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Prophecy Shaken & Stirred: Rifts and Portals

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Summary: A prophecy, a rift, a portal what else can go wrong? Will contain slash. Canon M/M pairing from Torchwood and Spander.

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > GeneralmjswrtingsFR181029,98522715,99613 Dec 082 Jun 09No

Chapter One


Series 3 did not happen

A/N: I have never written a BTVS story before, however an evil plot bunny bit me. This story is beta'd however my beta isn't that familiar with Buffy or Torchwood so I would appreciate a second opinion.

Standard legal Yada Yadas: I do not own Buffy, Xander, Spike, Willow or any other BTVS/ATS people ideas or concepts. I do not own their clothes or underwear. They all belong t someone with a heck of a lot more money than I have... I think he goes by the name of Joss Whedon.

I also do not own Jack, Ianto, Gwen, the Doctor or any of the other Torchwood/Doctor Who people or concepts. I do not own their clothes or underwear. They belong to the BBC and someone with a heck of a lot more money than I have... I think he goes by the name of Russell T. Davies.

I do own my OCs ( for whatever that is worth)

Set post series for both BTVS and ATS ignoring the comics for both shows. Set early series 2 for Torchwood which according to the guide is aproximatly Sept- Oct 2008

The group of demons they had been tracking had been giving all the Council teams the slip. And that was a real accomplishment, considering this was an all hands situation, and everyone from the remains of Angel's people to the Devon Coven, from the full New Watcher's Council, to whichever of Riley’s contacts Buffy had been able to get him to persuade to help was on the trail of these particular demons. It was the largest demon hunt that Xander had ever been involved in. This was, without question, the biggest emergency to hit the Council in a long time, probably since the bringers and the First, definitely since Glory.

At first, no one had been aware that a prophecy had been triggered, but apparently, there was one about the Key who became human and the boy born of vampires and raised in hell and their first born progeny. A permanent gate to hell opened when their child sacrificed.

It had been freaky enough for Xander when he finally returned from Africa to live more or less full time in London to have Dawn break the news to him that she was dating someone seriously and considering marriage. When he found out exactly who the young guy she was seeing was…. Well he was less than happy. Who could blame him, she was dating Deadboy’s SON, not his childe but his son, his mostly human son. Deadboy! It seemed Xander would never be rid of him. If Xander had known then that there was this prophecy in the offing, he would have just said no, or well hell no. The best way to avoid any prophecy consequences, as far as Xander was concerned, was to avoid triggering it to begin with.

Even though he had not been their biggest supporter at first, he had become close to Connor and closer to Dawn since the two started dating and after they married even more so. He even liked the guy now. They spent most of their free time and almost all of their working time together, training the minis. Dawn and Connor knew more about Xander’s life than almost anyone else these days, certainly more than Buffy or Willow. It had certainly helped matters that Connor had a somewhat contentious relationship with his father. Xander seriously doubted he would ever be Angel’s best buddy either. He and Connor had bonded over Deadboy stories.

A couple of months into Dawn and Connor’s relationship, Spike decided to come and stay at the London branch of the New Watcher’s Council. Spike had knocked around after the battle of the Black Thorn before deciding he wanted to spend time with family, but couldn’t stomach being around his grandsire anymore. Connor was an acceptable substitute, being of Aurelius blood. Ever since Buffy had died in the battle against Glory all those years ago, the blond vampire had felt as if the scoobies were his family too. Especially the Bit. He eventually became paired with Xander, working with the whelp most of the time. The two men handling crises for the Council or traveling to find new slayers together worldwide and working on a team training mini slayers in London with Connor and Dawn when at home. When the Vampire had tired of living in the basement of the slayer school, with all the mini slayers setting off his vamp senses, and not having any privacy with more than 50 teenaged girls living in the dorms above him, he ended up moving in with Xander for a third time. The human didn’t mind having a roommate; in fact, it was nice in a way to come home to someone else, to not be so lonely. He was actually used to having the blond menace around and their snarking and sniping at one another was now almost a form of affection.

