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Prophecy Shaken & Stirred: Rifts and Portals

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Summary: A prophecy, a rift, a portal what else can go wrong? Will contain slash. Canon M/M pairing from Torchwood and Spander.

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > GeneralmjswrtingsFR181029,98522715,99613 Dec 082 Jun 09No

Chapter 2


Series 3 did not happen

A/N: lrdtorquemada asked me in a review about my choice of Splott. I used That neighborhood because it is economically depressed area of Cardiff. Which leads me to believe it would be an area demons would exploit. I found a picture of an abandoned hangar online in that area of the city. Seemed like a great place to cast a spell.

Gwen arrived at the Hub to find everything in chaos. Alarms were sounding, and everyone running was around gathering weapons and equipment. Gwen stopped Ianto to ask him what the situation was. He told her that there were energy readings that were like nothing Tosh had ever seen before. It was far outside normal rift patterns, and they seemed to be increasing. She understood the tension of her colleagues.

Tosh was wildly looking at her computer readings, moving from one monitor to the other. The energy flow was off the charts. The energy reading had started slowly and built up, not a spike, which was the normal way the rift behaved when it spit something out. The readings were the highest she had ever seen them, and then suddenly in an eye blink they were back to normal. The odd way this “spike” behaved had everyone on edge. All that Tosh could tell was that several somethings had come through the rift and where they landed. There was no signature for them, no radiation or rift signature. At this revelation, the cause for concern increased exponentially. Whatever it was, they wouldn’t be able to track in their usual manner. Glancing at her colleagues, Gwen could tell this unnerved them as much as it had her.

Jack also had never seen the like in all the many years he had spent monitoring the Cardiff rift, but he did his best to project a calm demeanor, appearing unphased by the unusual rift behavior.

“Well, since we can’t monitor anything from the Hub, we all better head out on this call. Where is it again?” Jack addressed his team from the doorway of his office.

“The abandoned airfield just outside Splott.” Tosh answered, moving to follow her teammates out of the Hub.

Angel sat in the driver’s seat of the Council SUV and sighed. The Powers were testing him, and since he had already given up on Shanshu, he was sorely tempted to forget about his soul and dust his grandchilde, then eat the human egging him on.

“Shove over you git, take up too much room. Been eating too many twinkies?” Spike said as he elbowed Xander.

The human shoved back and replied, “They’re better than the stuff you guys have over here—I mean Jaffa cakes—Puleeze! Where’s the spongy cake? Where’s the creamy filling—“

“I’ll give you creamy filling doughboy” Spike snarled. The lovers were only fighting to blow off steam while waiting for the signal that all the teams were in place and ready to move in. Oh! And to wind Angel up a bit, that was always fun.

“How’d I get stuck on your team again whelp?” Spike took another jibe at Xander.

“Look Bleachie—“

Connor who was seated in the shotgun position smiled but hid it behind his hand. He knew that Spike and Xander were trying to break up the tension before the battle ahead. He also knew it was driving his father nuts—He would have to thank them later for that bonus.

Oz smirked as Angel became more agitated.

Angel growled, using his Sire voice he said, “Enough Will.” He turned to glower at the human, “You too Xander, knock it off.”

Xander opened his mouth to make another comment and Angel glared at him. Oz gripped his arm and shook his head slightly, silently telling him not to push the dark vampire.

Xander sighed and rolled his head, nothing to do now but sit and wait.

They just kept coming. Demons were everywhere, vampires, faryls, mohras dozens of different species. It didn’t make sense, demons did not work together. They had not even gotten inside the hangar yet, and several slayers were out of it. Injuries only, no fatalities as far as he knew but he had been a little too concentrated on staying alive himself to really be aware of what was going on with anyone other than the members of his own battle group.

Their group should have been at a disadvantage; they had two new members and were working without one of their long term members. Xander guessed he shouldn’t have been all that surprised. Spike and Angel had worked together at Evil Inc after the blond vampire had been “resurrected” from the amulet and eventually given a body. Still, for a team that had been cobbled together at the very last minute they worked well together. Xander, who had learned to compensate for the visual field deficit and depth perception issues losing his eye caused, was able to relax knowing that his fighting partners had his blind side. Oz or Connor whenever feasible positioned themselves on his left side. They generally started fighting in a formation with the 2 vamps in front followed by either Connor or Oz with Xander and whomever was not in the middle of the formation bringing up the rear.

By the time they had finally battled their way into the hangar proper, they had been fighting nearly an hour. Xander had minor scrapes and bruises and a slowly bleeding cut on his hand that might need sutures… ok probably did need sutures… later when they had the babies back. He had just caught a glimpse of the children, and his stomach fell to his knees. They were in the middle of a pentagram surrounded by more demons, and it was going to be difficult to get to them; there were even more demons between them and the kids. There was chanting and incense burning on braziers. Then the chalk sigils started to glow, whatever the spell was, it was coming to a crescendo. Blinding light came from the sigils, the chanting stopped and the demons stepped through a portal taking the kids with them.

“NO!” Connor yelled as he fought like a berserker to get to the demons taking his children from him.

Xander also saw the portal open and fought alongside his friend, yelling for his lover, “SPIKE PORTAL!”

The two vampires surged ahead fighting their way through the remaining demons, the rest of their team immediately behind them. The five men diving for the portal as it started to close. Buffy and her team of slayers fought their way to the spell circle in time to see the portal pop close on the ends of Spike’s duster.
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