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SGA Five Things

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Summary: *ON HIATUS* Five parts making a whole story, set on Atlantis. Some of these will be connected, others will not.

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Five Times Teyla Married Her Teammates

Disclaimer: I don’t own Stargate Atlantis.

5 times Teyla married her teammates

1) Teyla expressly told everyone during the briefing. She went so far as to make each of her teammates, one at a time, repeat it back to her. And she still ended up in the crimson mating dress of the Kalrash.

She would admit that she had been…inattentive. But she had told them not to take food from other people’s plates or hands, or to offer anything from their own plates. From the platters that everyone ate from, fine. But taking or offering food from another’s plate symbolized comfort between the married and the acceptance of a proposal of marriage between the parties sharing the food.

Teyla had been sitting between Colonel Sheppard and Dr. McKay, with Ronon sitting across from her. It would have been wiser for her to be sitting next to the head priestess so that negotiations for wheat could easily continue, but Rodney insisted the head priestess’s nephew was “making calf eyes” at her and, if given half a chance, he would try to “Kirk” her. So she was trying to hold negotiations around Colonel Sheppard and eat. So when Rodney handed her a piece of bread off of his plate, she instinctively took it. Ronon reached across the table and snatched the bread from her hand. McKay screeched, “Hey! Give that back!” and Colonel Sheppard nudged him under the table and glared. Ronon sighed and handed the bread back. Sheppard handed her his extra butter and she slapped it onto her newly recovered bread while glaring at Ronon.

She finally noticed that the room had fallen silent and looked to the head of the table where the head priestess sat slightly gaping as she gazed between the three men, Teyla, and the now-buttered bread. Her nephew, sitting to the priestess’ left, looked crestfallen before he pokered up and offered her a nod. Teyla went slightly numb and slowly shifted her gaze to the bread in her hand. She closed her eyes to compose herself, then heaved a sigh and ate her bread. She saw the Colonel stop raising his glass to his lips as the bread caught his attention. She heard him mutter, “Well, shit,” before setting his glass down and meeting her gaze. She looked across the table to meet Ronon’s tiny grin, barely a quirk of his lips. Finally, she turned to look at Rodney, who, while having picked up on the tension, had no idea as to the cause of it.

Teyla quirked her lips, leaned over and whispered, “You have each asked me to be your mate and I have accepted.”

He went pale and she could see the whites of his eyes. She heard his faintly whispered, “What?”

She smiled and whispered, “The bread. And the butter.”

She smiled as his cheeks went pink and he muttered, “Well, can’t say we weren’t warned.”

The high priestess stood, announced that the marriage had to occur before trade negotiations could be continued, and left the table.


She jangled the three golden bangles on each wrist. She was nervous, despite knowing that the marriage would only be considered real on Kalrash. It felt real to Teyla. She had to admit, the ruby stone that hung on her forehead by a thick flat golden chain was a lovely gift from the priestess.

The high priestess came into the bridal tent and said, “Everything is prepared and your men await. They are an unusual combination. Something for everyone, yes?”

Teyla just gave a slight smile and nodded.

The priestess led Teyla out of the tent and toward the crowd. She caught glimpses of the men standing in front of the stone altar. Rodney was shifting from foot to foot, flicking his gaze across the crowd as though to catch sight of something important, and fidgeting with the red sash that went diagonally from his shoulder to his waist. John was looking at and tracing the tight golden band around his wrist, frowning slightly. His gaze flicked to where the small Atlantean contingent that had been sent for, including Halling and Elizabeth, stood, but quickly returned to the golden band. Ronon was still, one hand clasped over the other, facing the direction she was coming from. When Teyla stepped onto the red cloth aisle, the crowd ohhed. Rodney stopped moving, stopped breathing. John looked up at the noise and his eyes darkened. Ronon’s grasp on his wrist tightened and his breathing stuttered. Teyla felt her heart beat faster.

The top of her gown was made of a rich satiny material that left her shoulders bare and just managed to cling to her lush breasts. The skirt was red sheer material split up the sides that showed the tiny white briefs that indicated that this was her first marriage.