When the four of them worked together, they took the youngest of the slayers on patrols, trying to teach them how to fight the things that go bump in the night and stay alive in the process. They tried to simultaneously make the patrol as realistic as possible so the youngest of the slayers had a fair amount of experience for when they were old enough to patrol on their own, and make it as safe as possible, by having the backup of some of the strongest and most experienced fighters. The formula seemed to be working. The girls who “graduated” from their training patrols were fifty percent less likely to be injured than slayers who “graduated” from the other mini patrols. Overall the program worked well no matter who the trainers were. Slayers were surviving longer and using backup more readily than ever before.

Dawn had eventually married Connor and only a year ago gave birth to fraternal twins, one boy and one girl. Xander and Spike both were doting uncles, spoiling the twins at every turn.

The Council had gone through an exhaustive vetting process prior to Dawn hiring a nanny. This allowed her the freedom to continue her work with the Council, but she only patrolled with her husband and team rarely. Both parents preferring that at least one parent remain home in relative safety with the children.

The babies had been taken while at the park, in the care of the Council vetted nanny all three disappearing without a trace. That’s when the Council’s researchers “found” the prophecy. Giles had been so upset by the incompetence of the researchers that it had been rumored that Ripper came out to play. Buffy had put the fear of the First Slayer into the hapless Council employees. Xander however, didn't yell. He quietly promised that if the twins were not found unharmed that the people responsible for their disappearance would pay, including the ones who didn’t bother to properly research the archives to begin with. According to the slayers in the building at the time, Spike was with him but didn’t say a word, and after the duo left the custodian was needed to disinfect the floor and several of the chairs.

Within four hours the researchers were no longer employed by the Council, turned out without references. No one shed a tear at the abrupt dismissal; the researchers who had known about the prophecy but kept silent about it were holdovers from the original Council, kept for expediency at the time. Expediency that carried a high price all these years later.

Angel had come from LA as quickly as possible, brining everyone who was stationed in LA with him, the Cleveland contingent left a only token presence on the nascent hellmouth. Willow and Kennedy still together all these years later brought as many as they could from their South American team again leaving a skeleton crew behind. New teams were formed adding in the new troops and the demons of London never knew what hit them. The hunters relentlessly surging through demonic communities searching for answers.

Oz even came in from Tibet, after someone emailed him, backpack with all his possessions slung over his shoulder. Yet, still two weeks later, there was no sign of the twins or the nanny. Both young parents had been devastated by the abduction of their children. Both were out for vengeance. Dawn had just discovered she was pregnant again, as much as she wanted to actively search no one was willing to risk her. She stayed behind, helping to coordinate the search teams, spending most of her time working with Giles or Andrew. Buffy was spending all of her time searching, the little time she wasn’t she spent with her sister trying to reassure the frightened mother that her babies would be ok. Riley’s team had been seconded to the NWC for the duration; consequently he was with Buffy most of the time. Including any time she spent with her sister.

The first time Buffy, Riley and Angel were in a room together was…interesting to say the least, and in different circumstances both Spike and Xander would have reveled in their mini drama, poking fun at Buffy, Angel and Riley in turn. In this situation, there was no room for levity and even eternal jokester Xander hadn’t tried to poke fun at anything since this whole ordeal began.

Both Xander and Oz had been awake for over 48 hours at the end of the second week, when Spike dragged them both to the flat he shared with Xander to get some sleep. The Vampire had been able to rest more than either the wolf or mortal due to the limitations placed on him by the sun. The slayer school had no nearby sewer accesses, and he had gotten stuck in the building several times in the past two weeks. Unfortunately, he had gotten stuck with his grandsire most of those times, today included and the elder vampire insisted on taking him along to talk to some contacts tonight. Spike didn’t mind, after he made sure his partner and Oz were settled. Connor was left at the school with his wife to rest while the vampires checked out the possible new lead.

Spike came back home silently. He entered the bedroom he shared with Xander to find his lover and Oz curled around one another sleeping soundly. He hated to wake them up, but they needed to go. The tip from Angel’s informant was hot, and Xander would possibly stake Spike if the vampire left him behind.

