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Confessions of a teenage Succubus

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This story is No. 4 in the series "The Cradle Will Fall". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The sound of skin on skin echoed through the empty room, small sounds escaping my parted lips, my hands on his chest clutching, begging, my body ached for him to touch me, I couldn’t think…but somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew this was wrong….

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Anita Blake > Faith-Centered > Pairing: Other(Past Donor)lckybrFR181225,66144425,20116 Dec 083 Jan 09Yes

The Date

Diclaimer: I do not own any of the Anita Blake characters they belong to Laurell K Hamilton, All BTVS characters belong to Joss Whedon i am just borrowing. I merley own Shi and Robby.

Huge thanks to my Beta James who stayed up with me and let me pick his brain and change my mind lots of times and helped with everything and yea, and also Audrey who let me pick HER brain too!

Things you should know:

If you haven't started at the beginning i suggest you do so.

Long the Bridges--the girls are five..... is the first installment followed by

Have Faith--the girls are six

Only Willows Bend--the girls are seven

and then you may find your self here....

The girls are all 15

Shi…werewolf, Alpha, age 16, and Faith’s best friend since sixth grade.

Robby; psychic, age 16, and Willow’s best friend since fourth grade.

When the girls hit puberty, powers which they inherited from their parents surfaced. Faith is a full blown wereleopard but unlike others, she can change at will without getting tired, and won’t be forced to shift on a full moon because her beast is inherited. She has more control, and is an Alpha

Delia’s powers aside from her visions are more like a Master Vamp’s. She is telekinetic, has the ability to persuade with her voice, and wolves are her animal to call. She also has a natural power to be charming, (hence all the admirers which you will see further down the line) people and vamps are drawn to her.

Willow takes after Anita; she’s an animator in training and shows true potential to be even more powerful than Anita.


Confessions of a Teenage Succubus

(Faith’s POV)

“You can’t wear that!” the words were a shriek, so high-pitched I bet that miles away dogs were whimpering, Shi and I both made faces at her, my ears were ringing. Cordelia placed her hands on her hips looking at me in horror. Shi was smirking from his spot behind her, blond hair flopping over his eyes.

The seer made an outraged noise, “This is a DATE Faith not a trip to a Monster Truck Rally, are you trying to embarrass me. What will people think if they see me walking next to you, wearing that?” she flipped her long hair over one shoulder hotly.

I looked down at what I had on, black cargo pants, low on my hips, a black pyramid belt through the loops and a white muscle shirt. “Aren’t we just going to the movies?” The seer was rummaging through our closet, “Yes!”

She pulled out a pair of her figure hugging pants and held out my calf high suede boots. As I shimmied into the tight fitting pants Shi threw himself onto our bed, hands behind his head and a smirk on his face. I threw my shoe at him but he caught it easily. He was my best friend, and as such decided it was his duty to come and make fun of me as I got ready for my first official date.

I didn’t even want to go to this stupid thing but the only way our parents said Delia could go is if I went with her. We were two weeks away from starting high school, you’d think they’d let her go out on her own but no, I had to be dragged along. The boys we were going out with were in the tenth grade., My date was sixteen, the one Delia was going out with was seventeen. She met him at the mall last month while we were picking out a birthday present for the twins. He followed us into four stores before Delia finally gave him her number. She gave a lot of guys her number, so I can’t say I‘m surprised. …

“Why don’t you wear a dress?” Shi teasingly suggested, and I threw my other shoe at him.

“Don’t even think about it.” This was directed at both of them. I wasn’t trying to impress anyone. Delia made a sound. The Seer had on a black tunic style shirt and dark blue fitted jeans tucked into a pair of knitted Ugg boots, her hair falling in shiny waves over her shoulders. Her eyes were silhouetted by a generous application of dark eyeliner. It made them wider, eye-catching, and her lips looked fuller thanks to the shiny lip gloss.

“Don’t you want to make an impression?” she grabbed a coat out the closet; my jean jacket was already thrown over the chair.

“No.” I hopped onto the bed, kicking Shi in the process. He grunted shoving me away from him.