As Teyla walked up the aisle, her skirt fluttering around her bare feet, her body swayed gently, causing the men to suck in their breathe and the women to hold tightly to their arms as though the men may have thrown themselves into her path, to beg her to choose them instead. She looked the very picture of a pagan goddess setting out to seduce her chosen.

Teyla moved to stand directly in front of the priest that would be performing the ceremony, Ronon standing at her back, John to one side, Rodney to the other. Rodney glared first at the priestess’ nephew who had yet to shut his gaping mouth, then at the priest who seemed to be having trouble keeping his eyes above her neck.

The priest blushed a deep red, cleared his throat, and says, “Please lay hands on one another.”

No one moved. Teyla sighed, reached behind her and took Ronon’s hands to set on her bare shoulders. She then placed one of John’s and one of Rodney’s onto Ronon’s and finally claimed the left over hands for her own. The golden bangles jingled lightly and the men’s tight golden bands glinted from their left wrists.

Snickers could be heard from the crowd and the priest’s blush receded.

And so, Teyla married three men on a bright, warm autumn day on Kalrash.

Trade negotiations continued during the celebration feast, where Ronon snitched food from his mates’ plates and they returned the favor. And upon the return to Atlantis, the marriage was declared null anywhere but Kalrash.

2) The second marriage was to keep Rodney from being hanged. Within ten minutes of meeting the Most High Mother of the very matriarchal Janal, Rodney managed to insult her eldest daughter, her tent, and the woman’s intelligence. The Most High Mother declared that obviously the man had no keeper and unless the Lanteans provided at least one, the Janal would insist the man be hanged to prevent other planets from suffering such abuse.

Rodney looked to Teyla, Teyla looked to the Most High Mother and claimed she would become his wife and keeper. The Most High Mother became most chagrined. She had planned on asking to cement trade through marriage. Her oldest son had always been exceedingly fond of Teyla. Now, she had lost her son that opportunity. She firmed her jaw and stated that the wedding would happen before the four left Janal and would include the marking of skin for mated pairs. Rodney let out a squawk of protest and John and Ronon stepped forward. Teyla quickly explained that it was colored dyes pushed under the skin in a chosen design by an Ancient mechanism meant for just such a purpose. John asked for some time to speak to his team and the Most High Mother herded her family out of the tent.

“It’s unsanitary!” Rodney exclaimed.

“Rodney, no one has died from the marking,” Teyla stated confidently.

Rodney narrowed his eyes at Ronon and John. “If I have to do it, they have to do it.”

Teyla, beginning to show her aggravation, snapped, “They did not insult the Most High Mother of Janal.”

Rodney looked sheepish for a moment before saying resolutely, “We’re a team. If two members of the team are going to suffer permanent marking, then we should all have them.”

John sighed and pulled Ronon off for a quick whispered conference. Finally, Ronon shrugged and John led the way back to the other two.

“Fine,” he says, “We do the marriage, get the marking, as long as we get to choose the design, finish the trade, and go home. If that suits you two.”

“Fine,” Rodney says, smiling happily.

“Yes, that will do. But I suggest that before we call in the Most High Mother, we work out a design that suits all of us because they will have to match. Red, blue and black are the only dyes available,” Teyla informed.

An argument quickly ensued until John snitched one of Rodney’s pens and his note pad, drew four intersecting circles, and wrote something in a language that none of the other three understood.

He held out the pen to Teyla and said, “Pick an empty circle, write something important, something that reminds you of us. Write it in whatever language you feel most comfortable with. You don’t have to tell us what it means now if you don’t want to. Just make sure it’s something you would be comfortable telling each other in the future. I’m going to tell the Most High Mother what’s going on.”

He marched out of the tent, leaving three bewildered people standing around staring at one another. They each shrugged, and, after a moment’s thought, Teyla wrote something in Ancient in her circle, passed the pen to Ronon, and stepped back from the paper. Ronon quickly drew 3 symbols in Satedan and passed the pen to Rodney. He slowly wrote down the old French phrase his grandmother used to say about his grandfather and laid the pen on the paper.

John came marching back into the tent slightly red faced, obviously embarrassed. He rounded the table and seemed to hide behind Teyla the best a man of his height could hide behind a 5’2” woman.

The Most High Mother followed at a slower pace, looking slightly disgruntled.

