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The Golden Ladies

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Knight Immortal Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: What kind of trouble can Xander find with a Charmed one and the mother of a certain pair of hunters by his side? Sequel to The White Knight

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy, Charmed, or Supernatural. That'd be Joss Whedon, Constance M. Burge (maybe Aaron Spelling, I'm fuzzy on that), and Kripke, respectively.

Author's Notes: I promise that if you haven't read The White Knight, this isn't going to make any sense.

“I made a deal,” Mary explained, “with a demon that’s going to cost my boys their lives.”

“And I came back to help her stop it,” Prue said.

“What about Sineya?” Xander asked, brows furrowed.

“She’s the Guardian of the Slayer line. She had to stay behind,” Mary said.

“Besides,” said Prue, “we don’t get to stay. We only get to right this wrong. Then we go back to the Upper Realms to wait to be with our loved ones again.”

“So you’re not Immortal,” Xander reiterated, a little sad.

“No,” Mary said kindly. “No, we’ve been made flesh so that I may complete my unfinished business.”

Xander nodded at Prue. “What do you get out of it?”

“You have the power amongst you to walk between dimensions,” Prue said, smiling sadly. “I need you to take a message to my sisters. And maybe show them Patience.”

Xander nodded, reaching for a pen and paper. “Sure. I can do that.” He passed the implements to her right before he was tackled and lifted clean off his feet.

“Dude, what happened to your eye?” Jesse said, smiling as he set Xander back down.

“A minion poked it out,” Xander said, a little freaked out. Jesse hadn’t come back as a seventeen year old boy. Oh, no. He was the age he would have been if he never died. “Said I saw too much.”

Jesse snorted. “If he said you say too much, that’d’ve made sense. But you saw too much? Dude, for real.”

Xander smiled. “Minions. Not the brightest, ya know?”

Jesse laughed even as he was shoved out of the way and Anya flung herself at Xander. “How did you get the power to do that spell?”

Xander blushed. “We did the Blessed Mating Ritual.”

She yanked back from him and stared at him, wide-eyed. She glanced at Buffy, then Faith, then at a waking Willow. Finally, she studied his face. “Do you feel any different about them?”

“No,” he said honestly. He’d always loved them and she knew that.

She looked sad for a second before she nodded resolutely. “I can share. I can.” She glared at Willow. “There’s enough of you to go around. You’ve always been a Viking in the sack. I’m sure you can pleasure-”

Xander gripped her shoulders. “Anya. I have kids,” he said and she drew back from him in shock. “A lot of kids. Thirteen, no twelve for now.”

“You got thirteen women pregnant in the few years I’ve been dead?” she asked, looking especially hurt.

“NO! There was this demon and this other demon and NO!” Xander shouted.

Willow separated them, tugging Anya away. “Come on. I’ll explain. It all started with this prophecy of change…” Most everybody that had come back gathered around her to hear exactly why they were back.

Except for Fred, Angel, and Spike. Fred and Spike stood in the center of the room, Fred babbling away and Spike looking a little lost. Which was seriously bad because Spike had spent more than his fair share of time around crazy women. Angel was just standing there marveling at his heartbeat.

Xander nervously started tidying up, careful to save the left over spell ingredients. They’d need that for whenever everyone else carked it. He didn’t think they’d be able to find another set of vampires that’d be willing to give them ashes.

He looked up and winked, grinning at the kids standing in the doorway. Jaden came over and latched a hand in Xander’s shirt, leaning into his side as he watched Fred babble. Finally, when Bryce had come to stand beside him, he looked up at Xander and said, “I can fix her.”

Xander’s hands stilled on the ingredients and he squatted to look Jaden in the eye. “What do you mean you can fix her?”

Jaden jerked his shoulder, studying Xander’s boots as he said, “She’s missing pieces. I can fix her.”

Xander brushed a hand over Jaden’s hair before looking at Bryce over his shoulder. Bryce was uncharacteristically solemn but he nodded. “He can fix her.”

Jocey and Dana had herded most of the other kids over to Willow, Buffy, Faith and Giles, who were introducing them to everyone, including Anya who kept staring at them like they were going to grow extra heads. Especially the babies, who Mary and Prue reached for and cooed over.

Xander took Jaden’s hand and led him towards Fred. Bryce was so close he kept almost stepping on his brother’s heels.

Spike looked at him wide eyed, very much asking him silently for help.

“Fred?” Xander said gently. She spun and babbled something mathematical at him. “Fred, I need you to sit down for a minute, okay?” She stilled but finally sat on the floor and started babbling again.

Jaden lunged forward and smacked one of his hands into her forehead, his other still wrapped around Xander’s. Angel must have noticed them because he stopped wondering at his own body temperature and hurried over. Fred’s back arched and she gave a great shuddering breath before she straightened and smiled at Jaden.

Jaden suddenly went slack against Xander and Xander swept him up in his arms.

Fred bounced to her feet, face concerned. “Is he okay?”

“He had to use magic to, um, fix you? So he’s a little tired now,” Xander said, guiltily thankful that Jaden wasn’t, oh, Mason’s size ‘cause then he probably wouldn’t have been able to hold him for so long.

Bryce was making a distressed sound, wringing his hands.

“Easy, dude, he’ll be fine,” Xander said soothingly, bumping his hip into Bryce’s shoulder.

Bryce held up his hands. “I could…”

“No,” Xander said adamantly. “No, he’ll take his lumps for using magic just like you.”

Bryce nodded unhappily.

“What do you mean I have to be bound to you to have sex with Xander?” Anya demanded loudly from behind them and that knocked Bryce out of his funk, making him snicker.
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