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The Specialist

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Summary: After one of her students is abducted by a vampire, Headmistress Frost decides to call in a specialist to help handle the matter.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Fred/Illyria-Centered(Moderator)JoeHundredaireFR18921,73089832,32616 Dec 0824 Jan 09No

Chapter Four

Joe's Note: Hurricane Illyria strikes Marie. Poor girl. She never even saw it coming…

     Someone had once told Logan that there were three kinds of people: the people who made it happen, the people who waited for it to happen, and the people who went 'Oh my God, what the hell just happened?' Staring at the girl in the doorway, Headmistress Frost waiting behind her, Marie D'Ancanto now knew she was firmly part of that third group.

     For the entirety of her stay at Xavier's, Marie had always had a room to herself. Which was nice because she didn't get along particularly well with the other girls at the school and even if she had, her mutation made it dangerous to have other people around. This way, she could actually shed a few layers of clothing and relax in her room without having to worry about bumping into her roommate and ending up with a new voice in her head.

     Teenagers were even more annoying than adults, Marie had learned from trial and error - mostly error - because their minds were generally weaker and her powers took more from them, not to mention they were full of secrets. Half of the school's affairs had been broken up by her, simply because one of the guilty parties had bumped into her and… well, if she couldn't be happy, why should anyone else be allowed to?

     But now she had a roommate. The newest member of the school, a blue-tinted girl named Illyria, had actually requested her as a roommate. Marie wasn't sure what to think of that. Did she know about her powers? What was she like? What were Illyria's powers? Her codename was Buran… what the heck did that mean? "Ah, hey?"

     "Greetings, Marie D'Ancanto. As Headmistress Frost told you, my name is Illyria, God-King of the Primordium." Oookay. Someone had slight delusions of grandeur. "Headmistress Frost has conceded to my demands and allowed me to take you as my pet." Haha. What a funny joke. So, was the whole roommate thing a joke too? Marie looked over Illyria's shoulder at the headmistress, who looked dead serious. What was going on? "I shall extend an offer to you that no other student will receive: do you wish for me to act as my true self, as well as explaining my presence and history, or do you wish for me to act as a teenage girl for the duration of our time together and have the headmistress wipe your memory of the last few minutes so we may have another first encounter?"

     Keeping her eyes locked with Emma's, Marie lowered the rudimentary mental shields she used to keep the voices in her head at bay. 'Headmistress? What's going on?'

     Emma looked from Marie to the back of Illyria's head and back again before deflating slightly. 'We have a situation involving… vampires. Please, don't protest, they are very much real, and have kidnapped and possibly killed one of the students here. We sent out a call to a specific group to come and deal with the problem. They sent Illyria. For some reason, she has decided to take an interest in you.'

     'So wait a minute, you're telling me this woman really is a… a 'God-King' of some sort?' Marie looked the girl over again. Brown hair with blue streaks, pulled back and up into pigtails, a red t-shirt, and an ankle-length black skirt. Huh. They didn't make deities the way they used to, evidently. 'What does she mean by 'pet'?'

     'I honestly haven't the foggiest. Although I doubt leashes and such are in your future. I get the sense that the word is foreign to her; she sees humans as lower forms of life and so the way we relate to cats and dogs is the best comparison to how she wants to relate to you. A protective, caretaker-esque role, perhaps? I'm not sure.' Emma shrugged and nodded toward Illyria. 'I can tell you this: she'll work with you or around you. And since I won't be able to watch her too closely without the other students getting curious, I would very much appreciate it if you work with her.'

     Well, since the alternative was getting her mind wiped of the past few minutes… why the hell not? After all, 'Rogue' knew a thing or two about wearing a mask out in public, and not being able to relax except for when she was alone. She wouldn't knowingly force Illyria to live similarly, denied even the solace of letting her metaphorical hair down in her own room.