She said, “There’s no need for all four of you to marry him. One should be sufficient to keep him in line.”

Teyla smiled and said, “We believe it unfair that only one should have to try.”

The Most High Mother spotted the design on the table and reached for it. “Is this the design?”

“It’ll be black circles and lettering,” John stated from his place behind Teyla.

No one disagrees, although all shift to look at him. John shifted to keep Teyla between himself and the Most High Mother and shrugged.


The ceremony was quick, if not exactly painless. The marking was applied to low on the breastbone and the ache faded almost immediately.

The negotiations finally completed, though unfortunately for the Most High Mother, they did not end with marriage contracts between Teyla and her oldest son or John or Ronon and one of her oldest two daughters.

After returning to Atlantis, this marriage was also dissolved and to be considered null unless the Janal were involved. At the briefing, Elizabeth ordered them all to have the tattoos looked at by Carson. As they filed out of the room, Teyla glanced back at Elizabeth to see her sitting with her head in her hands, her shoulders shaking. She flicked a glance at Major Lorne who was gazing most intently at the ceiling, although his lips twitched uncontrollably.

Carson wanted to biopsy part of the tattoo, but the combination of Ronon growling at him and John handing over small vials of the dye and the agreement that he could take as much blood as he wanted, he just couldn’t disrupt the markings changed his mind.

After Carson cleared the dye, the markings and marriage were forgotten, except when new recruits noticed the matching tattoos or someone saw a member of AG-1 rub low on their breastbone where a tattoo that they each declined to have removed lay.

3) The third marriage, if any blame could be laid, was Colonel John Sheppard’s fault. Rodney accused him of trying to Kirk his way through the galaxy. John said that ‘Kirk’ wasn’t a verb and besides, he just smiled at the girl. Since Teyla had been on the receiving end of that slow smile that caused his eyes to hood and his head to cant subtly to the side, she felt comfortable laying the blame for the situation firmly at his feet.

The girl in question was the city chieftain’s only and most beloved daughter, all of 17 summers old. She took one look at that smile and fell madly in puppy love. The girl demanded from her father that he betroth her to John immediately. The chieftain was enraged, believing that John had somehow cast wiles upon his daughter to better their trade agreement. He demanded that John be flogged as punishment.

Teyla, while believing John shouldn’t be so carefree with his most beguiling smile, did not believe that he should have the flesh stripped from his bones for giving it to the wrong person. Therefore, she stepped forward and claimed him as her husband, saying he was only being friendly, not casting wiles. When the chieftain enquired as to who had officiated, Teyla replied the Most High Mother of the Janal.

“Heathens,” the chieftain hissed, “and so their blessings do not count.”

Teyla took a risk and quietly replied, “The High Priest of the Kalrash also bound us as mates.”

“Accept some vittles and upset the high priestess, did you?” the chieftain sneered. “No, if your claim of wife to his husband is to stand, you must be blessed by Donoot priests.”

“Husbands,” Rodney snapped, stepping forward with Ronon and crossing his arms over his chest, not liking the chieftain’s attitude toward Teyla.

The chieftain nodded, just as his beloved daughter wailed, “But Papa! I want him!”

“She, they, have prior claim, Sweeting. If they fail to be blessed by the priests, then you may be betrothed to him,” the chieftain said, looking sour at the very prospect of having John Sheppard as a son-in-law.

And so the priests of Donoot gleefully explained the three part ceremony they had devised as the blessing. Fore, while the chieftain was well respected, the chieftain’s only and most beloved daughter was not. The daughter demanded sweets and fine linens while the townsmen demanded bread for the winter. So far, all demands had been met, but the townsmen were not at all certain that the chieftain would choose their need over his daughter’s whimsy should the need to choose arise.

The first part was a private interview with a priest, or priestess in Teyla’s case, where a mild truth serum was applied and their intentions were questioned. They would be kept separate until the serum ran its course. No use upsetting an upcoming marriage due to too many hard truths, in the priests’ opinion.

“No, Dr. McKay, the serum contains none of your citrus, nor has anyone ever died from its application,” a priest said when questioned, obviously reaching the end of his rope.

