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SGA Five Things

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Summary: *ON HIATUS* Five parts making a whole story, set on Atlantis. Some of these will be connected, others will not.

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Five Ways AG-1 Find Family

Disclaimer: I don’t own Stargate Atlantis.

Five ways AG-1 finds family

John liked to watch Lorne paint. He had to hide away, watch from a distance, lest Lorne actually know he was there, but still. He liked to watch Lorne paint. His mother used to paint.

Satedans don’t talk about their dead to strangers. They pray for them ritually, they speak of them with family, but they don’t talk about them with strangers. The Atlanteans know this. Their Anthropologists had asked specifics and Ronon had cut them off at the knees, figuratively. But on his mother’s birthday, in his fifth year in Atlantis as Teyla grew heavy with child, Ronon gathers his team and he talks. Not just about his mother, but about every member of his family. His team knows what that means.

All of Rodney’s family loved music, even his father who rarely managed to love anything but science. Jeannie and Rodney had both been given lessons for years and, while they loved the music, everyone agreed that music wasn’t to be their shining glory. Everyone was right but that didn’t take away their love for the music. So, when Teyla told him she’s pregnant, he insisted that, while she meditated, she strap headphones to her belly, let the music flow into the heart and the mind of the baby growing inside her. She acquiesced with a gentle smile. Her biggest surprise came when she found she knew most of the songs. They were the songs of her people, copies of the ones the Anthropologists had recorded. She blamed the tears on her pregnancy.

Her baby shower had been beautiful. But the biggest surprise was the gift her team gave her when it was over. John led them to one of the recently opened residential towers. These were more family oriented than the rooms closest to the control tower. They led her through the six bedroom apartment at the very top of the tower. She understood the motivation behind each bedroom. One for each teammate, one for her son, and one for a guest (or possibly Rodney’s office). But it was her son’s room that truly shown. The cradle was of the finest Savin wood, probably worked by Halling. The rocker was of Earth, likely a gift from Jeannie. And the art on the wall was one of Evan’s paintings. A beautiful rendering of New Athos in the fall. This time, she didn’t bother blaming the tears on anything.

John held the little baby close to him as the wee one’s exhausted mother slept in the infirmary bed. He never wanted to see another birth again. Honestly, he was scarred for life. He rocked the baby, though, and gently counted the fingers on the hand that was wrapped around his finger. “Let me tell you a story,” he mumbled suddenly. “The story of how an alien princess, two space explorers and a runner made a family. It all started in a land of ice…”

Author’s Notes: I started to expand on this one, then decided that there was something lovely in its simplicity.
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