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SGA Five Things

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Summary: *ON HIATUS* Five parts making a whole story, set on Atlantis. Some of these will be connected, others will not.

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Team Au Story 3/5

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter or Stargate Atlantis. That’s J.K. Rowling or MGM.
Author’s Notes: This is the third of five stories I wrote for the Team AU 2009 Main Fest. I only posted two, which this one was not one of, and I’ll add the others to this collection as I finish them. Enjoy! And this one’s a bit of a fusion, just so you know. ;)

Have a Ball

“This is ridiculous,” Rodney spluttered.

It was really unfortunate for him that McGonagall had grown into her role as Head Mistress because all she did was raise an eyebrow at his outrage. The eyebrow of doom, the one that could have even Harry Potter, the boy-who-lived, Wizarding World Savior, backpedaling to appease her. Rodney just tilted his chin up stubbornly.

“Ah, come on, McKay. It won’t be that bad,” John Sheppard drawled from where he was sprawled in the chair in front of McGonagall’s desk. “It’s just a little inter-House cooperation.”

Rodney sneered at him, resuming his pacing. Sheppard was probably the most unlikely Slytherin on the planet, too amiable and laid back by half. At least until he got out on the Quidditch pitch, then he was as sly and cunning as they came, often pulling stunts that had the crowds roaring and the teaching staff tugging at their hair.

“We would be honored to help coordinate the Commemorative Ball,” Teyla said, shooting Rodney a quelling glance.

Rodney’s lips pursed but since he’d grown up with Teyla, he knew better than to push his luck with her. Rodney wasn’t sure that it was fair that the Gryffindor was as stubborn as she was brave.

There was a quiet grunt of agreement and Rodney’s eyes slid to the last of their quartet and Rodney fought the urge to complain again. Ronon Dex was even more an unlikely Hufflepuff than Sheppard was a Slytherin. Towering over nearly everybody, usually with a forbidding frown on his face, Dex was anybody Rodney wanted to spend days trapped in a room with. The first person to have even broadly hinted to Dex that being in Hufflepuff made him inferior had gotten their head shoved down Moaning Myrtle’s toilet. He was loyal, not a pushover. Rodney swerved slightly so his pacing took him closer to Teyla and safety.

“Ridiculous,” he muttered.

McGonagall just smiled. “Professor Weir will be awaiting your initial plans by Friday. You have until the 1st of May to complete the plans. Your budget and all the local businessmen willing to participate are in the dossier.”

The others stood at the subtle dismissal and they all shuffled out.

“Library,” Rodney said and started stomping off. It was one of the few places in the school neutral enough for all of them to feel comfortable.

The other three kept pace with him soon enough they were spread out at a corner table, Rodney with parchment and quill at the ready.

“Well?” he said when everyone just stared at him. “Anybody have any ideas?”

“It’s a ball,” Dex rumbled, shrugging. Rodney was certain there was giant somewhere in his bloodline. “We play music, people dance.”

“It’s the ball,” Rodney squawked. “Everybody who’s anybody will be here. I can’t believe they turned this entire affair over to four students.”

“They’re hoping to keep it from happening again,” Sheppard said, studying the ceiling. “Hence all the inter-House cooperation building exercises.”

Teyla nodded. “And this ball is a chance to celebrate the lives of those that sacrificed so much for us.”

“And we’ll probably get to see Professor Longbottom get drunk,” Dex said, one corner of his mouth twitching upward.

Teyla sighed when that had the other two boys perking up. Professor Longbottom was notorious for hating balls and steadfastly refused to go to any except the Commemorative Ball held at Hogwarts. And even then, he, Seamus Finnegan, and Dean Tomas kept to a corner and drank from silver flasks all night. They never caused a scene and all the other war heroes made it a habit to keep people away from them but still. How often did students get to see their teachers losing their inhibitions?

Sheppard got that gleam in his eye that made him such a fiend on the Quidditch pitch and a smile curled along the edges of his lips. “I’ve got an idea.”