The second part of the ceremony involved having a design of the priests’ making painted around each of their right biceps. The paint would permanently change the pigment of the skin to reflect subtler versions of the colors of paint.

The third and final part was where public vows were exchanged in front of the Donoot people. The priests would bless the marriage and trade talks could commence.

After they agreed with the assurances that the truth serum was mild, much more like liquor than anything else, they were separated and given serum-based water to drink. Then the questions began. The serum didn’t rob the person affected of memory as liquor might, so each would walk away knowing what they said. The questions never strayed away from their intentions and their feelings.

John’s answers were simple and to the point: he loved them, they were his family, he’d die for them. After that, he rambled on about flying and ferris wheels.

The priests had quite a time discerning what exactly Dr. McKay’s intentions and feelings were. They were sure he mentioned it somewhere in his ramblings but then, he talked so much, so fast, so loudly, and about so many different things, they couldn’t precisely say what any of it meant. It wasn’t until he fell silent for a moment before saying wonderingly, “Hunh. I love them. How about that?” and blushing, that the priests understood that the man had been working out his emotions even as he tried to explain them to someone else.

Ronon glowered and only said, “They’re mine.” When the priests tried to press, he just repeated the statement, while rubbing his knuckles over a spot low on his breastbone. Finally, a priest wised up and asked to see the tattoo from his marriage on Janal. Ronon peeled away his shirt to show the four entwined circles and the words within them. The priests seemed satisfied that when asked about the other three, he spoke of his existing commitment, even if he didn’t mean to.

The serum barely affected Teyla. She answered any question put before her much as John had: simply and honestly. She explained how much they would and had given up for one another. The priestess was mildly envious that Teyla had the attentions of three such men, even Dr. McKay, who had worn on everyone’s nerves the short time he’d been on Donoot.

The priests and priestess gathered and decided that the four were of honorable intention and should be married by the laws of Donoot. They drew up a design that had four rings, one inside the other, bracketed by stylized wings. After receiving the agreement of the four, they applied the painted designed which, after the paint dried and was washed away, shown a pale, silvery blue from their skins.

The public vows probably would have been more of a trial if Rodney hadn’t been so tickled that the chieftain’s only and most beloved daughter sat in the front row and bawled the entire time.

Once back home, the marriage was dissolved except when on Donoot and Elizabeth cheekily reminded them, “If you guys keep getting married, you’ll eventually run out of skin for marking.”

4) The fourth time is Ronon’s fault but everybody, including the Tamess priestess, knew it was an accident. That didn’t stop her from demanding a sacrifice, but it did lead her to exclude the taking of his life from the list. After all, anyone could have tripped over a chicken and toppled into the sacred statue.

“You can sacrifice six months of your free time to hard labor for the Tamess people, you can sacrifice your skin under the whip of the Punisher, or you can choose a sacrifice of equal or greater value to the Tamess people. Since I believe the desecration of our sacred statue was truly an accident, I will allow you to choose for yourself your punishment,” she said, truly putting no emphasis on any of the punishments.

Ronon asked her for a few minutes with his team and she left, leaving a pair of guards outside the door. Teyla sighed and, after a few seconds of silence, broached the fact that the Tamess people rarely made serious lasting commitments, preferring to flit from one relationship to another, even when a woman became with child. They saw marriage as a loss of freedom. And most marriages usually involved more than two people.

“Fine, so we get married again, go see the ruins, and go home, hopefully with another ZedPM and not another tattoo,” Rodney said.

“That is a fine plan, except the last part of the ceremony includes the imbibing of a drug made from Tolsom root. This drug makes the woman much more wanton than she would normally behave, makes her need sexual contact. As I would be the woman in this situation, I am going to say that unless you are all prepare to help me in my time of need, then we will have to figure out a different sacrifice. You are all fine men and I have no issue with sharing my body with any of you, but I will not take the drug if your chivalry will prevent you from aiding me,” Teyla said, very seriously. “I have heard of women driven mad from being denied contact while affected with this drug.”

The men had tensed up almost immediately when she began talking the drug. Now they looked to be in shock. Teyla herself could not say what had prompted her to offer her body to them. She stood by what she said, though. They were all fine men and she had wanted them each for quite awhile. She just had not expected to be the one to make the first move towards making their affections more physical.

