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Crawling in the Darkness

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Summary: Rebecca Chambers and the other survivors of Umbrella struggle to survive in a bleak future that lies ahead of them. As the world and their lives fall to pieces around them they fight to preserve their sanity, their souls... (Temporary Hiatus)

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Games > Horror > Resident EvilpezgirlFR1835,498031,90011 Dec 0810 Feb 10No

Brave New World

CHAPTER 1…Brave New World…

Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters or any of the images that come up in this fic, they were on the internet


Set after S. D. Perry’s ‘Code: Veronica’

Rebecca’s POV

March 3rd 1999

The raging fires illuminated the streets of LA, giving the entire scene an eerie shimmering glow; the perpetual darkness that had overtaken the most of America hid the staggering, moaning population of the undead.

The few remaining houses along the dark streets had been gutted out, the windows were shattered- some with dry, brown blood staining them- a few doors had been torn off the hinges, lying face down on the reddish, brown stained carpet with long smears of dried blood near the door handle.

All in all it looked like the typical picture of Hell that Rebecca Chambers had always imagined…except without the brimstone.

Rebecca inhaled quietly as she scanned the surrounding area, wary, albeit alert, blue eyes took in the carnage that Umbrella’s T-virus had caused, it had taken only a few months since the events of her meeting Billy Coen, a wrongly-convicted ex-marine, for most of the world to start collapsing.

There were still infected corpses walking around, spreading their disease to every living creature from human to animal to plant and it wasn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

The teenager stepped around a ravaged corpse, careful to not look at the decaying bloodied body of some poor victim of the disease. Even without looking at the body she heard the squelching sound of her boot meeting tattered organs and other soft matter that she didn’t even want to think about.

Thinking about it would only serve to make her lose her lunch, or what little there was of it; ever since the outbreak food had gotten more and more scarce and food was hard to come by these days.

Rebecca grasped her Remington .51 tightly, breathing deeply, she needed to stay calm; the putrid smell of death filled her nostrils but she took no notice. She was already too used to the smell for it to be a distraction.
She needed to find Barry, Rebecca and the other ex-STARS member had gotten separated some time ago and although the surviving STARS had gotten used to the constant danger surrounding them it was always best to have someone watching your back.

A moan emanated from the dark alley next to a trashed shop which was four meters away from where she was standing, the teen drew in a breath and steeled herself for yet another confrontation with a member of the undead.

Gonna run out of ammo soon, need to get some more…

As she moved towards the alley she head the familiar sound of slow shuffling, a trademark sound of a zombie, she brought her gun up using both her hands, widening her stance for balance, and then waited for the abomination to appear.

Hope it’s not a kid…not like last time…

Rebecca breathed in and out in a controlled fashion, shaking away the memories, as the slouching figure of a tattered and bloodied young man emerged from the darkness, caught sight of her and slowly, unsteadily stumbled towards her; she angled her gun towards it and aimed carefully for the head.

Well, here goes nothing.

The gun jumped in her hands as she pulled the trigger, bits of dead flesh and congealed blood flew from the entry wound where the bullet had penetrated the dead skin before it collapsed unceremoniously to the dirty, red stained, ground.

At least it wasn’t a little kid this time…

The auburn-haired girl exhaled softly, gritted her teeth slightly and then turned away from the corpse of another innocent victim of Umbrella’s evil; it would all stop soon, she knew, or at least thought that it would be, it couldn’t go on forever.

Yeah, right. You keep telling yourself that, Chambers. Maybe you’ll trick yourself into actually believing it.

Her throat tightened painfully and her tired eyes burned with tears, she quickly and forcefully shook off the wave of dark depression that threatened to engulf her and walked away from the bodies that littered the grounds around her; she scanned the area around her wearily waiting for another sloppy attack.

I gotta get to Barry, maybe he’s found some survivors…which is doubtful, but a girl could dream, right?

She stepped into the road which was full of overturned vehicles that had attempted to escape, they burned brightly lighting the way for her to navigate around the dangerous street.

Rebecca glanced at some of the cars and trucks and wondered which vehicles had been carrying families, parents trying to save their kids from a terrible fate only to drive right into more danger.

Did they suffer? Was it a painless, sudden explosion or had they died screaming? Had they felt their flesh being torn away from their bones, the hungry teeth of the damned?
How aware were they of their loved ones meeting the same grisly fate?

Hyperventilating slightly, she swallowed hard and blinked the tears from her eyes as her thoughts turned to her own family, were they okay? Did they get out?

She didn’t know, some days she thought, hoped, that they’d survived and were safe but other times, even as she took in the sight of gutted cars carrying families, she wondered if it was even worth trying to hold onto the hope that they were alive.

Mom, dad, Christian and Jessica…I hope they got out of town before it hit the fan-

Rebecca was jerked out of her thoughts abruptly as a decayed hand burst through a smashed van window and clamped down on her right boot.

Dammit, where’s Barry?


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