“And you haven’t even met his cousin, what if he’s an axe murderer?”

She rolled her brown eyes, grabbing her cell off the charger.

, “He isn’t.”

I heard the sound of footsteps before I saw her. Willow beamed at Shi, her ballet bag over her shoulder, auburn hair pulled back into a tight bun. She wore a black jacket with her studio’s logo on the back. Small black shorts and white tights hugged her slim legs.

“The guys are here.”

The only reason why she wasn’t going was because Papa had promised to take her to the ballet. It was an all vampire cast. They’d invited me too, I knew I should have said yes but the ballet was so not my thing.

Shi was here to drive her, he’d gotten his Driver's License because his sister was getting a promotion at work and didn’t want to ferry him around. He had worked for Papa over the summer at the Circus, earning enough to purchase a small car. As far as cars went I guess it was okay, at least it was all one color and nothing was smashed in. It must be nice not to have to share. We, on the other hand were all taking turns driving Ma and Pop’s car. She paid for us to get a permit; Delia had to retake her test twice before she got it.

I wasn’t exactly sure I’d like to be in the car when she drove either.

“You’re wearing that?” the witch asked when I passed her. I made a face,

“You the fashion police?”

She raised her hands in surrender; Shi followed us out the room, slinging an arm casually over my shoulders. He smelled like fresh pine and pack, I burrowed closer to him, my arm making it’s way across his waist. Noah and Claudia were waiting for us in the living room. Did I mention that they were going too?

Ma said it was for protection, just in case. Our parents being our parents made death threats the norm for us. I think they just didn’t trust us…or mostly Delia. She had a new guy calling everyday.

“Oh my God!” Delia groaned, Pop was at her date's car, no doubt grilling them I glanced out the window., I could see my date sitting in the passenger seat looking just a little uncomfortable.

. Delia hurried outside. I paused in the doorway; both my arms were around Shi. I was not clinging to him.

“You could just say no, and we could go somewhere.” He grinned, shaking me a little, “What do you say?”

I was tempted, but I shook my head. Cordelia had begged me for four hours until she was blue in the face and I couldn’t back out now. His eyes darkened an emotion I didn’t understand flashing across his face before the smile was back, not at bright as it had been just seconds ago.

“Don’t look so scared.” The words were whispered across my hair, he squeezed me tightly, nuzzling his face against my neck. If I didn’t know any better I’d think he was trying to mark me with his scent. Pop waved me over, Delia was standing by the car, and the guy who’d been in the passenger seat was now in the back. I let go of Shi, reluctantly.

“Take a deep breath, they’re not wolves.” He grinned, a flash of white across his tanned face.

No, not wolves, wolves I could so handle, boys? Not so much.
The woman on screen screamed in fright as her attacker cloaked in a clown mask and hooded jumper gave chase, she turned down a dark alley. Numerous girls in the audience made little squeals, snuggling closer to their dates.

I did no such thing, I’d seen things much scarier than any celluloid killer and I called most of them dad. Every time my sisters and I got together to watch horror movies we spent most of our time making fun of the little things that just threw the whole thing off. Like no matter how fast they run, the murders always catch the victims even when their walking at a crawl.

“Who the hell turns down a dark alley?” I whispered to Jayden, “People always get killed in alleys, you’d think it be common sense…”

Hell, the last time I was being chased for my life I took off running and I didn’t look back, no I ran in zig zags all the way till I found civilization. We never walked near dark alleys and we NEVER went to investigate weird noises.

If something was ticking on my window at two o'clock in the morning, I’d hightail it out of there, making as much noise as possible so that I’d alert everyone else…But I guess it was a movie, so of course the victim, usually a scantily clad woman, would go and investigate the mysterious noise at her window.

The theatre was packed with bodies. My date and I were seated in the middle row, Noah and Claudia somewhere behind us. Delia and her date, Adam, were on the other side of me. She was playing the frightened girl: snuggled into his side, her hands fisted in his shirt, hiding her face every time something scary came on screen.