None of the men seemed to know what to say. But they finally seemed to be coming out of their stupor and none of them seemed appalled at her offer. Really, it was as though none of them wanted to be the first to agree.

“Oh my God,” Rodney finally managed. “Okay, because I’m sure I’m going to mess this up some how, let me just say that you’re a beautiful woman and, really, beautiful women just don’t seem to find me all that attractive, so I don’t have a lot of experience with saying yes when a beautiful woman says she wouldn’t mind, ya know, sharing her body with me. So yes okay, to keep you from going nuts and because you’re a gorgeous woman and I… like you. A lot. If you don’t think there’s going to be any other problems from the drug, I mean. And because Ronon shouldn’t have to be flogged because he fell over a chicken. He’s too pretty for that. And I’m going to stop talking now.”

Everybody was smiling except for Rodney, who’d gone red in the face. Ronon seemed especially please at being called pretty, which when she thought about it, seemed a little odd. But that was Ronon, always leaning towards the unexpected.

Ronon grinned and said, “The women on Sateda always made the first move when it came to sex. A man could be put in jail for making a move on a woman she didn’t appreciate. Was just waiting on you.”

John was the last to agree and he solemnly said, “It would be an honor to share your body. You know, is a sexual manner, not like McKay and Cadman. Other than the whole going nuts thing, there’s not anything else that can go wrong, right?”

“No there is not. The Tamess people have been using the Tolsom root since the time of the ancestors. Only those denied sexual contact have to worry about going mad,” Teyla said, mildly relieved. She had thought they were all attracted to one another, but one can never be certain about these things. “You should go get the priestess. We must ask if this is an appropriate sacrifice.”

John opened the door and asked the guard to fetch the priestess.

When she entered, she found them standing close together.

“Can I choose sacrifice of freedom through marriage?” Ronon asked.

The priestess looked dismayed. “That is a severe sacrifice. Are you certain you wouldn’t rather be flogged?”

While the men gaped, Teyla managed to say with a straight face, “We are all certain that this is the best sacrifice to be made.”

The priestess nodded sorrowfully, told them the ceremony would take place later that day, and walked sedately away.

“You’d think we were killing him, not marrying him,” Rodney said, astonished.

“To the Tamess, it is much the same thing. Once you are bound by marriage, you become interdependent upon one another. You can no longer look outside of your marriage for even the slightest scrap of affection. No touching is allowed by anyone who is not your bond-mate,” Teyla explained.


The Tamess wedding would go down in Atlantis Expedition history as both the most sedate affair ever and the most profitable. The Tamess were so sorry to have put the Lanteans in the position of choosing their own sacrifice, they gave them several bushels of wheat-like stuff and baskets of some fruit that was some of best apple-like fruit the Lanteans had encountered in the Pegasus galaxy. They would also agree to become trade partners because they believed the Lanteans had felt so bad about breaking their sacred statue, that the offenders chose the harshest punishment possible. They believed that it was their respect for the Tamess people that led to the marriage. No one tried to convince them otherwise

The wedding night was a different matter. After promising to remain as a set to the Tamess’s chosen Ancestors and exchanging leather chokers with metal clasps, Teyla was handed her glass of Tolsom root juice. She drank it as she sat between John and Rodney facing the fire. She would have to wait until she could barely keep her hands to herself before she could leave for the night. It was the way the Tamess’ way of making certain the bride actually drank the drug.

When she finally couldn’t stand it anymore, she sat down her cup and reached for John’s hand. Everywhere that wasn’t making skin-to-skin contact felt as though there were ants marching over her skin. And where her fingers tangled with his felt…delicious. She tugged on his hand because words were beyond her. They needed to leave, now, before she started their wedding night in plain view of the Tamess people.

They got halfway to their quarters, a little rundown place close to the woods that was positioned farther away from the village, before she couldn’t take it anymore. She pulled her shirt and undergarments off and flung them aside before trying to tug his shirt off. She wasn’t absolutely certain which man it was, just that he helped pull his shirt off, picked her up so their fronts were pressed together, and quickly trotted the last half of the way.

