, “I…I’m…” she trailed off helplessly. What could she say? That she was sorry?

I don’t think that pointlessly apologizing to Barry is going to help anything, I doubt he needs that right now.

Jill also seemed to be lost for words as well, she looked at Barry and then opened her mouth-


A clattering sound filled the narrow road to Rebecca’s right, she and Jill turned towards the noise quickly and saw the shuffling movements of the zombies and the hungry moaning that was being emitted.

Rebecca moved her hand to her gun- and grabbed empty air, the gun and the holster were both gone.

Back at the house…

More groaning echoed all around them, the stench of rot filled Rebecca’s nostrils and she turned to Jill, “We should get back to the house.”

“Hey! We got zombies, get back here!” yelled John, waving them over. He ran back inside, presumably to get a gun.

Meanwhile, we’ll be heading back.

“Let’s go,” mutter Jill as the street suddenly filled with the walking corpses. She stepped away from her position to go back, the teen made to follow her but realized that Barry wasn’t moving.

Barry raised his Assault Shotgun in the direction of the shambling mass as sprayed the crowd with bullets, face set into an expression of utmost loathing.

He can’t fight them all, he’ll be swamped in a minute- not even that.

“Barry, let’s go!” yelled Jill over the sounds of rapid-fire explosions coming from her friend’s gun. “You can’t get them all!”

Barry turned back, face etched with hate and rage, “Watch me!” he turned back and continued shooting the diseased, decaying undead full of holes; he started walking towards the crowd slowly, picking up his pace. “Come on, you fuckers! You pieces of shit…you like that?! You murdering fucks…”

He’s going to get himself killed!

Maybe that’s his intention.

Rebecca watched him stride towards the pack of diseased cannibals, still spraying bullets at them and felt a lump coming into her throat, her eyes stung with hot tears; she didn’t want him to die.

Frozen to the spot, guilt and pain raged through her; the events of the past several months suddenly hit her, all the deaths; her team, her friends and now Barry’s lost something that meant the whole world to him…

She watched as Jill ran up to Barry and tried to tug him away from the nearing swarm of decaying corpses, it was like watching the whole thing through a television screen; suddenly detached from her surroundings Rebecca stared at them silently.

It almost doesn’t seem real…how can it be? Zombies, monsters? It can’t be real-

You know it’s real! You saw it, they killed everyone…Forest, Kenneth, Enrico, Edward, Kevin…Richard- god Richard shouldn’t even be dead, he saved me from Yawn. He was my friend and he took the Yawn’s attack so I wouldn’t get hurt…cause I just stood there- like an idiot. He had to save me…he...

Snap out of it, Chambers! Jill dragged Barry towards her, away from the zombies that were getting closer…

“Rebecca! Move it,” ordered Jill frantically, pulling a semi-struggling Barry with her. “Come on!”

Choking back tears, she turned and followed Jill and Barry into the house; she ran through the door and slammed it shut behind her.

I have to get a grip, shouldn’t have let it slip; we’re up shit’s creek here, without a paddle and the others need to rely on me…if they can’t-

Then I’ve failed not only my team, but me and everyone else in this house; they deserve more than that, they saved my ass and I’m not going to let any more of my friends die

She took a deep breath and blew it out, steeling herself against the day ahead, she needed to stay strong; she was not going to turn into a liability- not like last time.

No matter what, I’m gonna stay strong…it’s not negotiable

Rebecca pushed herself away from the door, the scenery now blocked by the masses of rotting corpses pushing themselves up again the door, smearing the glass with infected blood; she pointedly ignored them and walked over to Barry who was grasping the wooden banisters of the stairs tightly and looking at the ground.

A tear ran over his cheekbone and into his mouth and he breathed heavily, eyes still red.

He’s hanging on.

So will I.

End Flashback

The End?

You have reached the end of "Crawling in the Darkness" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 10 Feb 10.

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