At home she made fun of them just as much as we did. When Adam had first slipped his arm around her, someone threw a spit ball at him. My money was on Noah. When he ignored it and slipped his arm over her shoulders anyway a balled up hotdog wrapper hit him in the head. Whatever look Noah gave him had him sit straighter in his chair, removing his arm and facing forward. Even now, he wasn’t responding to Delia’s snuggles, just sat there, occasionally looking down at her like he wanted to touch her but knew if he tried it his hand would probably be removed by the bodyguards behind us.

The killer was closing in on the heroine. He pulled a knife from his jacket, a honest to god machete, “gaff” Snorting I rolled my eyes, how the hell did he hide THAT without a sheath? Smiling I popped the kernels into my mouth, chuckling when the blonde beauty tripped over her own feet and fell again. She noticed a small window in the building to her left, “Watch her get stuck.”

Jayden gave me a sideways glance; I held the bucket out to him, “Want some?”

He shook his head, shifting in his seat. I knew he wanted to touch me, to slip his arm around me or grab my hand or something, I could feel it like a weight in my head. Too bad for him, I didn’t do physical contact. Only Shi got to touch me ‘cause he was my best friend and with him it was just friendly. I didn’t do the whole girlfriend thing. It came with too many obligations: hand holding- gag, kissing- blech. I didn’t even really like talking on the phone, if you couldn’t text you were shit out of luck.

I didn’t let people get to close; casual touches from someone I didn’t know usually set an alarm off in my head, made it hard to breath. Mentally I knew I could handle it, I could fight back, but my body needed convincing.

Jayden wasn’t ugly, I mean he was taller than me, who wasn’t, but only by a few inches which made him too short for a boy. Him being a football player probably saved him from being teased. According to Delia, he and Adam were two of the best.

Yippee Skippy.

“I told you.” Shaking my head in amusement I nudged Jay with my elbow. It was the first time I’d made direct contact with him all night, he nodded smiling slightly. The blonde’s hips had gotten stuck in the too small window; the killer was currently chopping at her lower half. The movie made it look like his knife was really sharp, but it got stuck on bone. I heard Noah poking fun at the movie too, someone shushed him and he shushed them right back. I wished I was sitting back there with him and Claudia.

“Machetes don’t really get stuck like that.” I commented softly, “This movie is so bogus.”

“Shut up.” Delia turned to hiss at me, I made a face settling lower in my seat. His hand was close to mine, almost touching. If I turned my hand just like that we’d be clasping fingers, it was the natural thing to do. His hand just lay there, palm up, I think he was waiting for me to cross that last breath of space. But instead I pulled my arm away, eyes on the screen in front of me, my other hand lost in the pop corn bucket.

With a sigh I scooted even lower in the movie seats, propping my feet lightly on the chair in front of me. My ‘date’ took that as a chance to slip his arm around my shoulders. I jerked so hard the bucket fell of my lap; his arm was firmly around my shoulders. My body was so stiff it actually hurt, the silent alarms in my head telling me to run away. Before I could do anything I heard a small pop to my left. A little ball slid down his arm to land in my lap. We both turned to see Noah sitting two seats behind us; he waved his straw at us, munching on some popcorn. Claudia was giving him the evil eye.

Embarrassed but grateful I turned around as removed his arm and crossed his arms in front of his chest.

Jayden of the honey coloured eyes and thousand watt smile was a boy, who didn’t use very much of his brain and often just nodded along to whatever I was saying. Our conversation was pretty minimal especially since all he could do was, stare at my covered breasts like if he concentrated hard enough he’d suddenly be able to see through the material of my shirt. When I first realized I now had enough boobs to wear a bra I’d been excited, I mean come on imagine starting high school and not having ANY boobs.

When we were at school aside from Mosquito bite Mary we’d been the only ones that didn’t wear bras, and the only reason why we weren’t teased was because of three very important reasons that gave us our identities in the school. Delia was a cheerleader, they were scared of me and Robby would beat up anyone who dared make fun of Willow…Shi did poke fun at me but it was Shi and I could beat him up so it was okay.