Rodney felt the bottom drop out of his stomach. John Sheppard was infamous for his ideas because they either worked out as planned to extraordinary results or they exploded spectacularly.

“We’re doomed,” Rodney said grimly.


A masquerade scavenger hunt might have seemed juvenile until one considered that he war had been won by three Seventh Years sorting through clues and finding and destroying bits of black magic. McGonagall had been enthralled by the idea and had agreed that both the Advanced Transfiguration and Advanced Charms classes could be brought in to make the treasures.

Rodney supervised the creations of the treasures while Dex and Sheppard ran all over the castle finding hiding places, chatting up ghosts for stray bits of lore, and, in general, driving anyone not involved with the project insane. Teyla, unfortunately, got landed with most of the practical matters: food, music, drinks, and decorations. She enlisted the Sixth and Seventh Years that weren’t already working with Rodney and put them to work. How she managed to turn up just as many hiding spots as Dex and Sheppard without tipping off the entire school was a mystery but then, that was just Teyla.

The day of the ball, Rodney was bouncing around what had become their customary table, ticking off the last few items. He stopped suddenly, face wavering. “Are we supposed to have dates for this?”

Ronon looked up from picking his nails with the knife that came from his broom maintenance kit, eyebrows raised. “It’s a ball, McKay. Dates are supposed to be at the top of the list.”

Rodney spluttered, yanking at his blonde curly tufts of hair that were finally beginning to turn a neutral brown. “But I was busy!”

“We are aware of that,” Teyla said soothingly, reaching out a hand to rest against his arm. “We were also busy.”

“Then who are you guys going with?” Rodney said, lifting his chin, one corner of his mouth pulling downward.

“She just told you we were too busy to ask anybody else,” Sheppard said, stretching a little in his seat. Rodney was still bitter about the fact that Sheppard was lanky, yet had totally skipped that gawky stage most teenage boys went through. “We’re going as a group.”

Rodney’s brain stuttered. “But Chaya asked you months ago.” He jabbed a finger at Ronon, too incensed to worry about pulling back a bloody nub. “And Amelia was leering at you just yesterday.” He glared at Teyla. “And Kanaan’s been your shadow for this entire project. I don’t need a pity date.”

Sheppard rolled his eyes. “We’re going to be in charge of the scavenger hunt, McKay. That doesn’t leave a lot of time for dates. We thought you knew that because Brown and Keller tried to get your attention and you blew them off.”

Rodney crossed his arms. “But the dancing after the hunt. You could have a date for that.”

Dex nudged the toe of Rodney’s shoe. “We’ve got three. Stop worrying about it.”

Rodney opened his mouth to snap at him but Teyla squeezed his shoulder. “You will escort me, will you not, Rodney, along with John and Ronon?”

Rodney snapped his jaw shut. “Fine he said after a moment.”


Formal wear, broomsticks, and the Weasley Swamp were possibly not the best combinations but everyone had had fun. The dancing had been, well, interesting, especially since Professor Longbottom actually failed to behave as expected and spent that portion of the night twirling Ms. Potter, Ms. Granger-Weasley, and Miss Lovegood around the room, bright eyed and more happy than any of the students had ever seen him. And Rodney had to dance with each of his team because Ronon just didn’t care what anybody thought of him and Sheppard thought it was funny to smash social mores and Teyla was beautiful in her burnished bronze formal robes.

Rodney, John, Ronon, and Teyla were sprawled at a table in the now-empty Great Hall. Their formal attire was rumpled and they were both tired and riding a high that came for such a success.

“You know,” Sheppard said and Rodney felt that now-familiar belly roll at the look in his eyes. “We make a pretty good team. Maybe we should go into business together.”

And between Sheppard’s family money and sense of adventure, Teyla’s practicality and leadership skills, Ronon’s doggedness and loyalty, and Rodney’s brains, they could probably make a real go of it.

Still. “We’re doomed,” Rodney moaned, letting his forehead thump against the table. It had to be said.

The End?

You have reached the end of "SGA Five Things" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 5 Aug 10.

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