     Metaphorical? There were like, what, five syllables in that? Damnit, Erik's memories were starting to pop up again. Well, at least they weren't Logan's. Beer was an acquired taste she couldn't quite manage to acquire even with his memories, and she still couldn't look Cessily in the eye after the ass-slapping incident in the girls' locker room. Still, she'd have to talk to the headmistress about that later. "So, what do you want me to call you? 'Illyria, God-King of the Primordium' is a bit of a mouthful."

     Marie wasn't sure, but she thought the corner of Illyria's mouth quirked up a bit at that. "Illyria. Or Buran." She held out her hand toward Marie. "I am… pleased… that you have made the correct decision." Marie reached out to shake the girl's hand, but Illyria shook her head. "No glove."

     "You, uh, you do know about my powers, right? What I can do?" Illyria nodded and Marie shrugged before slowly sliding off one of the black opera gloves she'd taken to wearing everywhere. They'd been resting on her nightstand when the knock on her door came, and it had just been second nature for her to yank them on before answering. Well, if Illyria knew and wanted to touch her anyways… "Alright. Your funeral." Reaching forward, she took the girl's hand and shook it. Then she waited… and waited… and waited… but still nothing happened. "I can touch you."

     The slightly blue lips quirked further up; Illyria was definitely smiling. "Yes. Yes you can." Pulling her hand away, Illyria brought her hands together briefly before pulling them apart. A chill swept through the room as glittering particles of ice began to gather between Illyria's hands, forming into a small tornado. It began thinner and thinner, drawing more and more ice into itself, before coming to a stop. One of Illyria's hands shot out and plucked something from the air before presenting it to Marie. "A present. I believe they are customary to give upon obtaining a new residence?"

     Marie looked at the beautiful ice rose in her hand. It was more intricate than the one Bobby had made her first day here, or any of the ones he'd created since to try and weasel his way out of trouble when they fought. The leaves had veins, the petals were amazingly detailed, and there were even tiny thorns on the stem. If life was so fair, why did roses have thorns?

     That made Marie shake her head in disgust. Great, more voices from her past popping up. She scowled at the memory. And Ellie had been so sure that an extra thick layer of lipstick would allow them to get at least one good kiss in. Nope, she'd just ended up with black lips, a passed-out precog, and an urge to write bad poetry that lasted for two weeks. Well, that and she'd been stuck explaining to people how she ended up with black lips and a passed out precog in the first place.

     "I think you're a bit backwards, Illyria. I believe you're thinking of a housewarming gift, which other people give YOU when you move somewhere." Emma patted Illyria on the shoulder before looking at Marie. "Marie, why don't you go put that in the freezer or at least go get a vase so if it melts, it won't make a mess on your desk?"

     The dismissal was clear and Marie gave Illyria a smile before hurrying out of the room. She had a roommate… who she could touch. And Illyria had the same powers as Bobby, meaning they'd probably get along. Marie wasn't stupid; she knew that Kitty and Bobby were getting closer because of his inability to touch her without either cloth in the way or a trip to the med lab at the end. Sometimes both, if things slipped.

     But, Marie mused, if she could get Bobby and Illyria to start hanging out, that'd cut down on the time that Bobby and Kitty could hang out, and Marie was pretty sure that a God-King who put humans at the same level that humans put dogs and cats wouldn't want anything to do with a teenage boy, at least romantically-speaking. It was the perfect plan!

     Then something occurred to Marie and she came to a stop, turning to look back at the open door of her room, where she could still hear Illyria and Emma conversing. Illyria wanted her as a 'pet', and had given her a rose as a present. Was Emma that far off in her guesses about what the word meant to Illyria? Was the bluenette a… did that mean she was hitting on..? Marie's eyes went wide. Eep. Maybe Illyria was a bit more interested in humans than she thought, albeit in the wrong gender to cause problems with Bobby.

     Despite her little experiment with Ellie Phimister, and contrary to the taunts she still received from Regan Wyngarde and Kitty Pryde, Marie wasn't a lesbian or even bisexual. At least she didn't think of herself that way. Then again, with her powers, she'd been effectively turned asexual because she couldn't do anything with anyone. She did her best to float along, expressing attraction for all the same actors and sports stars as the other girls, but her powers kept her from any sort of actual experimentation with either gender and so she just couldn't get into the idea of physicality the way the others could.

