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Citizen Soldiers

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Summary: Dawn has to work with NCIS on a hinky case they've come across and she finds much much more going on in Washington D.C. than she ever imagined. Dawn/Tony. Possible Faith/Abby

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Citizen Soldiers

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Joss Whedon and David Bellisarrio own everything you recognize (which should hopefully, be everything...)

Summery: Dawn needs to work with NCIS on a hinky case they've come across and ends up finding way way more than she ever expected in Washington D.C

Pairings: Dawn/Tony. Possible Faith/Abby, Possible Faith/McGee

Setting: After 'Chosen' in the Buffyverse. Mid-season one for NCIS

Note: Changed the word 'Consult' to 'consultant'. Thanks to Duchess for pointing that out.


Dawn hated this part of her job. It was great working with the people in her agency, because they actually knew the deal. But when she had to go outside of it, when she had to go out to other agencies and get them to cooperate with her while lying through her teeth about what was going on...she hated that part. Which was why, when she walked into the NCIS Headquarters in Washington, DC and flashed her classified badge to the guard before walking through the metal detector (which blared loudly, though she didn't stop walking), she wasn't stopped. She rode the Elevator to the top floor and straighted her hair before stepping out with a determined air.

Dawn was part of the New Council, also called Slayer Academy, also called The Slayer Coven, it had an interesting assortment of names but to the Government, they were known as PFA. The Protective Forces Agency. The Council had been rebuilt in North America after the closing of the Sunnydale Hellmouth and it had taken almost four years to get it up and running. It was headed by all the Scoobies, though Giles was the direct head. Xander and Wood ran their own branch, training civilians that had found out about the agency and they also devised the battle stratagems. Willow ran her own branch of Wiccas and Dawn couldn't think of anyone more qualified for the job to keep the younger Wiccas from going dark like she had. Buffy and Faith trained all the new Slayers and believe you me, it took both of them to train all of the Slayers that poured in. Kennedy worked on training the really newbie slayers and when they graduated from her class, they were moved up to Buffy and Faith, it was a fairly solid system.

Dawn, herself, co-headed the Watcher's branch with Giles and as such, she was sent on missions like this where it seemed like something suspicious was going on. Giles sent Dawn because he could trust her, because she could defend herself, because she knew how to handle herself around Military personnel and because she knew how to call for help when she was in trouble. Dawn was Faith's watcher, Faith never complained even though Dawn was younger than her and as such, Faith was on call for Dawn when she went out on such missions. If Dawn found anything wiggy, she called in Faith and they took care of it. No muss, no fuss.

About three years in to rebuilding the Council, the government had gotten wind of their project. Probably through local police force. Fortunately for them the Secretary of Defense knew a little something about demonic activity, something about Roswell not being Aliens...she wasn't there for the meeting. He fully supported them and had even given them some Government funding, which was greatly appreciated by everyone in the Council. In return, however, they did things like this. Traveled around to check in on the Government's wiggy cases. In return for this however, this got classified status, orders for full cooperation and any resources that they needed at their disposal. Life was good sometimes.

Dawn was specifically trained for these missions over the last year, learning how to deal with Military officials and Government directors (who sometimes, were the same thing). As a result, the once childish attitude she'd had and the certain stubbornness that Buffy was convinced she'd gained from Willow was transformed into a mature, take-no-bullshit attitude that gained respect instead of annoyance. She was trained to stand firm in the face of objection, to never back down and she'd even gone through some Military boot-camp herself. Giles said it was too help, but she was almost convinced it was to beat the disregard for authority out of her. Whichever it was, it worked. Dawn could take commands and she could give them and she was a stronger woman for it, mentally and physically. She was no where near Slayer strong, but now that she had Military hand to hand and Slayer training backing her up, she was fairly confident in her abilities to not die.

People stared at her as she walked past, but that wasn't surprising. She was carrying a gun on her hip, though it was cleverly concealed by a Leather Duster that she'd gotten from Italy. She couldn't pass it up, the nostalgic value alone was worth it. Besides, she looked totally bad ass. She really wasn't dressed the part of a Government Agent, she was in jeans, thick heeled boots and a sensible, but low cut top. Still, if this was a movie, she'd totally be moving in slow motion right now. As it was, she strode from the elevator and looked around until her eyes fell on the man that had been described to her in detail, plus pictures. It was easy to see he was ex-Military and Dawn took on the proper stance as she approached him, face set firmly.

"Special Agent Gibbs," she stated, it wasn't a question, she knew who he was, she was merely looking to gain his attention. He looked up at her, lips pursed in annoyance and then looked her over confusion and wariness plain on his face.

"Who the hell are you?" he snapped.

"Dawn Summers, PFA," she flashed her badge, flipped it over to show her identification and then flipped it shut, stuffing it in her pocket again.

"Come again?" he lifted an eyebrow "what the hell is PFA?"

"Classified, Sir," she responded standing straight backed, but looking directly at him; not defiantly, just confidently.

He continued to eye her suspiciously, "Can I help you Miss Summers?" he asked tightly.

"I'm here as a consultant to the case that you are currently working on," she told him "you may confirm it with your director if you wish but there has been an order for full cooperation." The words sounded awkward coming from her, all she really wanted to do was relax and give him the full skinny on what was going down so that they could get to the bottom of whatever was happening, but no, first the pretenses.

"A...consultant?" he scoffed, still eying her.

"Affirmative," she replied.

She saw his mouth twitch up a little at the word and almost felt her muscles melt with relief. "DiNozzo, watch her," he snapped as he stood from his desk and made his way to a place labeled MTAC.

Dawn looked around at the mention of the name and lifted her eyebrows as she internally whistled. As Cordelia would say 'hello salty goodness, someone call 911 because he's going to need oxygen when I'm done with him.' Not that she'd say it out loud of course, but she was definitely thinking it. He was finely dressed, but definitely not Military, as the hair was a clear indicator, way too long for Military spec. His eyes were a crystal clear blue, the first thing she noticed actually; the second...his smile. It was wide and slightly startling at first glance. Wolfish was the first though that popped into her head. His skin was sun kissed and she noticed that he had a certain suaveness about him as he stood from his desk, walked around to the front of it and leaned against it, arms folded as he stared at her with a sort of smirk on his face.

"You don't look like any Government Agent I've ever seen," he told her, blatantly checking her out.

"I knew I didn't wear my leather pants for a reason," she replied with a faint smile.

He chuckled and shook his head "Dawn, was it?" he asked her and at her nod, continued "I'm Tony"

"Nice to meet you" she replied slowly, tilting her head and nodding in greeting.

"You look a bit young to be an Agent, Dawn," he told her.

"I'm 21," she answered with a shrug.

"You must very good," the smirk was back on his face as he watched her.

"At numerous things," she replied, full lips curving into her own devious smirk.

Silence stretched between the two of them as they waited for Gibbs to return, he watched her closely as if she were about to take her gun out and start shooting the place up. Which was good, that meant he was a good agent, he didn't let a little physical attraction cloud his ability to do his job. He might have flirted with her, but he was still ready to take her down should she prove a threat.

"Agent Summers" Gibbs' sharp voice cut through the silence like a heavy fist. She looked over to him calmly as he walked down the stairs and came to stand in front of her, face twisted into a kind of thunderous look. "You'll have our full cooperation" he told her, though, from the sound of it, he sounded less than happy about it.
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