Teyla honestly can’t remember much beyond sensation of that night. She does remember that the men were especially attentive. And careful, almost as though she was made of glass. Their hands, soft and sweet, urgent and swift, demanding and possessive, are what she remembers the most, though. They each had calluses and scars and they felt like nirvana drifting over her skin. She would carry the memory of those hands with her always. They would be the standard that she would measure all men by: how much pleasure could their hands give a person.

She woke up the next morning pressed between John and Rodney. The drug was mostly out of her system but the feel of their skin against hers made her conscious of the fact that she would want them without the drug. She felt John shift behind her and his erection pushed against her hip. She pushed backed against him and he groaned, pushing his face against her shoulder and smoothing his hand down her hip. She felt his lips brush her throat and he said, “You awake?”

She nodded and he asked, “The drug gone?”

She shook her head and said quietly, “Not quite.”

She felt his lips brush her throat again and she gasped as his hand slid between her legs. She moaned when he found what he’d been looking for and then ground his hips into her. That was apparently what it took to wake Rodney. He stirred and looked down at her where she was frantically smoothing the skin of his chest where she lay. “Oh. Okay,” he said blurrily before rolling over and tugging her leg over his hip. He slid his hand down, where it bumped into John’s. “She ready?” he asked.

John answered by grasping Rodney’s shaft and lining it up with her opening. Rodney groaned as he thrust slowly in. Teyla moaned. Rodney stiffened and she saw Ronon over his shoulder, hand hidden from sight. She quirked a grin at before Rodney started moving again and John’s fingers trailed down to circle around her perineum, slick with the oil that the Tamess had left in the shack for just such a reason. She couldn’t seem to concentrate on much of anything after that. She knew when Ronon entered Rodney because Rodney let out a long, low moan and Ronon gave a deep grunt. Her breath caught when John pushed into her from behind. Her high pitched groan echoed around the room. Then it was just four rocking together until Teyla came hard and fast, scraping her nails over John’s hip, then Ronon’s back, and Rodney’s arm. They followed her over the edge one by one.

The next time she woke up, John was dressed and sitting beside her head, stroking his fingers over her arm. She rolled over, pressing her face into his hip and curling her arm across his lap. The bed bounced and Ronon lay down beside her, pants on but shirt missing. He smoothed his hand from the bottom of her breastbone to her bellybutton. Another bounce and Rodney wrapped his hand around her thigh.

John’s hand moved from her arm to twirl a lock of hair around his finger. “We’ve gotta go. Elizabeth is getting anxious.”

Teyla sighed and nodded, gently disentangling herself from her teammates.

Rodney waited until she’d slipped on most of her clothes before he said, “One of the women told me that it’s rare that a woman not get pregnant when they consume the Tolsom root.”

Teyla nodded. “My people used to trade for it when a woman had difficulties conceiving.”

Rodney wrung his hands. “I don’t want you to take this the wrong way but you can ask Carson for the morning after pill. It’s your body and I’m not going to be the man that tells you what you have to do with it.”

She cupped his face as she said, “I will welcome any child that comes of this mating. But thank you for the consideration.”

Rodney nodded. “Sure. We should be going now.”


Elizabeth declared that any wedding not held under either Earth or Athosian customs would be considered null and void on Atlantis just so she didn’t have to keep filling out the paperwork. Carson bounced around his lab extolling the virtues of the Tolsom root. Apparently, it was quite the fertility drug. Everyone assumed that because Carson was talking about it, SGA-1 had managed to avoid getting dosed with it. Oh, how wrong they were.

5.)The fifth wedding was also the final wedding and totally Teyla’s decision. She didn’t care that she was several months pregnant. She didn’t care that several of the Earthers looked at the four of them funny, especially the new ones. She didn’t care that Elizabeth had to tear a strip off of the IOA to keep John from being deported back to Earth and thrown in prison.

She wanted to be married to them and Athosian custom said she could have them. All of them. So in a simple white sheath, with her gold bangles and leather choker and tattoos proudly on display, she married her men. The first intergalactic wedding would open the flood gates. Atlantis would become a true outpost with families instead of a mass of single people.

Not that Teyla cared about being a front runner in intergalactic marriage. Her body was heavy with child and she wanted her men to help her create a family in the home they’d already helped her build.
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