The last person alive on the movie had just been killed, credits started to roll, I stood up quickly and turned to head out of the aisle, but Delia and her date didn’t look like they were going to move anytime soon. Jayden grabbed my hand intertwining our fingers I stared at our joined hands like I’d never seen them before. And then he swooped in and brushed his lips across my cheek.

I wanted to swipe my hand across the offended area, snatch my hand out of his. Physical contact when I knew it would eventually lead to more always made me panic. Hand holding eventually led into warm embraces which led to kisses which led to no… I wasn’t ready for any of it; I wasn’t mentally equipped to deal with these things.

I tried wiggling my fingers but he didn’t take the hint and let go, just held on tighter, leaning against the chairs in front of us as the theatre emptied. With all the bodies passing us it made for some good cover, Delia took this as a chance to play tonsil hockey with the raven haired football player she was attached to. My hand twitched when I felt something crawl up my body, like something reached in and jerked my insides. My hand convulsed in Jayden’s, he tugged me closer. My gaze traveled from his hand up his muscled arm, over his shoulders to his face. He licked his lips and my eyes were drawn there. My mouth parted, I think to say something sarcastic but I wasn’t sure because at that moment all I could do was focus on his mouth.

“Come on!” Noah’s voice cut through the fog in my brain, he was glaring at Jayden. His hand was on my waist, when had he released my hand?

Delia casually walked past Claudia, keeping a firm arm around her beau’s waist. I could feel Noah’s presence behind us like an overhanging cloud, only sheer stubbornness kept my hand in Jayden’s. He would tell Ma about it, Pop too and they would give me ‘the talk’, football players were not to be trusted…men were evil…

Claudia and Noah were parked beside Adam’s black Volvo. At a glance the shiny new Volvo was better than the dark green Jeep Cherokee, but I knew inside Noah’s car, weapon compartments were hidden all over the place, the windows were bullet proof and he had the engine rigged to go way above normal. I’ve seen Noah drive, if I’d never seen Fredo or Claudia drive I’d think he was fast like a NASCAR driver.

Jay held the door open for me, my palm was starting to sweat, I was thankful that I had an excuse to let go as I climbed inside but my relief was short lived because after the door closed, he slid across the seat, slipping an arm across my shoulders and staring down at me like I was a piece of candy he wanted to taste. Delia turned; flashing me a smile but when she caught sight of my face that smile dimmed “You should put on your seatbelt.” She told him.

Jay smiled easily, “its cool.” I scooted away slowly, “You should put it on, wouldn’t want you to go flying out the window if Noah decided to crash into your car.”

They all sent me a weird look and I shrugged unhelpfully settling back into the seat.
Delia had forbidden me from talking about weapons, or training, or our parents (it wasn’t common knowledge who we were and she didn’t want to be labelled as of yet so it was all hush, hush) and after I attempted to poke fun at the movie they dragged me to, she gave me such a dirty look that I just sat back and asked Jayden about himself.

And after fifteen minutes I wanted to jump out of the car and take my chances of being hit. His voice was so…monotone and just dull. He was pleasing on the eyes yes, but all he did was talk about football and how he was good and how all the cheerleaders wanted to date him and he just wanted to be left alone and then he’d smile at me thinking I actually bought THAT. He had a reputation for being a heartbreaker; I wasn’t that naïve…

Halfway to our house he scooted closer. I pressed myself as close to the door as I could get but there was nowhere else for me to go and he got further and further inside my bubble. They parked a little away from the house, with a sinking heart I saw the Jeep pass us, pulling into the driveway. Delia was leaning against the car, her arms wrapped around Adam’s waist; he bent to kiss her, lips gently brushing over hers.

Swallowing thickly I jumped when Jay once again claimed my hand. He bent his head, and all the air in my lungs got stuck. I jerked away from him, smiling too brightly, “Okay! Goodnight!” Without warning I grabbed Delia, forcefully yanking her away from Adam. He had a stupid grin on his face, she waved at him giddily.

“Why do I always get stuck with the weird ones?” Jayden’s voice reached my ears, I glared at Cordelia, stomping my way up the driveway.

She so owed me one.

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