     So for all she knew, maybe she was into girls. Hell, her powers had turned on the first time she'd kissed a boy. Maybe that had been a great big old sign from God that they weren't where her future happiness lay. Not to mention that the first person she'd met since who was immune to her powers was a girl. The good Lord will provide, as her mama always used to say.

     Her smile replaced with a thoughtful frown, Marie continued on at a good deal slower of a pace.

     Emma watched as Illyria poked around the room. While it was one of the biggest available to the students, which just increased the amount of complaints she received regarding its lone occupant, she wasn't sure what the demon would think of it. "So, is this suitable? We're not exactly set up to house 'God-Kings' here at our school."

     "You're mocking me. Me, who could crush your skull between my hands like a piece of ripe fruit." Illyria turned and glared at Emma, who took a step back before managing to halt her retreat. "Good. You are smart enough to fear me. Such fear will serve you well, next time you contemplate infantile attempts to assert your superiority. And yes, these accommodations will serve their purpose. I do not sleep, eat, or require cleansing unless I wish it. I have only asked for a room because it allows me to be less obvious while observing your students, and because it places me in close proximity to Marie D'Ancanto."

     Setting aside the head crushing and allegations of fearing her, Emma focused on a few words of Illyria's that seemed even more worrisome. "What is this fascination you have with Marie, Illyria?"

     Illyria dropped rather bonelessly onto the spare bed, the mattress squeaking slightly from the abuse. "She is a 'wild card'. She was not present among your forces during the battle of M-Day because she abandoned her friends and the future she had here in hopes of a brighter future elsewhere. The other staff later allowed her to slink back in as if nothing happened, which I doubt you agree with." No, she did not, and how did this damn woman-girl-creature know about that? "Marie also possesses the most powerful mutation among you: the ability to take your mutations for herself. They have always faded because she only took part of the mutant's power into herself, but have you ever considered what might happen if she actually killed a mutant? Maybe two or three? Do you realize she has the potential to becoming the most powerful of you, if properly groomed?"

     As a matter of fact, Emma had thought about that. The fact that Marie could blurt out random German to help her peers with their homework or sometimes was found out on the grounds with a stolen cigar and a can of Molson was testament to the survival of some bits of her earliest transfers. She'd kept that abominable white streak from her brush with Erik as well. "It has occurred to me, yes…"

     "Then I do not think you need to ask me why I am interested in the girl." Oh good God. Emma's mind started racing a mile a minute. Perhaps the military wasn't a bad idea. Or it wouldn't be in the near future. Let this creature take care of her vampire problem, then call Nick Fury to bring his group of novi in and handle Illyria? "Go now. Tomorrow, I will require transport to the human facility known as a 'mall' to acquire coverings for my shell. Dawn often emphasizes the importance of such things to teenage girls, and I do not wish to give myself away by failing to imitate them correctly."

     That was as obvious a dismissal as the one she'd given Marie, and Emma took full advantage of it. She had calls to make. "Of course. Marie should return soon. If you need anything, talk to her. Actually, I highly recommend you spend a great deal of time talking to her before tomorrow, because if you think that you'll fool anyone into believing you're a teenager right now, you're sadly mistaken."

     Illyria gave her an icy glare before her features melted into a giddy smile. Bouncing slightly on the bed, she clapped her hands together. "It's so exciting to meet ya'll. I've never been up north. How long does it take to get used to the cold? Do ya'll ever serve grits for breakfast? I just can't start my day without a nice bowl of grits and some sausage." Then she abruptly shifted back to the cold, emotionless mask Emma had seen up until that point. "I will be able to adequately emulate a human when the time comes. Now remove yourself from my presence."

     Emma shivered before fleeing the room. Yes, she definitely needed to start making plans for the creature's removal, agreements be damned.
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