Spike quietly went around their flat gathering up their weapons of choice making sure to take blades forged from different metals, several crossbows and ammunition. After gathering them he took them out to the car. He then quickly packed a change of clothes for each of them in a small duffel; he wasn’t sure that they wouldn't have to stay overnight or possibly get slimed. With at least a two hour car ride back home, he didn't want to risk it.

Spike walked quietly back to the bedroom and woke the wolf first. Then he slipped into Oz’s spot and gently kissed Xander awake.

Xander started responding to the kiss deepening it, in his sleepy state forgetting about everything else, only remembering his vampire, his lover.

Spike broke the kiss before it could escalate. Resting his brow on his lover’s, he murmured against Xander’s lips, “Time to get up luv.”

Xander scrunched his eyes closed. “Don’ wanna,” he mumbled still half asleep.

Spike kissed him again. He reached over to straighten his lover’s eye patch. He knew Xander was sensitive about people seeing him without the patch and that the only reason it was still on was that Oz was in the apartment. Spike had finally been able to convince his lover that he didn’t always need to wear the patch when it was just the two of them.

“Come on luv we gotta get movin’. Peaches’ contact had a hot tip. The Dark Slayer,” Spike said referring to Faith, ”found Millie’s body in an old abandoned warehouse today. We got a long ride ahead of us whelp. So get goin’.” Millie had been the twins nanny.

Xander rolled on to his back and stretched looking around the room asked, “Where’s Oz?”

“Gone to get dressed.”

Xander nodded and got up rooting around for clothes to wear. He had showered before going to sleep so he just needed to get dressed. “How hot is this HOT tip?” Xander called out from the bathroom where he had retreated to wash up and brush his teeth.

“Watcher must think it’s reliable. This is gonna be all hands. Only ones staying behind are Watcher Jr and the Niblet. Even Charlie is comin’.” Gunn had, after he healed from the demon hordes, taken a position at the Watcher's Council. He rarely took field duty, though other than a slight limp the man was fully healed from his injuries… Damn this was gonna be bad Xander thought to himself.

Xander came out of the restroom half dressed, his lover ran an appreciative eye over his body. “So Deadboy’s contacts at Evil Inc. came through.” Xander said referring to Wolfram and Hart, “Huh.” Xander scratched his head. Xander pulled on two concealed gun holsters and checked the clips, one silver, and one normal ammo. Extra clips of both and a third of wooden bullets just in case. Knives were sheathed on both ankles one silver one iron. He dressed quickly in comfortable jeans, an old soft tee shirt, and a flannel over shirt. Xander stomped his way into a pair of steel toed work boots and pulled out a leather duster similar to Spike’s but this one was brown distressed leather. Xander also grabbed his super soaker from the closet and filled it up with Holy water. He placed several small bottles of Holy water in his pockets and took the extra ammo and placed it there too. He knew, without being told, that his vampire had already placed the larger bladed weapons and crossbows in the car.

Spike smirked to himself Xander was the only one who realized exactly what type of contacts Peaches was likely to have in the UK after decades of absence, time spent living in the States. His boy was smart, much smarter than any of those Council wankers ever gave him credit for.

“Seems so. Hurry up; I got your kit in the car already. Grab the bag with the Council shit, and let’s go; Wolf-boy’s gettin’ the coffee.” Spike gave him a quick hard kiss and hurried him from the room. They walked out of the bedroom to be met by a fully clothed Oz bearing a thermos.

Each man grabbed their wallets, ID and phones. As Xander was locking the door he called to his lover who was halfway down the hallway, “Where are we going?” He tried to be somewhat quiet in consideration of the time, just shy of Midnight.

Spike looked back at him, “That’s why we gotta get movin’ whelp, we gotta get to someplace called Splott in Wales. An abandoned airfield or summat. Peaches has the details, we’re meeting him and Connor at Watcher central, if you two blokes would bloody well move! We’re burnin’ moonlight ‘ere!” Spike took out his frustration on his lover and Oz, pushing past the werewolf to get to the car.
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